New Unified Field Theory – No Longer A Theory!


New Unified Field Theory: Magnetism = Electricity (Radiation, polarization, space, centrifugal discharge) = Gravity (Dielectric acceleration, inertial counter-space, centripetal charge) = Magnetism (Pressure conjugation between oppositional fields in a binding system. “Field Incommensurability”, no common measure between magnitudes)

This accounts for all 4 ether modalities; Radial, Spatial, Circular, Counter-Spatial. Lenz’s law nor Maxwell field equations do not account for the difference between centripetal convergence and centrifugal divergence of a magnetic system. Especially considering a magnet will give identical readings of Gaussian flux from any point on average. Trying to use a Gauss meter to that effect would be akin to placing scales under a cat to see if it was alive or dead. Moreover, a 50w lightbulb is good to read by, but a 50w laser will burn a hole through your chest. Quantity is identical however the quality is not. It’s not the same thing at all.
There must exist 3 COHERENT ASPECTS for a magnet to be a “magnet” and thereby have ‘perfect’ field incommensurability which defines a permanent magnet (or an electromagnet) with its attributional properties.

1. XY-axis dielectric inertial planes in coherent field incommensurability alignment.
2. Expanding Z-axis circular spatial reciprocating magnetism in coherent field incommensurability alignment.
3. Phased coherent dielectric inertial plane spins all operating in the same centripetal radial movements of field incommensurability alignment.
‘Magnetic attraction/repulsion’ is actually dielectric voidance/counter-voidance. Therefore it’s also safe to say magnetism refracts light (not gravitational lensing). Remember: Descriptions are NOT explanations. Effects are not the cause, and symptoms are not the root.

The truth behind magnetodielectric trans-euclidean field geometry reveals everything about the nature of our cosmos. The proof is in the flux lines, see here:


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