Debunking Relativity

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Relativity Mania and Quantum Delusions

Section 1: Introduction

A brief journey into the weird theories

Rationalists and religious believers

Can maths go against logic

Relativity and its ridiculous mathematics

Weird concepts in physics

Section 2: Debunking Relativity

Exposing the Relativity mania

Special Relativity in brief

Ether to Relativity: The sad story of Light

Michelson-Morley Experiment

Revisiting Emitter theory and Neutral Pion Decay

Muon’s time dilation

Twin Flight Experiment (Hafele-Keating)

The stupid photon clock of relativists

Time and Atomic clocks

GPS navigation, Star light bending, Fizeau’s, Sagnac etc

Section 3: Debunking Quantum Physics

Understanding the Quantum delusions

Explaining the double slit experiment (Young’s)

Double slit experiment and Electrons

Section 4: Revamping Wave Mechanics

The Doppler ‘Mess’

Wave Motion – some basics

Wave Theory- making sense of waves

Section 5: The Ether Universe

The ‘divine stuff’ explains everything

What does Michelson’s Experiment actually prove?

‘Aberration of star light’ and Ether drag

Ether or CMBR?

Gravity and Bernoulli Principle

Demystifying Electromagnetism

Big Bang stupidity

Force, Work and Energy

Section 6: Fun with the stupid theories

Relativity Mania

Nude Emperor and Relativity

Layman and a Physicist

Toppers’ stupidity


Even a child can figure it out:


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