Sacred Geometry – The Biblical Perspective

This is something I did a while back to explain sacred geometry to some devoutly Christian people and so I used the Bible’s story of creation to give it a framework. In creating this I also looked at the Quran, the Tao te Ching, and a variety of creation myths and stories from various other cultures. I was going to revise these images with the texts of other creation stories but never got around to it. However, every creation story follows the same format: From one comes 2, from 2 comes 3, from 3 comes 4, and from 4 the whole of physical creation. It is not, repeat not, the exclusive domain of the Christian story of creation. Take these images and do some of your own reading on other cultures creation myths and you will see what I mean. The last image–A Practical Application–shows how it is present in things we don’t even necessarily think about in being present in and addresses the 3D vs 2D. The whole thing also addresses the question of what the FOL is and why it has been important in so many cultures.

Day 1 & 2:


Day 3 & 4:


Day 5 & 6:


Day 7:



Practical Application:




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