There is no Speed of Light

“Scientists at MIT created a 1 trillion frames per second camera to record a single pulse of light traveling through a bottle!” [ ]


“The notion exists that the electro-motive force, E.M.F. in volts, is established by “cutting” lines of magnetic induction via a so called electric conductor. This “cutting” is then said to impel the motions of so-called electrons within the conducting material. It is however that a perfect conductor cannot “cut” through lines of induction, or flux lines, Phi. Heaviside points out that the perfect conductor is a perfect obstructer and magnetic induction cannot gain entry into the so-called conducting material. So where is the current, how then does an E.M.F. come about? Now enters the complication; it can be inferred that an electrical generator that is wound with a perfect conducting material cannot produce an E.M.F. No lines of flux can be cut and the Ether gets wound up in a knot. Heaviside remarks that the practitioners of his day “do a good deal of churning up the Ether in their dynamos”. – E. Dollard

Discharge is a terminal movement in systems of inductance or dielectric capacitance. There are no discrete particles in the universe and certainly none that mediate charges, discharges, magnetism, electromagnetism, gravity, and radiation, only fields, all modalities of the Ether. The so-called ‘electrons’ are not particles, not objects or subjects but are the dynamic principle of discharge, and are certainly not charge-carriers, fields are not particles, are not “electrons”, nor assuredly are there energy discharges in the vacuum of space involving ‘electrons’; the ‘electron’ is a fiction of fallacious observation and an even more faulty mental acuity, spawned naturally from the minds of materialists, or an Atomist.

Electricity is Ether in a state of dynamic polarization; magnetism is Ether in a state of dynamic circular polarization upon itself, is the radiative termination of electrical discharge; dielectricity is the Ether under stress or strain. The motions and strains of the Ether give rise to electrification. Phi times Psi gives Q; ‘electrons’ do not mediate these electrical and magnetic forces or their likewise the Ether fields. There are no electrons, negative charges, special-dimensions, warped space (resoundingly denied by Tesla and others), and no photons; only charge, induction and radiation/discharges and their relational spins, all as mediated through the Ether.

Quantum and Relativity is a quack religion of mathematical physics based upon the absurd premise that the universe is a giant sea of interactive massless tiny invisible beads and that space itself, nothing, mediates interactions and can be genuinely ‘warped’. Such conceptual Atomistic reifications as amplified by GR (Relativity) cannot be enjoined, and the only genuine warping occurring is not out in the cosmos of space, but in the empty spaces between the ears of those who reify such absurdities; warped minds rationally would invent warped space; its purely logical in its insanity that the former produce the later.

Space has only one dimension, space, which is a metrical dimension. The use of cubic notation is habit-based, any number of coordinates 2in any number of geometries can serve to define the boundaries of space. Nature is not governed by the irrational pontifications of GR and QM, rather it is governed by mutually interactive reciprocal conjugates of charges-discharges, centripetal/centrifugal movements, both spatial and counterspatial. Instantaneous action at a distance, and fields are all Ether modality mediations as propagated by counterspace-in-disturbance, the Ether, its pressure gradients and perturbations.

No other mediator can be logically hypothesized, much less theorized. The very same Ether of Tesla, Heaviside, C.P. Steinmetz, and even originally from Einstein before logic fled his mind completely, was correct and remains so. Tesla outright denied our current definition of the electron as a ‘discharge particle’. All electrons are a motional terminus of a quantity of dielectric pressure gradients of force (as reified by the incorrect understanding of the definition of a ‘field’), these pressure gradients, or “lines” are contracting and stretching like rubber bands, giving motion to the terminus ‘electron’.

The thermionic ‘electron’ contracts, pulling the ‘electron’, the cathode ray stretching, pulled by the ‘electron’. In the former case the lines of force are dissipated, in the latter case the line of force are projected, in both cases these socalled ‘electrons’ assume radial motions, with non participating pressure gradients, or forces filling the ‘voids’, directing the ‘electrons’. Hence, it is the so-called ‘electrons’ (dielectric radial discharges) that travel in straight lines, that is, radially. ‘Electrons’ have nothing to do with the flow of electricity; the so-called ‘electrons’ are the rate at which electricity is destroyed. ‘Electrons’ are in fact the resistance. From extensive experimental work into atomic electrical science by J. J. Thompson, and Nikola Tesla, it is established that the so-called electron is only a shadow; its apparent-only physical mass is merely an electrical momentum (ejected by the dielectric inertia in disturbance).

There is no rest mass to an electron nor could there be logically, a rest-electron ‘bead’; such notions are absurd and evidence proven non-existent. The very premise is logically impossible and contradicts the rational physics of atomic charges and discharges. The loss of inertia necessitates polarity. The rest point in the centre is a result of pressure meditation. It is concentrated there because it is the inverse of space (force and motion) it is counter-space (inertia and acceleration). What we call a magnetic field is a reciprocating precessional hyperboloid resultant of a coherent dielectric object.

The loss of inertia is magnetism, from this ‘loss’ of inertia, space is ‘created’, as well as the field (Ether)- in which the three components of the field, are always present. Those three components being, magnetism, electricity, and the dielectric plane. light = ether/inertia, magnetism = illumination/the “field of inertia” The double slit experiment is bogus. The observations are valid it’s the explanations that are invalid. Why does light bend around corners? What gives light increased capacitance with shorter wavelength? – It’s the same reason magnets “attract” or why it was observed light from a distant star was warping around the edge of the sun during a lunar eclipse, Dielectric acceleration. That which we call gravity is electrical.


It’s ALL electrical, only. Einsteinian and quantum mechanics explanations, almost everything in fact is based upon the supposed physics of light. Light is a like coaxial cable, or circuit. A longitudinal dielectric with transverse electrical and magnetic components. It is a longitudinal perturbation in the medium, the ether. There’s no such thing as the quote-unquote “speed of light”. Light slows down under a variety of situations, like going through glass or water. It is not a constant, but a rate of induction. Photon particles are absurd. Everything in the universe is electric by nature. Things don’t ’emit’ light, many of those things are sealed vaccum tubes like light bulbs, in most cases. Space isn’t a pure vacuum either. Does the light from a match travel at the same speed as the light from a nuclear blast, or the sun? They don’t emit light they set up the circumstantial scenario for a field perturbation in the ether. Light doesn’t have a speed, the rate of induction is the maximum limit of propagation of any phenomena with transverse modalities. Whether its simply magnetism or light (coaxial circuit) which has transverse oscillating, either circular or linear perturbations in the form of electricity and magnetism.

wave particle BS

An ether perturbation necessitates the loss of inertia, that loss can only be expressed by transverse electrical and magnetic reciprocation. This transverse phenomena is proportional to the rate of induction which is incorrectly called the speed of light. If you sit at the edge of a pond with your feet in and someone in the middle of the pond starts flapping their arms creating ripples and those waves reach your feet, did that person touch you? Is that person emitting anything? No. Furthermore the higher the capacitance the greater EM retardation that occurs as light passes through a capacitor such as glass. This phasing is the reason for white light diffraction through a prism and why shorter wavelengths are more greatly diffracted than the red end spectrum of light. Constructive & destructive interference in phase and out of phase. The coaxial circuit (light) it mutually interdependant, if you cancel the dielectric impression then you cancel the wavefront and consequently also the compression and refraction through the ether.



8 thoughts on “There is no Speed of Light

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    1. Daniel

      Right on the money i came to this same exact conclusion on my own just by disproving all other options such as qw and gm. Though the slit experiment said everything you need to know about the dielictric euclidean field as far as scatter propagation. It doesnt follow a path of probability it follows a path of certainty in the same way an electrical field does. because they are just differant expressions of the same thing happening in the ethos.


  2. Absolutely love your work,
    I am certainly no mathematician didn’t even take an “o” level.
    I tend to arrive at a conclusion by getting from “A” – “C” without “B”
    I don’t know how but your and other true denied geniuses, if you want to use that analogy go somewhere to explaining it.
    I have found that working backwards, ” of course you have to go forward in the first instance ” you arrive at SIMPLICITY!
    I don’t have the time or the brain capacity or rather TIME to do everything because everything interests me I am not able to take one avenue because there are so many interesting ones.
    I really hope you carry on pushing your work down the throats of the Cretins of our so called intellectuals ” ha, ha, ha”.
    If this planet is to remain and go forward then you and other like minded; are the key to sustainability.
    And common sense, very very few have it ” it’s called intelligence ”
    Just to say I don’t understand most of it but I certainly get the gist, like I said; from A – C without B.
    Paul Bendall.


  3. Sterling Lee

    I’ve outwardly poundered this idea my whole life. When presented atomism it didn’t feel intuitive like real knowledge feels, rather it was like a radical mess of ideas that used thinly veiled logic to pull it together. Many questions I would ask would always end the with appeal to authority and not a soul in the room that could comprehend the material taught. Thanks for true information it means more than I can express.


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