What is a Ferrocell? – Seeing Into the Cross Section of the Secret of Mother Nature

The Ferrocell Lens is a passive device than will enhance the performance of many existing Photonics applications and create new ones.

A Ferrocell does not function from single-potential electrostatics that rely on substrate-based methods which impose limits of motion. A Ferrocell responds to an induced magnetic field and is capable of scattering light with more degrees of freedom than either MEMS (Micro-Electrical-Mechanical System) or FLCD (Ferro-Liquid Crystal Display) technology can obtain.

The Ferrocell’s methodology is based on transforming a black, opaque liquid metal (ferrofluid) into a dispersed, transparent layer less than 50 microns thick. This active layer is contained in a sealed and isolated environment. In this state, the fluid behaves more like a gas than a liquid.

In short, the ferrocell is a step up from traditional magnetic viewing film, delivering a beautiful display of magnetodielectric field reciprocation through the medium of light. Revealing magnetism and all it’s secrets in 3D holographic real time. The cameras don’t do it justice however, you won’t believe the depth of projection unless you see one for yourself.

Invented & patented by a compassionate humanitarian named, Tim. – PLEASE SUPPORT!http://www.ferrocell.us/  ]

Implications of Ferrocell Discoveries Into Trans-Euclidean Field Geometry:


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