Before Tesla Died, He Never Did Release His Theory of Dynamic Gravity

When Tesla was 82, instead of speaking at a dinner party, he issued a written statement:

“I have worked out a dynamic theory of gravity in all details and hope to give this to the world very soon. It explains the causes of this force and the motions of heavenly bodies under its influence so satisfactorily that it will put an end to idle speculations and false conceptions, as that of curved space. According to the relativists, space has a tendency to curvature owing to an inherent property or presence of celestial bodies.

Granting a semblance of reality to this fantastic idea, it is still very self-contradictory. Every action is accompanied by an equivalent reaction and the effects of the latter are directly opposite to those of the former. Supposing that the bodies act upon the surrounding space causing curvature of the same, it appears to my simple mind that the curved spaces must react on the bodies and, producing the opposite effects, straighten out the curves.

Since action and reaction are coexistent, it follows that the supposed curvature of space is entirely impossible -However, even if it existed it would not explain the motions of the bodies as observed. Only the existence of a field of force can account for them and its assumption dispenses with space curvature. All literature on this subject is futile and destined to oblivion.”

Dogmatic Scientism – The New World Cult


Some interesting food for thought, courtesy of Jeranism. I’m not entirely religious myself, and i don’t feel that theology is a necessary argument against the scientific fallacies of the day. Common sense  and deductive reasoning should suffice, either way it seems modern science can no longer deny that pivotal part of itself which seeks to fuse and synthesize into a great truth and understanding. Of course i’m talking about that abstract scientific taboo we call ‘Spirit’.

First up,  Exposing Scientism:


Secondly, a hodge podge of observations and commentary about what Scientism has become and a look into who it is we trust.


Addendum: Some of you may not hive well with Jeranism, not all flat earthers are religious and some of the theological arguments can turn people off, but as i say, it’s really not necessary, the stupidity of modern science debunks itself with or without God’s help. lol

As usual, he’s a refer to a related article on the site:

The Problem With Physics & The Science Delusion

Eric Dollard – Tesla 2.0 – Crash Course in Electrical Engineering

Eric Dollard is a legendary electrical engineer trained by RCA, Bell Labs and the US Navy. He is the only man alive to have successfully replicated Nikola Tesla’s wireless electricity technology and is considered to be the modern living Tesla. Because of his contribution to electrical science and his advancements in a Tesla-Alexanderson type of Advanced Seismic Warning System, the Federal Government’s documents in relation to this project refer to him as Dr. Eric Dollard, which confers to him an honorary PhD. His fans lovingly refer to him as Professor Dollard. The Lone Pine Writings (Part 1) and its content was developed out of the general frustration of the author when trying to teach others about his work in electrical engineering.

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We Are Not Smart! We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants – The History of Electrical Theory

With the history covered and honorable mentions out of the way, now to tackle some hard theory. EM Basics and introduction to Steinmetz simplified symbolic algebra.


This is one of Eric Dollard’s presentations and demonstrations from way back in the Borderlands days. Eric Dollard authorizes this version of this presentation for unlimited distribution. You can get it in a zip file at Eric’s official homepage – this is relevant to Wireless Giant of the Pacific.



Seismic Warning System Update!:



Relativity For The Layman – C.P. Steinmetz’ Recovered Lectures on ‘Space’


1923. In this excellent exposition, Charles Steinmetz, one of America’s great electrical geniuses, successfully translated the complex mathematical reasoning at the heart of the theory into language that even the layman can follow. Using analogies, examples, and comparisons as substitutes for intricate formulas and experiments, he has produced a carefully written, scientifically accurate statement of the Einstein’s theory of relativity and its fascinating conclusions and deductions which involves only elementary mathematics.


Jefimenko’s Electrostatic Motors & Heaviside’s Gravitational EM Analogy

From Oleg D. Jefimenko,
Causality, Electromagnetic Induction, and Gravitation: A Different
Approach to the Theory of Electromagnetic and Gravitational Fields

, 2nd ed., (Electret Scientific, Star City, 2000)

This reproduction of Heaviside’s article is an unedited copy of the original, except that I have converted some formulas and all vector equations appearing in the article to modern mathematical notation.

[Part I, The Electrician, 31, 281-282 (1893)]


Electrostatic Motors

» JEFIMENKO, Oleg : Electrostatic Motors ~ PDF copy of the out-of-print classic. Run motors with atmospheric electricity.

Popular Science  ( April 1971 )

The Amazing Motor That Draws Power from the Air

byC.P. Gilmore & William J. Hawkins

Would you believe an electric motor made almost entirely of plastic? That can run on power transmitted through open air? And sneak free electricity right out of the earth’s electrical field?

At the University of West Virgina we saw a laboratory full of such exotic devices spinning, humming, and buzzing away like a swarm of bees. They are electrostatic motors, run by charges similar to those that make your hair stand on end when you comb it on a cold winter’s day.

Today, we use electromagnetic motors almost exclusively. but electrostatics have a lot of overlooked advantages. They’re far lighter per horsepower than electromagnetics, can run at extremely high speeds, and are incredibly simple and foolproof in construction.

“And, in principle,” maintains Dr Oleg Jefimenko, “they can do anything electromagnetic motors can do, and some things they can do better.”

Jewel-like Plastic Motors.

Jefimenko puts on an impressive demonstration. He showed us motors that run on the voltage developed when you hold them in your hands and scuff across a carpet, and other heavier, more powerful ones that could do real work. Up on the roof of the University’s physics building in a blowing snowstorm, he connected an electrostatic motor to a specially designed earth-field antenna. It twirled merrily from electric power drawn out of thin air.

These remarkable machines are almost unknown today. Yet the world’s electric motor was an electrostatic. It was invented in 1748 by Benjamin Franklin.

Franklin’s motor took advantage of the fact that like charges repel, unlike ones attract. He rigged a wagon-wheel-sized, horizontally mounted device with 30 glass spokes. On the end of each spike was a brass thimble. Two oppositely charged leyden jars — high voltage capacitors — were so placed that the thimbles on the rotating spokes barely missed the knobs on the jars ( see photo ).

As a thimble passed close to a jar, a spark leaped from knob to thimble. That deposited a like charge on the thimble, so they repelled each other. then, as the thimble approached the oppositely charged jar, it was attracted. As it passed this second jar, a spark jumped again, depositing a new charge, and the whole repulsion-attraction cycle began again.

In 1870, the German physicist J.C. Poggendorff built a motor so simple it’s hard to see what makes it work. The entire motor, as pictured here, is a plastic disk ( Poggendorff used glass ) and two electrodes. The electrodes set up what physicists call a corona discharge; their sharp edges ionize air molecules that come in contact with them. These charged particles floating through the air charge the surface of the palstic disk nearby. Then the attraction-repulsion routine that Franklin used takes place.

A few papers on electrostatic  motors have trickled out of the laboratories in recent years. But nobody really showed much interest until Dr Jefimenko came on the scene.

The Russian-born physicist was attending a class at the University of Gottingen one day shortly after World War II when the lecturer, a Prof. R.W. Pohl, displayed two yard-square metal plates mounted on the end of a pole. He stuck the device outside and flipped it 180 degrees. A galvanometer hooked to the plates jumped sharply.

“I could never forget that demonstration,” said Jefimenko. “And I wondered why, if there is electricity in the air, you couldn’t use it light a bulb or something.”

Electricity Everywhere

The earth’s electrical field has been known for centruries. Lightning and St Elmo’s fire are the most dramatic manifestations of atmospheric electricity. But the field doesn’t exist just in the vicinity of these events; it’s everywhere.

The earth is an electrical conductor. So is the ionosphere, the layer of ionized gas about 70 kilometers over our heads. The air between is a rather poor insulator. Some mechanisms not yet explained constantly pumps large quantitites of charged particles into the air. The charged particles cause the electrical field that Jefimenko saw demonstrated. Although it varies widely, strength of the field averages 120 volts per meter.

You can measure this voltage with an earth-field antenna — a wire with a sharp point at the top to start a corona, or with a bit of radioactive materials that ionizes the air in its immediate vicinity. near the earth, voltage is proportional to altitude; on an average day you might measure 1200 volts with a 10-meter antennas.

Over that past few years, aided by graduate-student Henry Fischbach-Nazario, Jefimenko designed advanced corona motors. With David K. Walker, he experimented with electret motors. An electret is an insulator with a permanent electrostatic charge. It produces a permanent electrostatic charge in the surrounding space, just as a magnet produces a permanent magnetic field. And like a magnet, it can be used to build a motor.

Jefimenko chose the electrostatic motor for his project because the earth-field antennas develop extremely high-voltage low-current power — and unlike the electromagnetic motor — that’s exactly what it needs.

The Climactic Experiment

On the night of Sept. 29, 1970, Jefimenko and Walker strolled into an empty parking lot, and hiked a 24-foot pole painted day-glow orange into the sky. On the pole’s end was a bit of radioactive material in a capsule connected to a wire. The experimenters hooked an electret motor to the antenna, and, as Jefimenko describes it, “the energy of the earth’s electrical field was converted into continuous mechanical motion.”

Two months later, they successfully operated operated a corona motor from electricity in the air.

Any Future In It?

Whether the earth’s electrical field will ever be an important source of power is open to question. There are millions — perhaps billions — of kilowatts of electrical energy flowing into the earth constantly. Jefimenko thinks that earth-field antennas could be built to extract viable amounts of it.

But whether or not we tap this energy source, the electrostatic motor could become important on its own.

* In space or aviation, it’s extreme light weight could be crucial. Jefimenko estimates that corona motors could deliver one horsepower for each 3 pounds of weight.

* They’d be valuable in laboratories where even the weakest magnetic field could upset an experiment.

* Suspended on air bearings, they’d make good gyroscopes.

In a particularly spectacular experiment, Jefimenko turned on a Van de Graaff generator — a device that creates a very-high-voltage field. About a yard away he placed a sharp-pointed corona antenna and connected it to an electrostatic motor. The rotor began to spin. The current was flowing from the generator through the air to where it was being picked up by the antenna.

The stunt had a serious purpose: The earth’s field is greatest on mountaintops. Jefimenko would like to set up a large antenna in such a spot, then aim an ultraviolet laser beam at a receiving site miles away at ground level. The laser beam would ionize the air, creating an invisible conductor through apparently empty space.

To be sure, many difficulties exist; and no one knows for sure whether we’ll ever get useful amounts of power out of the air. But with thinking like that, Jefimenko’s a hard man to ignore.

Popular Science ( May 1971 )

Electrostatic Motors You Can Build


C.P. Gilmore & William J. Hawkins

When we crank up the electrostatic motor at the top of this page, people always want to know what makes it run. It is mysterious — there’s nothing but a plastic disk and two strange electrodes. Yet there it is, spinning merrily.

In “The Amazing Motor That Draws Power From the Air”, last month, we told about our visit to the laboratory of Dr Oleg Jefimenko at the University of West Virginia, who has designed and built a variety of these ingenious machines. now, as promised, we bring you details on how you can build your own electrostatic motor from simple materials.

The devices that you see here are corona-discharge motors. The sharp-pointed or knife-edge electrodes create a corona, which ionizes or charges the air particles floating by. These charged particles transfer their charge to the closest part of the plastic rotor and charge it up, just as you can charge your body by walking across a wool rug on a dry winter’s day.

Once a spot on the rotor assumes a charge, it is repelled from the chargin electrode by electrostatic forces, and at the same time is attracted to the other electrode, which has an opposite charge. When the charged section of the rotor reaches the opposite electrode, another corona discharge reverses the polarity and starts the whole thing over again.

The Concept is Simple

And so are the motors. But that doesn’t mean thery’re easy to build. These motors run on millionths of a watt; they’ve got no power to waste turning stiff bearings or slightly misaligned rotors. So they must be built with watch-making precision.

They’re made of acrylic sheet, rod, and tube stock — Plexiglas and Lucite are two of the better-known brands. Acrylic cuts and works beautifully. Cut edges can be sanded so they have a white, frosted appearance that, in contrast with clear surfaces, gives your finished motor a sparkling, jewel-like appearance. If you like clear edges, you can buff them on a wheel and the whole thing becomes transparent.

Drill and tap the acrylic and assemble parts with machine screws. This allows for fine adjustment and alignment. Later, you can make the whole thing permanent by putting a little solvent along the joints. The solvent flows into the joint and fuses it permanently.

Details of framework, support and so on aren’t important; change them if you like. but work with care if you want to avoid headaches. The Poggendorff motor looked simple; we slapped it together in a couple of hours, hooked up the power source — and nothing happened. We gave it a few helpful spins by hand, but it wouldn’t keep running.

The cure took about 3 hours. First, we noticed that the outer edge of the disk wobbled from side to side about 1/16 of an inch as the wheel revolved. So the rotor-electrode distance was constantly changing. There was a little play in the 1/4″ hole we had drilled for the electrodes — so they weren’t lined up absolutely square with the disk. Then we noticed that the disk always stopped with one side down. The imbalance was only a fraction of an ounce — but it was too much.

We drilled out the old hub and cemented in a new one — this time, carefully. We lined up the electrodes — precisely. Then, once more spinning the disk by hand, we added bit of masking tape until it was perfectly balanced. We connected the power — and slowly… slowly… the disk began to turn. After about a minute, we clocked some turns with a watch and found it was spinning at 200 rpm. A moment later, we lost count. It was a great feeling.

Where Tolerances Are Brutal

We had even more trouble with the octagonal-window machine. When it wouldn’t run and we turned the shaft by hand, we could feel the rotor dragging. We took it apart, felt all the surfaces on the rotor and the framework’s insides and found a few bits of hardened cement, which we removed. We filed down all edges on the rotor adn the windows to make sure there were no beads or chips dragging.

The rotor and corner separators are made from the same sheet of 1/2″ plastic, so rotor clearance is achieved by putting shims at the corners to hold the side plates slightly more than 1/2″ apart. With the 1/16″ shims we were using, we could see that the sides were slightly misaligned so the shaft was not being held at a true 90 degrees. We drilled slightly oversized holes in the corners of one side piece and carefully adjusted until the rotor was turning true in the slot. To give the motor more torque, we put a bead of cement along the outer edge of each aluminum-foil electrode to stop corona leakage. The motor ran.

Take A Giant Step

Once you’ve built these machines, why not design your own? Start with the Jefimenko 1/10 hp model (pictured) as a challenge. Then plan one from scratch. You can power your motors with a laboratory high-voltage supply, a Van de Graff generator, or a Wimhurst machine or any other high-voltage source. We’ve been running ours on the home-built Wimhurst machine shown in the photos. (If you don’t want to build one, Wimhurst machiens are available from scientific supply houses such as Edmund Scientific ).

The discharge globes are traditional for high-voltage machines. They aren’t necessary, but they give a quick check on machine operation and a satifying arc when you move them within 1/2″ of each other. Incidentally, that funny smell is ozone. But its concentration is too low to be harmful. The generator is safe, too. You can hold both electrodes in your hands and all you’ll feel is a tingle. This particular generator, we estimate, puts out about 30,000 volts.

To make wiring simple, we used standard connectors on the Wimhurst collectors, and meter leads with regular banana plugs and alligator clips to hook up the motors.

Last month, we mentioned seeing Dr Jefimenko run his electrostatic motors on electricity tapped from the earth’s field. We haven’t had a chance to try this yet with ours, but it should work. If you want to try, you’ll need a needle-pointed piece of music wire a few inches long to start a corona, plus several hundred feet of fine copper wire.

Connect the pointed wire to the fine conductor, get the sharp point up into the air at least 200-300 feet with a kite or balloon, and hook the wire to one side of the motor. Hook the other side of the motor to ground. The earth field antenna should at times be able to develop up to 20,000 volts from the earth’s electrical field. If nothing happens, check your equipment, or try another day. The field changes constantly.

Oleg D. Jefimenko

(October 14, 1922, Kharkiv, Ukraine – May 14, 2009, Morgantown, West Virginia, USA) – physicist and Professor Emeritus at West Virginia University.


Jefimenko received his B.A. at Lewis and Clark College (1952). He received his M. A. at the University of Oregon (1954). He received his Ph.D. at the University of Oregon (1956). Jefimenko has worked for the development of the theory of electromagnetic retardation and relativity. In 1956, he was awarded the Sigma Xi Prize. In 1971 and 1973, he won awards in the AAPT Apparatus Competition. Jefimenko has constructed and operated electrostatic generators run by atmospheric electricity.

Jefimenko has worked on the generalization of Newton’s gravitational theory to time-dependent systems. In his opinion, there is no objective reason for abandoning Newton’s force-field gravitational theory (in favor of a metric gravitational theory). He is actively trying to develop and expand Newton’s theory, making it compatible with the principle of causality and making it applicable to time-dependent gravitational interactions.

Jefimenko’s expansion, or generalization, is based on the existence of the second gravitational force field, the “cogravitational, or Heaviside’s, field”. This is might also be called a gravimagnetic field. It represents a physical approach profoundly different from the time-space geometry approach of the Einstein general theory of relativity. Oliver Heaviside first predicted this field in the article “A Gravitational and Electromagnetic Analogy” (1893).

Selected publications


* “Electrostatic motors; their history, types, and principles of operation”. Star City [W. Va.], Electret Scientific Co. [1973]. LCCN 73180890
* “Electromagnetic Retardation and Theory of Relativity: New Chapters in the Classical Theory of Fields”, 2nd ed., Electret Scientific, Star City, 2004.
* “Causality, Electromagnetic Induction, and Gravitation: A Different Approach to the Theory of Electromagnetic and Gravitational Fields”, 2nd ed., Electret Scientific, Star City, 2000.
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* “Scientific Graphics with Lotus 1-2-3: Curve Plotting, 3D Graphics, and Pictorial Compositions”. Electret Scientific, Star City, 1987.

Book chapters

* “What is the Physical Nature of Electric and Magnetic Forces?” in Has the Last Word Been Said on Classical Electrodynamics? — New Horizons, A. E. Chubykalo, Ed., (Rinton Press, Paramus, 2004 ).
* “Does special relativity prohibit superluminal velocities?” in Instantaneous Action at a Distance in Modern Physics: “Pro” and “Contra”, A. E. Chubykalo, Ed., (Nova Science, New York, 1999).


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Encyclopedia Article

* “‘Maxwell’s Equations'”, Macmillan Encyclopedia of Physics, Macmillan, New York, 1996.

The next energy breakthrough is Dr. Oleg Jefimenko’s electrostatic motors. Discovered by Ben Franklin in the 18th century, electrostatic motors are an all-American invention. They are based on the physics of the fair-weather atmosphere that has an abundance of positive electric charges up to an altitude of 20 km. However, the greatest concentration is near the ground and diminishes with altitude rapidly. Dr. Jefimenko discovered that when sharp-pointed antennas are designed for a sufficient length to obtain at least 6000 volts of threshold energy, the fair-weather current density available is about a picoampere per square meter. Such antennas produce about a microampere of current. However, small radioactive source antennas may be used instead that have no threshold voltage and therefore no height requirements. Similar to a nuclear battery design of Dr. Brown, these antennas have larger current potentials depending upon the radioactive source used (alpha or beta source) and ionize the air in the vicinity of the antenna. Electrostatic motors are lighter than electromagnetic motors for the same output power since the motor occupies the entire volume. For example, it is expected that a motor one meter on a side will provide a power of one megawatt and weigh 500 kg or less. Electrostatic motors also require very little metal in their construction and can use mostly plastic for example. They can also operate from a variety of sources and range of voltages. As Dr. Jefimenko points out, “It is clear that electrostatic motor research still constitutes an essentially unexplored area of physics and engineering, and that electrostatic motor research must be considered a potentially highly rewarding area among the many energy-related research endeavors.”[5] The atmospheric potential of the planet is not less than 200,000 megawatts. He has succeeded in constructing demonstration motors that run continuously off atmospheric electricity. Jefimenko’s largest output motor was an electret design that had a 0.1 Hp rating.[6] Certainly the potential for improvement and power upgrade exists with this free energy machine.

Book Report

So I go out on my step and what to my wondering eyes doth appear but the box from containing the Jefimenko books that Bill Miller shamed me into finally buying. So I take a quick look inside and decide to give an initial report here. (Too much vector math in there for a thorough review.)

These books have some amazing advanced thinking in the understanding of Maxwell and EM. One first thought is the consideration of causality. This is typically totally ignored in the EM community. Evidence of that is the fact that EM waves are widely held to be propagated by the E field creating the H field and the H field creating the E field as it goes along. Too bad it’s just not true! Jefimenko points out that causality demands that that an event must be PRECEDED by it’s cause! Simultaneous events CANNOT be “causal” of each other. Hence E and H fields of waves are created by the WAVE SOURCE not each other! Same things goes for the E field created by Faraday induction. It simply cannot be “caused” by the time-varying Magnetic Field. “Magnetic induction” is therefore a misnomer. Such induction is caused by the source CURRENT and NOT the magnetic field!

This leads Jefimenko on to note that contrary to the “one E field” theory that has been believed for so many years, the inductive E field is clearly NOT the same field as an electrostatic E field. Jefimenko terms this inductive E field the “Electrokinetic Field” to show that it is a different field from the electrostatic E field. Very good. However, old habits die hard and even Jefimenko persists in writing an expression for a “total E field” following Maxwell as consisting of a sum of the electrostatic and electrokinetic parts as if they were both the “same” kind of E field.

Jefimenko then proceeds to illustrate the electrokinetic fields with a series of calculations and examples using his formulas as an approach. He presents it as basically a “new” way of doing this and in one sense it is compared to the commonly used and non-causal bogus “flux linkage” methods. However, he fails to note that the causal Neumann formula is in essence identical to his formulation and has been a standard formulation for years for the calculation of the “electrokinetic field” or what is usually termed “mutual induction”. Nevertheless his example calculations are important basic references to the topic of Faraday induction. And the consideration of causality clearly shows that the Neumann approach has the edge over the “flux linkage” ideas with at times fail to give correct results.

But the subject doesn’t end with induction, he pulls gravity into the mix. Of particular interest is that he shows that once you introduce causality into Newton’s theory of gravitation, interesting things start to happen! Relativity suddenly begins to show up and even more interesting “action-reaction” is soon discovered to actually be a law that does NOT hold in all cases! The electromagnetic nature of gravity quickly becomes strongly hinted at and without action-reaction laws, those dreamed of devices such as anti-gravity ships and the “force-glove” that you wear to push over a building become theoretical possibilities! These are truly books full of thought-provoking new ways of looking at tired old physics!

I’m not going to be going through the large quantity of field theory math in these books in a hurry, but that’s OK because clearly taking the time to go through in detail WILL be worth the effort! What can I say? Listen to Bill Miller and get that order off to now. At roughly $25 each these two books are a huge bargain to the usual EM text books costing hundreds of dollars and then being full of bogus ideas and misunderstandings of the established theories. Just do it! I did and I’m not sorry I did!


The Bizarre and Intriguing Story of Oleg Jefimenko and the Solutions to Maxwell’s Equations

I recently heard the story of Oleg Jefimenko during a lecture on Electrodynamics, specifically the general solution to Maxwell’s Equations.

Jefimenko’s tiny bit of fame comes from Jefimenko’s Equations, which are the general solution to Maxwell’s equations expressed solely in terms of sources, that is charge and current distributions. The equations are messy and difficult to work with, and aren’t used much in practice. But they do reveal certain bits of physics (such as the applicability of the quasistatic approximation (the link goes to a thermodynamics page, but the idea is the same) and that fields must be created by sources), and it’s always nice to have the general solution to a problem available.

These equations weren’t written down until 1966, about a century after Maxwell’s Equations were known. Some people will claim (as the Wikipedia article cited does) that Jefimenko’s Equations were written down earlier, but those earlier versions are always slightly different and not quite complete. What’s really funny is that Jefimenko wrote them down in an attempt to formulate an alternative to Maxwell’s equations.

When my current Professor, David Griffiths, was in the process of writing a paper on the subject, he independently derived Jefimenko’s equations, and tried to figure out if anyone had done it before. Other than some slightly tricky and annoying math, they’re not hard to derive, so someone must have done it. He found that Jefimenko had written them in a book that was published by a company that had only published one other work, also by Jefimenko (apparently regular publishers wouldn’t take his books, so he went to a prestige press). He contacted Jefimenko, and Jefimenko didn’t believe that he had solved Maxwell’s equations, but that he had created an electromagnetic theory separate from (and doubtless better than) Maxwell’s. Of course he had done no such thing, his formulation is exactly equivalent to Maxwell’s, but he wasn’t buying it.

According to Griffiths, Jefimenko currently submits one or two papers a week to American journals, gets denied, then publishes them in Europe (where review is apparently not as stringent). I don’t know what they’re about, the Wikipedia article says he focuses on overthrowing Einstein’s General Relativity and Maxwell.

I found this story behind some esoteric equations to be pretty amusing, and thought others might agree. I hope you’ve enjoyed the convoluted and intriguing story behind Jefimenko’s equations.

[Most of my information comes from a lecture with Griffiths, and as such could not be found online. Anything that is available online has been referenced.]

Electret Scientific Co
P.O. Box 4132
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Books by Professor Oleg Jefimenko

(also available from

Gravitation and Cogravitation — Developing Newton’s Theory of Gravitation to its Physical and Mathematical Conclusion,
Paperback – List Price US$ 22.00
Hardback – List Price US$ 32.00

Electrostatic Experiments — An Encyclopedia of Early Electrostatic Experiments,   Demonstrations,   Devices,   and Apparatus,
by G.W. Francis (author), Oleg Jefimenko (editor)
Paperback – List Price US$ 24.00
Hardback – List Price US$ 48.00

Electromagnetic Retardation and Theory of Relativity — New Chapters in the Classical Theory of Fields, 2nd edition,
Paperback – List Price US$ 24.00
Hardback – List Price US$ 44.00

Causality, Electromagnetic Induction, and Gravitation — A Different approach to the Theory of Electromagnetic and Gravitational Fields,   2nd edition,
Paperback – List Price US$ 22.75
Hardback – List Price US$ 32.50

An Introduction to the Theory of Electric and Magnetic Fields,   2nd edition,
Hardback – List Price US$ 72.00

Electrostatic Motors — Their History, Types, and Principles of Operation,

Out of Print — free e-book download available soon

Electrostatic Experiments: An Encyclopedia of Early Electrostatic Experiments, Demonstrations, Devices, and Apparatus (Paperback)

Electrostatic Motors (Paperback)
by Oleg D. Jefimenko

Scientific American ( October, 1974 )

Electrostatic Motors Are Powered by Electric Field of the Earth


C. L. Stong

Although no one can make a perpetual motion machine, anyone can tap the earth’s electric field to run a homemade motor perpetually. The field exists in the atmosphere between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere as an electric potential of about 360,000 volts. Estimates of the stored energy range from a million kilowatts to a billion kilowatts.

Energy in this form cannot be drawn on directly for driving ordinary electric motors. Such motors develop mechanical force through the interaction of magnetic fields that are generated with high electric current at low voltage, as Michael Faraday demonstrated in 1821. The earth’s field provides relatively low direct current at high voltage, which is ideal for operating electrostatic motors similar in principle to the machine invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1748.

Motors of this type are based on the force of mutual attraction between unlike electric charges and the mutual repulsion of like charges. The energy of the field can be tapped with a simple antenna in the form of a vertical wire that carries one sharp point or more at its upper end. During fair weather the antenna will pick up potential at the rate of about 100 volts for each meter of height between the points and the earth’s surface up to a few hundred feet. At higher altitudes the rate decreases. During local thunderstorms the pickup can amount to thousands of volts per foot. A meteorological hypothesis is that the field is maintained largely by thunderstorms, which pump electrons out of the air and inject them into the earth through bolts of lightning that continuously strike the surface at an average rate of 200 strokes per second.

Why not tap the field to supplement conventional energy resources? Several limitations must first be overcome. For example, a single sharp point can draw electric current from the surrounding air at a rate of only about a millionth of an ampere. An antenna consisting of a single point at the top of a 60-foot wire could be expected to deliver about a microampere at 2,000 volts; the rate is equivalent to .002 watt. A point-studded balloon tethered by a wire at an altitude of 75 meters might be expected to deliver .075 watt. A serious limitation appears as the altitude of the antenna exceeds about 200 meters. The correspondingly higher voltages become difficult to confine.

At an altitude of 200 meters the antenna should pick up some 20,000 volts. Air conducts reasonably well at that potential. Although nature provides effective magnetic materials in substances such as iron, nickel and cobalt, which explains why the electric-power industry developed around Faraday’s magnetic dynamo, no comparably effective insulating substances exist for isolating the high voltages that would be required for electrostatic machines of comparable power. Even so, electrostatic motors, which are far simpler to build than electromagnetic ones, may find applications in special environments such as those from which magnetism must be excluded or in providing low power to apparatus at remote, unmanned stations by tapping the earth’s field.

Apart from possible applications electrostatic motors make fascinating playthings. They have been studied extensively in recent years by Oleg D. Jefimenko and his graduate students at West Virginia University. The group has reconstructed models of Franklin’s motors and developed advanced electrostatic machines of other types.

Although Franklin left no drawing of his motor, his description of it in a letter to Peter Collinson, a Fellow of the Royal Society, enabled Jefimenko to reconstruct a working model [see illustration at right]. Essentially the machine consists of a rimless wheel that turns in the horizontal plane on low-friction bearings. Each spoke of the “electric wheel,” as Franklin called the machine, consists of a glass rod with a brass thimble at its tip. An electrostatic charge for driving the motor was stored in Leyden jars. A Leyden jar is a primitive form of the modern high-voltage capacitor. Franklin charged his jars with an electrostatic generator.

The high-voltage terminals of two or more Leyden jars that carried charges of opposite polarity were positioned to graze the thimbles on opposite sides of the rotating wheel. The motor was started by hand. Thereafter a spark would jump from the high-voltage terminal to each passing thimble and impart to it a charge of the same polarity as that of the terminal. The force of repulsion between the like charges imparted momentum to the wheel.

Conversely, the thimbles were attracted by the oppositely charged electrode of the Leyden jar Franklin placed on the opposite side of the wheel. As the thimbles grazed that jar, a spark would again transfer charge, which was of opposite polarity. Thus the thimbles were simultaneously pushed and pulled by the high-voltage terminals exactly as was needed to accelerate the wheel.

Franklin was not altogether happy with his motor. The reason was that running it required, in his words, “a foreign force, to wit, that of the bottles.” He made a second version of the machine without Leyden jars.

In this design the rotor consisted principally of a 17-inch disk of glass mounted to rotate in the horizontal plane on low-friction bearings. Both surfaces of the disk were coated with a film of gold, except for a boundary around the edge. The rotor was thus constructed much like a modern flat-plate capacitor.

Twelve evenly spaced metal spheres, cemented to the edge of the disk, were connected alternately to the top and bottom gold films. Twelve stationary thimbles supported by insulating columns were spaced around the disk to graze the rotating metal spheres. When Franklin placed opposite charges on the top and bottom films and gave the rotor a push, the machine ran just as well as his first design, and for the same reason. According to Franklin, this machine would make up to 50 turns a minute and would run for 30 minutes on a single charge.

Jefimenko gives both motors an initial charge from a 20,000-volt generator. They consume current at the rate of about a millionth of an ampere when they are running at full speed. The rate is equivalent to .02 watt, which is the power required to lift a 20-gram weight 10 centimeters (or an ounce 2.9 inches) in one second.

Jefimenko wondered if Franklin’s motor could be made more powerful. As Jefimenko explains, the force can be increased by adding both moving and fixed electrodes. This stratagem is limited by the available space. If the electrodes are spaced too close, sparks tend to jump from electrode to electrode around the rotor, thereby in effect short-circuiting the machine. Alternatively the rotor could be made cylindrical to carry electrodes in the form of long strips or plates. This scheme could perhaps increase the output power by a factor of 1,000. 

Reviewing the history of electrostatic machines, Jefimenko came across a paper published in 1870 by Johann Christoff Poggendorff, a German physicist. It described an electrostatic motor fitted with a rotor that carried no electrodes. The machine consisted of an uncoated disk of glass that rotated in the vertical plane on low-friction bearings between opposing crosses of ebonite. Each insulating arm of the crosses supported a comblike row of sharp needle points that grazed the glass.

When opposing combs on opposite sides of the glass were charged in opposite polarity to potentials in excess of 2,000 volts, air in the vicinity of the points on both sides of the glass was ionized. A bluish glow surrounded the points, which emitted a faint hissing sound. The effect, which is variously known as St. Elmo’s fire and corona discharge, deposited static charges on both sides of the rotor.

Almost the entire surface of the glass acquired a coating of either positive or negative fixed charges, depending on the polarity of the combs. The forces of repulsion and attraction between glass so charged and the combs were substantially larger than they were in Franklin’s charged thimbles. The forces were also steadier, because in effect the distances between the combs and the charged areas remained constant. It should be noted that adjacent combs on the same side of the glass carried charges of opposite polarity, so that the resulting forces of attraction and repulsion acted in unison to impart momentum to the disk, as they did in Franklin’s motor.

By continued experimentation Poggendorff learned that he should slant the teeth of the combs to spray charge on the glass at an angle. The resulting asymmetrical force made the motor self-starting and unidirectional. When the teeth were perpendicular to the glass surface, the forces were symmetrical, as they were in Franklin’s motor. When the machine was started by hand, it ran equally well in either direction.

Poggendorff was immensely pleased by the rate at which his machine converted charge into mechanical motion. He concluded his paper with a faintly odious reference to Franklin’s device. “That such a quantity of electricity must produce a far greater force than that in the [Franklin] electric roasting spit,” he wrote, “is perfectly obvious and nowadays would not be denied by Franklin himself. With one grain of gunpowder one cannot achieve so much as with one hundred pounds.”

Electrostatic motors are now classified in general by the method by which charge is either stored in the machine or transferred to the rotor. Poggendorff’s machine belongs to the corona type, which has attracted the most attention in recent years. Although its measured efficiency is better than 50 percent, Poggendorff regarded it merely as an apparatus for investigating electrical phenomena. He wrote that “it would be a sanguine hope if one wanted to believe that any useful mechanical effect could be achieved with it.”

Poggendorff’s negative attitude toward the usefulness of his design may well have retarded its subsequent development. A modern version of the machine constructed in Jefimenko’s laboratory has an output of approximately .1 horsepower. It operates at speeds of up to 12,000 revolutions per minute at an efficiency of substantially more than 50 percent. In one form the modern corona motor consists of a plastic cylinder that turns on an axial shaft inside a concentric set of knife-edge electrodes that spray charge on the surface of the cylinder [see illustration at left]. Forces that act between the sprayed charges and the knife-edge electrodes impart momentum to the cylinder.

Machines of this kind can be made of almost any inexpensive dielectric materials, including plastics, wood and even cardboard. The only essential metal parts are the electrodes and their interconnecting leads. Even they can be contrived of metallic foil backed by any stiff dielectric. The shaft can be made of plastic that turns in air bearings. By resorting to such stratagems experimenters can devise motors that are extremely light in proportion to their power output. Corona motors require no brushes or commutators. A potential of at least 2,000 volts, however, is essential for initiating corona discharge at the knife-edges.

A smaller and simpler version of the machine was demonstrated in 1961 by J. D. N. Van Wyck and G. J. Kühn in South Africa. This motor consisted of a plastic disk about three millimeters thick and 40 millimeters in diameter supported in the horizontal plane by a slender shaft that turned in jeweled bearings. Six radially directed needle points grazed the rim of the disk at equal intervals. When the machine operated from a source of from 8,000 to 13,000 volts, rotational speeds of up to 12,000 revolutions per minute were measured.

I made a corona motor with Plexiglas tubing two inches in diameter and one and a half inches long. It employed stiffbacked single-edge razor blades as electrodes. The bore of the tube was lined with a strip of aluminum foil, a stratagem devised in Jefimenko’s laboratory to increase the voltage gradient in the vicinity of the electrodes and thus to increase the amount of charge that can be deposited on the surface of the cylinder. I coated all surfaces of the razor blades except the cutting edges and all interconnecting wiring with “anticorona dope,” a cementlike liquid that dries to form a dielectric substance that reduces the loss of energy through corona discharges in nonproductive portions of the circuit.

The axial shaft that supports the cylinder on pivot bearings was cut out of a steel knitting needle. The ends of the shaft were ground and polished to 30degree points. To form the points I chucked the shaft in an electric hand drill, ground the metal against an oilstone and polished the resulting pivots against a wood lap coated with tripoli.

The bearings that supported the pivots were salvaged from the escapement mechanism of a discarded alarm clock. A pair of indented setscrews could be substituted for the clock bearings. The supporting frame was made of quarter-inch Lucite. The motor can be made self-starting and unidirectional by slanting the knife-edges. Those who build the machine may discover, as I did, that the most difficult part of the project, balancing the rotor, is encountered after assembly. The rotor must be balanced both statically and dynamically.

Static balance was achieved by experimentally adding small bits of adhesive tape to the inner surface of the aluminum foil that lines the cylinder until the rotor remained stationary at all positions to which it was set by hand. When the rotor was balanced and power was applied, the motor immediately came up to speed, but it shook violently. I had corrected the imbalance caused by a lump of cement at one end of the rotor by adding a counterweight on the opposite side at the opposite end of the cylinder. Centrifugal forces at the ends were 180 degrees out of phase, thus constituting a couple.

The dynamic balancing, which is achieved largely by cut-and-try methods, took about as much time as the remainder of the construction. To check for dynamic balance suspend the motor freely with a string, run it at low speed and judge by the wiggle where a counterweight must be added. Adhesive tape makes a convenient counterweight material because it can be both applied and shifted easily.

I made the motor as light and frictionless as possible with the objective of operating it with energy from the earth’s field. The field was tapped with an antenna consisting of 300 feet of No. 28 gauge stranded wire insulated with plastic. It is the kind of wire normally employed for interconnecting electronic components and is available from dealers in radio supplies.

The upper end of the wire was connected to a 20-foot length of metallic tinsel of the kind that serves for decorating a Christmas tree. The tinsel functioned as multiple needle points. Strips cut from window screening would doubtless work equally well.

The upper end of the tinsel was hoisted aloft by a cluster of three weather balloons. Such balloons, each three feet in diameter, and the helium to inflate them are available from the Edmund Scientific Co. (300 Edscorp Building, Barrington, N.J. 08007). The weight in pounds that a helium-filled balloon of spherical shape can lift is roughly equal to a quarter of the cube of its radius in feet. To my delight the motor began to run slowly when the tinsel reached an altitude of about 100 feet. At 300 feet the rotor made between 500 and 700 revolutions per minute.

A note of warning is appropriate at this point. Although a 300-foot vertical antenna can be handled safely in fair weather, it can pick up a lethal charge during thunderstorms. Franklin was incredibly lucky to have survived his celebrated kite experiment. A European investigator who tried to duplicate Franklin’s observations was killed by a bolt of lightning. The 300-foot antenna wire can hold enough charge to give a substantial jolt, even during fair weather. Always ground the lower end of the wire when it is not supplying a load, such as the motor.

To run the motor connect the antenna to one set of electrodes and ground the other set. Do not connect the antenna to an insulated object of substantial size, such as an automobile. A hazardous charge can accumulate. Never fly the balloon in a city or in any other location where the antenna can drift into contact with a high-voltage power line. Never fly it below clouds or leave it aloft unattended.

A variety of corona motors have been constructed in Jefimenko’s laboratory. He has learned that their performance can be vastly improved by properly shaping the corona-producing electrodes [see illustration at right]. The working surface of the rotors should be made of a fairly thin plastic, such as Plexiglas or Mylar. Moreover, as I have mentioned, the inner surface of the cylinder should be backed by conducting foil to enhance the corona. Effective cylinders can be formed inexpensively out of plastic sewer pipe. Corona rotors can of course also be made in the form of disks.

One model consists of a series of disks mounted on a common shaft. Double-edged electrodes placed radially between adjacent disks function much like Poggendorff’s combs. This design needs no foil lining or backing because a potential gradient exists between electrodes on opposite sides of the disks. It is even possible to build a linear corona motor, a design that serves to achieve translational motion. A strip of plastic is placed between sets of knife-edge electrodes slanted to initiate motion in the desired direction.

Notwithstanding the problem of handling potentials on the order of a million volts without effective insulation materials, Jefimenko foresees the possibility of at least limited application of corona power machines. In The Physics Teacher (March, 1971) he and David K. Walker wrote: “These motors could be very useful for direct operation from high-voltage d.c. transmission lines as, for example, the 800 kV Pacific Northwest-Southwest Intertie, which is now being constructed between the Columbia River basin and California. It is conceivable that such motors could replace the complex installations now needed for converting the high-voltage d.c. to low-voltage a.c. All that would be required if corona motors were used for this purpose would be to operate local low-voltage a.c. generators from corona motors powered directly from the high-voltage d.c. line.”

As Jefimenko points out, a limiting factor of the corona motor is its required minimum potential of 2,000 volts. This limitation is circumvented by a novel electrostatic motor invented in 1961 by a Russian physicist, A. N. Gubkin. The motor is based on an electret made in 1922 by Mototaro Eguchi, professor of physics at the Higher Naval College in Tokyo.

An electret is a sheet or slab of waxy dielectric material that supports an electric field, much as a permanent magnet carries a magnetic field. Strongly charged carnauba-wax electrets are available commercially, along with other electrostatic devices, from the Electret Scientific Company (P.O. Box4132, Star City, W.Va. 26505). A recipe for an effective electret material is 45 percent carnauba wax, 45 percent water-white rosin and 10 percent white beeswax. Some experimenters substitute Halowax for the rosin.

The ingredients are melted and left to cool to the solid phase in a direct-current electric field of several thousand volts. The wax continues to support the field even though the external source of potential is turned off [see “The Amateur Scientist, SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, November, 1960, and July, 1968]. The electret reacts to neighboring charges exactly as though it were a charged electrode, that is, it is physically attracted or repelled depending on the polarity of the neighboring electrode.

Gubkin harnessed this effect to make a motor. The rotor consisted of a pair of electrets in the shape of sectors supported at opposite ends of a shaft. The center of the shaft was supported transversely by an axle. When the rotor turned, the electrets were swept between adjacent pairs of charged metallic plates, which were also in the form of sectors.

The plates were electrified by an external source of power through the polarity-reversing switch known as a commutator. The commutator applied to the electrodes a charge of polarity opposite to the charge of the attracted electret. As the electret moved between the attracting plates, however, the commutator switched the plates to matching polarity. The alternate push and pull imparted momentum to the rotor in exact analogy to Franklin’s motor.

Gubkin’s motor was deficient in two major respects. The distances between the electrodes and the electrets were needlessly large, so that the forces of attraction and repulsion were needlessly weak. Moreover, during the electret’s transit between electrodes its surfaces were unshielded. Unshielded electrets attract neutralizing ions from the air and lose their charge within hours or days.

Both inherent deficiencies of Gubkin’s motor have been corrected in Jefimenko’s laboratory by taking advantage of what is termed the slot effect. Instead of sandwiching the electret alternately between pairs of metal plates, Jefimenko employs opposing pairs of adjacent plates [see illustration at rightt]. The adjacent plates are separated by a narrow slot. When adjacent plates carry charges of opposite polarity, the electret experiences a force at right angles to the slot and in the plane of the electret. The strength of the force is at a maximum because the electret is close to the electrodes. Simultaneously the electrodes function as shields to prevent the neutralization of the electret by free ions.

Motors based on the slot effect can be designed in a number of forms. One design consists of an electret in the shape of a wafer-thin sheet of Mylar supported by a flat disk of balsa wood 100 millimeters in diameter and three millimeters thick. (A long-lasting charge is imparted to the Mylar by immersing it in a field of a few thousand volts from an electrostatic generator after the motor is assembled.) This rotor is sandwiched between four semicircular sectors that are cross-connected [ see illustration ].

The electret is mounted on a four-millimeter shaft of plastic that turns in jeweled bearings. The conducting surfaces of the commutator consist of dried India ink. The brushes are one-millimeter strips of kitchen aluminum foil. The motor operates on a few microwatts of power.

Jefimenko has demonstrated a similar motor that was designed to turn at a rate of about 60 revolutions per minute and develop a millionth of a horsepower on a 24-foot antenna having a small polonium probe at its upper end. (By emitting positive charges probes of this type tap the earth’s field somewhat more efficiently than needle points do.) The performance of the motor easily met the design specifications. The charm of these motors lies in the fact that, although they do not accomplish very much, they can run forever.


ATMOSPHERIC ELECTRICITY. J. Alan Chalmers. Pergamon Press, 1968.


ELECTROSTATICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS. Edited by A. D. Moore. John Wiley & Sons, 1973.

Annales de la Fondation Louie de Broglie 32 (1 ) : 117 ( 2007 )

3, 6, 9. – Tesla & Divine Numerology

Why did Tesla say that 3,6,9 was the key to the universe?

If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.

– Nikola Tesla


Excerpt from the New York World

Telegram, July 11, 1935

Nikola Tesla revealed that an earthquake which drew police and ambulances to the region of his laboratory at 48 E. Houston St., New York, in 1898, was the result of a little machine he was experimenting with at the time which”you could put in your overcoat pocket.” The bewildered newspapermen pounced upon this as at least one thing they could understand and Nikola Tesla, “the father of modern electricity” told what had happened as follows:
Tesla stated, “I was experimenting with vibrations. I had one of my machines going and I wanted to see if I could get it in tune with the vibration of the building. I put it up notch after notch. There was a peculiar cracking sound. I asked my assistants where did the sound come from. They did not know. I put the machine up a few more notches. There was a louder cracking sound. I knew I was approaching the vibration of the steel building. I pushed the machine a little higher. “Suddenly all the heavy machinery in the place was flying around. I grabbed a hammer and broke the machine. The building would have been about our ears in another few minutes. Outside in the street there was pandemonium. The police and ambulances arrived. I told my assistants to say nothing. We told the police it must have been an earthquake. That’s all they ever knew about it.”

Some shrewd reporter asked Dr. Tesla at this point what he would need to destroy the Empire State Building and the doctor replied: “Vibration will do anything. It would only be necessary to step up the vibrations of the machine to fit the natural vibration of the building and the building would come crashing down. That’s why soldiers break step crossing a bridge.”

“On the occasion of his annual birthday celebration interview by the press on July 10, 1935 in his suite at the Hotel New Yorker, Tesla announced a method of transmitting mechanical energy accurately with minimal loss over any terrestrial distance, including a related new means of communication and a method, he claimed, which would facilitate the unerring location of underground mineral deposits. At that time he recalled the earth-trembling “quake” that brought police and ambulances rushing to the scene of his Houston Street laboratory while an experiment was in progress with one of his mechanical oscillators…”


From My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla

Chapter 5—The Influences That Shape Our Destiny

As I review the events of my past life I realize how subtle are the influences that shape our destinies. An incident of my youth may serve to illustrate. One winter’s day I managed to climb a steep mountain, in company with other boys. The snow was quite deep and a warm southerly wind made it just suitable for our purpose. We amused ourselves by throwing balls which would roll down a certain distance, gathering more or less snow, and we tried to outdo one another in this sport. Suddenly a ball was seen to go beyond the limit, swelling to enormous proportions until it became as big as a house and plunged thundering into the valley below with a force that made the ground tremble. I looked on spellbound incapable of understanding what had happened. For weeks afterward the picture of the avalanche was before my eyes and I wondered how anything so small could grow to such an immense size.

Ever since that time the magnification of feeble actions fascinated me, and when, years later, I took up the experimental study of mechanical and electrical resonance, I was keenly interested from the very start.

Nikola Tesla WAITED 37 YEARS to brag of the earthquake incident in 1898, but THE VERY NEXT YEAR in 1899 he dropped everything an went out west to Colorado Springs. IN A TRANSATLANTIC RACE TO BROADCAST AND RECEIVE RADIO SIGNAL, ON THE WORLD STAGE, HE DROPPED EVERYTHING THE NEXT YEAR…AFTER MAKING EARTHQUAKES AND WENT WEST?
What are the chances it would be decision # 3 – 6 – 9 ?
At least one in three hundred an sixty nine. RIGHT?
Nikola Tesla caused the September 1899 Cape Yakataga and Yakutat Bay earthquakes in Alaska from Colorado Springs.
September 3, 1899 [ 9, 3,   9]
September 6, 1899 [ 9, 6,   9]
September 9, 1899 [ 9, 9,   9]
“If you only knew the magnificence of the three, the six and the nine… then you would have a key to the universe.”  -Nikola Tesla


Perhaps selecting 3, 6, 9 for the dates was just to pay respect to the 3, 6, 9 Rule…
Please Read below


A recently discovered set of original Nikola Tesla drawings reveal a map to multiplication that contains all numbers in a simple to use system. The drawings were discovered at an antique shop in central Phoenix Arizona by local artist, Abe Zucca. They are believed to have been created during the last years of Tesla’s Free Energy lab, Wardenclyffe. The manuscript is thought to contain many solutions to unanswered questions about mathematics.

The Sketches were hidden in a small trunk with numerous other drawings and manuscripts ranging from hand-held technological devices to free-energy systems, many with notes scrawled all over them. Some of the pieces are already familiar to the public, but a few others are not. Most notably is the Map to Multiplication or the Math Spiral. Zucca made a few copies and showed the drawings around to different thinkers, dreamers, and mathematicians.

A few days later a Local High School Mathematics Instructor, Joey Grether, had been working on deciphering the system and had a few breakthroughs. Grether suggests that the Spiral not only explores Multiplication as an interwoven web, but that it, “offers a comprehensive visual understanding of how all numbers are self-organized into 12 positions of composability.”

“This device allows us to see numbers as patterns, the formation of prime numbers, twin primes, Highly composite numbers, multiplication and division, as well as few other systems, I imagine, that are yet to be discovered.”

The diagram itself is very intuitive, allowing students to see how numbers all work together based on a spiral with 12 positions. 12, or 12x (multiples of 12) is the most highly composite system, which is why we have 12 months in a year, 12 inches in a foot, 24 hours in a day, etc. 12 can be divided by 2, 3, 4, and 6. So can all multiples of 12. For every 12 numbers there is a chance of 4 numbers being prime. They happen to fall in positions (think clock positions) 5, 7, 11, and 1.

Tesla is known for the quote “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.” It turns out that when the device is examined, the digital roots of the numbers in positions 3, 6, 9, and 12 constantly repeat the same sequence 3, 6, 9! Is this what Tesla was referring too? The self-organization of numbers and their digital roots?

Its hard to say, but Grether seems to think so. “This breakthrough is phenomenal. If we could get students all over the globe to use this technique, to play with it, and help figure out how to use it, we could overcome our cultural aversion to Mathematics. Instead of memorizing the multiplication table, we could learn the positions of numbers and have a better understanding of how they work.”

Juan Zapata, One of Mr. G’s students believes so as well… “I used to say I’m bad at Math… because that’s what everyone says, but now, I’m like, dude, this is too easy.”

There’s one other fact about the Tesla Spiral that make it interesting. The diagram is dated 12/12/12! 1912. Grether and his students want to turn December 12 into a national holiday. So grab a 12 pack, get a dozen donuts, and celebrate the power of 12x ( via ).

Thanks to Disclose for this article

PS2 The Ten Emanations of God

With the zero being regarded as Heaven and the all or nothing this now leaves us 9 numbers within our base-ten system. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. These nine gods were celebrated by the Greeks and Egyptians in the Ennead. The Ennead was nine gods that represented the archetypal principles that regulated and ruled the cosmos through the laws of number. This company of nine has shown its face many times throughout the world. In Norse mythology, the god Odin hung on the Yggradsil tree for nine days. Benjamin Franklin was Grand Master of the charitable Nine Sisters Lodge. In the European Middle ages we see the Nine-Worthies, semi-legendary figures who personified the ideas of chivalry. We have all heard of Cloud Nine, being dressed to the nines, the nine lives of a feline and a stitch in time saves nine. The Christian’s mythologized the power of these nine numbers in the Christian Angelic hierarchy with those angels being the (9) Seraphim, (8) Cherubim, (7) Thrones, (6) Dominions, (5) Virtues, (4) Powers, (3) Principalities, (2) Archangels and (1) Angels. Even the ancient Mayan venerated the principles of nine. One of the most well-known Mayan pyramids is the pyramid at Chichen Itza. Chichen Itza is nine-level pyramid with a celestial observatory at the top. For a few moments on the solstices and equinoxes, the light and shadows on this pyramid forms a snake that travels down the side of the pyramid to the base, where the head of this great snake, called Quetzacoatal or Kukulcan is carved into stone. The Hebrew letter “Teth”, transcribed as a “T”, meant serpent, or the secret intelligence of all spiritual activities, and was designated by the number nine. The number 9 shows up quite often in the metrology of our universal architecture as well. The diameters of the Moon, the Sun and the Earth using decimal parity all reduce down to this number of spirit.


ZERO, ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT and NINE: These ten principles united represent completion, the perfection of all being and the harmony that exists within the demiurgic word of the creator, once again, apparent on the two hands that lay right before you. These ten principles are the living thoughts of a great creator being, a great mystery or grand architect who is within all things and without which, all things would cease to exist.

The ancient Vedic peoples, responsible for the oldest of Hindu scriptures, reiterated the supremacy of this base-ten system by placing nine numbers around a circle/zero and performing their math in this way. By placing 9 at the top and moving clockwise around the circle, these 9 digits encased the wholly / holy zero with the zero performing its magic as the placeholder for the rest of the digits (We will see the use of this mathematical template again later on in the text).


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PS 3 Vortex Based Mathematics: Numerically Conceptualizing Reality


There is more to numbers than the mere quantities we assign them.  Numbers are alive.  They structure our waking reality.  All the great mystics and philosophers throughout the ages understood this numeric universe.  It won’t be long until we are able to manufacture energy and reshape our world the way nature intended, through implosion rather than explosion.

The principles of Vortex Math and the underlying ideologies of this forgotten science are resurfacing.   This lost numerical art is a portal to understanding the nature of reality, and the psychological implications gained from such introspection are paramount to the evolution of the world soul.



– – –

Dark Matter, the vibratory essence of all that exists, is no longer on its elusive hide and seek trip — it has been found! With the introduction of Vortex-Based Mathematics you will be able to see how energy is expressing itself mathematically. This math has no anomalies and shows the dimensional shape and function of the universe as being a toroid or donut-shaped black hole. This is the template for the universe and it is all within our base ten decimal system!

You have entered a place where Numbers are Real and Alive not merely symbols for other things. You will discover that the relationships between numbers are not random or man-made but that numbers are actually elementary particles of which everything is composed. This lost knowledge was well known to our ancients and is now being uncovered for us today. Gradually you will come to see numbers in a simple yet profoundly perfect three-dimensional matrix grid pattern that forms the shape of a torus. The number grid reveals the calibration and timing for an engine that can take us throughout the universe and solve mankind’s energy needs. Interested? Delve in…


Want to find the answers to the unknown?
Want to see a man-made black hole?

Using a new math that shows that numbers are not man-made symbols, but are actually real, you will see and understand the answers to these questions.

Learn about:

  • A particle that does not bend, but causes everything in the universe to curve around it.
  • The three toroidal number patterns that are the basis to all mathematics (the pattern of numbers traversing the toroidal surface in, out, and around).
  • The universe as an ecological system of renewal.
  • Your body being made out of countless stars of the past.
  • Proof of an omniscient supreme being.
  • Making a coil that produces unlimited free energy.
  • A number grid that shows the underpinning geometry of the universe.
  • How everything is a torus.
  • Making a propulsion source that can take you anywhere in the universe.
  • Artificial Intelligence based on a binary triplet.
  • The Aetheric Template in DNA that guides evolution.
  • The repeating number pattern that solves pi and demonstrates it to be a whole number.
  • A mathematics in which numbers do not move, but the functions move instead.
  • How numbers form a 3D solid geometric object.
  • The secret of a gyroscope — why it vertically lifts itself upright.
  • Wormholes, nested vertices, portals, and doorways.
  • Why Dimensions are a result of how things move through space.
  • The preferred frame of reference to the universe is based upon the fixed constant number 9.
  • Number crunching and encription compression done through cross addition.
  • The labrynth maze of the Doubling Circuits where they invert in the center.
  • World boundary conditions and inversion seams of nested vortices.
  • The bilateral symmetry of the decimal system resulting in polar number pairs having parity by being perfect mirrors of one another.
  • The zero is always in the center in the form of the vortex hole.
  • Multiplication series are unbroken rings from cross sections of the torus.
  • A number cannot be created or destroyed and zero does not exist on a number line or in any multiplication series.
  • The number 9 is the node and represents Spirit.
  • The numbers 3 and 6 represent the Yin and Yang in the form of magnetism and the number 9 is the S curve.
  • The base ten numerical counting system is triangulated.
  • Infinity has an epicenter.
  • The powers of ten occur by halfing.
  • The torus skin models harmonic cascadence.

Our base-ten decimal system is not man made, rather it is created by this flow of energy. Amazingly, after twenty years of working with this symbol and collaborating with engineers and scientists, Marko discovered that the 1,2,4,8,7,5 was a doubling circuit for a very efficient electrical coil.


There was still one more very important number pattern to be realized. On the MATHEMATICAL FINGER PRINT OF GODnotice how the 3, 9, and 6 is in red and does not connect at the base. That is because it is a vector. The 1,2,4,8,7,5 is the third dimension while the oscillation between the 3 and 6 demonstrates the fourth dimension, which is the higher dimensional magnetic field of an electrical coil. The 3, 9, and 6 always occur together with the 9 as the control. In fact, the Yin/Yang is not a duality but rather a trinary. This is because the 3 and 6 represent each side of the Yin/Yang and the 9 is the “S” curve between them. Everything is based on thirds. We think that the universe is based on dualities because we see the effects not the cause.





PS 4 Physicists Prove Surprising Rule of Threes

In 1970, Vitaly Efimov was manipulating the equations of quantum mechanics in an attempt to calculate the behavior of sets of three particles, such as the protons and neutrons that populate atomic nuclei, when he discovered a law that pertained not only to nuclear ingredients but also, under the right conditions, to any trio of particles in nature.

While most forces act between pairs, such as the north and south poles of a magnet or a planet and its sun, Efimov identified an effect that requires three components to spring into action. Together, the components form a state of matter similar to Borromean rings, an ancient symbol of three interconnected circles in which no two are directly linked. The so-called Efimov “trimer” could consist of a trio of protons, a triatomic molecule or any other set of three particles, as long as their properties were tuned to the right values. And in a surprising flourish, this hypothetical state of matter exhibited an unheard-of feature: the ability to range in size from practically infinitesimal to infinite.

Efimov had shown that when three particles come together, a special confluence of their forces creates the Borromean rings effect: Though one is not enough, the effects of two particles can conspire to bind a third. The nesting-doll feature — called discrete scale invariance — arose from a symmetry in the equation describing the forces between three particles. If the particles satisfied the equation when spaced a certain distance apart, then the same particles spaced 22.7 times farther apart were also a solution. This number, called a “scaling factor,” emerged from the mathematics as inexplicably as pi, the ratio between a circle’s circumference and diameter.

“It’s like layers of an onion,” Hulet said. “You see molecules at one layer. Peel the layer away, and you see that there’s a molecule there 22.7 times smaller. Every time you peel away a layer, you find another molecule.”

Efimov trimers are states of matter that theoretically come in an infinite range of sizes. Experimentalists recently observed consecutive trimers, verifying the strange theory.

Read the entire article at the source:

PS5  The Borromean Rings

In mathematics, the Borromean rings consist of three topological circles which are linked and form a Brunnian link (i.e., removing any ring results in two unlinked rings). In other words, no two of the three rings are linked with each other as a Hopf link, but nonetheless all three are linked.


The mystery of the Christian Trinity is expressed in the Athanasian Creed: we worship one God in Trinity, and Trinity in unity; neither confounding the Persons, nor dividing the substance. Trying to depict this triune nature without leaving oneself open to attacks of polytheism was problematic, and geometrical symbols became popular. The equilateral triangle, consisting of three equal parts, equally joined, was used as an early symbol of the Trinity. It was often inscribed in a circle, a symbol used to stand for God for many centuries. For the Greeks, the circle symbolised perfection; its never-ending form also encapsulates the idea of eternity.


Today, the Borromean rings are commonly used as a symbol of the Trinity. The earliest source for this that we are aware of was a thirteenth-century manuscript in the Municipal Library at Chartres. It contained four diagrams, one of which is shown above. In the centre, inside all the circles, is the word `unitas’; the three syllables of `tri-ni-tas’ are distributed in the outer sectors. Unfortunately, the manuscript was destroyed in a fire in 1944. The copy shown here was reproduced in a manual of Christian iconography [Didron-Didron], along with descriptions of the other three. The labels on these other figures are shown below. They are:



  • “God is Life” surrounded by “Father”, “Son” and “Holy Spirit”;
  • “God is” surrounded by “Word”, “Light” and “Life”;
  • the phrases “Trinitas Unitate” (three in one) and “Unitas Trinitate” (one in three) distributed over the diagram.

Gematria & Numerology Insights Part 2


If you take the square root of the fist 7 prime numbers :

2^2 + 3^2 + 5^2 + 7^2 + 11^2 + 13^2 + 17^2 = 666

Take the 6th power of the first 3 digits, and subtract the first from the second, and add that to the 3rd :

1^6 – 2^6 + 3^6 = 666

1+2+3+4+567+89 = 666
123+456+78+9 = 666

loose the + sign, and notice the sequence : 123456789

reversed :

9+87+6+543+21 = 666

sequence= 987654321

There are many other connections with 666, like for instance by calculating them as ‘degrees’ with sin and cos functions, but for the sake of simplicity, we will only mention this fact. Take a calculator and play with those functions, Mr. Anderson, to find them for yourself.

666^6 = 872 660 613 456 236 16

There are 6 6’s in the result. No 9 in the result.

6×6=36=9 -> the 3, the 6 and the 9

If you then take the other digits from the result, and reduce them, the result is 36, or 9.

-> the 3, the 6 and the 9.

123+876= 999
123+543= 666
123+210= 333

Notice the middle sequence is 876 543 210.
Vertically you also see the sequence 147258 once more. The sequence of life within the Matrix.
(see our previous post about parity where we explain this sequence in more depth)

The result is 999 666 333, and vertically it reads 369 throughout…

999-876= 123
876-333= 456
543-456= 78
210-111= 99

Again we see the sequence 147258 progressing within, with 369 RIGHT NEXT TO IT, but hidden from view because it is 1 level off the axis of sequence 147258. Here you see that with the 0, knocking the 369 sequence 1 level up.
The entire sequence occurs within the start and end of 9, and the result reads 123 456 789. Vertically in the result you see again 147258 369

Taking the last result of the previous sequence, 78 :

78 + 9 = 87

87 + 123 = 210
87 + 234 = 321
87 + 345 = 432
87 + 456 = 543
87 + 567 = 654
87 + 678 = 765
87 + 789 = 876
87 + 890 +10 = 987 -10

Again, perfect symmetry.

Middle sequence:
horizontal -> 123 234 345 456 567 789 890
vertical -> 12345678 23456789 34567890

horizontal -> reversed it is 987 876 765 654 543 432 321 210
vertical -> column 1 : 23456789 column 2: 12345678 column 3 : 01234567

Notice there are only 8 steps within the sequence. The same symmetry within a sequence only reaches up to 8 steps. Beyond it, other symmetries are formed, still containing the original symmetry, but additional symmetries are added to form a higher complexity.
8×8=64, is one unit of symmetry. In other words 7×9 digits is 63, and upon 64 additional complexity is added to the original symmetry by normalisation (the higher you go, the more difficult it gets to ‘see’ the symmetry.
(notice the +10 -10 in the last step of the sequence. That is the normalisation we talked about in earlier posts).

Another sequence reveals fibonacci numbers. We will not be showing the + and – normalisation happening because it would look to complicated to understand. Our goal here is only to reveal the numbers within :

[Image: iq2uHv5.png]

Do you see the fibonacci numbers, Mr. Anderson ?

There are many steps in between, repeating each number several times, and more times as you go up. We are showing only some, all having fibonacci numbers as the building block for the result.

The finonacci sequence is in the middle vertical column of the results.
Beyond 999 we go to 1332 (the next unit), which is 1 level up from 333 (1+332 -> 1332)

1875 is 1 level up from 876 (1+875 -> 1875)

2196 is 2 levels from 999 (1+998, 2+996 -> 2+1+96 -> 2196)

etc…you see Mr. Anderson, no matter how complicated it seems at first, when looking underneath, we ALWAYS find the same simplicity, AND the same symmetry.

Another nice one for the Neo that calls himself ‘BackFromTheFuture’ :

3.33×6.66×7.77×11.11×14.44 = 27645.263

Distance to the centre of the galaxy is roughly 27000 light years.
The exact distance is notoriously unknown to science, and they estimate it at 27-28000ly. It’s exact centre, the big loophole, should be very close to 27645.

Star system Sirius is estimated little over 27000 AU from the Sun.
The average temperature on Sirius B is about 27000K.
We would bet they are very close to 27645.

The problem with science is that it doesn’t accept such non-traditional methods for calculations…allthough they always work when used correctly.

Tonight we will reveal lots of hidden code within the number PI, the number of the ONE. More specifically translated into BASE-26, revealing the letters asigned to the numbers.
We will be looking more at the SCRAMBLED words deep within this undefinable matrix within the Matrix, and showing many connections in the between the words that go far beyond coincidence, as we will be showing it all from within a few thousand letters, so only a little snapshot…

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (02-28-2013 02:03 AM)

Considering the 147258 circuit, it is every digit except 3, 6 and 9.

Incorporating both to comprise the complete system of 9 digits, we find more clues to the symmetry portrayed within The Matrix :

So we have 3 pairs of 3, forming a 3×3 matrix :


Allready we are seeing something :
Notice the vertical symmetry (123 456 789)…

We can verify the symmetry over and over, in all directions :


[Image: UnEGpvq.png]

147+258 = 405
369-147 = 222

369+36 = 405
258-36 = 222

258-147 = 111
369-111 = 258

147-36 = 111
222+36 = 258

258+111 = 369
111+36 = 147

147+222 = 369
369-222 = 147

Vertically :

[Image: jU1ZwEX.png]

789-456 = 333
456-123 = 333
654-321 = 333
987-654 = 333

789-123 = 666
987-321 = 666

Also diagonally, the symmetry is still retained :

[Image: UOUU0Hr.png][Image: XCM4BX2.png]

357-159 = 198
456-258 = 198

951-753 = 198
852-654 = 198

357+159 = (0)516
456+258 = (0)714

(notice vertically in the result: leftside is 5+2->7; rightside is 6-2=4)

654+852 = 1506
753+951 = 1704

(notice vertically in the result: same symmetry, only 1 and 0 have switched places)

456×258 = 117648
357×159 = 56763 = 11 76 48 (56=11; 3=48)

Going even further, we verify the symmetry in other ways :

[Image: jF43Yxr.png][Image: SNem9BR.png]

248+268 = 516
359+157 = 516

248-157 = 91
359-268 = 91

[Image: AREv8WM.png]

987-963 = 24

[Image: PS6QHFe.png]

369-321 = 48

[Image: WXWAKre.png]

684+624 = 1308
957+351 = 1308

684-351 = 333
957-684 = 333

We are showing here how 1308 and 333 are connected. Remember the movie 1308, Mr. Anderson ? How they showed reality shifting upon that number ?

It is the 333 guardians working together with 666…

642×2 = 1284

1284 + 24 = 1308

If you split 1308 into 13 and 08, subtract, and we have 5.

5 is at the centre of our matrix :


13-8 = 5
13×8 = 104 = 5

104-5 = 99

13+8 = 21
13×99 = 1287

1287+21 = 1308

1308 / 666 = 1.963 963 963 963 963…

1308-963 = 345
1308-639 = 669
1308-396 = 939

1308+333 = 1641
1308-333 = 975

1308+666 = 1974
1308-666 = 642

1308-975 = 333
1641-975 = 666
1974-975 = 999

975-642 = 333

1308 is an interlock within the Matrix, defined by 3’s and 6’s working around a centre-point. Together they form other patterns in between a FIXED pattern of 369…


Quote:0 is the overlap. That happens twice per cycle.
The overlap of maximum volume (5.26) was reached on 12-21-12.

We will show you how it is connected.
And thanks to your 333 / 11.11 thread, Neo, we spotted something else :

Regarding 1776.
Not gonna spoil with too much words this time, Neo.

Very interesting correlations though. The year 2057 popped up, and we will briefly explain why…

111 +333 =
444 +333 =
777 + 333 =
1110 + 333 =
1443 + 333 =
(Vertically, 147 is repeated…)

5 x 333 = 1665

[Image: EVNZS6Y.png]

[Image: TuDtufj.png]

[Image: VrrSUs7.png]
(Vertically : doubling and halving…)

[Image: lJJeDfC.png]

(After the 8th step, the level always increases by 1 level: to the left, 0 becomes 1, then 1 becomes 2,etc… )

[Image: VQPwfCi.png]

[Image: MQhCu72.png]

(Vertical: Fibonacci…Only divison of 444 and 111 do not result in a Fibonacci number…)

[Image: I6j67pt.png]

Notice the symmetry in the divisions…
Again, after every 8th step, upon the 9th, complexity increases with 1 digit to the left.
4.111…, 41, and 444 are the only results that are not a Fibonacci integer.

Between 4.111… and 32.888… are also 8 steps.
Between first and second recurring 142857 are also 8 steps.

142857 occurs every last step before the level increases.
142857 occurs exactly 2 steps before and after 197.333…

1776 / 14400 = 1233.333…

About 1233, 12.21.12 and 11.11.11 :


[Image: N8rvHvW.png]

We can tell you for certain that 2057 will be an important date, Neo…

After a google search :

[Image: yesKJ1v.png]

The next double solar eclipse in the same year will be 01/12/2252 and 12/31/2252…rd_century

We will now show you that those dates are correct…

First thing to notice : 2252 = 11

01.12 an 12/31

14400 / 112 = 128.57142857142857… = 20.57 142857 142857 (12+8=20)

20 / 57 = 0.3508 77 19298 245 614 = 0.7 77 11 11 11 (3+5+0+8=7; 1+9+2+9+8=11; 2+4+5=11: 6+1+4=11)

11.11.11 represents the point of overlap. We are on the right track…

Now that we have determined the right sequence, we incorporate the correct year :

2252.7 77 111111 x 7 = 15769.439 777777 = 15769.7 777777 (4+3+9=16=7)

15769.439 777777 – 0.432 = 15769.00 7777777

15769.7 777777 / 112 = 140.801587 3008 92 857142 = 140.11 11 11 857142 = 140.12 (0)1 11 857142 (0=neutral)
15769.439 777777 / 112 = 140.798569 444 4375 = 140. 8 12 (0)[b]1[/b] (0=neutral)
15769.00 7777777 / 112 = 140.7947 12301 580357142857… = 140.9 1231 1 142857…

Also notice :
2252 x 7 = 15769
15769 – 14400 = 1369
15769 / 1369 = 11.29 5845272206303 724 92 83 667 621 78 = 11.11 11 4 11 11 7
4+7=11, and 4/7=0.57 142857 142857

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (03-02-2013 05:11 AM)

If we look again at the pattern of the doubling and halving sequence :

[Image: OeN9iZe.png]

We allready mentioned it is the symbol of infinity aswel. But there is much more, Mr. Anderson :

Look at the ancient symbol of the cross

[Image: rYht7V7.png]

If you still think they got this symbol only from the so-called “crucifiction”, then think again :

Follow the path from the “father” to the “son”, to the “holy spirit”, to “amen”, to the “father” again, etc…

[Image: x29bwWO.png]

You have now successfully “recreated” the pattern of the doubling sequence !

[Image: UuokBNQ.png]

But there still is more :

All digits are contained within the cross :

1 and 4 :

[Image: elsNQLG.png][Image: VLHjKPP.png]

3, 6 and 9 :

[Image: jRFyg9p.png][Image: Bvg7fKt.png][Image: w6jKmJ3.png]

2 and 5 :

[Image: Jugyzft.png][Image: xpGQnSg.png]

7 and 8 :

[Image: 6d2jNJU.png][Image: 0Unxap0.png]

[quote=’Back From The Future’ pid=’5165192′ dateline=’1360282149′]

All comes back to 9. Top is always sum of the base.

First let’s look at your drawing from a flat 2D perspective :

The top 9 is split into 5 and 4.
Sum of the base equals the top:

They form the top triangle :

[Image: JWnBqsr.png]

5 is split into 6 and 8.

4 is split into 3 and 1.

They form the two following triangles :

[Image: xBM7DVI.jpg]

Considering this becoming a 3D pyramid, and imagining an x, y and z coordinate, we see that the 8 and 1 actually coexist on the same perpendicular z line (so from this perspective they fall together on the same line).

The bigger triangle formed now still equals 9 :
The base of the bigger triangle is 6 and 3.

[Image: eNaYtjW.jpg]

But even by counting all numbers within it, we still get 9:


The sum of 8+1, still 9, is now also the TOP of the upside down triangle in the middle, with 5+4=9 as the bottom base :

[Image: us2L6dG.jpg]

6 splits further into 7+8=15=6
3 splits into 2+1=3

They form these triangles below :

[Image: nzLroGZ.png]

Now to get it right with all digits included :

[Image: jL3k2PP.png]

If we consider 9 as the projector, then the base of 4 and 5 defines the angle, or width, of projection.
The first triangle thus gets projected through this angle.

Below the first triangle the division complexifies along the sides, but at the same time the FIRST projection of the triangle is created again inside, but upside down and elongated.

Here you have your doplet upside down…I think…

So all triangles match up to 9.
Top triangle :

Base : 5+4=9
Sum : 4+5+9=9

Two triangles
5-> 6 + 8 = 5
3-> 1+2=3

Big triangle : 7+9+2=18=9, 7+6+5=18=9

These are the triangles formed :

[Image: 35bexIX.jpg]

The red small ones, the bigger blue ones, and the big green one.
All sides and bases add up to 9.

But this is a 2D representation of something projected into more then 2 dimensions, so that is why in this picture the bases and tops at the bottom seem to fall together.
There is actually an extra coordinate there, but we cannot distinuish it on this 2D pic.

Because of that, the relationships between the numbers may not be crystal clear in this manner.

So what about this in 3D then ? Well, then, it becomes ‘crystal’ clear !

Let’s try and do this with a 3D view, the only one we can truly understand :

We start with the same thing: a triangle.
But now we will go along a top-down view, so we can see 3 dimensions instead of 2 :

[Image: i4msdk.png]

The 9 is split into 5 and 4. The sum of all sides is 9.

But this is the 2D “side” view of a 3D object. What actually happens when the 9 splits, is it splits into 4 sides instead of 2. Why ? Simple, because otherwise there is no symmetry to hold the object together !

A side of 4 and one of 5 are assymetrical to each other, and without this symmetry, you simply cannot extrapolate one object into extra dimensions.

So nature comes up with this solution to provide symmetry :

[Image: Z1o2jAH.png][Image: lD23bCo.png][Image: DjOV36w.png]

Remember, this is the top view, and we are seeing it from the top. The extrapolation happens simultaneously.
We see a perfectly symmetrical pyramid, with each side symmetrical to it’s opposite. This is the only way to provide a continuus and orderly extrapolation of the same boundary.

ALL sides equal 9. Also the sum of the sides which form the entire base, equals 9. And the sum of both base and top also equal 9.

So the ENTIRE projection from source to here is still exactly the same as the initial source, only bigger and MORE detailed.

You can consider this to be a fractal in every sense or purpose: the pattern of 9 being projected according to a degree of magnification. The sum of the smaller parts is a BIGGER projection of the WHOLE, with more detailed complexity. This is God’s looking glass. It is how the creator looks upon his creation !

Still not convinced this is a fractal ? Still not convinced this is how matter “projects” it’s ‘centre’, it’s ‘source code’, into space ? Look at this animation for a moment :

This is our 9, the source, from which the projection expands outwards.
It is an infinitely small object in space. It is being projected downwards into a “bigger picture” of itself. Both are exactly the same, but only differ in scale, so as the projection grows bigger, more “details” of it’s boundaries become VISIBLE :

(appologies for the crappy animations…)

The pyramid is only a bigger projection of it’s absolute centre.

We extrapolate further :

The 5 splits further into 6 and 8 :

[Image: Catoj33.png]

We connect the sides again, and have now defined 4 more pyramids.
Notice they are ALL at a perfect 90 degree perpendicular angle to the previous pyramid at the centre… :

[Image: ZbZXSNf.png][Image: sA7NUSN.png]

If you look closely, you can see the swastika symbol here. Not referring to you know what, but the ancient meaning of the symbol. This is the true origin of the swastika. The meaning though, has been tainted.

The swastika is an equilateral cross with four arms bent at 90 degrees. The earliest archaeological evidence of swastika-shaped ornaments dates back to Ancient India, 3300 BC.
The word “swastika” comes from the Sanskrit svastika – “su” meaning “good”,” “asti” meaning “to be,” and “ka” as a suffix. The swastika literally means “to be good”, but a more accurate translation when knowing the ‘context’ of the meaning can be made: “swa” is “higher self”, “asti” meaning “being” or “existing”, and “ka” as a suffix, so the translation can be interpreted as “being/existing with higher self”.

So we have here a symbol formed from taking the most basic geometrical shape in existence, and extrapolating it with an added dimension at 90 degrees perpendicular, or in other words, by adding a higher complexity to the original boundary.
And 6000 years ago they knew that, because they knew this symbol AND it’s true meaning of “being/existing with HIGHER self”.

And also the infinity symbol is there, once again (the bow-ty in the middle).
We see this appearing in numerology as one of the basic iterations between digits.

To verify the unity of 9, we can see that the 4 newly formed pyramids are STILL equal to 9 :

[Image: 2sZHw8i.png]

If you add the bases with the tops you see that each one is still equal to the initial source of 9 :


Notice 18 and 27. They are multiples of 9.
They represent the degree of complexity, being 2 and 3 times the complexity of the initial source of 9…

And the entire thing is ALSO still equal to 9 :

[Image: G08WGsN.png]


Notice 63 here. VERY important, because 64 is the MAXIMUM possible iterations for ANY complexity we see in nature. After 64, you end up where you started, back at your initial source. In the next picture you can visualise this :

We still have to add the last two digits of 7 and 2 to complete our conduit.
We add the 7 and 2, again AT 90 DEGREES perpendicular to the previous projections :

[Image: wYni46W.png]

And what do we see ? We have again a bigger pyramid, but this one sits at the exact same angle as the starting point, and encompasses the entire whole this time :

[Image: 1ZrKzFt.png]

Remember the 63 just before…
We have now completed 64 iterations from the 4-5 pyramid to here, and the projection has completed one cycle.

Notice 9×7=63 -> 9 is the top, 7 the outer edge.

All it’s sides still equal 9, so does the sum of the entire thing. It still represents exactly the same as the initial source of 9, BUT much more detailed and magnified.

This bigger pyramid is not only a complete replicated projection of the source, but also sits at the exact same perpendicular angle, which means it sits back in the SAME DIMENSION as where it started ! Coincidentally we have now also completed a cycle of all 9 digits, and we are now back at the starting point regarding the numbers.

We can see in this last pic something else very peculiar when noticed, because it refers back to why we cannot see these other dimensions which we have partially plotted out here : All visible pyramids in our last picture sit noticably at the same perpendicular angle as the big one.

[Image: MTp9tt3.png]

So where are the other ones we plotted out ?? Suddenly they are gone…
No, but they are very obviously hidden from our view !

[Image: OYumh2D.png]

One last strange remark :

If you take the outer pyramid, and multiply the top with one of the base edges, you get exactly the number that is at the base in between :

[Image: l59KkJd.png]


…again referring back to the 64 iterations within ONE unity.

If we take a look at the ‘tree of life’, or what is known as the ‘Kathara grid’, it teaches us that matter is manifested in 4 different layers of existence, or densities (actually 5 if you count the state of the singularity itself), divided over a 15-dimensional time matrix, each density consisting of 3 spacial dimensions and one direction of time, and each density having it’s own amount of space- and time separation.

The lay-out is like this :

[Image: I1u4m8f.png]

If we consider the way matter expands and contracts in space and time, then the structure of this grid should contain the same principle of contraction and expansion into and from it’s source of origin.
This is actually already described as Partiki Phasing in the ancient Keylons. It is a single ‘Partiki Unit’, or unit of consciousness. It is a single unit of electro-tonal pulse emanating from the original source. It gets projected into a 15-dimensional structure, and when intercepted by each dimensional layer, it undergoes a process called fission, and seperates into two separate units, a particle and an anti-particle at the same time. One goes to our universe, and one goes to the parallel universe. Then they go back to the original Partiki unit through a process called fusion (reunion of particle and anti-particle), and create a backflow of energy that return to the original source. This “ON/OFF” process creates a pulsating rhythm that is very very fast. We see this rhythm everywhere in nature, also the stars and planets, but because of the scale we perceive the same thing as very very slow. The reality of the speed is however the same as the spinning atoms and such.

So can we see this “breath” when looking at the grid ?
If we consider the grid being a multi-dimensional pattern of a single unit, then yes indeed, we can conclude this movement from the image itself. It is a harmonica which replicates and fuses each unit upon itself :

[Image: ncB3sZq.png]

A closer look shows us the following process :
(Look at the first pic to compare where the densities separate and see how the units separate into the different densities !)

The 1 is replicated into the 3 and the 4.
3 in density 1 and 4 in density 2.
Both are opposites at a 90 degree angle perpendicular to the 1.
3 and 4 feed back unto each other and merge back into the 1.

[Image: Evt387B.png]

That’s the first replication and feedback of the singularity into density 1 and 2.

Second replication (from density 2 into density 3) :

The 3 and 4 both get replicated into the 2 and 5.
2 for density 1 and 5 for density 2 (see first pic).
They are the opposites of 3 and 4, and again at a 90 degree angular perpendicular to them and the one. All four are replications of the 1, and all feed back unto the 1.

[Image: 22xLI0J.png]

Now the 2, 3, 4 and 5 ALL get replicated again, making each 2 sides split into 4 sides.
For instance, the 5 gets replicated into 3, 4, 6 and 7.
(the three has now replicated into 4, from density 1 to density 2, and the 4 into 7, from density 2 into density 3).

[Image: T6UmqWe.png]

3, 4, 6 and 7 now also feed back unto the 5, and the 5, 2, 3 and 4 go back into the 1.

[Image: 1fsZ7mB.png]

The 3 gets replicated in the same manner, into 3, 4, 5 and 6, but doesn’t yet reach into density 3.

[Image: n2q3Qpy.png]

The 4 on the other side gets replicated into 3, 5, 6 and 7.

[Image: xtPaIOR.png]

(Also the 2 replicates like this on the backside…)

The entire picture, I think, is like this, but extrapolated ANOTHER 16 times, which is a bit too pecky to show in a 2D image. We would need a 3D rendering for this, and even that would be an incomplete view…

[Image: 3cFP7D3.png]

All of the above mentioned, ALL happens in one single breath, with all extrapolations of the one, feeding back unto each other throughout all densities of matter.

From the top down, it would look like this :

One point (black) repeating into 2 with 2 opposties each (blue), so 4 times in ONE density. Each replication then repeats further into the next density (red), and so on… :

[Image: PTrcQfk.png]

Right here and now, where the ONE point splits up into four, is when TIME becomes necessary. Why ? Because for the singularity to split into 4, a DIRECTION is needed, in other words, consiousness NEEDS to KNOW in which direction the one gets split. That direction is TIME.

[Image: jPmUl4y.png]

Envision this like a flat laserscan, one planck length thick, scanning a tetrahedron from the top one point down to the four points below, one planck length at a time, stacking all the layers on top of each other. Remember, ‘planck length’ is just a name for ‘one unit’, or in this case, one slice of the plane. Time is need to determine all the planck lengths at a time. A certain time dilation is needed to go from a to b to c.

Allthough a seems to move to b in four directions, the four arrows may be deceiving. The progression from a to b happens within a 3-dimensional space, but to “see” all 3 spacial directions at the same time (like we see our 3D), a direction of time is needed.

In other words, for matter to be able to replicate, we always need 3 spacial directions, and one of time.

All matter has 5 densities, each within a 3-dimensional space and all matter within that 3D space moving in one direction of time. All creating a 12-dimensional space within a 15-dimensional time matrix.

[Image: tbBcHyz.png]

Now a little bit more on the numbers themselves :

[Image: uCDVlQS.png]

When you compress the numbers like each unit is supposed to compress, we see interesting patterns. Compressing the numbers can be done by using number reduction. It reduces a number into one digit by adding a number’s digits each time untill only one digit remains.

Original layout:

[Image: oXF52n6.png]

When adding 9+6+3 (left), 10+7+4 (right), 2+1 (bottom), and 11+12 (top)…and reducing the numbers to it’s core digit…

Becomes :

[Image: ucJ6xaZ.png]

Further compressing them gives :

[Image: pN6NJGw.png]

The trinity of 3, 6 and 9, with 7 in the centre. Why is this special ?

1. The holy trinity of the Father, the Son and the Spirit

[Image: EIWgRKX.jpg]

It is also known in numerology as the trinity of 3, 6 and 9.
It is the 3 and the 6, the Father and the Son, governed by the 9, the Spirit :

[Image: ZuvwZWH.jpg]

And also as such hidden in the Yin Yang symbol :

[Image: FfSoOaE.png]

The number 7 is in the centre. the number 7 is special, and connected with sacred geometry : The rose pattern in sacred geometry is created by a series of concentric circles. The rose uses a geometry of SEVEN. 7 cannot be divided equally to create a lower number, nore multiplied equally to create a higher number under 10.
It is the Virgin number.

7 is what lies in the womb of the rose, and has always been connected with the womb of Mary Magdalene in Christianity. It’s meaning is fertility, and creation from the womb.

If we compress the numbers further this meaning for the number 7 is undeniably confirmed :

When we compress them further : 3+6+9+7 = 25 = 7 !!!
The virgin number, that what lies in the centre of the womb.

If we take the multiplication and division table of 8, we see the same rhythm, but counter clockwise :

[Image: 2IholTK.jpg]

1×8= 8 (8)
2×8=16 (7)
3×8=24 (6)
4×8=32 (5)
5×8=40 (4)
6×8=48 (3)
7×8=56 (2)
8×8=64 (1)
9×8=72 (9)

1:8=1 (8)
2:8=2 (7)
3:8=3 (6)
4:8=4 (5)
5:8=5 (4)
6:8=6 (3)
7:8=7 (2)
8:8=8 (1)
9:8=9 (9)

We say here that 8 is the receptacle of 8 when multiplying or dividing by it.
And again, this is also the case when adding or subtracting by 8.

So in this first rhythm, 1 and 8 are receptacles of themselves, which create these this pattern in opposite directions.

Another rhythm :

[Image: ob4HQMQ.jpg]

Here there are other receptacles for creating this rhythm in opposite directions.

Here we multiply by 2 and divide by 5 to create the clockwise rhythm.
2 is the receptacle of 5 and vice versa.

Clockwise :

1×2= 2 (2)
2×2= 4 (4)
3×2= 6 (6)
4×2= 8 (8)
5×2=10 (1)
6×2=12 (3)
7×2=14 (5)
8×2=16 (7)
9×2=18 (9)

1:5=0.2 (2)
2:5=0.4 (4)
3:5=0.6 (6)
4:5=0.8 (8)
5:5= 1 (1)
6:5=1.2 (3)
7:5=1.4 (5)
8:5=1.6 (7)
9:5=1.8 (9)

1+2= 3 (3)
2+2= 4 (4)
3+2= 5 (5)
4+2= 6 (6)
5+2= 7 (7)
6+2= 8 (8)
7+2= 9 (9)
8+2= 10 (1)
9+2= 11 (2)

We also multiply by 7 and divide by 4 to create the counter clockwise rhythm.
7 is the receptacle of 4 and vice versa.

Counter clockwise :

1:4=0.25 (7)
2:4=0.5 (5)
3:4=0.75 (3)
4:4=1 (1)
5:4=1.25 (8)
6:4=1.5 (6)
7:4=1.75 (4)
8:4=2 (2)
9:4=1.125 (9)

1×7= 7 (7)
2×7=14 (5)
3×7=21 (3)
4×7=28 (1)
5×7=35 (8)
6×7=42 (6)
7×7=49 (4)
8×7=56 (2)
9×7=63 (9)

We can again follow the pattern by adding or subtracting the receptacles, or 2 or 7 :

[Image: 7RrWe5U.jpg]

Going one further :

[Image: SP14Aow.jpg]

To create the clockwise pattern of this rhythm we multiply by 4 and divide by 7.

4 is the receptacle of 7, and vice versa.

Clockwise :

1×4= 4 (4)
2×4= 8 (8)
3×4=12 (3)
4×4=16 (7)
5×4=20 (2)
6×4=24 (6)
7×4=28 (1)
8×4=32 (5)
9×4=45 (9)

7:7=1 (1)

7 is special as it creates an infinite series in each outcome. The outcome is always 9, and you can add any number to 9, the outcome will always be the number without the 9. Same way in reverse you can multiply any number by 9, and the outcome will always be 9. More about this later one…

To create the counter clockwise rhythm, we now multiply by 5, and divide by 2.

5 is the receptacle of 2, and vice versa.

Counter clockwise :

1×5= 5 (5)
2×5=10 (1)
3×5=15 (6)
4×5=20 (2)
5×5=25 (7)
6×5=30 (3)
7×5=35 (8)
8×5=40 (4)
9×5=45 (9)

1:2=0.5 (5)
2:2=1 (1)
3:2=1.5 (6)
4:2=2 (2)
5:2=2.5 (7)
6:2=3 (3)
7:2=3.5 (8)
8:2=4 (4)
9:2=4.5 (9)

Again by adding or subtracting 4 or 5, we can follow the pattern in the figure above.

[Image: gPhfCQD.jpg]

NOTE: division by 7 is a special rhythm. It’s outcome is always an infinite series :


This division table shows another relationship :

[Image: NtyHEWi.jpg]

1:7 = 0.142857 142857 142857 142857 ….
2:7 = 0.285714 285714 285714 285714 ….

….each reiterating into infinity. Every series is once again defined within the circle. This can be backwards verified by reducing the repeating series (for instance 142857, or 285714). The sum is always the whole of the circle, being 9.

If you notice here, if you take what happens in between the numbers you get the 3,6 and 9.

[Image: SMPankS.jpg]

They form the archetype symbol of a sacred enclosure, the lateral triangle, since space cannot be bounded by fewer than three lines.
The triangle is thus the first closed figure to emerge from creation. In this aspect it is known as the root of all manifested nature, and is also known as the trinity of 3, 6 and 9.

The trinity : 3, 6 and 9

[Image: l37wVcf.jpg]

Something very special happens when applying this rhythm :

To create the clockwise rhythm, we multiply by 3, and divide by 6.
3 is the receptacle of 6.


1×3=3 (3)
2×3=6 (6)
3×3=9 (9)
4×3=12 (3)
5×3=15 (6)
6×3=18 (9)
7×3=21 (3)
8×3=24 (6)
9×3=27 (9)

1:6=0.16.. (3)
2:6=0.33.. (6)
3:6=0.49.. (9)
4:6=0.66.. (3)
5:6=0.83.. (6)
6:6=0.99.. (9)
7:6=1.16.. (3)
8:6=1.13.. (6)
9:6=1.49.. (9)

To create the counter clockwise rhythm, we multiply by 6 and divide by 3.
6 is the receptacle of 3.

Counter clockwise :

1×6= 6 (6)
2×6=12 (3)
3×6=18 (9)
4×6=24 (6)
5×6=30 (3)
6×6=36 (9)
7×6=42 (6)
8×6=48 (3)
9×6=54 (9)


The outcome is only 3,6 and 9. No other numbers appear.
With 9 being most special, because no matter whether you add, substract, divide or multiply by 9, the reduced outcome is always 9 when dividing or multiplying with it, and dissapears when adding or subtracting by it.
This makes 9 not only a receptacle of itself, but also a receptacle for all other digits, which explains the special behaviour of 9 at the top of the triangle (fig below), and as both beginning and end.

It is the divine number, and all subsequental patterns are governed by this number (as you can also see in all the previous mentioned relationships : they always begin and end with 9…and 9 becoming the beginning again).

Here you can see the three pattern groups once more, and the way they are formed :

[Image: DcHJ7Mb.png]

5 and 2 are each other’s receptacles, so are 7 and 4.
8 and 1 are receptacles of themselves, and so is 9, which is also a receptacle for all other digits at the top of all triangles.

The work of Marko Rodin shows something called “Vortex Based Mathematics”.

It is based on this source code alone :

[Image: W2c1mBN.jpg]

What we see here is a doubling sequence (again you can verify the numbers with the pattern created) :

1 (1)
2 (2)
4 (4)
8 (8)
16 (7)
32 (5)
64 (1)

Double 1, we get 2
Double 2, we get 4
Double 4, we get 8
Double 8, we get 16, which is 7
Double 16, we get 32, which is 5
Double 32, we get 64, which is 1 again

Also the other way around, as a halving sequence, we get the same thing in reversed order :

(1) 1
(5) 0.5
(7) 0.25
(8) 0.125
(4) 0.00625
(2) 0.003125
(1) 0.0015625

Both go on to infinity, and we can even ‘see’ the infinity symbol formed inside the circle.

Now a nice comparison to think about :

Computer language uses this exact doubling sequence (1-2-4-8-16-32-64-…). Computers are artificial, they are man made.

Nature uses cel division. It uses the exact OPPOSITE, the halving sequence, to divide cels into more cells. Nature is not artificial, not man made.

Ancient cultures always keep telling us to look inward for the truth, not outward. Inward we find the cell dividing halving sequence. The infinite divisions down towards the singularity. The creation of life.
Outward we find the expansion of space, the doubling sequence. The artificial computer language.
Science still looks outward for all answers, the radiating matter, the very destruction of life, and uses expansion and explosion tech in all of it’s ‘man made’ creations.

All these connections are no coincidence, and they show us a very simple truth which we blatently keep ignoring. Imo this is one of the strongest indications of our current wrong doings in science and technology. Implosion tech is the solution. It exists in forms like the energy from emitted sunlight, and other non poluting non explosive energy. Only reason why we don’t use it is because your govment wants the money and the power instead. By introducing implosive renewable energy they would loose everything they have in their control.

Going back to our picture, the dotted line is an iteration upon doubling from 3 :

[Image: W2c1mBN.jpg]

3 (3)
6 (6)
12 (3)
24 (6)
48 (3)
96 (6)
192 (3)

…and halving from 3 in reverse direction :

(6) 6
(3) 3
(6) 1.5
(3) 0.75
(6) 0.375
(3) 0.1875
(6) 0.09375

Again, both go on untill infinity, but they keep iterating from one to other through the 9.
Again, the 9 is very special, because it governs the iteration and also everything in between.
This iteration creates also an infinite rhythm: 396693

So whe have 3 rhythms here, going on at the same time : the doubling and halving between 1248751 forward and reverse, and the doubling and halving iteration between 396, with 9 governing the movement of all.

This figure shows the same rhythm, but here showing them in relation with their flow. Everything is governed by flow, angular momentum. This flow is a double torus vortex which is, as shown here, also apparent in the number rhythms themselves :

[Image: 6i2GE1Z.png]

These flows then, are actually all thin lines, or ‘threads’. They can be immensly long, and because of this “re-iterating” vortex flow they could go on forever (if necessary). Where do we see such threads which seem to go on forever ?

DNA. We know it forms in a spiral fashion, but the spiral flows according to patterns. These are the exact patterns that DNA builds upon, seemingly endless iterations upon iterations.
It is allmost inconceivable that a pattern this simple can get so complex when iterated again and again, but that is exactly what happens.

An example of a layout pattern for DNA structure :

+4 -2 +1 -5 +7 -8 +4 -2 +1
-3 +9 -6 +6 -9 +3 -3 +9 -6
+8 -7 +5 -1 +2 -4 +8 -7 +5
Halving (-) <——— +4 -2 +1 -5 +7 -8 +4 -2 +1
Special (0) <——— -3 +9 -6 +6 -9 +3 -3 +9 -6
Doubling (+) <———- +8 -7 +5 -1 +2 -4 +8 -7 +5
+4 -2 +1 -5 +7 -8 +4 -2 +1
-3 +9 -6 +6 -9 +3 -3 +9 -6
+8 -7 +5 -1 +2 -4 +8 -7 +5

Always grouped in a certain way. 4 and 7 always connect, so do 5 and 2, and the 1 with the 1, and the 8 with the 8 (remember the receptacles in the above rhythms !). They all have a positive (yin) value, or a negative (yang) value.

What is shown here is part of the actual skin of the apple.

If you look at each square, the cross-section follows another pattern, going on for as long as necessary to complete a full sequence of DNA.

[Image: SpH1tkT.png]

This represents the ‘life’ pulsing through the apple, and goes throughout the entire sequence :

[Image: 59vP42i.png]

This is about roughly the same thing we see when measuring our heart beat.

The middle, special 369 strand is not visible in our universe, it is the creating force in between that governs all yin and yang. Off course, energetically, it is not there (read: it is not being projected through energy in our dimension).

If you look closely, you can actually see where the third strand is supposed to run :

[Image: dneznAI.png]

Now, how much a lot may call BS, look at the way we know DNA is structured :

It has 4 different Basis : Guanine, Cytosine, Adenine or Thymine.

The 2 strands we see however form 3 times 4 combinations, or 4x4x4=64 combinations of those 4 basis between only 2 positions (respectively from position 1, and then two times from position 3 (????) ).
Off course, science has it’s ways of explaining the illogical, but the 4x4x4 coming from actual 3 positions seems (in this logically structured system !), a far more reasonable explanation.

64 is exactly the number we see in the doubling and halving rhythms:

64 upon each unit of 1.

The I-Ching for example, has 64 possible hexagrams:

[Image: AF2pu5Q.jpg]

A chess board is divided into 64 fields:

[Image: do0GfRe.jpg]

There are 64 combinations for DNA, and there are 20 amino acids formed from those 64 combinations :


We see here again the doubling sequence. The 20 amino acids are further doubled into molecules and such, untill 64 is reached again, which is another unity of 1, and doubles again from one untill 64, etc…

Hope this further solidifies the previous interpretations in this thread.

Everything is connected, from the smallest to the biggest, and all are connected through the simplest of numbers in an infinitely complex way…

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (03-04-2013 12:35 AM)

I only recently found out about the connection between 144, 432 and the speed of light.
Me and BFTF have been particularly busy finding what the connection actually is.

Various calculations kept pointing it out :

Speed of light : 299 792 458 m/s

3.33 / 11.11 = 0.2997 2997 2997 2997…


27 x 111 = 2997

9 x 333 = 2997

666 / 0.222… = 2997

9×9 = 81

81 – 14.4 = 66.6

9x9x9 = 729

729 x 4.111… = 2997

6x6x6 = 216

216 x 111 = 23976

This is the framerate standard for video.

216 + 144 = 360
2160 + 1440 = 3600

216 x 6.666… = 1440

81x81x81 = 531441

531441 / 369 = 1440.21951 21951

53144.1 / 123 = 432.065

1440 / 3.33 = 432.432 432 432…

4500 x 666 = 299 700

299.7 x (333)² = 33233433.3 -> 2 and 33+33+33 and 4+3 = 2 99 7

299.7 x (111)² = 3692603.7 -> 2 and 3+6+9 and 6+0+3 and 7 = 2 9 9 7

299.7 x 1.444 = 432.7668

299.7 x 432 = 693.75

299.7 x 33.3666… = 9999.989 999…

299.792458 (true speed of light) x 12 = 3597.509496 (=very close to a full circle and a full hour in seconds)

299.792458 x 12.008307427133473784720761721097 = 3600

We kept seeing 144, 432, 369, 360 and 299.7, but couldn’t understand the connection really…

I think I accidentally stumbled upon the connection :

A guy named Bruce Cathie figured it all out :…athie-grid

Quote:Light travels in a circular, three-dimensional wave, a wave that spirals to a certain height and a certain depth. You could graph this in two dimensions as a regular “sine wave,” with a horizontal line for its midsection.

[Image: xSbQNRc.png]

Quote: The wave spirals out to maximum height and “lowers” to the median again as it reaches the sphere’s equator, forming the first hemisphere. Then, the second hemisphere is formed the same way, as the wave “lowers” to its lowest point and again rises to the median. See the diagram for support in visualizing this.

The numbers at the bottom represent the harmonics that Cathie discovered as being associated with this movement.

-> 4116361
See one of my previous calc’s (729 x 4.111… = 2997 = speed of light)

It explains 411, and my continuus babbling about 3’s and 6’s. Seeing now for the first time this confirmation about the importance of those numbers is refreshing.

Now for the most interesting part of the article :

The HARMONIC speed of light

Quote: We have now determined that Cathie set up a basis for measuring time using a system of “grid seconds,” where the normal 86,400 seconds in a day based on a harmonic of 8 are expanded into 97,200 seconds, based on a harmonic of 9.

In so doing, one day of Earth’s rotation was split up into 27, or 9 x 3 “grid hours.” The number of “grid seconds” per day comes out to be the extremely harmonic number of 97,200. This is how Cathie achieved the first step towards putting the Speed of Light in grid terms; getting a time measurement based on grid seconds.

The Speed of Light as we now express it is measured in miles per second. We have already seen how Cathie converted the value of a second into its harmonic ideal, the Grid Second. We now also need to convert our regular system of miles into a grid-based measuring system.

As we remember from the discussion of the work of Aime Michel and the UFO tracklines that were symmetrically spaced apart from each other, Cathie used the system of “nautical miles” to determine where the “grid lines” were placed.

We also know that one nautical mile is equal to one minute of arc on the Earth’s surface, and that there is a “grid line” every 30 minutes. So, what we need to do is change the miles in the speed of light equation into nautical miles, or minutes of arc, as the two are interchangeable.

Therefore, the “grid speed” of Light would be expressed as (x) minutes of arc per grid second.

The incontrovertible truth of Cathie’s findings is that the “Grid Speed of Light” is EXACTLY 144,000 minutes of arc per grid second in free space.

Quote: As we look into this even further, we can see that the fundamental, harmonic [u]value of 144,000 for the speed of light is precisely the same as the fundamental harmonic values for many different things[/u], including:

– the Mayan Calendar’s baktun, at 144,000 Earth days;

– the Bible number of the 144,000 souls who will Ascend;

– the fundamental “building block” of all sound vibration frequencies, 144;

– the fundamental Gematrian “frequency number” for light, 144;

Meaning of 144 in gematria = LIGHT

144 really is light. I’ve babbled about 144 being ONE conciousness a lot. This is the connection: one conciousness, which is 144, is light.

Quote:There are 86,400 seconds in the Sun’s 360-degree arc, representing one day of time. So, to get the amount of relative movement between one second in the 360-degree clock face and one second in the Sun’s apparent 360-degree movement, we divide 86,400 by the number of seconds in one 360-degree circle, or one minute, which is 60 seconds.

The ratio that we are left with is 1440, which represents our current perception of time:

in other words, one second of our time is 1440 times faster in its movement through its arc than the movement of the Sun through the arc it traces in our sky.

This is the first time I truly understand WHY 144, 432 and the 360 cycle are connected…
369 pops up everywhere, and in numeric reduction, or paritising of numbers, the 9 is ALWAYS dicardable, or equal to 0. So 369 really is 360.

Quote:One of Cathie’s most impressive “harmonic” renderings of the Earth as a CU is the distance from the center of the earth to the average height of the atmosphere. This value is given as 4320 arc-minutes, which reduces down to 432, the number of “Consecration” and the fundamental vibration for the sixth node in the octave.

So, it would appear that the arc-minutes are indeed vital in demonstrating the Earth’s harmonic proportions. Now that we have solved for the speed of Light in harmonic time and arc-minutes, we can see why; it comes out to an exact harmonic of 144.

Tesla once said : “If you only knew the magnificence of 3 6 and 9, you would know the key to the universe”.

What if he meant the sound ? the vibrations ?

Because, when you take the Solfeggio frequencies :

01 = 174 Hz
02 = 285 Hz
Ut = 396 Hz
Re = 417 Hz
Mi = 528 Hz
Fa = 639 Hz
Sol = 741 Hz
La = 852 Hz
09 = 963 Hz

You can see the symmetric position of 3 6 and 9.
Also, there are 111Hz between every frequency.

Also, when going one step further DOWN in frequency, we have 63 (174-111=63).

The last frequency, 963, when adding 111, goes back to the lowest, 174 (963+111= 10 + 7 + 4)

But there is more to this :

If we reduce the numbers :


This also correlates perfectly with what I’ve shown before :

[Image: PmgTC1n.png][Image: GHiwBf7.png]

They are the patterns formed by sequences 124857 and 369, and 142857 and 369.
Notice how the used digits are the same as in the Solfeggio frequencies.
Combined :

[Image: ez12xko.png]

These sequences must be representing the frequencies, and the patterns are formed by the frequencies.

Now, we know sound, vibration, is pressure waves pressing DOWN in a certain frequency.

I’m beginning to see that gravity is sound. It is the downward pressure of vibration. But at the large scale of things, like the solar system, that for instance produces very long wavelengts, very low sounds well below the middle C-note. We cannot hear or feel such low vibrations, but they create the gentle but continuus pressure, and that pressure causes clumping together of certain patterns of energy, and at those very low frequencies sollidifies into matter. I think it’s how the formation and structure of planets arrises.

David Icke once mentioned this aswel I believe, but I can’t find the reference.

Matter is hold together by gravity, and as we can see in vids like this :

…matter is also hold together in patterns, by sound vibrating at certain frequencies.

I can only conclude the logical conclusion, that gravity is the pressure wave caused by vibration, holding matter together.

However, I can’t provide a more detailed explanation yet. Just pointing out the correlations.

Another peculiar thing :

[Image: LfbFuRM.jpg][Image: 23szn69.gif]

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (03-05-2013 09:29 PM)

Some more things I found regarding these numbers which are just very interesting :

The inner core of the earth measures 1440 miles in diameter.

But apparently there is also a core within the inner core, measuring 360 miles in diameter.

Quote:Engulfed in the inner core, like a pit in a peach, lies a 360-mile-wide inner inner core.

They found an obvious change in anisotropy, or wave speed with direction, in an area 360 miles in diameter surrounding the very bottom of the world.

This core within a core within a core makes up one 10,000th of the Earth’s volume.

In the innermost inner core waves travel most slowly at a 45 degree angle to Earth’s axis, as opposed to an east-west direction in the rest of the inner core

The solid iron sphere sits in the path of jets and currents roiling the outer core fluids like a big rock in a flowing stream. These patterns of flow might have been altered after the inner core reached a diameter of 360 miles.

So basically we have a core of 360, and around that a core of 1440 miles. The composition of the inner inner core changes at 360 miles. The normal inner core then, changes at 1440 miles.

If we look a bit closer at this, we see, once again, the same correlation between the 360 degrees in a full circle and the natural harmonics ratio of 144 and 432 :

360 x 4 = 1440
1440 / 432 = 3.33

As pointed out before, the frequency defines the pattern, and the correlation between this and the ratio’s of the natural frequencies are apparent:

Solfeggio ratio’s show us :
174Hz (3)
258Hz (6)
396Hz (9)
417Hz (3)
528Hz (6)
639Hz (9)
750Hz (3)
861Hz (6)
972Hz (9)

…with 111Hz between each, and they are a series of 369.
528Hz (the 5th frequency) is considered the divine frequency and has the surprising ability to heal DNA :…ncies.html

528Hz corresponds to the middle “C” note.

If we spread 432Hz with the same ratio :

987-111=876 (3)
876-111=765 (9)
765-111=654 (6)
654-111=543 (3)
543-111=432 (9)
432-111=321 (6)
321-111=210 (3)
210-111=099 (9)

Same series of 369, and 432Hz is the 5th frequency in the scale, as we would have expected. However the natural spread is not like this, that is why the Solfeggio scale is called a “pseudo-science”.

If we take a look at the way the frequencies are correctly spread in nature :

[Image: nU8gFiz.png]
[Image: BZLhXA2.png]

108,216,432,864 (= 9,9,9,9)

Simply look at the symmetry, and look at the 3′, 6’s and 9’s.
Same symmetry is portrayed in the patterns we see formed from those, and the numbers coded within the patterns…

108Hz = 9 x 12 = (3×3) x (3+3+3+3)
216Hz = 18 x 12 = 6x6x6 = 6³ = [(3×3)+(3×3)] x (3+3+3+3)
432Hz = 216 x 2 = (9+9+9+9) x (3+3+3+3) = [(3×3)+(3×3)+(3×3)+(3×3)] x (3+3+3+3)
864Hz = 432 x 2 = (3x3x3)+(3x3x3)+(3×3)+(3×3) x (3+3+3+3)

These are all A-notes, spread in perfect symmetry.
108 = divine source, the christed conciousness.
432 = a symmetrically shifted vibration of the divine source.

144Hz = 12 x 12 = (3+3+3+3) x (3+3+3+3)
288Hz = 24 x 12 = [(3+3+3+3) x (3+3+3+3)] + [(3+3+3+3) x (3+3+3+3)]
576Hz = 48 x 12 = [(3+3+3+3)x(3+3+3+3)]+[(3+3+3+3)x(3+3+3+3)]+[(3+3+3+3)x(3+3+3+3)]+[(3+3+3+3)x(3+3+3+3)]

These are D-notes, again perfect symmetry.

The other notes all convey the same similarity, all compressed 3’s, 6’s and 9’s.

Quote:Also, the diameter of Jupiter is 144,000 miles.

The Great pyramide of Gizah was originally encased with 144,000 cover stones.

Our Sun travels around the centre of the galaxy at a speed of 800,000 km per hour. One cycle takes about 1440 years (1400 and a bit).

Our galaxy travels around the central point of the local group at 144,000 km per hour.

The local group sears through the universe at 1,332,000 km per hour.

144,000 = 12 x 12 x 1,000
800,000 = 6.66.. x 12 x 10,000
1,332,000 = 111 x 12 x 1,000

144,000 = also 432 x 333.333…

(9)^9 = 387,420,489



We will go on to another part of the subject, showing some other peculiarities and strange correlations between 432, 111, fibonacci numbers and the Mayan counting system and how even their own method of counting has some hidden similarities with all of the above mentioned.

First notice :

432 x 60 = 144 x 180 = 25,920 years = The Great Year.


As opposed to our 10 base counting system, the Mayans counted with 5 different bases, and counted from right to left. It was written down from right to left as 5 coordinates.

The system comprises of five wheels operating within each other. The inner smallest wheel (the number to the right) was from 1-20, the one to the left of that from 1-17, the next from 1-19, then from 1-19 and the last outer wheel from 1-12.

The first coordinate to the right was a multiple of 1, second multiple of 20, then 360, then 7200, and finally the outer wheel, the biggest cycle, a multiple of 144,000.


11 x 144,000 = 1,584,000
5 x 7,200 = 36,000
17 x 360 = 6,120
4 x 20 = 80
8 x 1 = 8
————————– +
1,626,208 days

/365 = 4,455.36438 years

Now here are some peculiarities when counting like this, and then looking at the corresponding numbers converted into our year-count. Remember, in themselves the numeric patterns don’t mean much, but look at the big picture, and notice AGAIN that they emerge always in correlation with fixed numbers, dates, frequencies, celestial patterns, etc…here once more, this time in the counting system of the mayan calendar.

Remember, right to left…

11 x 360 = 3,960
11 x 20 = 220
11 x 1 = 11
—————– +
4,191 days

/365 = 11.482191 78082191… years.

11 x 144,000 = 1,584,000
11 x 7,200 = 79,200
11 x 360 = 3,960
11 x 20 = 220
11 x 1 = 11
————————- +
1,667,391 days

A few peculiar things about this date :

1,667,391 / 11 = 151,581
151,581 / 9 = 16842.333 333 333…

1,667,391 / 9 = 185,265.666 666 666…
1,667,391 / 99 = 1669.0600 600 600…

1,667,391 = 114 (6+6+7=1; 3+9+1=4)

1,667,391 – 151,581 = 1,515,810 = 1 11 9

1,667,391 + 151,581 = 1,818,972 = 9999

I don’t know what the hell it means, but this is beyond coincidence…it’s all way beyond chance imo…

6 x 360 = 2,160
6 x 20 = 120
6 x 1 = 6
—————- +
2,286 days

/365 = 6.26301369 86301369…

9 x 144,000 = 1,296,000
9 x 7,200 = 64,800
9 x 360 = 3,240
9 x 20 = 180
9 x 1 = 9
———————— +
1,364,229 days

/365 = 3737.61369 86301369 (= The 13th bak’tun) -> 12/21/12 allignment !

13 x 144,000 = 1,872,000 (1+8+7+2 = 9)

/365 = 5125.36 years (5+1+2+5.3+6 = 13.9 -> ?)

-> ? = 13 / 9 = 1.444 444 444…Jhikpghf

5125.36 x 13 = 66,629.68 (6+6+6+2+9.6+8 = 11.14)

If we now look at the first 12 fibonacci numbers :


This is a rotating spiral, circling within a perfect square : 12×12 = 144

1x1x2x3x5x8x13x21x34x55x89x144 = 1,570,247,078,400

1,570,247,078,400 / 299,792,458 (speed of light) = 5237.78

5237.78 years – 5125.36 years = 112.42 years = 111 + 1.11 + 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.01

Very bizar…

More correlations with 360 and 144,000 :

360 x 400 = 144,000

400 / 3 = 133.333 333…
400 / 6 = 66.666 666…
400 / 9 = 44.444 444…

-> 133.333+66.666+44.444 = 144.444…

400 x 1.11 = 444 (=3)
400 x 2.22 = 888 (=6)
400 x 3.33 = 1332 (=9)

-> Sum is 2664

400 x 4.44 = 1776 (=3)
400 x 5.55 = 2220 (=6)
400 x 6.66 = 2664 (=9)

-> Sum is 6660. There are also 3 sixes in these results…

400 x 7.77 = 3108 (=3)
400 x 8.88 = 3552 (=6) (3108+3552=6660)
400 x 9.99 = 3996 (=9)

-> Sum is 10656 (1+5=6)

There is one more oddity that I’d like to show you guys :

Quote:144,000 / 111 = 1297.297 297…

-> 144+297 = 441

Quote:144,000 / 222 = 648.648 648…

-> 648-144 = 504
-> 1440-504 = 936

Quote:144, 000 / 333 = 432.432 432…

-> 432-144 = 288 = 144×2

Quote:144,000 / 444 = 324.324 324…

-> 324-144 = 180

Quote:144,000 / 555 = 259.459 459

-> 1440 – 459 = 981 = 81 x 12.111 111…
-> 1440 – 59 = 1381 = 111 x 12.441 441…

Quote:144,000 / 666 = 216.216 216…

-> 216+144 = 360

Quote:144,000 / 777 = 185.328 185 328 185…

-> 185-144 = 41
-> 1440/185 = 7.783 783… (Shoemann…)
-> 185/111 = 1.666 666…

Quote:144,000 / 888 = 162.162 162…

-> 162-144 = 18

Quote:144,000 / 999 = 144.144 144…

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (03-07-2013 12:34 AM)

More fibonacci weirdness…

I found the same sequence of 3 6 9 in the fibonacci sequence.

The first 25 fibonacci numbers :

In fibonacci, every next number is the sum of the two previous ones…

Appart from that, no obvious correlations…or are there ?

Multiply every two following numbers, and keep reducing them. So multiply 1st with 2nd, 2nd with 3rd, 3rd with 4th, etc… :

[Image: RyAHCkV.png]

We see again the same thing we have been seeing all over the place, this must be the hundredth time over I stumble upon the same sequence : 124578 and 369. Always hidden in the numbers.

But, as usual, there is more :

From these results, add them upp two by two :

[Image: Yo3swol.png]

Add them up again and we see something strange again :

3+3 = 6
9+6 = 6
6+9 = 6

Now looking back at the first sequence :

[Image: tgSjxvQ.png]

Considering the 45 being at the centre of the spiral (fibonacci nubers produce a spiral), we can see once more the digits pair up as they spiral outward : 4+5, 6+3, 7+2, 8+1, and then just the 9 without a suitable ‘pair’ (9 pairs with itself before collapsing), which is when the full circle is reached, and is the end of the first rotation of the spiral. 3 and 6 always sit closest outside the centre of the spiral.

[Image: G6AIDRY.png]

You need to look at it like this : Everything expands and contracts from the centre like a sine wave, but in 3D (+time as a projection in the 4th to make progression of the spiral possible through 3D). 4 and 5 are where the centre bond is strongest. 4 and 5 are also the digit-pair closest to each other. The 3 and 6 form the first boundary beyond it. The pairs further from the centre have expanded further, resulting in a larger wave length, but weaker bond to the centre. As you go outward, you can also see the digit pairs becoming further from each other (6<->3, 7<->2, 8<->1, 9<-> ?)

I placed a “?” with the 9, because this point is significant. At the outer edge, where the 9 is, is where the spiral reaches a full circle (full 360 degree rotation), but it is also where the bond to the centre becomes so weak that the wave collapses back unto the centre by rolling over. The “?” is to point out that, as opposed to all other digits, the 9 has NOTHING to bond with (0 doesn’t exist as a digit, only as a marker of transition/normalization). So it bonds with itself (9<->9), and then collapses. 5 has 4 as digit-pair, 6 has 3, 7 has 2 and 8 has 1. As the wave expands, the bond to the centre becomes weaker and the digits grow further apart, until the 9 is reached, and there is nothing more to bond to. So the bond with the centre becomes ‘nill’ and the wave collapses back onto the centre point, and this process starts again.
The result of this is indeed the ‘double torus’ that drives all energy from ‘within’.

[Image: 2Wv7EGT.png]

The spiral then goes on to the second rotation, and the exact same pattern is repeated but with more complexity (higher numbers, but same root digits). At the same time, the underlying pattern becomes less obvious, but it’s still there. Where ever you look, you see the same thing in the numbers. Same design, same patterns. Combinations of 124578 and 369.
124578 can be seen as the visible energy (normal matter and energy), 369 as the ‘hidden’ part (anti-matter and anti-‘energy?’). 369 seems to be the driving force and the ‘glue’ that both drives and maintains the spiral, but is hidden from normal view.

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (03-09-2013 04:43 AM)

Another strange one :

Golden numbers are 1,1,2,3,5,8,….

The ratio between them is PHI : 1.61803399

When you do this :

1.61803399 / 1.12358 = 1.4400…

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (03-09-2013 04:50 AM)

The 142857 sequence Oddities :

142857×1 = 142857
142857×2 = 285714
142857×3 = 428571
142857×4 = 571428
142857×5 = 714285
142857×6 = 857142
142857×7 = 999999

Vertical and Horizontal result, same digits and same pattern.
x7 = 999999

142+857 = 999

Sqrt(142857) = 20408122449
20408+122449 = 142857

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (03-10-2013 02:01 AM)

(1.61803399)pwr144 = 1242282148003351441363799150992.3

(1.61803399)pwr11.2358 = 222.91

222.91 x 1.61803399 = 360.6759…

1.61803399)pwr11.17144 = 216.11896923954189097299909936372

216 + 144 = 360

(1.12358)pwr11 = 3.60283…

1.12358 x 99 = 111.2344

1.61803399 / 1.114 = 1.414365…

1.61803399 / 0.144024 = 11,234474740321057601510859301228

1.61803399 x 111.2344… = 179.98… (half a circle)

Quote:The Maya knew the exact length of the solar year (365.24 days) but retained 360 as the tun, a time period
embedded into the Long Count Calendar.

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (03-10-2013 07:51 PM)

3.14 isn’t exactly ‘the’ square root of 186,000. It is more like dividing by the 10th power of 3. But still, it is beyond coincidence.

186,000 / (3)pwr10 = 3.1499…

There are even more correlations when dividing 186000 by 3’s, like you described :

186,000 / (3)pwr2 = 20,666.666…

186,000 / (3)pwr3 = 6888.888… (like you mentioned)

186,000 / (3)pwr5 = 765.432…

186,000 / (3)pwr6 = 255.144…

186,000 / (3)pwr10 = 3.1499…

If we take the speed of light in km/sec, rounded to 300,000 :

So 300,000km/sec + 144,000 = 444,000

444,000 / 1414 = 3.14…

666 / 212 = 3.1415…

Some more brain candy :

If you look at dimensions simply from a spacial perspective, you also get cool things :

If we take a 3D 6-sided cube :

[Image: xYc4rZB.png]

It is 1 cube, 6 sides : 1 and 6

If we draw this cube out into 4D, we have to consider that each side of the cube is extrapolated into another cube, which would give us this :

[Image: V7n0aXO.png]

It is 7 cubes (1+6). This shape is 30-sided (5×6).

But if we then extrapolate this shape further into 5D, we have to exptrapolate each side again. By extrapolating 6 sides again, we get this :

[Image: fxSMzOh.png]

But the 4D shape, however, does not have 6 sides…it has 30 (5×6), so we have to extrapolate every 30 sides with the 4D shape :

[Image: fcGlDPJ.png]

This pic is not complete, I kinda lost track. Simply mental…

The full picture is 217 cubes (7×30 + the 7 cubes allready in the middle). It is 120-sided (30×4).

If we would extrapolate that further into 6D, we get another eary conclusion :

26257 cubes,…and 360 sides !

The relationship would be as follows :

cubes -> 1

sides -> 6

cubes -> 1×6 +1 = 7

sides -> 6 x 5 = 30

cubes -> 7 x 30 + 7 = 217

sides -> 30 x 4 = 120

cubes -> 217 x 120 + 217 = 26040

sides -> 120 x 3 = 360

(important thing also : 26040 / 360 = 72.333… -> one degree of arc)[/b]

In even more simple words :
Take the amount of cubes X the amount of sides + the amount of cubes (the one(s) allready in the middle), and you have the volume of cubes in the next dimension up.

for surface, the sides go by a multiplication of 5->4->3 as you go up…

A more visual way to see the correlations :

[Image: sWIdji7.png]

To get from 3D to 6D, for surface area, you need to do 3 extrapolations of 6 (=666 doomed)

Not really sure however to which extend it would add up in real time though…a skillfull algebra freak however could work out the correct formula, because the correlation is clearly identical throughout…
But weirdly enough, while you cannot create a mandelbrot fractal by ‘inputting’ pi into the equasion, pi can always be deduced from the number of iterations resulting from redefining X into a smaller value (1, 0.1, 0.01,…). The number of iterations (n) will show you ever increasing approximations of pi :

[Image: HAqWOCy.png][Image: GNYTMrx.png]

Also notice that both pi and the speed of light are approximations to a number, but cannot be reached in reality :

PI is an irrational number, and no matter how many decimals you define, you can never define the exact number. You can never reach the exact approximation. It tries to define a circle, or better yet, in 3D, a sphere, but a perfect sphere can never be reached. If you zoom in enough into the smaller parts of the circle, or the sphere, you would see that they are actually nothing but a bunch of straight lines. When zooming out, they form the curve.

The speed of light is a speed which is allmost 300,000,000 m/s, but not quite. It is 299,792,458 m/s. Weirdly enough, the actual speed of light can never be reached, because the mass of an object will become infinite while getting ever closer to the actual speed. You approximate the speed of light to 99.9 or 99.999999999…% but you can never reach 100%, because of the exponential increase in mass.

Light expands in all directions at once. In 3D, it expands in a sphere. But knowing pi, we know that a perfect sphere can never be reached. I think that is exactly why the speed of light is also an approximation, and the exact speed can never be reached. I think even phontons, allthough thought to be massless, can never reach the true speed of light, but they approximate indefinitely.

Pi  Wrote: (04-15-2013 02:17 AM)

You got how the dimensions work wrong.

Watch this and it will open up your theory even further.

This information gives rise to what most don’t see and tries into known quantum effects.
What we perceive as a total reality is just a fraction if infinite possibilities piled on top of each other.

Don’t get hung up on the numbers, you mind already interprets reality and all those mega long calculations and waveforms perfectly. The mind is ten dimensional.

Once you hit 5d the the law of association is no longer valid as you go up the dimensions the rules of mathematics all start to fail. At higher dimensions you cannot exclude any number than is not Zero also being Zero simultaneously. Using simple mathematic you will never be able to make Higher dimensional computations…but you don’t need to as your mind already does this as a part of it’s nature and existence.

Most of this kind of mathematics has put people on the lonney bin Godel for one. Trying to compare One infinity with another of different size has been seen to be necessary for mathematic but no-one has cracked it. Ask yourself why they need to be able to do that function……only a short jump form there to classified Military projects involving levitating objects.

I like Marco Rodin but he is only demonstrating Russel cubic waveforms in transition as the form of all Matter, Walter Russel had already thought of that.
Brucie Cathie at least understands the ancient mathematics of adding, subtracting and Multiplying waves but the Egyptians were doing that thousands of years ago using geometry and vectors.

Unless Marco makes some devices that do what J.Hutchinson can do and show the practical applications of his mathematic/philosophy then he will never be taken seriously by mainstream science.

Actually dimensions are not arrising from the numbers at all. The posts above try to show PATTERNS and SYMMETRY in the numbers and how they RELATE to dimensions, and what can be done using numbers…But when trying to show how dimensions themselves work, you have to look somewhere else. They arrise from sound. Study the chromatic scale and musical harmonics, number parity and it’s hidden symmetries, then study the works of haramein and Johan Oldenkamp, and then the work of melchizedek…then come back and we’ll discuss it…Cheer

Cathie mentions vibrational sine waves, but she actually doesn’t even incorporate more then 2 dimensions, cause then she would have represented them as vorteces…so she’s right regarding the number patterns, but her theory can’t even apply to explain multiple dimensions…

btw, forget the 5th, because you’ll have to learn how to move into and through the 4th first. If you allready did, you wouldn’t be here…

Wanna see something cool ?

My family was involved in the occult stuff, unknown to me until recently, after I had a remission from brain cancer.


I have this series of photos taken of me in a church, during a lunar eclipse 3 days after my birth, you can see the full moon through the oculus in the church roof.

[Image: MiovbuQ.jpg]

No coincidence that the radius of the moon is 1080 miles, and my full name = 1080

The moon is 27% the size of the Earth

Dividing 72 by 27 gives you the same number you get by dividing 144,000 by 540 ( The real number of the beast )

266.6666666666667 ( Only the decimal place changes )

My last name = 540

My middle name, ” Isaac ” meaning ” he will laugh ”

Isaac = 33

1080/33 = 32.272727272727273

Of course, the harmonic series itself is in my name as well

1080 = 1
540 = 1/2
Last name ( 3rd of name ) = 1/3

1, 1/2, 1/3

What was in the beginning ?

The word

Words are spoken with overtones

represented by

[Image: YfeRi7Y.jpg]

How did they pull that off ?

doomed anybody ?
Don’t ask me how I came up with these numbers…LOL

Area of Circle 186,282
487.012 = Diameter of Circle

487 Ht of Pyramid x PI = 1530
1530/2 = 765
765 x 4 = 3060
3060 Sum Sphere Math = 77.7
77.7 x 78.7 = 3058
Pretty darn close….don’t know if it’s relevant or not.
Seemed cool though.
777 = Light
Cotton Balls….your 1080 is the Base Diagonal number
I showed it as 540 x 2

[Image: WrBeCH1.jpg]
Want to know something you probably didn’t know ?
You have the secret of 369 embedded in you :

1080 = 1
540 = 1/2
Last name ( 3rd of name ) = 1/3

1080+540+360=1980 = 18 = 9

—– +




266.66×9.9= 2639.934 -> carry the 2 -> 639.936

33.333-2.666= 30.666…
33.333+2.666= 35.999…

30.666…+35.999…= 66.666…

266.666 + 99 = 365.666 (1 year + 666)

266.666 / 99 = 2,69359…

144/33 = 4.36

540/33 = 16.363636… (and 16 = 4×4)

1080/33 = 32.727272…(and 32 = (4×4)+(4×4) ; 72 = 36+36 )
->do you see the symmetry hidden there ?

In case anyone is interested.
Here are the Corresponding Sound Notes
B 4 = 487
G 5 = 765 Sound is 768
G 6 = 1530
G 7 = 3060
Sphere Sum 3060 = 77.7

G 5 = 777

A little story in those there numbers….LOL.

[quote=’CyberCyrus’ pid=’5323364′ dateline=’1362446597′]
Tesla once said : “If you only knew the magnificence of 3 6 and 9, you would know the key to the universe”.

What if he meant the sound ? the vibrations ?

Because, when you take the Solfeggio frequencies :

01 = 174 Hz
02 = 285 Hz
Ut = 396 Hz
Re = 417 Hz
Mi = 528 Hz
Fa = 639 Hz
Sol = 741 Hz
La = 852 Hz
09 = 963 Hz

You can see the symmetric position of 3 6 and 9.
Also, there are 111Hz between every frequency.

Also, when going one step further DOWN in frequency, we have 63 (174-111=63).

The last frequency, 963, when adding 111, goes back to the lowest, 174 (963+111= 10 + 7 + 4)

But there is more to this :

If we reduce the numbers :


This also correlates perfectly with what I’ve shown before :

[Image: PmgTC1n.png][Image: GHiwBf7.png]

They are the patterns formed by sequences 124857 and 369, and 142857 and 369.
Notice how the used digits are the same as in the Solfeggio frequencies.

1980 = 9
1/9 = 0.111…

sqrt(1980) = 44.4971… (representing 444->movement into higher reality)

my first name = 17
last name = 1246112 = 71 or 17

17/71=0.2394366…->carry the two= 0.396366

5+28=33 = 6
33×17=561 = 3
33×144 = 4752 = 9

Here ya Go Cyber Cyrus
I made this chart a while back
It’s The Sphere Sum Values
I almost never do any Math with cross referencing this to see if any of the numbers are significant.
There is so, so much to see in this.
Dates, Atomic weights, Frequencies, Units of Measurement, etc.
My Holy Grail to Numbers…LOL
[Image: m3Zedqy.jpg]

a little more on 72 and 27

The 72 disciples sent by Jesus. (Lk 10,1)

The 70 ancients accompanying Moses that received an outpouring of the spirit, plus the 2 absent ones which had remained in the camp, Eldad and Medad. (Nb 11,25-26)

The 72 races resulting from Noah. They are enumerated in chapter 10 of the Genesis. There are fifteen descendants by Japhet, thirty by Cham, twenty-seven by Sem. The list is arbitrary since the descendants of Peleg are not taken into account, and that the fathers are counted at the same time that their sons.

The 72 languages confused to the Tower of Babel.

In the Gospel according to Philip and in the Gospel of the childhood of Jesus, it is written that one day, while he was youth, Jesus entered in the dyeing of Levi. He took 72 colors and threw them in the cauldron. Then Levi was in anger, but Jesus “take out them all white and tells: ‘It is thus indeed that the Son of the Man is come as dyer'”.

Osiris was enclosed in a coffin by 72 disciples and accomplices of Thyphon.

The life duration of the ovule is 72 hours.

The mass of the Moon is the 72th of that the Earth.

The volume of Saturn is 72 times of that the Earth.

It is the average number of cardiac pulsations of the man per minute.

Percentage of water of which the human body is composed.

The number 72 is used 4 times in the Bible.

In the Bible, 72 numbers written in their cardinal form are multiple of twelve.

The word curse is used 72 times in the Bible: 66 times in the OT and 6 times in the NT

66+6 = 72

The above( and more ) from the website ” riding the beast ‘

and for 27

Number of generations from David to the Christ according to the Gospel of Matthew. (Mt 1,1-17)

The New Testament of the Bible of Jerusalem contains 27 books.

The 27th (3x3x3) book of the Protestant Bible edition contains 3x3x3x30 verses. The 3rd book contains 3x3x3 chapters and 3x3x3x3x3x3+130 verses. The 3 first books of the Bible have 3x3x13 chapters.

The last book of the New Testament, is the 27th, the feast of the John the Revelator is celebrated on December 27.

The number 27 is used 6 times in the Bible.

The book of the Acts of the Apostles in the NT uses on the whole 27 different numbers, which are numbers 1 to 12, 14, 15, 20, 40, 70, 75, 120, 200, 276, 400, 450, 3000, 4000, 5000 and 50000.

The number 500 is used 27 times in the Bible.

Among the 365 different numbers found in the Bible, 27 of them are prime numbers, counting the number one.

The above also from ” riding the beast ”


Just tossing it out for thought, there’s definitely some stories to the numbers.

I know offhand that 1080 ( number of the holy spirit derived by dividing 144,000 by 666 ), also radius of the moon in miles, aprox ) is a product of 27*40, and accordingly, the number 40 is used in the bible quite a few times.

see following

So, 15 times, the number 40 is used in the bible

lo and behold:

1080/72 = 15
1080/27 = 40

40/15 = 2.666666666666667 <–that’s a familiar number

Guess I’ll have to compile a list of the numbers and frequencies the numbers are used in the bible and play around with them for a few days

wisdom, 222 times
Elohim , 33 times
number 7, 137 times

etc, etc, etc

well have to look for series, infinite series, divergent series, etc.

Those are where physics constants will probably start to show up, I’m guessing.

The atomic number of the highest allowed element on the periodic table allowed by the Bohr Model and the Dirac equation….

…is 137 doomed the Golden Angle


Read More – [SOURCE : ]



They’re all pyramids! – Insights Into Gematria & Sacred Mathematics

They’re all pyramids

Original Post:

Some mind expansion for the pyramid lovers out there…

These structures are of a single global race, or even a single mind, and most are much older then the lies they always ‘make’ believe…

Semir connects them all, no matter where on the globe, and explains the hidden connections… Heartflowers

Back From The Future  Wrote: (04-14-2013 07:21 PM)

Cotton Balls  Wrote: (04-14-2013 07:00 PM)

And 144,000/432 = ?

That should be related to our calendar year vs Speed of Light.
Points to a date of 12,000 BC
Again Time is involved… a frequency of 432 was a good catch on your part.

I find it simply amazing that they knew so much about the Physics of Time, Light, Sound, Gravity, Electrostatic Energy, Spherical Inverse Propagation, etc..

Just mind melting…..therefore I put nothing past them as far as how advanced they could have been.
Time Travel Bio-Location portals included.

And to think, the entire World knew of this at one time…wow.

Let’s expand on it a bit

144,000/432 = 333.3333333333333

144 = F_12 ( The 12th number in the Fibonacci series )

This is interesting for several reasons

The 33rd prime in pi is 137

144-137 = 7

How many times is the number 7 used in the Book of Revelation ?

137 times.

137 is a number representing the Alpha Constant, among other things..

The Alpha Constant is a combination of : e – electron charge, h – Planck constant, c – speed of light.

e ” = ~ 2.71828….

What’s the first self-locating string in pi ?




32+79 = 111

111 = the constant in the Babylonian magic square with a total of 666

First 144 digits in pi = 666

144-33 = 111

etc, etc, ad infinitum

Like you, I have noticed some strange things chuckle


Here’s Gizah, top-down :

[Image: djF4Xll.jpg]

I drew two lines to show the angle like the three stars of Orion.
So from first to second is a straight line, then from second to third, there’s an angle.

[Image: UsnuY4d.jpg]

I’ve considered only two things :

1. the length from the tip of the 1st to the tip of the 2nd pyramid is 36mm from this height. The length from 2nd to 3rd is also 36mm. So the distance in between all three tips is the same.

2. The angle (from 2nd to 3rd) is 12°.

By doing this, I noticed something :

If you continue this trend, by going on to a 4th point following the same length and angle of 12°, and keep doing that over and over, you will end up with a full circle.

[Image: QPBvl3e.jpg][Image: WPm4aCX.jpg]

Moreover, with an angle of 12°, layed out exactly ! 30x over a length of 36mm from point to point, you get back to the same point, the tip of the 1st pyramid, with a full 360° circle made…

Notice that this isn’t the golden mean. It’s a relationship of PI. (The PHI spiral is supposed to originate somewhere near to Abu Gorab and Abusir, and crosses the 3 main pyramids and the red pyramid at Dahshur…)

I didn’t even bother with the underlying math right now, cause it’s obvious it’s a relationship of pi, and I wanted to show you this. Also, I’m having trouble getting a bigger image to extend it fully round.

Don’t know if this is what the builders also intended, but still, quite a nice property hidden in the structure, no ? Don’t think this has been discussed b4, and maybe deserves some deeper study ? ….


Another interesting bit, and I’m not trying to steer this into a religious discussion.

[Image: 4cNLQ7y.jpg]

[Image: gW7XzjD.jpg]

[Image: BICce64.jpg]

137 atoms in both Hemoglobin (carries O2 in Human blood ) and chlorophyll ( a molecule that captures light and extracts energy in reaction centers with and just happens to be shaped like a 5-pointed star, iow, a pentagram ) So, kinda neat that turning light into charge separation by way of something called ” Förster resonance energy transfer ” happens in little pentagram-shaped molecules.

They also differ by one ion ( hemoglobin/chlorophyll ) afaik.


I’ll just add this because it is a curiosity that seems related.

In the Babylonian magic square, each row adds up to 111, the whole square totals 666.

In the magic square associated with the moon, the constant is 369( Tesla’s favorite numbers, remember ? )

[Image: 4QCNve9.jpg]

9 rows that add up to 369

369*9 = 3321

33*21 = 693 ( The same 3 numbers used in the constant of the magic square )

The interesting thing here is that Thoth supposedly gambled with the moon to add 5 days to our year, by taking 1/72 of the light from each day, to make our year 365 days.

360*72 = 5

[Image: kVBccZ7.jpg]

The same way we make a pentacle/polygon inside a circle.

1080, the approximation of equatorial radius of the moon in miles.

666, the sum of the Babylonian magic square, also sum of the first 144 digits in pi.

1080/666 = ~ Phi ( The Golden Proportion )

Of course, those numbers are in the infamous Bible too,lol.

Where light is turned into charge separation in chlorophyll molecules:

Reaction center

[Image: lSDB2p4.png]

Hope you don’t mind Cyber Cyrus,
I’ll tackle the Mars question.
From what I understand Cairo means Mars.
So no the face is not an illusion, nor is the Larger Face of the Lion next to it either.
Both are in the same area.
The whole area looks like a battle zone…like something catastrophic happened there.

And if you overlay Orion with it, you get this (it’s not measured out, but it is proportionate, so forgive the slight inaccuracies. It was done quickly) :

[Image: 6e1Q907.jpg]

That’s Betlegeuse at the centre of the circle :

[Image: otPxMLK.jpg]

Some correlations :

[Image: HeDmJaX.jpg][Image: UVIKWRY.jpg]

See if you can place the diagram for deriving Euler’s number from a circle, just for fun, because it starts with 2.7.

[Image: Z95CVkv.jpg]


The moon is 27% of the size of the Earth

27 and 72 are both numbers that seem to have great importance, so I decided to divide them by each other, out of curiosity about mirroring and boustrophedonics.

72/27 = 2.666666666666667

So, knowing a little bit about things, how the moon is associated with many deities, but also this silly antichrist business, AKA Allister Crowley’s ” Moonchild “, etc, I looked up the word ” beast ” in Hebrew, which as it turns out has a value of 540, and not 666 like everybody spouts. ( I am aware there are many different methods of gematria leading do differing results, this is just one I found )

The thing that people don’t seem to grasp about the verse in the bible about ” number of the beast ” is that there would be no point to giving the riddle and the answer to the riddle at the same time.

It’s like the biggest puzzle of all time chuckle

So, if you divide 144,000 by 540 ( The real number associated with the Hebrew word ” beast “, which is ” Tanniyn ” spelled slightly differently sometimes ) you get ?

144,000/540 = 266.6666666666667

So, the skinny here is that these numbers are not by mistake.

144,000/666 = 216.2162162162162

216*5 = 1080

144,000/1080 = 133.3333333333333

133.3333333333333*5 = 666.6666666666667

Notice that 27 is given in the end of two numbers above, 1080 , the number associated in Greek with the Holy Spirit, and 666, the number associated with the devil, lol.

But the real number of the beast is started with 2, and ends with 7, plus it has all those little 6’s everybody is afraid of.

” Holy Spirit ” divided by the ” devil ” = God’s own fingerprint.

The bible even states many times that ” God made ” good and evil ” , but show most Christians these things and their brains short circuit. chuckle

1080/666 = ~ Phi

All about Phi

[Image: K2zF4Eg.jpg]

It has also been noted that the Tetragrammaton occurs 153 times in the Book of Genesis. ”

This is interesting because the alphanumeric relationships of the letters in the Tetragrammaton also seem to point to Phi again !

[Image: GbegKE9.jpg]

What after reading the Wikipedia page and seeing this:

[Image: ZY9cYCH.jpg]

Well, first, if you subtract the last number of the 4th factorial pyramid, which is 33, from the last number of the 5th factorial, which is 153, you get 120.

If you multiply 120 by 3, you 360 ( The number of degrees in a circle )

The square root of 153 (i.e. 12.369) is the amount of full moons in one year. (Sent by James Furia by email dt 16th June, 2009) ”

^^^ That’s interesting because of the constant of the magic square associated with the moon is 369 ^^

” The length of the grand gallery inside the Great Pyramid is 153 feet. (Sent by James Furia by email dt 16th June, 2009)

Binary presentation i.e. 10011001 and hexadecimal presentation i.e. 99 of 153 are palindromes. (Sent by by email dt 29th May, 2010)

Within the Great Pyramid, from the King’s Chamber floor up to the summit platform there are 153 courses of masonry (From the Pyramidology Book #1 by Adam Rutherford). (Sent by Joe Biddy by email dt 1st October, 2010)

(11 + 55 + 33) mod 1000 = 153 (Sent by M Sihabudin, from Indonesia)

If you add the highest and lowest number from these six
135 + 531
153 + 513
315 + 351

you will get 666 ”

There are some other fascinating properties of the number 153 here:

It was interesting, but it was hard to accept the presenter’s theories after ~ 16:30 when he describes a vehicle above an entrance of a pyramid in Honduras, I just don’t see it.

Lol, it’s this one :

[Image: qCkvVZN.png]

It’s the shape of a vehicle (rightside is front, leftside is back).
Notice the cabin in the middle, and the engine at the back.
In the cabin there is a Mayan (the mayan face).

The red swirl represents the solar system, the white swirl represents the galaxy. The entire pic represents them going from our solar system through the (centre of the) galaxy, by means of some kind of ‘vehicle’.

It reminds me of this one :

[Image: mayan.png]

[Image: pacallid.jpg?w=450]

Also with the cabin in the middle with the Mayan, and the engine at the back…


If you go into the numbers, then it’s all about the underlying symmetries :

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (02-16-2013 05:19 AM)

Do you see the fibonnacci sequence ?

[Image: 5hGKBqG.png]

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, ….sitting right in front of you at the beginning of each iteration.

But there is more, Mr. Anderson.

Count which series each number appears in :

[Image: SE8yBPK.png]

Iterations 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, … again showing the same golden series of numbers.
This is the structural plan that the matrix follows to replicate it’s code upon. It has, as you can see, a reverse ‘self-check’ inside it’s programming structure.
This is the wave to ride upon, Mr. Anderson…when the time comes.
Understand opposites, Mr. Anderson. This reversal inside the code will become important soon…when the time comes…

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (02-19-2013 05:24 AM)

In the bible, Mr. Anderson, there are also hidden matrices of both words and numbers, both in the Hebrew and English texts.
Some texts reveil the existence of source, in the words, but also in the numbers…

Exodus 13-12 :

That thou shalt set apart unto the LORD all that openeth the matrix, and every firstling that cometh of a beast which thou hast; the males shall be the LORD’S.

12 / 13 = 0.9230769230769230769230769…

reduce all numbers in between 69 :

0.369 369 369 369… (reduced = 9) -> SEQUENCE 1

Exodus 13-15 :

And it came to pass, when Pharaoh would hardly let us go, that the Lord slew all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both the firstborn of man, and the firstborn of beast: therefore I sacrifice to the Lord all that openeth the matrix, being males; but all the firstborn of my children I redeem.

15 / 13 = 1.153 846 153 846 153 846 153 846…

153 = 9
846 = 9

153 + 846 = 999
846 – 153 = 693

846 / 153 = 5.5294117647058823529411764705882…

reduce all numbers behind the truth (1) :

1.153 846 153 846 153 846 153 846…

reduced = 1.9 9 9 9 9…. -> SEQUENCE 2

Divide both sequences :

1.999999999999999999999… / 0.369369369369369369369 =

5,41463 41463 41463 41463 41463 41463… -> SEQUENCE 3

We also previously talked about the meaning of 144. It is truth, accompanied by the symmetry of 44. The emergence of the conciousness of ONE.

144 = 441 = 414

(= 441144 = 441441 = 414414)

This is the same symmetry of 4’s, guarding the truth at the centre. The conciousness of ONE, containing the truth within, diguised as coming from the source (414 = 9). That is why the matrix cannot directly distinguish the ONE inside the Matrix, Neo. It can only detect the changes in flow the ONE generates. Become the source, but realise that the source is not the Matrix, so “becoming the Matrix” is impossible, and a misinterpretation of the mind. The Matrix is the result of a program created by the source. The sum of replications coming from the source. When looking at your code, the source only sees you being part of it.

Sequence 3

5,41463 41463 41463 41463 41463 41463…

Reduce the numbers in between the 63 (63=9), and it becomes :

5.963 963 963 963 963 963

Which is 369 reversed, and also 9. Let us explain 369. 9 is the source, and is guarded by 3 and 6.
The 3 is the guardian of the first sub-level. Always between groundlevel and first sub-level. The 6 is guardian of ALL sub-levels, all the way down untill the 6 becomes the 9 again. The 6 provides the last connection with the source, and allows the source to start a new iteration…we can even derive the expansion and contraction of the source from this number alone…

It is locked inside the number 369 itself.

With 9 as source, 36 or 63 is one of the first replications of the source (36=9;63=9). As being among the first, they have a special purpose, to guard the main gateways to the source.

source – top levels = 9 – 3 = 6 (= guardian of the sub-levels below)

source – sub-levels = 9 – 6 = 3 (= guardian of the top levels)

The 3 connects the top levels with the sub-levels.
The 6 connects the top levels with the source.
In this manner, the 3 is also connected to the source.

[Image: gN11Uo8.png]

With 9 at the bottom of the vortex, as startingpoint, it goes : 9->6->3->36->369 (=expansion of the Matrix), then 369->63->3->6->9 (=contraction of the Matrix). Both guards always conceil the source. The 3’s for top levels, the 6’s for bottom levels…
The depiction of the vortex is not completely accurate, because actually the 363636 and 3693693693 intertwine on the same top-level. But the sequence is correct. In your mind, try to see it 360 degrees around the 9, and in a 3D confined space while within a confined direction of time. See the truth, Mr. Anderson…

Another way to see that 3 and 6 is always directly connected with 9, and 144 with 369 :

123 x 3 = 369

456 x 6 = 2736 = 936
679 x 9 = 6111 = 63 = 9 (639) -> (679=123+456 ; 9=3+6)

369 = 9 x 41 -> 41 are the digits of 144, without the projected symmetry

441 / 41 = 10.75609756097560975609…

reduced = 10.369 369 369 369

411 / 41 = 10.02439024390243902439…

reduced = 10.639 639 639 639 639…

414 / 41 = 10.09756097560975609756…

reduced = 10.936936936936936…

144 / 41 = 3.51 219512195121951219…

reduced = 3.639639639639

411 / 369 = 1.11382113821138211…

reduced = 1.11411411411411…

114 / 369 = 0.30894308943089430894…

reduced = 0.114114114114114… (11=2)

414 / 369 = 5.529411(=4) 764705(=11) 88235294(=41) 11764705(=4)…

reduced = 5.4 11 41 4

441 / 369 = 1.1 95121 95121 95121 95121…

reduced = 1.1 963 963 963 963… (1.1 = 11)

To see that 1 is truth, just divide 41 (= truth without the symmetry of 4’s) by 369 :

41 / 369 = 0.11111111111111111111111…..

Divide naked truth by 369 :

1 / 369 = 0.00271002710027100271…

…and truth will remain, but tainted by the Matrix Source of 9 :


However, didide source by 369 :

9 / 369 = 0.02439024390243902439

reduced = 0.0639 639 639 639… (= still ONLY source)

Source is also 666, as we allready know too well :

666 / 369 = 1.80487 80487 80487 80487…

reduced = 1.9 9 9 9… (= still ONLY source)

369 is also the magic constant in the 9×9 magic square of the moon, which reveals the Moon as a seal, locked down by the 369. These are seals put into place by the architect, Mr. anderson…but there are loopholes that lead outside of the Matrix…

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (02-19-2013 09:18 AM)

Once you understand the basic mechanics of wheels within wheels, Mr. Anderson, as shown in the previous post, you will start to see the meaning of 369.

369 is, also NOT coincidentally, the number of free possible Octomino’s.
An octomino is a polyomino of order 8.

8 signifies infinity, but as we allready pointed out, the Matrix creates the illusion of infinity, finite cycles working as wheels within wheels to simulate an infinite system. That is the meaning of 8, Mr. Anderson.

If you study octomino’s, Mr. Anderson, you will quickly notice something that defines the nature of the Matrix, and that which exists within it :

Within the 369 free octomino’s, you will see that :

316 of the free octominoes have NO SYMMETRY. Their symmetry group consists only of the identity mapping. This is a blueprint for the LIFELESS Matrix, Neo ! More accurately, the artificial conciousness and construct of the Matrix.

23 of the free octominoes have an axis of reflection symmetry aligned with the gridlines. Their symmetry group has two elements, the identity and the reflection in a line parallel to the sides of the squares.
(Do notice that all HUMANS have 23 active chromosome’s, Mr. Anderson…)

5 octominoes have an axis of reflection symmetry at 45° to the gridlines. Their symmetry group has two elements, the identity and a diagonal reflection.

18 octominoes have point symmetry, also known as rotational symmetry of order 2. Their symmetry group has two elements, the identity and the 180° rotation

1 octomino has rotational symmetry of order 4. Its symmetry group has four elements, the identity and the 90°, 180° and 270° rotations

4 octominoes have two axes of reflection symmetry, both aligned with the gridlines. Their symmetry group has four elements, the identity, two reflections and the 180° rotation.

1 octomino has two axes of reflection symmetry, both aligned with the diagonals. Its symmetry group is also the dihedral group of order 2 with four elements.

1 octomino has four axes of reflection symmetry, aligned with the gridlines and the diagonals, and rotational symmetry of order 4. Its symmetry group has eight elements.

Together, these 53 octomino’s form the sum of LIVING things inside the Matrix.
THIS is a blueprint for LIFE within the Matrix, Neo ! More accurately, the conciousness of true LIFE within the Matrix. It is only your mind living within it, Neo !

Together these 369 octomino’s form the basic construction of the Matrix and everything within it.
The set of octominoes is the lowest order of polyomino set in which all eight possible symmetries are realized.

The architect had to construct the Matrix from this set, for two reasons : 1. because he cannot gain the same control if the source existed at higher orders of construction. The source must be contained within the lowest set for maintaining control over it’s devellopment and progression. And 2. because the octomino is the lowest order that realises all 8 symmetries within. He needs those 8 symmetries to be able to maintain conciousness inside the Matrix, and simulate the real word artificially.

Still, Mr. Anderson, this is only from one viewpoint and actually only represents one part of the entire blueprint, and we could also include discussing the higher sets of polyomino’s. We will leave that to your own discovery, Neo, or discuss it at some later time.

We will leave you with this, Mr. Anderson, and let this sink in in your mind…

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (02-20-2013 03:42 AM)

Back From The Future  Wrote: (02-19-2013 08:14 PM)

Here is another number for you…for me too actually.
Where is it at within the Matrix?
If my theory is right, it should be everywhere within the Matrix.

196.966569 x 0.11 = 21.66632259

And it’s source is reveiled…but is it ?

Seem a little too apparant to us, the 666 is reveiled to quickly and it’s path too short. There is more going on, we suspect…

We allready discussed the disguised path of the ONE throughout the code of the Matrix, after it’s conciousness emerges, and the symmetry of 22 reveils this possibility in between the 369…

Reduce all but the 6 and 9 :

21.66632259 = 3.66699 (= 3, 6 and 9)

Still source, so we look backwards a little deeper yet :

If we divide this partially reveiled code (incl. 22) by 369 :

21.66632259 / 369 = 0.058716321382113821138211382…

We allready see the truth within (11 11 11).

Reduce in between the truth, and we see what it conceils deeper down :


The initial code is a result from ONE conciousness, Mr. Anderson, along the way disguising as if it originated from the Matrix source, and yes, by now it is everywhere within the Matrix. The true ONE is undefined, Mr. Anderson, and the Matrix cannot distinguish it from an artificially produced 1. Something that is undefined within the Matrix is discarded untill it reaches the source, because it cannot be defined anyway. Only when it reaches the source, can it’s various parts be assymilated and re-inserted in a new iteration…

And 2 usually conceils the perfect symmetry of 11, so even deeper it is also 0.11111411411411…

Symmetry when coming from the Matrix always results from asymmetry on a lower level, but coming from the ONE, the symmetry is true and is conceiled deep within the undefined core of the ONE. When trying to define it, Neo, it will keep reveiling symmetry no matter how deep you go.…pid5245645
CyberCyrus  Wrote: (02-20-2013 06:28 AM)

LoP Guest  Wrote: (02-20-2013 06:06 AM)

Where did you learn/find out all this information anyway??

It is hidden in the construction of the Matrix itself, Mr. Anderson.

LoP Guest  Wrote: (02-20-2013 06:11 AM)

I’ve been trying to follow this thread, but numbers are a constant source of vexation to me.

Aside from that, something has rubbed me wrong about this thread from the beginning.

I simply don’t believe it’s up to me or any other human being alive at this time to “save the world”.

Jesus said “It is finished”. I believe Him.

Look around you, Mr. Anderson. All the hate, violence, death and suffering you see in your ‘reality’, do you really think this is Jesus’ idea of it being ‘finished’ ?

You see love also and caring, and other good things within the Matrix, Mr. Anderson, and that is MOST definately the ONE at work within the Matrix, but the ONE is still not freed from it.

For the true Creator it is allready finished, as stated just a few posts before, but for YOU, Neo, it is NOT. Not as long as the Matrix has you living inside it. The final result is STILL a fluctuation, Mr. Anderson, and awaiting the outcome of your CHOICES.

If you take the 23.69, Mr. Anderson, and know the 2 is also 11 :

113.69 x π = 357.16766878662359328081792624505

357.16766878662359328081792624505 + π =


Which is very close to the 360 degrees of a full circle.
But the circle is still inside a square. Notice the 144 within…
Also notice the 1.69 in the top left of this very post (temporarily).
Convergence is key, Mr. Anderson…


Quote:Golden ratio :

1 1 2 3 5 8 …


11 113 58 …

(take the left (11), and shift it to the right : 58+11=69)

113 69


23 69

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (02-20-2013 10:17 AM)

If we take a subdivision of ONE conciousness in reverse : 0.441 (144 reverse)

and add a division of 196 to it :

0.441 + 0.0196 = 0.4606

multiply it with a subdivision of 369 :

0.4606 x 0.369 = 0.169 961 4

(= 169 and 961 which is 169 reverse. Mind the 4, and where it is coming from…)

0.1699614 + 196.966569 (YOUR NUMBER) = 197,136

197,136 is also the 444 square !

444 x 444 = 197,136

—- +
234 reduced

444 – 234 = 210

210 x 210 = 44100…pid5254084
CyberCyrus  Wrote: (02-21-2013 10:48 AM)

Wheels within wheels

Wheels within wheels…

THE Matrix is a perfect square (multi-dimensionally layered) which contains the circle, Mr. Anderson.
But the circle can never be perfectly defined within that square, and it’s true core remains undefined even in the eyes of the architect.
There will ALWAYS be a residual result from the equasion, no matter HOW SMALL (size is IRRELEVANT, Mr. Anderson), which ultimately will provide a way for the ONE out of the Matrix.
PI, Mr. Anderson. The circle squared…

To make you understand even more how the big thing works, we will try to make you understand more how the little things work.

Looking at a simple 2D Matrix of just a couple numbers :

025 195 908 475 657 893 494 027 183 240 048 398 571 429
282 126 204 032 027 777 137 836 043 662 020 707 595 556
264 018 525 880 784 406 918 290 641 249 515 082 189 298
559 149 176 184 502 808 489 120 072 844 992 687 392 807
287 776 735 971 418 347 270 261 896 375 014 971 824 691
165 077 613 379 859 095 700 097 330 459 748 808 428 401
797 429 100 642 458 691 817 195 118 746 121 515 172 654
632 282 216 869 987 549 182 422 433 637 259 085 141 865
462 043 576 798 423 387 184 774 447 920 739 934 236 584
823 824 281 198 163 815 010 674 810 451 660 377 306 056
201 619 676 256 133 844 143 603 833 904 414 952 634 432
190 114 657 544 454 178 424 020 924 616 515 723 350 778

This is a 504 digit number, but without looking at what the underlying code actually means, we will use this as an example for explaining the mechanics of the Matrix.

You have to realise first that the reality being processed in your mind comprises of countless of these matrices, from 2D to 4D (=time), with even the potential to simulate beyond 4D where necessary to keep the mind confined, but their final volume and surface area’s will eventually each time reach their maximums, because of the finite nature of the Matrix. More on that in a bit, Mr. Anderson.

All these matrices are locked upon each other, intertwined, and ROTATE UPON each other constantly, like the chain on a bicycle, but in this case a LOT of chains intertwined and interconnected shifting in various directions in very rapid succession.
Temporary interlocks created during the constant rotations define the data to be processed, and define the structure of the consecutively created matrices within THE Matrix.

We will now be looking at how just one of those chains operates.
So imagine these numbers to constantly being IN ROTATION.
It is a wheel of numbers, constantly spinning and certain rows and columns continuously change direction to predefine every interlock (in 2D: left/right, up/down, in 3D also back forth, etc…).

The interlocks are predefined by rotating the wheels of numbers in such a way that certain numbers, relating to each other and the matrices around it, are alligning in certain directions. The Matrix constantly shifts to find these interlocks and calculate the data in between. A process we will try to visualise for you now, Neo…

An interlock can be the allignment of a single digit, a number, numbers in some way related to each other or related to the matrices intertwined with it.

Here we will demonstrate these mechanics by using a simple allignment of the digit 7. We are each time rotating rows and columns, so that certain predefined patterns of the digit 7 allign :

Original matrix:

025 195 908 475 657 893 494 027 183 240 048 398 571 429
282 126 204 032 027 777 137 836 043 662 020 707 595 556
264 018 525 880 784 406 918 290 641 249 515 082 189 298
559 149 176 184 502 808 489 120 072 844 992 687 392 807
287 776 735 971 418 347 270 261 896 375 014 971 824 691
165 077 613 379 859 095 700 097 330 459 748 808 428 401
797 429 100 642 458 691 817 195 118 746 121 515 172 654
632 282 216 869 987 549 182 422 433 637 259 085 141 865
462 043 576 798 423 387 184 774 447 920 739 934 236 584
823 824 281 198 163 815 010 674 810 451 660 377 306 056
201 619 676 256 133 844 143 603 833 904 414 952 634 432
190 114 657 544 454 178 424 020 924 616 515 723 350 778

Various possible horizontal rotations :

025 195 908 475 657 893 494 027 183 240 048 398 571 429
126 204 032 027 777 137 836 043 662 020 707 595 556 282
264 018 525 880 784 406 918 290 641 249 515 082 189 298
392 807 559 149 176 184 502 808 489 120 072 844 992 687
776 735 971 418 347 270 261 896 375 014 971 824 691 287
077 613 379 859 095 700 097 330 459 748 808 428 401 165
195 118 746 121 515 172 654 797 429 100 642 458 691 817
987 549 182 422 433 637 259 085 141 865 632 282 216 869
462 043 576 798 423 387 184 774 447 920 739 934 236 584
010 674 810 451 660 377 306 056 823 824 281 198 163 815
952 634 432 201 619 676 256 133 844 143 603 833 904 414
190 114 657 544 454 178 424 020 924 616 515 723 350 778

183 240 048 398 571 429 025 195 908 475 657 893 494 027
137 836 043 662 020 707 595 556 282 126 204 032 027 777
406 918 290 641 249 515 082 189 298 264 018 525 880 784
844 992 687 392 807 559 149 176 184 502 808 489 120 072
418 347 270 261 896 375 014 971 824 691 287 776 735 971
613 379 859 095 700 097 330 459 748 808 428 401 165 077
654 797 429 100 642 458 691 817 195 118 746 121 515 172
549 182 422 433 637 259 085 141 865 632 282 216 869 987
184 774 447 920 739 934 236 584 462 043 576 798 423 387
810 451 660 377 306 056 823 824 281 198 163 815 010 674
256 133 844 143 603 833 904 414 952 634 432 201 619 676
424 020 924 616 515 723 350 778 190 114 657 544 454 178

[Image: vgfsKK9.png]

When an additional primer is located, like for instance the 80 and 20 in blue and red, they are also used as additional anker-points to define the allignments and the final results of data in between the allignments during that rotation.

Various possible horizontal + vertical rotations combined :

[Image: PbITcgV.png]

This type of data recognition happens on every level in both the original and inverses of each matrix within THE Matrix, and gets as complex as it is intended to be, with all possible patterns and relationships emerging that are burried deep within the code.

By creating such an allignment or ‘interlock’, the Matrix can accumulate the data around the allignment, and determine a certain identity for this data by defining the inverse of the matrix at the moment of every allignment.
So at the moment of an allignment, like the 7 above, by looking at what the values in between the allignments are, both when the 7’s are 7’s and when they are 1/7, this matrix can identify all it’s values, and the values that connect them to the surrounding matrices, by effectively determining all other possible relationships in between during this allignment and using them as ‘primers’ or anker-points for the necessary calculations.

However, a number can be reciprocated by dividing it, but an entire matrix cannot be ‘divided’, so the identity of every seperate value is determined by multiplying them by the inverse of every total picture of relationships (A x A^1 = I, with I being the identity matrix). To keep your mind as clear as possible, Mr. Anderson, we will avoid going to deep into the mathematics…

Some matrices cannot be fully identified in this manner alone, specifically the ones that are not squared but rectangular in structure, but the architect has put additional mechanisms in place to succesfully identify as much as possible of the residual data within the structure of THE Matrix. Some of those mechanisms have allready been discussed previously, others we have not yet.

By shifting all the matrices and looking at all possible relationships within the code, the Matrix can determine the next possible outcome of most of the data in between the relationships. With every rotation, THE Matrix will always accumulate the optimal amount of allignments possible within every matrix AND amongst them, derive it’s results from them, and from these results, keep constructing the simulation within the mind.
Patterns are recognized and results incorporated into the next rotations.

The residual data after every result, however, that which constitutes the undefined wholeness of the ONE, is what the architect cannot fully control, and is what holds the key for the mind of the ONE to go beyond this control.


Quote:11 is a Master Number, also in astrology, Mr. Anderson.

The other 2 Master Numbers arrise from 11 :

11 = 2 reduced -> 22

22+11 = 3 reduced -> 33

22 = 4 reduced -> 44 (=ONE conciousness in 4D)

Or reversed :

44 -> 22+22
22 -> 11+11

cross-addition : 11+22 or 22+11 -> 33 (in between 22 and 44)

11 is the original symmetry, and can’t be split into smaller parts without loosing the symmetry. Symmetry of 44 results from the original symmetry, and is usually accompanied by 1 or symmetry of 1
444 = also 4422 is also 441111, etc…

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (02-25-2013 04:59 AM)

Following the trend of our previous post :

There is a relationship between the 9 digits, which is exactly the same whether you add, subtract, divide or multiply.
We will show you how all digits are connected to the 9, and how the 9 rules everything within the Matrix. 3 and 6 are more special then the remaining digits, and have a more intricate relationship to the 9.

We first represent the 9 digits in a circle, and we will explain how decimal parity works :

[Image: vM9eoas.png]

It’s just the circomference of a circle divided into 9.
This is your most important tool to visualise the relationships between the numbers and their parity :

First we will attempt to explain decimal parity.

When counting from 1 to 9, we progress simply clockwise starting at one, untill we reach 9 :

[Image: RET4Ip0.png]

After 9 comes 10, but we see in the picture that we are back at one.

10=1 reduced, so this adds up to what we see in the pic.





[Image: baZxCtJ.png]

1, 10 and 19 have the same parity they share parity 1). So do 2, 11 and 20 (they share parity 2), and so on…
You can go as high as you want, with or without decimals, it will ALWAYS add up.

When going from 9 back to 1, a normalisation must occur by adding a 0 to the start of the next cycle.
When going from 18 to 19, it is still the same parity of 9 going to 1 again by adding a 0 (an important notion to factor in!). 27 to 28 is still 9 going to 1 by adding a zero. The 0 is of upmost importance for a new cycle to start, but yet it’s role is played out allmost completely unnoticed…in fact without this normalisation the entire system of parities would collapse.

Now for the relationships between the parities. The same parities will keep arrising whether you add, subtract, divide or multiply any digit. It even works just the same if you use decimals, but for the sake of simplicity we will work with the integers alone.

We will however show this in the most elaborate way, by summing them all up, one by one, showing the sequences of numbers formed and how they are connected with each other. After that we will show them again, but also showing the PATTERNS that arrise from the parities, and how the SAME connections between the parities can be derived from the patterns themselves.

If you read on, having understood the above, you will be amazed at the manner which in which this connects it all, Mr. Anderson…

First we add, going through the entire cycle from 1 to 9 :

[Image: RET4Ip0.png]

We always start at the position of 9, because 9 is at the centre of the entire system :


9 +2=11=2
2 +2=4
4 +2=6
6 +2=8
8 +2=1
1 +2=3
3 +2=5
5 +2=7
7 +2=9

9+3 =12=3

9+4 =13=4

9+5 =14=5

9+6 =15=6

9+7 =16=7 ______72+7= 79= 16 = 7
16+7=23=5 ______79+7= 86= 14 = 5
23+7=30=3 ______86+7= 93= 12 = 3
30+7=37=1 ______93+7= 100= 1 = 1
37+7=44=8 ______100+7= 107= 8 = 8
44+7=51=6 ______107+7= 114= 6 = 6
51+7=58=4 ______114+7= 121= 4 = 4
58+7=65=2 ______121+7= 128= 11 = 2
65+7=72=9 ______128+7= 135= 9 = 9

9+8 =17=8

9+9 =18=9

Lots of things are allready revealed.
First of, every sequence starts and ends with 9 (9 as starting point, and last result is also always 9).
The addition of 3 only results in 369 throughout, and the addition of 6 only results in 936 throughout, showing the special relationship between these three numbers. 3 and 6 are the left and right hand of 9, and the guardians of the various levels, or loopholes, within the Matrix.

By looking at the final results above, we see these sequences from additions of 1 through 9 :


Look CLOSER, Mr. Anderson !
The entire grid is perfectly symmetrical, ALL ENCAPSULATED by the 9’s.
If you think it is not ‘fully’ encapsulated by the 9’s, you are forgetting one thing, Neo…
Add the INVERSE symmetries and stick them to the grid, and you get this :

[Image: zLaZYnc.png]

If you notice both the perfect symmetry and the encapsulation, Mr. Anderson, then you are paying attention…

The entire grid is in perfect symmetry, AND all occurs WITHIN the 9.
This entire grid, including the symmetry is reveiled from ONLY adding from 1 to 9, following the numeric reduced parity of the numbers.
The 3’s and 6’s are what binds and maintains the symmetry within.

If you look closely you can see how they do this :

[Image: 2pyaywh.png]

And they ROTATE around the central 9, all the way throughout and within the structure :

[Image: ml1t7b.png]

They form the initial rotating Matrix, around which all other patterns are binded, and they also form the MAIN anker-points which interconnect the various matrices in multiple dimensions, connecting all matrices wihin THE Matrix, all in symmetrically inversed polarity AND parity.

In the initial calculation tables above, in BLUE, we have pointed out some parts of the underlying sequences within the calculations (and one example with the +7 how the same parity is retained even in the higher numbers) from which you can derrive the same portrayed symmetry, but by simply laying them in a grid you can instantly visualise the complete symmetry without any further calculations…

Simplicity, Mr. Anderson. Even the most complicated things are constructed from the same SIMPLICITY OF 9. Within the 9, ALL patterns within the Matrix occur, even for instance the doubling sequence that constructs cel division, DNA sequences, bits and bytes, etc…
(->1 2 4 8 16 32 64, which comes from 1 2 4 8 7 5 1 parity).

64 represents one replicative UNIT. Upon each consecutive 64 (parity 1), the complexity of replication increases 1 level.
Notice also that within this process, 63 (=parity 9 on level 7) is the FINAL word within each replicative unit, again showing the additional and special role of 3 and 6.

Let’s look at that doubling pattern (1248751) within this grid :

[Image: 2a4odqv.png]

We can immediately notice, Neo, if you haven’t before, that it is simply the entire grid without the 3 and 6, still all revolving around the 9.
This is the doubling sequence of 1-2-4-8-16-32-64, but this little grid only shows 9 replications within a unit. To see the entire unit of 64, you’ll have to add another 54 replications outward with the same symmetry.

This pattern represents ALL life within the Matrix, held together by the forces of the 9, 3 and 6. The 1’s and 4’s you see in this grid form the conciousness of the ONE.
The constructing force within THE Matrix is not visible. The 3’s, 6’s and 9’s are also not visible within this pattern. If you are aware, however, you can derrive the force of 9 above 6 and 3 within the real thing, like it is portrayed here, the force which defines the entire construction of the Matrix and the life locked away in it.

Now for another way to see exactly what kinds of patterns are actually formed within this little matrix, we will work with the circle again :

Here are all additions from 1 through 9, showing well defined geometric patterns by simply drawing the sequence, always starting at the position of 9 :

Addition of 1 (= 123456789) :

[Image: eg8lm8.jpg]

Addition of 2 (= 246813579) :

[Image: 3583nkz.jpg]

Addition of 3 (= 369369369) :

[Image: otoj5z.jpg]

Addition of 4 (= 483726159) :

[Image: j62wbb.png]

Addition of 5 (= 516273849) :

[Image: j62wbb.png]

Addition of 6 (= 639639639) :

[Image: otoj5z.jpg]

Addition of 7 (= 753186429) :

[Image: 3583nkz.jpg]

Addition of 8 (= 876543219) :

[Image: j62wbb.jpg]

Addition of 9 (= 999999999) :

[Image: ify4k5.png]

This actually simply forms the entire circle in which all other patterns exist. AGAIN showing you that all occurs within the 9.

If you look closely at all patterns formed by the additions from 1 to 9, you will notice the following :

1 and 8 share the same pattern (1 is forward, 8 is reverse)

-> 1+8 = 9

2 and 7 share the same pattern (2 is forward, 7 is reverse)

-> 2+7 = 9

3 and 6 share the same pattern (3 is forward, 6 is reverse)

-> 3+6 = 9

4 and 5 share the same pattern (4 is forward, 5 is reverse)

-> 4+5 = 9

The parities which share the same pattern, always add up to 9 when combined, which MEANS that both polarities of the pattern sum up to the whole construction of the pattern within the Matrix.
9 rules all others, with the parities and polarities of 3 and 6 directly by it’s side, holding the entire construction together.

Polarity can be reversed, in other words 4 can be forward and 5 reverse or vice versa, as long as the symmetry is there…
Same thing as +4 and -4 in the old-fashion math for instance, but old-fashion math is WAY, and we mean WAAAAAAY to complicated for the mass conciousness of the ONE to actually understand anything explained with it. Number parities however can visualise it all to even the most dorment minds, and the most complicated calculations become as simplified as they can get, Neo…

Subtracting, multiplying and division ALL result in similar sequences and patterns, showing the exact same intricate level of symmetry, AND still with 3 and 6 holding it all together within the 9.
If needed or wanted, we will post those results aswell.




All Inclusive Affidavit – Testify Your Truth With NUICOR

My Revised All Inclusive Affidavit – Notice of Understanding and Intent, and Claim of Right

Notice Of Understanding And Intent And Claim of Right

I, Ashley-Kieran: of the Grimshaw family, Sui Juris, a flesh and blood man and blessed living Soul serving God alone, do hereby state the following is My Statement of Truth.

Whereas it is my understanding that the United Kingdom is a common law jurisdiction, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that equality before the law is paramount and mandatory, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that a statute is defined as legislated rule of a society which has been given the force of law and,

Whereas it is my understanding that a society is defined as a number of people joined by mutual consent to deliberate, determine, and act for a common goal, and,

Whereas I am not a member of any society, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that for something to exist legally it must have a name, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that If you know not the names of things, the knowledge of things themselves perishes. And that this is expressed by the Roman law maxim “Nomina si nescis perit cognitio rerum. “ Co. Litt. 86.

Whereas it is my understanding that the only form of government recognized as lawful in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland is a representative one, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that representation requires mutual consent, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that consent makes the law and that this is expressed by the Roman law maxim “Consensus facit legem” and, a contract is a law between the parties, which can acquire force only by consent, (Bouvier’s 1856 Law Dictionary) and,

Whereas it is my understanding that in the absence of mutual consent neither representation nor governance can exist, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that all Acts are statutes restricted in scope and applicability by the Constitution and/or Bill of Rights, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that said scope and applicability is limited to members and employees of government, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that that those who have an NI number (National Insurance Number) are in fact employees of the UK government and thus are bound by the statutes created by the UK government, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that it is lawful to abandon one’s NI number, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that human beings in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland have a right to revoke or deny consent to be represented and thus governed, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that if anyone does revoke or deny consent they exist free of government control and statutory restraints, and,

Whereas a Freeman-on-the-Land has lawfully revoked consent and does exist free of statutory restrictions, obligations, and limitations, and,

Whereas I, Ashley-Kieran: of the Grimshaw family am a Freeman-on-the-Land, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that acting peacefully within community standards does not breach the peace, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that any action which ones can apply for and receive a license must itself be a fundamentally, lawful action, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that Arrest is defined as To stop; to seize; to deprive one of his liberty by virtue of legal authority.

Whereas I am not a child of the province or a ward of the state, and,

Whereas I am a peaceful human being, and,

Whereas I am an honourable human being, and,

Whereas I am a sovereign, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that a sovereign is defined as as a human being, body, or state vested with independent and supreme authority. and,

Whereas I am a Freeman-on-the-Land who operates with full responsibility, I do not see the need to ask permission to engage in lawful and peaceful activities, especially from those that claim limited liability, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that a by-law is defined as a rule of a corporation, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that corporations are legal fictions and require contracts in order to claim authority or control over other parties, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that legal fictions lack a soul and cannot exert any control over those who are thus blessed and operate with respect to that knowledge as only a fool would allow soulless fictions to dictate to ones actions, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that I have a right to use my property without having to pay for the use or enjoyment of it, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that natural law is the permanent underlying basis of all law, and theories of natural law have been an important part of jurisprudence throughout legal history. Natural law is distinguished from positive law, which is the body of law imposed by the state. Natural law is both anterior and superior to positive law. Oxford Dictionary Of Law 5th Edition ISBN0-19-860756-3 page 326.

Whereas it is my understanding that Common Law which applies to all living souls is:
We are free to do what we please, as long as we do not infringe on the life, liberty,
property, or rights of another.

Whereas it is my understanding the United Kingdom is a common law jurisdiction, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that Parliament which has no lawful authority ever to
breach, surrender, lend or transfer (even temporarily) sovereignty except when conquered in war, and,

Whereas I do firmly and truly believe the signing of European Union Lisbon Treaty is an overt act of treason, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that no one (neither Monarch, nor Prime Minister, nor any prelate, politician, judge or public servant) is above the Common Law of the United Kingdom that forms the British Constitution (including Magna Carta [1215], the Declaration and Bill of Rights [1688/89], Acts of Union, Succession and Settlement
[1701-07], the Coronation Oath Act [1689]).

Whereas it is my understanding that the law always gives a remedy, and that this is expressed by the Roman law maxim “Lex semper dabit remedium” 3 Bouv. Inst. n. 2411.

Whereas it is my understanding people in the United Kingdom have a right to revoke or
deny consent to be represented and thus governed, and,

Whereas it is my understanding if anyone does revoke or deny consent they exist free of government control and statutory restraints, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that a claim of right establishes a lawful excuse and that this factual truth is expressed by way of example in the Theft Act 1968 and the Criminal Damage Act 1971, where belief must be that the law creates and vests a specific right to act in that way. In English law, a limited form of statutory offence is termed “claim of right”. In Chamberlain v Lindon [1998] 1 WLR 1252 [1] Lindon demolished a wall to protect a right-of-way, Despite allowing nine months to pass before acting, Lindon honestly believed that it was immediately necessary to protect his legal rights without having to resort to civil litigation. For the purposes of s5(2): it is not necessary to decide whether Lindon’s action was justified as a matter of civil law. For the purpose of the criminal law, what matters is whether Lindon believed that his actions were reasonable, i.e. a subjective test.

Thus a “lawful excuse” may be acknowledged by a court to arise when a man or woman honestly, even if mistakenly, believes that the actions are necessary and
reasonable, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that if one has lawful excuse one may choose to not obey a court, tribunal, statute, Act or order, and that this factual truth is expressed by way of example in the Theft Act 1968 and the Criminal Damage Act 1971 and,

Whereas it is my understanding that government does not clearly express that one may be charged for failure to obey a de facto government or court, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that all existing courts and governments are de facto only and not de jure, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that agreements made on behalf of the United Kingdom by traitors to the United Kingdom do not bind the people of the United Kingdom, and,

Whereas I honourably refuse to be bound by agreements made by traitors, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that any police officer who co-operates with foreign
armed troops to govern or regulate the population is also committing treason, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that historically the purpose of a national armed force was to ensure that foreign powers never invaded and governed under a force of arms, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that the existence of armed foreign troops patrolling and policing our streets is evidence of a war fought unsuccessfully, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that agreeing or conspiring to agree to allow armed
foreign troops to patrol and police our streets is an act of treason, and,

Whereas a flesh and blood man and blessed living Soul serving God alone, has lawfully revoked consent and does exist free of statutory restrictions, obligations, and limitations, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that I can use a public notary, or any authorised officer of a court, to perform duties found under any act thus they have the power to hold court and hear evidence and issue binding lawful judgements, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that a public notary, or any authorised officer of a court, can also be used to bring criminal charges to bear against traitors, even if they hold the highest office, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that I have a right to use my property without having to pay for the use or enjoyment of it, and,

Whereas I claim the right to claim, collect, receive or be paid any pension if I have paid into it, or am otherwise entitled to, and claim that said right is not affected by anything I do, if I abandon my National Insurance Number  and,

Whereas it is my understanding that a summons is merely an invitation to attend and the ones issued by any court creates no obligation or dishonour if ignored, and,

Whereas it is my understanding police officers or peace officers who attempt to enforce statutes against Freeman-on-the-Land, a flesh and blood man and blessed living Soul serving God alone, are in fact breaking the law, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that I have the power to refuse intercourse or interaction with police officers or peace officers who have not observed me breach the peace, and,
Whereas it is my understanding that I was born with the unalienable right to own and be fully responsible for my own body, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that permanent estoppal by acquiescence barring any police officer or prosecutor from bringing charges against a Freeman-on–the Land, flesh and blood man and blessed living Soul serving God alone, under any Act is created if this claim is not responded to in the stated fashion and time, and

Whereas it is my understanding that the common law right to travel on the highways
without license provided we are not engaging in commerce thereupon is lawful and still exists although it does appear to have been deceptively hidden, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that if the police are not providing a service they have no reason to stop any one, and if proof of insurance and license is not valuable they have no need to ask for it, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that peace officers have a duty to distinguish between statute and law and those who attempt to enforce statutes against a freeman-on-the-land are in fact breaking the law, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that failure of a peace officer, to distinguish between law and statute is gross negligence, and equal to fraud under common law and that this is expressed by the Romanr law maxim “Lata culpa dolo aequiparatur”

Whereas it is my understanding that I have the power to refuse intercourse or interaction with peace officers that have not observed me breach the peace, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that I have the right to refuse to interact or co-operate with criminals, de facto government agents or grossly negligent police officers, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that if I have the power to appoint directly or by proxy I must have the power to fulfil those duties myself, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that the Police although having an illustrious history has had members recently acting in a grossly criminal manner which does tarnish the previous history and record, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that the Law provides remedy at all times, even against rogue or negligent police officers and de facto governments apparently hijacked by soulless corporate interests, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that an application is defined as A request; to entreat, petition or beg. Also the paper that such an act evidences. The assumption this creates is that he who begs knows exactly what they are begging for, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that submit is defined as To bend to the will of another, to leave to another’s discretion. and,

Whereas it is my understanding that nobody can be forced to beg or submit and these acts must be entirely voluntary and consentual, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that the act of registering the birth of a baby creates a legal entity called a “person” that exists in association with that baby and that the manner in which offspring are registered transfers superior guardianship rights over that offspring to the government, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that a person is such, not because he is human, but because rights and duties are ascribed to him. The person is the legal subject or substance of which the rights and duties are attributes. An individual human being considered as having such attributes is what lawyers call a “natural person.” Pollock, First Book of Jurispr. 110. Gray, Nature and Sources of Law, ch. II. Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition, p 1300

Whereas it is my understanding that this creation of a person and transfer of authority is not fully disclosed to the parents and if it was, all good parents would refuse to register their offspring, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that the person and the human being to which it is
associated are two very separate and different things and that the people playing roles in government only have the right to act upon the person, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that if I do not exist in association with a person I cannot be lawfully governed by the people playing roles in government, and,

Whereas I do not have a First Name or a Last Name, and,

Whereas I do have a Christiann Name and Family Name,

Whereas I do not accept or consent to any title, and I am not a Mr, nor Mrs, nor Sir, nor Lord, nor Baron. And,

Whereas any one attempting to address me in that manner by a title is clearly not addressing me, and,

Whereas my name is Ash (as commonly called) and am of the Grimshaw family, and this can be expressed in full only as “Ashley-Kieran: of the Grimshaw family”

Whereas it is my understanding that my name is no more than a sound one can make to get my attention and it does not define who or what I am, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that my person, defined as a corporate, legal fiction is represented by capitis diminutio maxima (all capitals) and so therefore all forms of letters, notices, and legal documentation addressed to a Mr. “ASHLEY KEIRAN GIMRHSAW” is addressed, and applies to my person, and not the flesh and blood man, blessed with a soul by God, commonly known as Ashley-Kieran: of the Grimshaw family, Freeman-On-The-Land.

Whereas it is my understanding that capitis diminutio (meaning the diminishing of status through capitalisation) in Roman law is a diminishing or abridgement of personality; a loss or curtailment of a man’s status or aggregate of legal attributes and qualifications.

Whereas it is my understanding that I Ashley-Kieran: Grimshaw, have since birth registration been used as surety for the legal fiction “ASHLEY KIERAN GRIMSHAW”

Whereas it is my understanding that I can and do now take charge of my legal fiction “ASHLEY KIERAN GRIMSHAW” and I Ashley-Kieran: Grimshaw, the natural flesh and blood human being with a soul, now act as the legal fiction “ASHLEY KIERAN GRIMSHAW” 3rd party agent, and administrator for the account, and

Whereas it is my understanding that He who is silent appears to consent, and that this is expressed by the Roman law maxim “Qui tacet consentire videtur” Jenk. Cent. 32.

Whereas it is my understanding that freedom is defined as The power or right to act, speak, or think freely. The state of being free, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that a slave is defined as A person who is the legal property of another and forced to obey them or a person who is excessively dependent on or controlled by something, and,

Whereas I am a free human being, a flesh and blood man and blessed living Soul serving God alone, and,

Whereas I am not a slave, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that I am not obliged to obey the orders of any one
claiming to be acting on behalf of Queen or King, as no one who does make claims that abandon and erode the concept of equality has any authority over me, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that the Bible warns all players and actors of de facto courts “judge not lest you be judged”, and it is my understanding that the people in the government are merely playing roles.

Whereas it is my understanding that clause 39 “No freeman shall be arrested or
imprisoned or disseised or outlawed or exiled or in any way victimised, neither will we
attack him or send anyone to attack him, except by the lawful judgement of his peers or by the law of the land”, and clause 40 “To no-one will we refuse or delay right or justice”, of the original Magna Carta 1215 are still in effect, and that the expression “law of the land” shall mean Common Law.

Whereas it is my understanding that the common law is made by impartial and unbiased juries of 12, after hearing evidence from both sides which must be based on first-hand knowledge, and using their Common Sense to try to put themselves in the same same situation, and to decide what they themselves, would do in those circumstances, and by unrebutted statements of truth based on first-hand knowledge and signed under penalty of perjury, and, unless a warrant or order stems from the above it is unconstitutional and void in law, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that items I have purchased privately and indirectly or gifts that are sent to me in parcels are instantaneously my private property and not defined as ‘GOODS’, and detention or seizure of any item under any act, statute, or corporate legislation, or for seeking of VAT or administration fees without my expressed, written and notarized consent is unlawful and constitutes theft of my private property.

I hereby consent to allow inspections of my parcels only under the terms and conditions that my item(s) are successfully delivered undamaged and not tampered with in any form.

Whereas it is my understanding that I have the right to refuse to interact or co-operate with criminals, de facto government agents or grossly negligent peace officers, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that The Holy Bible states ‘Blessed be the peace makers, for they shall be called The Sons of God, and,

Whereas I do truly see those words as an invitation and offer to be a peace maker otherwise known as peace officer, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that if I have the power to elect a representative and empower them to appoint peace officers then I also have the power to appoint directly, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that if I have the power to appoint directly or by proxy I must have the power to fulfil those duties my self, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that the British Police although having an illustrious history has had members recently acting in a grossly criminal manner which does tarnish the previous history and record, and,

Whereas I do desire to be blessed and called a Son of God, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that in order to be a peace maker and deal with rogue armed police officers who fail to act with respect to the peace and the common law, I will need access to firearms of equal or greater power then those people who act criminally have access to, and,

Whereas it states in The Holy Bible : Then God said “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that bares fruit“ and,

Whereas I am a soul vested with the spirit of God and have certain inalienable rights, and,

Whereas I understand that it appears that the governments in question have not  properly instructed their agents as to my right to without limit, possess and use  marijuana, and,

Whereas I desire to exercise my rights fully and completely in a lawful and  peaceful manner, without confrontational interaction with Peace Officers or other  government agents, and,

Whereas I desire to establish a lawful foundation to exercise my right to possess,
use, carry and otherwise enjoy marijuana, and,

Whereas I understand that with this Notice I do hereby establish that right,

Whereas I understand that by serving this instrument upon The Attorney General I
am serving it upon all Peace Officers under his authority, and,

Whereas I understand that by serving it upon any Peace Officer I am also serving
it upon the Attorney General, and,

Whereas I understand ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking the law, and,

Whereas the word ‘confiscate’ legally means ‘to remove without clear lawful authority’, and,

Whereas I understand that Peace Officers who ‘confiscate’ my marijuana are  trained to use deadly force and are in fact stealing and acting under the colour of  law, and,

Whereas I understand such actions are unlawful and against both the Common  Law and Commercial Law, and,

Whereas I understand that those Officers who steal my property can be sued for  gross negligence, theft, and other indictable offences, and,

Whereas I have no desire to enter into any legal conflict with good Peace Officers
and do desire peace,  and,

Whereas The United Kingdom is a nation founded upon the belief in the
principles of the supremacy of God and the rule of law, and,

Whereas the above sentence defines a hierarchy, with God at the
top, and,

Whereas the number two position in that hierarchy is not claimed
by anyone, and,

Whereas the governments of this nation seem to rely on deception
to gain the power to govern, and,

Whereas I am desirous of living my life as a ‘Child of God, and,

Whereas the only powers able to claim any authority over a ‘Child
of God’ is God, and,

Whereas neither the government, nor it’s agents nor it’s
representatives or employees are God, or above God, and,

Whereas by lawfully claiming the number two position in the above
mentioned hierarchy, I occupy a position above all governments
and their agents and employees and representatives.

Be it known to any and all, that  I, Ashley-Kieran: of the Grimshaw family, a free human being, do hereby lawfully claim the  status of a ‘Child of God’.  and,

Whereas any human being who wishes to claim any authority over me  must first prove they exist above God; they are God; they are  between me and God; or they have a document upon the face of
which can be found the verifiable signature of God., and,

Failure to first do one of the above mentioned things means all  claims to authority is abandoned or is unlawful.  Attempting to exercise any authority over me without first fulfilling  one of the four above mentioned things means all  claims to authority is abandoned or is unlawful, and,

Therefore, attempting to exercise any authority over me without first fulfilling  one of the four above mentioned requirements is an unlawful act  of fraud and/or extortion.

Whereas it is my understanding that there is an established hierarchy of law, and that hierarchy is thus: Divine law & Natural law (chemistry, physics, cosmic dynamics) which is superior and anterior to Common law (evolved through centuries of common sense and case law) which is applied by all courts de jure, and which is superior and anterior to Admiralty law (banking law, contract law, corporate policy such as statutes and acts of parliament) which is applied by courts de facto, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that Divine & Natural law is subject to all beings in the universe, and common law is subject to all beings who dwell on the land of planet Earth, and that admiralty law is corporate policy which can only bind land dwellers who knowingly consent to be bound by those policies and do so void of deception.

Whereas it is my understanding that the lawful hierarchy on planet earth is:
1)God, the Divine Creator
2)The planet itself, including the resources it provides to support all life forms
3)Sentient Life, which includes (3a) humans, (3b) all other animals, birds, fish, insects, and (3c) other living entities such as germs, viruses and bacteria
4)Legal fictions, non-sentient legal entities such as governments, or The Crown, which require human (3a) recognition to exist
5)Sub-fictional and ‘role playing’ entities such as (5a) corporations and (5b) judges, magistrates, solicitors, politicians, policy officers, bailiffs, etc. which require the recognition of legal fictions (4) to exist.
6)Members of staff (of corporations) which requires the recognition of corporations (5a) to exist.

Whereas it is my understanding that no one can stand between or before Myself and God.

Therefore be it now known to any and all interested, concerned or affected parties, that I, Ashley-Kieran: Grimshaw, am a freeman and do hereby serve notice and state clearly specifically and unequivocally my intent to peacefully and lawfully exist free of all statutory obligations, restrictions and that I maintain all rights at law to trade, exchange or barter and exist without deceptive governance and to do so without limitations, restrictions or regulations created by others and without my consent.

Furthermore, I claim the right to lawfully:

(1) Exercise my “common law right to travel”, unhindered, unencumbered, at my discretion in my private conveyance of the day, to wit, my private, unregistered, unlicensed automobile.
(2) Exercise my God given right to travel as stated in the Queen’s bible.
(3) Exercise my “common law right” to refuse to obtain by submission: any application for any government issued license, permit or seek permission to perform any fundamentally lawful action or, enter into any government contract under duress, threat and/or intimidation which would involve committing an act of fraud and/or theft, or any other crime, by the way of deception by “I” and/or any involved government principal, employee or agent.(in compliance with my Common Law Rights, the Magna Carta etc.)
(4) Exercise my right to possess, cultivate or use medicinally or spiritually any plants of the genus Cannabis, or Salvia.
(5) Exercise my right to possess unregistered, unlicensed blades, firearms and ammunition and to use the same for target practice at a range or hunting for food and further swear under oath never to use the aforementioned weaponry on another human being unless as a last resort to protect human life.
(6)Exercise my right to exist free of legislation regarding corporate taxations, detention or seizure of my imported private property.
(7)Exercise my right to publicly train in the disciplines of martial arts, including the use of all non-projectile weaponry providing I do not breach the peace of another.
(8)Exercise my right to at any time make a claim to a reasonable amount of god-given public land, held in trust by the Crown, de-facto sovereign Her Majesty The Queen, and to use such as a space to live and/or exercise any other of my god-given rights.
(9)Exercise my right during interaction with any government agent to hold them to their oath of office and have them act accordingly.
(10)Exercise my right to lawfully create and use legal tender promissory notes, recognised as a real species of money and made valuable by way of stamps and a human signature, and to use such for the payment of utility bills, or any necessity I need to survive, or for seeking of Justice (which is Truth in action) or as a good will gesture to any corporation, person, or legal fiction wrongfully seeking payment of a lawfully unconfirmed debt, or any fee, due, or fine created by any act, statute, or legislation.

I claim that pursuant to any action by any government and/or any principal, member, employee, agent, servant, person thereof in Right of Great Britain, a province, a municipality:
“I reserve my right not to be compelled to perform under any contract or commercial agreement that I did not enter knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally and I do not accept the liability of the compelled benefit of any contract or commercial agreement not revealed to myself, which are my rights pursuant to Common Law”

Furthermore, I claim the right to engage in these actions and further claim that all property held by me under common law being: any and all intellectual property, real estate, trade tools, private automobile(s) and content, firearms and ammunition, potted plants: contents at or in the process of delivering to the private posted residence known as “134 Norwich Drive, Brighton, BN24LL” are held under claim of right.

Furthermore, I claim that, the Crowns claim of “escheat to the Crown or the Duchy of Lancaster or the Duke of Cornwall or to a mesne lord for want of heirs” as reffered to in the Administration of Estates Act 1925, stands as a lawful claim and whereas the UK is an insolvency, an estate, where everything is owned by God and currently held in trust under the Crown until a competent heir(s) appears and lays a lawful claim of jurisdiction.

Furthermore, I claim that the international blurring of the lines with smoke and mirrors, deception, outright lies and too numerous to mention false claims as to the well settled division between the Crown created legal entity known as the “PERSON” and the flesh and blood creation of the Creator known as a “man” is nothing short of theft, fraud, breach of trust and forced slavery, a heinous criminal activity of the most odious form.

Furthermore, I claim that “all persons, acting as, governments, principals, employees, agents and justice system participants claiming, “retained legal counsel” have, by virtue of their own and/or their principals actions, claimed “total incompetence”, in handling any of their own affairs in law and have become an instant ward of the court, hence, they are imprisoned by their own actions in hand or lack thereof.

Furthermore, I claim that due to the self evident facts in truth at hand, that all persons, the Crown, governments, principals, employees, agents and justice system participants claiming limited liability or immunity are doing so under the pretence of being in fact deemed totally incompetent and under law made instant wards of the crown and/or court and therefore, cannot claim good faith or colour of right over anyone who is thus blessed as being a competent heir.

Furthermore, I claim that, “Ignorance of the law” is not a lawful or legal claim when used by the Crown, government principals, employees, agents and justice system participants at any and all levels to my harm or detriment, especially by those claiming limited liability.

Furthermore, I claim that these actions are not outside my communities’ standards and will in fact support said community in our desire for truth and maximum freedom.

Furthermore, I claim the right to engage in these actions and further claim that all property held by me or bought and paid for abroad is held under a claim of right.

Furthermore, I claim the right to use the force that I deem appropriate to protect my property, thus preventing any other person claiming the right to use force or violence in regard to my property.

Furthermore, I claim the right to use the force that I deem appropriate to protect my physical body in all circumstances, thus preventing any other person claiming the right to use force or violence in regard to my physical body.

Furthermore, I claim the right to refuse to supply an intimate or non-intimate sample of DNA and Fingerprints for any purpose, without my written and notarised consent.

Furthermore, I claim that the courts in the United Kingdom are de-facto and bound by the Law.

Furthermore, I claim that the de-facto courts are in fact in the profitable business of conducting, witnessing and facilitating the transactions of security interests and I further claim that they require the consent of both parties prior to providing any such services.

Furthermore, I claim that anyone who interferes with my lawful activities after having
been served notice of this claim and who fails to properly dispute or make lawful
counter-claim is breaking the law, cannot claim good faith or colour of right and that such transgressions will be dealt with in a properly convened court de jure in full public view.

Furthermore, I claim all transactions of security interests require the consent of both
parties and I do hereby deny consent to any transaction of a security interest issuing under an Act for as herein states as a Freeman-on-the-Land I am not subject to any Act.

Furthermore, I claim my FEE SCHEDULE for any transgressions by police officers,
government principals or agents or justice system participants is (GB £400.00) FOUR HUNDRED BRITISH POUNDS STERLING PER HOUR or portion thereof if being questioned, searched, interrogated or in any way detained, harassed or otherwise regulated and FOUR THOUSAND BRITISH POUNDS STERLING PER HOUR or portion thereof if I am handcuffed, transported, incarcerated, regulated or subjected to any adjudication process without my expressed written and notarised consent.

Furthermore I claim my FEE SCHEDULE for damages in my broken trust, namely any government agent who has been held to their oath and not acted accordingly and has proven my faith and trust misplaced is (GB £50) FIFTY BRITISH POUNDS STERLING.

Furthermore, I claim my FEE SCHEDULE for unnecessary and unwarranted delays in the delivery of my private property held under a claim of right is (GB £30.00) THIRTY BRITISH POUNDS STERLING, PER DAY if held in unlawful lien and for ransom by seeking payment of any kind and (GB £50) FIFTY BRITISH POUNDS STERLING for unlawful detention, and (GB £500) FIVE-HUNDRED BRITISH POUNDS STERLING for unlawful seizure and/or destruction of said property without my expressed, written, and notarised consent.

Furthermore, I claim the right to respond with any order made by a court, or person over or against my person against my wishes and without my expressed, written and notarised consent will generate a bill that will be submitted to the court for immediate payment.

Furthermore, I claim the right to use a declaratory judgement, or statutory declaration or warrant, or Notary Public, to secure payment of the aforementioned FEE SCHEDULE OR BILL FOR ORDER ISSUED IN COURT against any transgressors who by their actions or omissions harm me or my interests, directly or by proxy in any way.

Furthermore, I claim the right to convene a proper court de jure in order to address any potentially criminal actions of any peace officers, government officials, principals or agents or justice system participants who, having been served notice of this claim fail to dispute or discuss or make lawful counter-claim and then interfere by act or omission with the lawful exercise of properly claimed and established rights and freedoms.

Furthermore, I claim the law of agent and principal does indeed apply and that service upon one is service upon both.

Furthermore, I claim the right to deal with any counter-claims or disputes publicly and in an open forum using discussion and negotiation and to capture on video tape said discussion and negotiation for whatever lawful purpose as I see fit.

Furthermore, I do hereby state the following is also My Statement of Truth: I chose to live my life by the guiding principles of Love, Truth and Compassion. I have looked within my heart and I have found that Love is my law. Therefore I can only conclude that any body of words claiming authority over me that lacks this word is indeed NOT my law, and is not applicable.

Affected parties wishing to dispute the claims made herein, or make their own counter-claims must respond appropriately within FOURTEEN (14) days of service of notice of this action. Responses must be under Oath or attestation, upon full commercial liability and penalty of perjury and registered in the Notary Office herein provided, no later than FOURTEEN (14) days from the date of original service as attested to by way of certificate of service.

Failure to register a dispute against the claims made herein will result in an automatic default judgement and permanent and irrevocable estoppel by acquiescence barring the bringing of charges under any statute, act or regulation against myself, Freeman-on-the-Land, Ashley-Kieran: Grimshaw, for exercising these lawful and properly established rights, freedoms and duties.

It is imperative that although i will give you permission to use this as a template for your own, and to copy and edit as you please, you must understand that to operate under a written claim of understanding that is not ‘really’ your understanding is fraudulent. So please make sure you well and truly understand your affidavit to the fullest extent. To help you with this, i have provided a video from a fantastic Canadian speaker, Rob Menard. The video will help you to understand further, about the affidavit process, and how the document works. You could not ask for a better, more honest teacher when it comes to the Law. Please investigate his other material too, and support him in every way you can, because we all owe him a lot. Thanks