Dogmatic Scientism – The New World Cult


Some interesting food for thought, courtesy of Jeranism. I’m not entirely religious myself, and i don’t feel that theology is a necessary argument against the scientific fallacies of the day. Common sense  and deductive reasoning should suffice, either way it seems modern science can no longer deny that pivotal part of itself which seeks to fuse and synthesize into a great truth and understanding. Of course i’m talking about that abstract scientific taboo we call ‘Spirit’.

First up,  Exposing Scientism:


Secondly, a hodge podge of observations and commentary about what Scientism has become and a look into who it is we trust.


Addendum: Some of you may not hive well with Jeranism, not all flat earthers are religious and some of the theological arguments can turn people off, but as i say, it’s really not necessary, the stupidity of modern science debunks itself with or without God’s help. lol

As usual, he’s a refer to a related article on the site:

The Problem With Physics & The Science Delusion


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