Eric Dollard – Tesla 2.0 – Crash Course in Electrical Engineering

Eric Dollard is a legendary electrical engineer trained by RCA, Bell Labs and the US Navy. He is the only man alive to have successfully replicated Nikola Tesla’s wireless electricity technology and is considered to be the modern living Tesla. Because of his contribution to electrical science and his advancements in a Tesla-Alexanderson type of Advanced Seismic Warning System, the Federal Government’s documents in relation to this project refer to him as Dr. Eric Dollard, which confers to him an honorary PhD. His fans lovingly refer to him as Professor Dollard. The Lone Pine Writings (Part 1) and its content was developed out of the general frustration of the author when trying to teach others about his work in electrical engineering.

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With the history covered and honorable mentions out of the way, now to tackle some hard theory. EM Basics and introduction to Steinmetz simplified symbolic algebra.


This is one of Eric Dollard’s presentations and demonstrations from way back in the Borderlands days. Eric Dollard authorizes this version of this presentation for unlimited distribution. You can get it in a zip file at Eric’s official homepage – this is relevant to Wireless Giant of the Pacific.



Seismic Warning System Update!:




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