Thundering Thoughts – Punny Poem

electric uni

I know it’s shocking, and you’ll be like “Watt!?” but it’s true and i’m ec-static and you should be too.

Light it sink in Faraday or two, don’t be so direct for there are alternative views.

Let’s charge towards a higher current, and flow with The Field. Ohm not relatively speaking, we have to heal.

So wave goodbye to those conditions and give them no further energy, electrify your life transcending entropy.

Conduct the truth like a Tesla coil, resistance is futile, striking down from the divine- if you only knew the magnificence of 3, 6, and 9.

It won’t divert, or subvert to the outskirts, the truth Hertz.

Once you understand the gravity of the situation you’ll transform your habituation to one of productivity, synchronicity and synergy.

No re-Morse or regrets, peace be with you for infinity.

© Copyright Ash Grimshaw 2017. All Rights Reserved.



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