Time To Grow

Time To Grow

time to grow

We are capable of so much more, is it not time for us to soar? New times ahead, we must look up high, and question ‘is our limit the sky?’

To stare at a glistening shimmer, refracting light like a mirror to turn our perceptions inner, and stop things getting dimmer. Look past the face to find a whole new space,  beyond vanity, shame or disgrace, a cosmic reflection of all that you are, the truth we are made by dust from stars. Not random and meaningless or without purpose, a frantic free-for-all, some chaotic circus, but serene and holy, divine and sacred, something special with intent un-wasted. As we progress to see a new dawn of time, self-loathing should become a crime, bowing a sin and judgement a taboo, if I had my way it’d be mandatory Kung Fu!

We are better than this, and that’s a fact, let’s let bygones be bygones and drop the act. We must evolve as nature intended, mayhaps we can become ascended?  Onwards with confidence we reach the heights of the spirit, to look back and see when we loved, that we meant it.
I think it’s time to put on a show, show how far humanity can go, back to the source we’ll never know, unless we decide it’s time to grow.

© Copyright Ash Grimshaw 2013. All Rights Reserved.


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