Time To Grow

Time To Grow

time to grow

We are capable of so much more, is it not time for us to soar? New times ahead, we must look up high, and question ‘is our limit the sky?’

To stare at a glistening shimmer, refracting light like a mirror to turn our perceptions inner, and stop things getting dimmer. Look past the face to find a whole new space,  beyond vanity, shame or disgrace, a cosmic reflection of all that you are, the truth we are made by dust from stars. Not random and meaningless or without purpose, a frantic free-for-all, some chaotic circus, but serene and holy, divine and sacred, something special with intent un-wasted. As we progress to see a new dawn of time, self-loathing should become a crime, bowing a sin and judgement a taboo, if I had my way it’d be mandatory Kung Fu!

We are better than this, and that’s a fact, let’s let bygones be bygones and drop the act. We must evolve as nature intended, mayhaps we can become ascended?  Onwards with confidence we reach the heights of the spirit, to look back and see when we loved, that we meant it.
I think it’s time to put on a show, show how far humanity can go, back to the source we’ll never know, unless we decide it’s time to grow.

© Copyright Ash Grimshaw 2013. All Rights Reserved.

Thundering Thoughts – Punny Poem

electric uni

I know it’s shocking, and you’ll be like “Watt!?” but it’s true and i’m ec-static and you should be too.

Light it sink in Faraday or two, don’t be so direct for there are alternative views.

Let’s charge towards a higher current, and flow with The Field. Ohm not relatively speaking, we have to heal.

So wave goodbye to those conditions and give them no further energy, electrify your life transcending entropy.

Conduct the truth like a Tesla coil, resistance is futile, striking down from the divine- if you only knew the magnificence of 3, 6, and 9.

It won’t divert, or subvert to the outskirts, the truth Hertz.

Once you understand the gravity of the situation you’ll transform your habituation to one of productivity, synchronicity and synergy.

No re-Morse or regrets, peace be with you for infinity.

© Copyright Ash Grimshaw 2017. All Rights Reserved.


Filming a Black Hole – Magnetism Bends Light

“Unfortunately, the path light takes is not affected by the presence of a magnetic field. Light itself is composed of an oscillating electric and magnetic field, and one very important property of electric and magnetic fields is what we call “linearity.” … So there is no way that a magnetic field can bend light.” – Google & Dpt. of Physics Illinois

My refutation:

Best Evidence Yet That Black Holes Exist. A team of astronomers has found indirect evidence of a supermassive black hole’s event horizon, providing further proof that these wacky objects actually exist in nature. An artist’s conception of a supermassive black hole.” – skyandtelescope.com


“Do black holes really exist?

No Black Holes Exist, Says Stephen Hawking—At Least Not Like We Think. Black holes do not have “event horizons” beyond which there is no return, according to renowned physicist. This artist’s concept illustrates a supermassive black hole, which are enormously dense objects buried at the hearts of galaxies.” – Google
My rebuttal:
Black holes are intrinsic to nature they are the function of counter-space (inertia).

Filming Vega, & Krystic History

The 12 Primary Star Gates of our Universal Templar Complex are:

12D Lyra Aramatena
11D Lyra Aveyon
10D Lyra Vega
9D Andromeda Mirach
8D Orion Mintaka
7D Arcturus Bootes
6D Sirius B
5D Pleiades Alcyone
4D Sol (our Sun)
3D Planet Earth
2D Epsilon Eridanus
1D Theta Orion


By combining their genetic templates, the Anuhazi Elohei Elohim Cerez and Aethien Seraphei Seraphim and Inyu and Pegasai Brahararama Christos Founders races together created a new genetic line called the Azurite Eieyani. The Azurties are a blue skinned, sometimes winged and feathered, feline land and water mammal avian hominid race carrying the most advanced genetic code in our time matrix.

The Eieyani master council is composed of the density five emerald order Elohei Elohim Breneau, whose members incarnate through the Sirius B Azurite Lineage. Following the creation of the Oraphim Angelic human lineage 568 million years ago, members of the Eieyani master council also incarnated into density through the Oraphim Angelic human lineage. The Eieyani Master Council is sometimes called the Sirian Council or the Azurite Council.

(If you would like to learn the complete story in great detail, I highly recommend reading Ashayanna Deane’s Voyagers 1 and 2.)

The original Oraphim Braharama Cetacean Race was the original race line who created the dolphins and whales of our old planet in order for us to remember them and to help create the frequency portal back to them. The Eiyani incarnated into density through the Oraphims.

After the destruction of Stargate 12, by the Annunaki, 250 billion years ago, the Grand Yanas of the pre sound and pre light densities appointed the Emerald Order Breneau and the Elohei-Elohim feline- hominid Christos Founders Races as the Universal Security Teams of our Time Matrix. Later, the Density 5 Emerald Order Breneau, the Gold Order Seraphei – Seraphim Breneau and the Amethyst Order Braharama Breneau organized the Christos Founders Races and formed the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds.

The Elohei Elohim Feline hominid Anuhazi, the Seraphei Seraphim Avion hominid Cerez and Mantis Aethien and the Braharama Cetacean Inyu and Pegasai Christos Founders Races assembled the IAFW organization under the tenets of the Emerald Covenant, creating a unified collective of intergalactic guardian angelic races from within our fifteen dimensional time matrix.

The Azurites were created by the Founders races 250 billion years ago, to allow the Eieyani collective from the energy matrix and the density 5 Breneau orders to incarnate directly into our density system for crisis intervention. The density five (Cosmic) administrative council of the Azurite templar security team, a specialized collective of the emerald order Elohei Elohim Breneau founders races is called the Eieyani master council. This is the templar team who handed me the tools of creation – crystal light, crystal dust, crystal gel and crystal liquid light. They bowed before me and handed these spheres of magical star dust to me to create the music of the spheres that heals, transmutes and realigns us into a new reality.

The Eieyani master council is composed of the density five emerald order Elohei Elohim Breneau, whose members incarnate through the Sirius B Azurite Lineage. Following creation of the Oraphim Angelic human lineage 568 million years ago, members of the Eieyani master council also incarnated into density through the Oraphim Angelic human lineage. The MC Eieyani Master Council is sometimes called the Sirian Council or the Azurite Council.

The security teams were created 250 billion years ago after a series of universally cataclysmic events that almost destroyed our time matrix.

The Lyran-Elohim Wars in Density 4 (Universal) and the Gold Order Seraphim reptillian Omicron Dracos from D10 Lyra Vega (fourth sphere-Universal) began to digress and set forth dominion conquest to become known as the fallen Seraphim. They were the fore fathers of D10 Orion Drakonians Fallen Angelic Legion.

At the same time, the Emerald Order- Amethyst Order hybrid Feline Aquatic Ape Anyu Race from Lyra Aveyon suffered digression and petitioned the Elohi Elohim Founders Race to destroy the Fallen Seraphim Omicron Race. When The Founders Races opted for rehabilitation of the Fallen Seraphim, the Anyu race of D11 Aveyon attacked and destroyed Star Gate 12 Lyra-Aramatena.

The Anyus destruction of Star gate 12 was what was called the original SIN because it caused all races to be locked into the time matrix until Aramatena could be reconstructed. The original Sin meant Consciousness could incarnate into this Time Matrix, but could never ascend back out of it.

The Anyu adopted the name of the Annu. They were the race line of density 4 D11. The Annu’s destruction of stargate 12 and power conquest through stargate 11 is what caused the stargate 12 to become known as Nibiru, where the Annu Race created the Death Star. That was the story covering the real event of the destruction of our Christos Stargate 12 Aramatena.

“Vega, also designated Alpha Lyrae (α Lyrae, abbreviated Alpha Lyr, α Lyr), is the brightest star in the constellation of Lyra, the fifth-brightest star in the night sky and the second-brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere, after Arcturus. It is relatively close at only 25 light-years from the Sun, and, together with Arcturus and Sirius, one of the most luminous stars in the Sun’s neighborhood.

Vega has been extensively studied by astronomers, leading it to be termed “arguably the next most important star in the sky after the Sun.” Vega was the northern pole star around 12,000 BC and will be so again around the year 13,727 when the declination will be +86°14′. Vega was the first star other than the Sun to be photographed and the first to have its spectrum recorded.” – Wiki

I present to you some shaky amateur footage of the star Vega, shot by yours truly, without a tripod. –

“Libra Via” – Poem

“Libra Via” –

Learned so much know so little, feel in touch with the symbols
of the underground, profound insights into light and sound
i found, wisdom of a higher order, in the schism of the mind’s recorder.
What i’ve seen what i’ve heard about prying open the third.

I, said i’m not afraid to follow
Where the information goes my attention flows
Like the river-sky that nobody knows
Spinning round i found even deeper it goes.

Sometimes i wonder how i made it this far
Then i remember i’m an awesome motherfuckarr
Destined for greatness, reaching for stars
As visions of the future coincide with dreams of the past

i make sense of chaos, meaning of wonder
Not to let dualism tear me asunder, i cry
Why me, right here right now?
Is there any balance to be found?

In the world, dark as night light as day, listen to me when i say:
It’s OK. To let go of what you know is crucial to a brighter tomorrow.
Empty the cup, fill the heart, have a blank slate and restart
No fear, build it back up, shed a tear for your handywork

Formless like water i think you really ought to
Know what it’s like on the border between fire and ice
Yin and yang, see all things twice it’s a beautiful thang
To know eyes of gray see a bigger picture and the best of both worlds where lies will never get ya

Journey through the deep void, flying like an asteroid.
Annoyed. Ethereal like, a reality inside hidden in plain sight
Dismissed by academics, you know i just might
Have to lead a horse to water, force it to drink, if i could i’d take it to the brink
And the cutting edge of what it thinks, to diffuse, dissolve, and dismantle the bars, nets, and bonds
Holding in place illusions of waking life, stealing dreams as you sleep, intentional strife

Distracting, take no notice, center and ground, all ideas have value and virtue abound
Trust in the middle ground, flip a coin, take a leap
You never know what’s waiting round the corner, life is cheap
But time is short and is Love is brief so make the most of it

Make the right choice, despite the noise, hear the timid within
Use your voice, find your poise, be the spirit therein
Lead by example, a beacon for your peers
Chin up and throw away all the tears, negativity and doubts
Take Action. Be the change you want to see that’s what it’s all about.

© 2016 Ash: of the Grimshaw family – All Rights Reserved.

Hexoctagonal Geometry, Magnetic Reciprocation and Vortex Math

Some things i made, demonstrating (in stages) vortex math in it’s relation to incommensurate field geometry of coherent dielectric objects, such as a magnet. Notice the figure 8 ‘infinity sign’ and the ‘hourglass’ double hyperbola shape intrinsic to electromagnetic fields. The 6 pointed star image, is the inverse of that same geometry, and was a well regarded spiritual symbol long long before judeo-christianity.