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The Ophanic Alphabet – 3D Enochian Toroidal Script

In Part One, we analyzed four key versions of the Ophanic alphabet and discovered the significant impact that seemingly small changes can have upon alphabetic forms.

When one is finally prepared to understand the nature of the Ophanic system, it will be tremendously valuable to work with the Ophanic letters within context. “Understanding Ophanic” means to completely immerse oneself within the letters. Fourteen years ago, in 1995, through the very process of creating the elemental tablets and all the other furniture associated with the Enochian system, I received many crucial insights.

Especially worthy of mention is what unfolded during the process of embroidering the Ophanic letters onto red cloth for the Holy Table. Using golden thread, I worked intimately with my fingers.  To ensure I placed my needle accurately, I was forced to slow my pace. While it takes only seconds to reproduce a symbol with a writing implement, it takes many untold hours of intense focus to duplicate the form using needle and thread. So the process of sewing letters by hand was very tedious.

As I became accustomed to a much slower, more methodical cadence, something amazing happened.  Time and timing became crucial. As my work progressed, I became aware that I instinctively sewed with natural regularity at a measured pace which began to syncopate with the rhythmical pattern of larger cycles, expanding my awareness and connecting me with what I can only describe as Universal Mind. Working intimately with symbolic forms in this way also tapped me directly into my right brain processes. As a result, I developed a more powerful sensitivity to spatial relationships and my perspective broadened.

If the very process of working with the Ophanic letters increases one’s sensitivity to tempo, time and space, there has to a reason. To uncover the deeper meaning inherent within the Ophanic letterforms is to fathom the larger patterns at work. The purpose of Part Two of this article is to uncover and discover what kind of patterns can be discerned and what kind of meaning can be inferred from those patterns.

Deriving Meaning through Classical Geometry

Because geometric structures create our world, we can say the foundation of geometry is the universal expression of shape. Different geometric shapes give rise to unique patterns of vibration and resonances within the greater whole. Sacred geometry is a mathematically precise dynamic that organizes matter to take coherent form in space. The study of sacred geometry teaches us to appreciate proportional relationships and allows us to recognize the spatial dynamic of the parts to the whole (refer to Section Four of The Ophanic Revelation book: Basic Ophanic Geometry).

If we divide every letter into their constituent parts and examine each part’s seed forms from John Dee’s perspective, what secrets will be revealed? Applying classical geometric canons that were familiar to Dee to interpret the meaning of each separate shape may prove to be quite edifying.

As in geometry, we begin with one of the simplest geometric concepts: the point. With no length or width, a point specifies an exact location within a given space. Consisting of neither volume, area, length, nor any other higher dimensional analogue, a point is a 0-dimensional object, symbolized by a small dot. The dot represents the beginning, the origin point, the center from which everything is measured.  A dot comprises part of the Enochian letters X and Y.

point A straight line connects two points via the shortest path, extending forever in both directions.  However, a line segment comprises only the part of a line between two points. The Ophanic characters that employ the use of a long horizontal straight line are: C, E, I, Y and Q. Symbolically, a horizontal line implies the horizon which is associated with open possibilities, fresh opportunities and new beginnings.

ophan 2 A straight vertical line carries with it the connotation of ascension and strength. Moving upward towards heaven, Enochian letters with vertical stems are: E, I, Q, Y and Z. Like a tree, a column, or human spine reaching in both directions down to the ground and up to the sky, a vertical line symbolizes life and growth. Within his tome, Monas Hieroglyphica, John Dee wrote (Theorem II):

ophan 3

The circle without a straight line cannot be artificially created, nor a straight line without a point. Consequently, everything, properly, began from the point and the monad. And whatever is strived for by the periphery of the circle, no matter how big it is, can in no way succeed without the ministry of the central point.[1]

ophan 4 Our “line” category also includes the Enochian letters with straight components oriented upon a diagonal, like A, B, F, parts of L and D.

Through association, these letters anticipate the first geometric figure: the triangle.

ophan 5Straight Enochian letters like E, Q and Y that have both horizontal and vertical elements which connect at right angles also have three points: the beginning point, the ending point and the point of intersection in the middle. Even though the third side would be invisible, the form suggests the geometric figure of a right triangle. Three points also suggest the three-dimensional concept of a plane in space. Inherent within the triangle is the numerical symbolism of three, the nature of which expresses itself in the concept of the triad, or trinity-past/present/future; man/woman/child; thesis/synthesis/antithesis; virgin/mother/crone, mind/ body/ spirit; etc… and can be understood as a key to creativity, versatility and expression.

ophan 6When two lines intersect at an angle of 90° and share a common point, the figure of a cross is created. The cross connotes balance–the connection between heaven and earth, male and female, positive and negative and other polar opposites. According to Dee, the “Cross is the hieroglyphic sign of perfection.” A and N are the two Enochian letters which include elements composing an equilateral cross. In Theorem XVI within his Monas Hieroglyphica, Dee wrote:

ophan 7

At this point in the discussion of our proposition we must philosophize a little concerning the CROSS. Although our CROSS is composed of two straight lines (as we said), and the lines are of equal length, they do not divide each other into equal lengths. But in the mystical arrangement of our cross we wanted to have both equal and unequal parts, to affirm that in the power of two lines divided in this manner is hidden also (because they are equal in size) the virtue of an equilateral CROSS. For, a certain JUSTICE of NATURE very generally requires that a CROSS is to be drawn with equal straight lines, and in the dividing of the lines cross-ways [that is, in the form of an ‘X’] its lines ought to be equal to begin with.

As described above, Dee dissected the cross into two units. The letters conforming to the way Dee divided the cross is the Latin “L” and the Enochian E, both equal and opposite.

Traditionally, the cross is a 4-sided orientation in space and represents the four basic forces of spin in the universe. We may also call the active forces which move outward, “yang,” and the receptive force drawing inwards, “yin.” Feminine energy is both receptive and active, the latter within the former. Masculine energy is both active and receptive. When the cross is placed within a circle, it becomes the traditional symbol for earth.

Following are Dee’s comments regarding the cross and the four elements (Theorem VII):

The elements that are removed from their natural seats and whose homogeneous parts are scattered, will teach experimenters that the elements naturally return to their places by means of straight lines. Thus it will not be absurd [to say] that the secret of the FOUR ELEMENTS (into which all elementary things can in the end be dissolved) is affirmed by means of 4 straight lines that expand from a single and indivisible point into 4 opposite directions. Here you will carefully note what the Geometers teach: a LINE is produced from the FLOWING OF A POINT. And using this same principle, we point out that this is also the case in our mechanical magic, because the lines indicating our elements are produced by the continuous fall of DROPS (which are like physical points) [moving] as though they are FLOWING.”

ophan 8Also symbolizing the earth, stability, and foundation is the square. The Ophanic letter form closest to the square, or at least the letter enclosing space with uncurved lines on three sides, would be Q (Q).

ophan9The circle is an ancient and universal symbol for oneness, wholeness, unity, completion and sacred space. The strokes and counter spaces of many Enochian letters—B, G, D, H, L, M, N, P, R, Z—are circular in nature. Dee relates the nature of the circle to that of the sun and writes about the line and the circle in Theorem I:

By means of the straight line and the circle, the first and simplest production and representation of things was made in the light, as were non-existent things and those that are hidden behind the veil of Nature.

ophan10 In Theorem IV, Dee relates the semi-circle to the moon:


Although the semi-circle of the moon is above the Sun, as it were, and comes first, nevertheless the Moon regards the SUN as lord and king; the Moon even seems to rejoice over the sun’s form and vicinity, since the Moon, in one way, emulates the size of the Sun’s radius (or so it appears to the ordinary person) and in another way the moon constantly turns its light toward the Sun. And finally, the Moon so desires to be filled by the SUN’S rays, that it, so to speak, transforms into the Sun and disappears completely from the sky, until it appears again after a few days in the form of a little horn, exactly as we have depicted it.

ophan12Lastly, there are curved elements that can best be described as Arcs. An arc is a portion of the circumference of a circle. Those Enochian letters composed primarily of arcs are O, T, S but arcs also appear in B, C, D, F, M, N, R and U.

ophan13 The arc represents an unfolding of that which is hidden or the promise of something greater. For instance, a rainbow is a colored arc. As symbols, arcs have traditionally been classified as either ascending or descending. The descending arc (downward or shadowy arc) represents an involution of spirit whereas the ascending arc (upward or luminous arc) represents an evolution of spirit. Spirit and matter are fundamentally of one essence only they are at different developmental stages. For our purposes here, the arc represents being in a state of development.

ophan14Arcs could also be considered as parts of the spiral, our final geometric figure. Among the many Ophanic letters that have spiral-shaped components are G, H, M, and R. Spirals are associated with the cycles of time and nature. The spiral shows up in the pattern of seeds in a sunflower, in the growing tips of ferns, in the pattern that leaves grow on a stem, in the shape of a nautilus shell, and, as a helix, the shape of the DNA molecule. As a symbol, the spiral represents a spiritual journey, the evolutionary process of growing and learning.

ophan15Thus, every one of our 21 Ophanic letters contains some reflection of the basic building blocks of the universe. Meaning can be derived from reading the symbols in conjunction. For instance, the letter B read from right to left can be interpreted thus to mean: the sphere of the Moon (semi-circle) descends into the physical (arc) to express itself dynamically (diagonal line). Put another way, the unconscious processes represented by the moon manifests itself through creative expression. Thus, through the action of creativity, the first letter designated by the angelic beings, B, unlocks and opens a doorway.

What other stories may be hidden within the component parts of the rest of the alphabet?

Moving Beyond the Point, Line and Cross

In our journey of discovery, comparing the Ophanic letters against classic geometric canons moved us a good distance from our starting point.  But there are other ways to cultivate meaning besides chopping up the Ophanic letters. If we regard the letters as a collective of interrelated units, it’s possible to uncover the hidden geometric relationships between number, proportion, and pattern.

The angel Raphael introduced the Ophanic alphabet in a very specific, peculiar, but important order.  In Quinti Libri Mysteriorum Dee reports that after dictating the letters by name, that “there cam two lines and parted the 21 letters into 3 partes, eche being of 7.” In other words, moving right to left, the angel divided the letters into 3 rows containing 7 letters each. Raphael then pronounces: “The Number, O most perfect, One and Threefold, Glory be to you.”[2]

The importance of this particular sequence has been the subject of much speculation.  However, easy answers have never been forthcoming, even up to the present time.  In 2007, a Nottingham University English scholar, Martin Findell, decided to try his hand at deciphering the mystery and noted the following:

The division of the alphabet into three produces another noteworthy feature which might be the result of deliberate organization. Within each group of 7 letters there is one which occupies the same ordinal position in both the Roman and angelic alphabets. These are D (group 1, position 4), I (group 2, position 2), and U (group 3, position 5). These three letters together spell the Latin word diu “by day; for a long time”. If the pattern is intentional, diu could perhaps be a reference to the coming of the day of redemption after long ages of mankind’s suffering; though this connection is tenuous at best. A more promising alternative would be to construe the “stationary” letters as D and the Roman numeral IV – D being the fourth letter not only of the Roman and angelic alphabets, but also of the Greek and Hebrew; and, of course, Roman D is homophonous with the philosopher’s name.[3]

But after pursuing several areas of inquiry, Findell ultimately gives up:

Entertaining as it is to speculate that these letters (DIU) form a key to the ordering of the alphabet, I have had no success in identifying any way to use this hypothetical key to link the 7-letter groups either to one another or to their corresponding groups in the Roman alphabet. If the patterns identified here are genuinely involved in the construction of the angelic alphabet (and I doubt that this is the case), I am forced to admit defeat, at least for the time being, in my efforts to determine the method used.[4]

The author then concludes that the alphabet, having emerged from Kelley’s subconscious,  would bear striking similarities to other known alphabets without possessing any coherent structure of its own and that there is no meaning to be deciphered.  My own conclusion is simply that the pattern has yet to be discovered.

ophan16The Magic Seven

Whatever the Ophanic pattern may be, it prominently involves the number seven.  Associated with the number seven are many interesting things: the 7 days in a week, the 7 planets in astrology, the 7 metals of alchemy said to be governed by 7 angelic intelligences; not to mention, of course, the 7 deadly sins. So I’ve become extremely sensitive to sevens.

Synchronously, during the writing of this article, I encountered an image (redrawn left) which gave me pause.  I had seen images of piano keys before, only this time I recognized the numbers 5, 7, and 12 as very meaningful. Suddenly, the idea occurred to me that our three groups of seven letters could simply be indicating the levels of three octaves. Since I know next to nothing about musical notation, I had to quickly familiarize myself with the basics.

The best explanation I found of how the number 7 relates to an octave (8) in music came from Douglas Hofstadter’s Metamagical Themas:

On a piano there are twelve notes (some black, some white) from any note to the corresponding note one octave away. Playing them all in order creates a chromatic scale, as contracted with the more familiar diatonic scales (usually major or minor). These latter involve only seven notes apiece (the 8th note being the octave itself). The seven intervals between the successive notes of a diatonic scale are not all equal. Some are twice as large as others, yet to the ear there is a perfect intuitive logic to it. Rather paradoxically, in fact, most people can sing a major scale without any trouble, uneven intervals notwithstanding, but few can sing a chromatic scale accurately, even though it “ought” to be much more straightforward-or so it would seem, since all its intervals are exactly the same size. The chromatic scale is so called because the extra notes  it introduces to fill-up the gaps in a diatonic scale have a special kind of “bite” or sharpness to them that adds color or piquancy to a piece. For that reason, a piece filled with notes other than the seven notes belonging to the key it is in is said to be chromatic.[5]

An octave comprises seven fundamental notes: do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti. The eighth note, do, is a repeat of the first but with the pitch frequency doubled.  It is also the first note of the second octave. Accordingly, the eighth note of the second octave–again, do –is the first note of the third. Comparing the musical notes on the diatonic scale, to the letter arrangements, each row of letters represents one octave. The letters in each column and row bear a unique relationship to one another in terms of their mathematical properties.

ophan17Some appealing arithmetic principles correlate with the particular geometric arrangement of three septenaries. William S.  Burkle refers to this arrangement as the “3 X 7 tableaux” and illustrates a number of interesting mathematical phenomena [6]. For instance, when the numeric of any two vertically adjacent numbers in any given row are subtracted, the difference equals seven. When the values of first and last numbers in each row are subtracted from the central number in that same row, the difference is always three.  Furthermore, the numbers in the center row will have a value equal to the mean of the two numbers immediately above and below. There are many more examples of this strange interactive influence between the geometric arrangement of the numbers and simple arithmetic. If John Dee knew about the mathematical properties of the 3 x 7 tableaux, he would have appreciated their simple elegance.

What is pertinent to our discussion is that Burkle also reveals the little-known correspondences of the 3 x 7 tableaux to musical notes. Apparently, Paul Foster Case as well as some members of the Golden Dawn figured out the relationship of the Tarot trumps to music. Since only the pattern is my primary interest, I freely adopt this model as a starting point. But before we proceed, let’s first consider the 3/7/12 system of modal music as it pertained to music in the 15th century:

;We complete our assessment … by investigating the other worldwide esoteric system available to the Renaissance Magi that was operated via a 3/7/12 model. I am referring here to the 3/7/12 system of modal music, which the Renaissance magi took great interest in for healing purposes.  To be brief, the “three” (as in Mother Letters) are the three genera of the Greek musical Modes, the chromatic, the enharmonic, and the diatonic. The “seven” is the seven notes that make up any scale, octave to octave. The twelve is the number of intervals of division available within the octave, from which a scale is selected. Twelve is the number of mathematical zones or slices into which the octave is divided, seven of which will be picked to make up the notes in the scale. So twelve represents the number of mathematical decisions that have to be made to define an octave, any octave, out of the infinite glissando of rising and falling notes available in nature.[7]

This 3/7/12 idea turns out to be common between the Hebrew, the Greek, and the Hindu canons of music.[8] The model of tonal correspondences I borrowed to correlate the Ophanic letters with musical tones originated from Alan Bennett (1872-1923). Initiated in 1894, Alan Bennett was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and also a friend, mentor and associate of Aleister Crowley. Robert Wang (creator of the Golden Dawn Tarot Deck and the Jungian Tarot Deck), one-time secretary to Israel Regardie, said he’d gleaned the information himself from one of Bennett’s notebooks.[9]

Music is vibrational physics sensed through the ear/brain combination and has existed in written form as far back as ancient Sumeria. The old frequency for middle C seems to have been about 256 hertz, a doubling of 128, which is 64 doubled, which is 32 and so on. Physics describes “Harmonics” as proportional frequencies at inversely proportional amplitudes. If we play an “A” (440hz), harmonically we will not only hear the 440hz tone, but also an overtone of 880hz at half the volume (first harmonic), a 1320hz tone at a third the volume (second harmonic), a 1760hz tone at a quarter of the volume (third harmonic), etc., until the frequencies get too high or the volume gets too low to be detected by the ear. The musical scale is a natural consequence of pure mathematics and nature. It was not invented, but discovered–one good reason why music can be regarded as the true universal language and why it is appropriate to our discussion here.

All objects have a frequency or set of frequencies with which they naturally resonate. When an object is forced into resonance, whether struck, plucked, strummed or otherwise disturbed, it vibrates at one of its natural frequencies in such a manner that a standing wave is formed within the object. The standing wave pattern represents the harmonic frequencies established within that object.  Everything to know about a quantum system can be discovered through the calculation and analysis of its wave function.  The model of Quantum mechanics is merely another way of to describe the harmonic structure of space. What if each Ophanic letter can be associated with one or more standing waves?


Standing Waves form Platonic Solids

The students of Buckminster Fuller (b. 1895 – d. 1983) and his protegè Dr. Hans Jenny (b. 1904 – d. 1972) dipped a spherical balloon in dye and pulsed it with pure sine wave sound frequencies. As a result, a small number of evenly-distanced nodes connected by thin lines formed across the surface of the sphere. In 3D, these standing waves produced structures corresponding to the platonic solids. A tetrahedron is formed from four evenly spaced nodes. Six evenly spaced nodes form an octahedron while eight evenly spaced nodes form a cube. Twelve evenly spaced nodes form the icosahedron and twenty evenly spaced nodes form the dodecahedron.

This experiment confirmed that within the atom (the basic building block of matter) the platonic solids are formed in a vacuum by electromagnetic waves. Dr. Jenny’s work marked the beginning of the new science of modal phenomena or “Cymatics,” the study of visible sound and the patterns made by certain sound frequencies as they vibrate from the surface of a plate, diaphragm, or membrane. People interested in viewing the original results of this seminal study are encouraged to read Jenny’s 1967 ground-breaking book, CYMATICS, A Study of Wave Phenomena.[10]

Light is a wave form, a frequency which operates in the same spectrum as sound, but only at a much higher vibrational rate. The DNA of all living things emits photons (Refer to the entire Section 3 of this book). All living plants and animals possess a faint bio-luminescent glow in the small and compartmentalized spectrum of visible light from infrared to ultraviolet. Scientists, such as Mitsuo Hiramatsu of the Central Research Laboratory at Hamamatsu Photonics in Japan, theorize the light “is a kind of chemiluminescence,” a luminescence based on chemical reactions, such as that which make fireflies glow.[11]

In 1988, Dr. David Deamer collaborated on a project to measure the vibrational frequencies of the four DNA base molecules to translate them into sound. Deciphering DNA frequencies into sound led to unusual insights into the harmonic fabric of DNA. In her abstract, “The Infrared Frequencies of DNA Bases as Science and Art,” Susan Alexjander wrote:

The questions of ‘translating’ light into sound is more a philosophical one. Sound sped up can of course never be light, since the former depends upon molecules to push around while the second derives from electromagnetic radiation. One could argue that what is important here is not so much the medium but the ratios involved; the relationships between frequencies. The ears can detect about 10 octaves of sound, while the eyes can only perceive a little over one octave of light, or color. An octave in light is the same ratio as an octave in sound… 2:1. A perfect fifth, or a relationship of 3:2 is the same proportion in light as sound (and can be continued into the world of geometry, architecture, movements of the planets and so forth; anywhere there is a periodic or regular vibration). By discovering patterns of ratios in light, we are simply translating into a sound medium to “hear” what information they might contain and how they relate to each other. It could also be argued that both light and sound refer back to a common archetype which, as yet, is unknown to us, not unlike cousins who relate back to a common relative.

Again, four base molecules were measured: adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine. Each base molecule after being subjected to light yielded about 15 or 18 frequencies; 60 in all.[12]

We will return later to the subject of how the Ophanic letters may relate to the above-mentioned sixty sound frequencies detectable within our DNA.

Dimensional Doorways

Thus far, we’ve examined Ophanic against the classic geometric canons and considered the meaning behind their arrangement on a 3 x 7 grid which pointed to a possible relationship with musical scales and octaves.  We have assigned tonal equivalents to the letters giving us such interesting concepts as wave-length, vibration, frequency and harmonics to mull over.  We’ve discovered that the standing waves produced by sound will create the platonic solids and noted the possibilities of translating light-emitting DNA into sound.  Let’s now revisit the Ophanic letters and regard them abstractly–as 3-D objects moving freely in space.

One of the primary features of the Ophanic letterforms is the relationship between the thick and the thin strokes. What is the reason for the thick strokes? The thick/thin ratio could suggest a spatial relationship. If the thick strokes are closest to the viewer, would the thin strokes indicate the parts of a letter that are being stretched the furthest through out space?

My favorite explanation is that the Ophanic letters are merely shadows of different flows of energy. The existence of the 16×16 grid (refer to Section 6: The Complete Ophanic Handbook) with its four different symmetry sets, or vantages of the 8×8 grid suggests that each letter’s proper spatial orientation is a key factor.

ophan19Let us begin with the simplest letter: “T.”  In 2-D, the letter is a three-sided shape containing only three points. Essentially, it’s a triangle. The 3-D representation of a triangle is a tetrahedron, but if the surface of the solid is curved, a cone is produced. The cone has a flat round base and its sharp, pointy end is called the vertex or apex. Mathematical equations defining conic structures usually imply the existence of the cone’s reflection through the apex: the double cone. The double cone is familiar to us because it is usually the model that illustrates Einstein’s concept of Space-time.  When considering the letter T in 3-D as a conic shape, its Space-time association may end up being an integral aspect of the letter’s dynamic function.

John Dee himself was very familiar with three-dimensional conic structures and referred to them in his treatise, Monas Hieroglyphica written 12 years before he encountered the Ophanic beings. In their discussion of Dee’s Theorem VI in a 2007 article published in The Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition, Burns and Moore elucidate Dee’s mastery of geometry as applied to letterforms:

Dee invites us to visualize the cross in terms of conic sections. First Dee asks us to picture a diagonal passing through a rectilinear cross; basically, a third line running through the point where these two intersect. His references to “V” and light also suggest the shape of a cone, if one imagines this in three dimensions. Then he tells us five (V) is a circular number, alluding to the circle as one of the four conic sections. If one makes the diagonal an axis for two cones sharing the same vertex, or point, and let that point be the intersection of the lines of the cross, we now have two cones and a plane. The plane can intersect the cones in one of seven ways, and makes one of seven figures: a circle, an ellipse, a parabola, a hyperbola, a point, a line, or a cross:

If the plane is running through the vertex, as Dee describes, then we can have only a point, line, or cross.[13]

Wouldn’t it be second-nature for Dee to apply these higher 3-D geometries to the form and structure of the letter shapes presented to him by the angels?


ophan21So far, the study of this angelic alphabet has always been from a limited human-centric point of view. Instead, let’s choose to take the long view and see things from the much broader angelic perspective. If we suspend disbelief and become open to the thought that Ophanic is honestly an angelic language, we quickly move out of our depth and comfort zone. It’s useless to debate whether or not Ophanic is “natural” (it is not) and just asking this question completely misses the point.

Could there be such a thing as a powerful, non-physical, symbolic logos existing simultaneously in all dimensions of time and space? Simply acknowledging the very existence of a vibratory language stretches the definition, as well as the possibilities and ultimate purpose of a sacred language.

What a daunting task it would be for an angelic being to translate 4-D information into a 2-D alphabet simple enough to be understood by human beings existing within the dense gravity-well of physical reality. Ophanic is so unique, it’s in a category by itself and therefore must be examined using criteria beyond 2-D that opens up some fascinating areas of study.

Along with visualizing Ophanic letters as 3-D shapes, what if we broaden our point of view to include movement? Adding the energy of rotation to a cone will produce a form that spins, like a tornado. The T shape, for example, can be perceived as a shadow of one spinning 3-D funnel shape. The letter O is composed of two non-touching spinning vortices. If all the letters are actually dynamically moving forms whirling in space, the only thing we would be able to perceive in 2-D would be their cast shadows. These shapes would change if the shadows of the whirling forms were viewed from different angles. Their specific orientation in space (or position on paper in 2-D) seem to be an important factor.

The reason to introduce the science of how energy flows in an article about letters is because the Ophanic alphabet is an integral part of the geometrical structure that creates a bridge between the “zones” or dimensions. We at least owe it to ourselves to investigate this aspect. The shape of energy is the only thing that could pass through the gap between the physical and non-physical. Waves and frequency also play their part. When examining the letter shapes, it would be well to keep in mind the dynamics of energy’s movement.

ophan22A “spiral” and a “helix” are often confused but represent different objects. A spiral defines a flat, planar curve that emanates from a central fixed point, its curve progressively getting farther away as it revolves around the point, like the grooves on a record disc. Conversely, a helix is a three-dimensional coil that runs along the surface of a cylinder, like the threads on a pipe or a telephone cord.  A cross between a spiral and a helix is known as a “Conic Helix.” An example of a conic helix is the tapered spring used in remote controls to hold and make contact with batteries. In nature, the tendrils emerging from the vines of grapes or squash define this shape.  A conic helix also happens to be the shape that best describes how energy spins in a vortex.

ophan23Using the model of a spinning tornado as guide, the general movement of the energy swirls upward towards the wide part of the funnel. Some of the letters seem to possess multiple-vortices, something not unknown to tornados. There are multi-vortex tornadoes that contain two or more small, intense sub-vortices circulating around the center of a larger tornado complex. There are also satellite tornados, weaker tornados that form very near a large, strong tornado but are contained within the same meso-cyclone. Although satellite tornados appear to “orbit” the larger tornado (creating the appearance of one, large multi-vortex tornado), they actually have a distinct funnel, much smaller than the main funnel.[14] The energetic properties of a vortex are phenomenal. As can be seen in the illustration at left, a toroidal shape is created by the way the energy of a vortex moves. It seems as if the Torus is our best 3-D model to understand the primal structure of the universe.

A Torus is a flexible doughnut-shaped vortex of energy that is constantly turning itself inside out. Just like a rotating smoke ring, the Torus is a self-organizing and self-sustaining sphere of energy constantly spinning out from its center.  The illustration at the top of the next page shows that a 3-D oscillating vortex ring creates standing waves.


ophan25Likewise, the energy movement of subatomic particles—such as the illustration of an electromagnetic model (above right) of the electron—can also be described as toroidal. These tiny toroidal loops of energy continually unfold outward from their centers and then fold back inward in rapid succession. Although the energy waves of subatomic particles appear to be traveling along a linear path, they are actually concentric waves of larger loops of energy.  The electromagnetic model of the electron (above) shows only a portion of its electric and magnetic lines of force but still indicates the energetics of even the smallest of particles are basically toroidal.

The letter that most resembles a Torus Vortex would be the symmetrical letter H (H). However, the essential structure of the 3-D letter would be revealed only when sliced in half with its bottom partially cored. The letter’s energetics are definitely centrally focused.

As mentioned earlier, one of the most distinctive features of the Ophanic alphabet is its thick, bugle-shaped serifs.  Without exception, each letter begins and ends thickly.  Thinking in terms of sound, perhaps the fat terminals indicate the some of the different tonal qualities already mentioned.  From this point onward, the serifs are referred to as energy portals, or flows. The following study reduces the Ophanic letters into conical projections. The differences between the letters reflect the many ways different cones connect and interact with each other.

The flow mechanics of the Ophanic alphabet involve Helixes, Conic Helixes, and Toroidal Vortices. For the sake of simplicity, each cone’s flow properties are basically described as flowing in one direction, like water spiraling through a pipe. However, it must be understood that the complete energetics are as complex as our model of a spinning tornado. For instance, when tilted properly, the simplest form would represent the probable energetics of the Ophanic letter form T.

Single Vortex curves are secondary strokes which start from a single point somewhere within the main stroke.  Vortex Pairs are essentially two cones connected by the main stem.  There are several types: pairs which connect gently through a curve, pairs connecting through a straight path and pairs that connect at right angles. The inference is that the energy flow (and resulting sound?) would differ depending upon the letter’s specific structural properties, such as shape and angle. There are also letters containing Conic Helixes that pierce and interpenetrate the main channel, changing the flow properties and, most likely, the tonal qualities.

ophanic letter components

Ophanic letter components

Ophanic letter components

The Wonder and Triumph of “One and Threefold”

Were it not for one important consideration, skeptics might have been tempted to dismiss this entire line of inquiry.  But the truth—the undeniable proof of its correctness—can be observed in Raphael’s triumphant words given in Latin after dividing the letters into three groupings of seven.  Let us recall what Dee recorded:

Then he lay down before it: and there cam two lines and parted the 21 letters into 3 partes, eche being of 7. He sayd, Numerus o perfectissimus, Unus et Trinus. Gloria tibi, Amen.

The translated Latin reads: “The number, O most perfect, One and Threefold. Glory be to you.[15] In the diagram below, notice that within the first column corresponding to the first line, there are three letters containing five cones, one letter containing four cones and three letters containing 2 cones, totaling seven. . The second and third lines likewise contain the one and three pattern, thus providing us with the following: line one, 3 – 1 – 3; line two, 1 – 3 – 3; and line three, 3 – 3 – 1.  Because the pattern could just as easily have involved 2s, 4s or 5s, I contend this “one and threefold” pattern referred to above is Raphael’s way to indicate we are on the right track.


If this is the case, it would only follow that sixty, being the total number of flows, would also be significant. And so it is.  Let’s recall another earlier discussion in which “sixty” was found to be the number of frequencies that happen to be detectable within our DNA.

By comparing all 60 pitches, we can find all of the precise ratios found in the first 16 harmonics of the overtone series: octaves, P5th, P4ths, Major and minor thirds, Major and minor 2nds and 7ths; even a ‘flat’ seventh. According to Susan Alexjander: “Mathematically, the odds of this happening at random are almost non-existent.”[16] This information is made more phenomenal in consideration of discoveries directly connecting the substance of DNA with the syntax of language.

Language Reflects the Syntax of DNA

In their ground-breaking book, “Vernetzte Intelligenz,” two German scientists cite the work of the Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues who explored the vibrational behavior of DNA by modulating certain frequency patterns (sound) onto a laser-like ray and discovered it influenced DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself. Their conclusion: “Living chromosomes function just like a holographic computer using endogenous DNA laser radiation.”  The authors, Fosar and Bludorf, go on to say that according to their findings:

…our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and communication. The Russian linguists found that the genetic code -especially in the apparent “useless” 90%- follows the same rules as all our human languages.

To this end they compared the rules of syntax (the way in which words are put together to form phrases and sentences), semantics (the study of meaning in language forms) and the basic rules of grammar.  They found that the alkalines of our DNA follow a regular grammar and do have set rules just like our languages. Therefore, human languages did not appear coincidentally but are a reflection of our inherent DNA.[17]

If the proper frequencies of sound are used, the DNA substance (in living tissue, not in vitro) will always react to language-modulated laser rays and even to radio waves. Or one can simply use words and sentences of the human language directly since the basic structure of DNA-alkaline pairs and language is of the same structure and no DNA decoding is necessary. They have effectively proven that it is entirely normal and natural for our DNA to react to language.

No one knows how sound, the raw stuff of creation, impacts our being; our consciousness. Mysteriously, we decode meanings which come to us through sonic carrier waves, perceiving these waves as a full-body experience not only through the ears but directly through the bones, tissue and matter of the body. The body mass feels sound as pressure. We know that the body is constantly piezoelectric, translating pressure into electrical signals, such as the way in which the inner ears send signals to the brain. Sound, therefore, impacts the many realms of the molecular world directly and somehow finds its way to the parts of us that make meanings.[18]

Part Two’s search for meaning led us directly to the understanding that a profound relationship exists between the Ophanic alphabet, the geometry of sound/music, and DNA. When investigating how DNA connects with music, Dr. Larry Dossey claims there is no reason in principle why DNA needs to only be described using the terminology of organic chemistry:

It could be described using many symbols, even musical notes. If we were imaginative enough to think musically as well as alphabetically, this just might permit us to hear the music of the body. This experience could provide us with nobler visions of the body, and might allow us at long last to escape the tyranny of machine thinking.[19]

The Whirling Ones

From the latter half of September until the end of 2009, as a part of my quest to comprehend the fuller implications of the Ophanic letters, I submerged myself wholly into the depths of a prolonged creative expedition. Only a few days into the New Year, I return from the holidays with a more detached perspective.

As more objectivity returns to balance out the subjective parts of my experience, I conclude this article. In Part One, I objectively analyzed the physical characteristics of the alphabet. However, in Part Two, I approached the subject matter differently and am aware of having been guided. How many times did I just “happen” to run across the very threads I needed to arrive at a dynamic glimpse of the truth? Throughout the entire creative process, I received many hints in the form of numbers, signs and symbols. All I needed to do was to remain centered enough to notice and follow the guidance of synchronicity. Because Part Two was written at the same time breakthroughs were taking place, it becomes an accurate record of one artist’s creative process.

After reaching the stage of envisioning the letters as conical projections, I began to recall my collective experience of the Ophanic beings that I shared with a handful of other people on an Arizona mountain in 1996.  Comparing notes afterward, everyone agreed these Higher Dimensional Intelligences appeared as individual whirling tornados descending from the sky on a luminous corridor best described as “Jacob’s ladder.”  Like transparent spinning energy tops covered with thousands of eyes, they spun up and down the brilliance stretching down from the heavens into our circle.  They were not scary, but awesome and beautiful and too numerous to count.

Already being familiar with the “Whirling Ones” made me confident I could recognize their energetic signature on a visceral level if I could but reconnect with them intuitively. This informed my decision to approach the meaning of the Ophanic letters with the sensitivities and sensibilities of an artist. If I was less open in my approach, I may not have covered as much ground. Luckily, the creative process allowed me to skip gently along spiral pathways where my attention would be pulled towards certain key nodes or intersection points. In those places, I would linger long enough to obtain momentary but insightful glimpses of the hidden relationships existing between seemingly unrelated concepts.

It was easy to regard the Ophanic alphabet as 3-D energy shapes in constant spin and flux.  In meditation, I could “see/feel” parts of the letters dynamically moving in and out of physical reality. The energy seemed to emanate from the thinnest parts and disperse towards the thick parts.  With no visible source, I imagined the energy originating and emerging from a different dimension to interpenetrate the fabric of our reality at the thinnest points within the main stem.  Then I began to think in terms of sound. Since the inherent geometry of sound is a vibrational frequency which effects our reality, why couldn’t sound act as a catalyst, a conduit that moves information from one phase into another?

We have already glimpsed how our world, the whole fabric of our reality in this dimension, is created by sound.  The geometry of sound expresses itself through waves of energy.  Energy waves, constant or at least standing in the same place for a little while, builds forms and shapes. Soon I wondered what types of sounds could be produced by each letter. Perhaps the “F” is actually a peculiar type of flute capable of five different tones, the “G” a strange type of clarinet and the “P” a resonant drum. The problem:  I only had the vision but did not know the science.  My solution entailed locating images resembling what I “saw” within my mind’s eye and allowing synchronicity to help me find them.  If this describes lateral thinking, Part Two is ripe with examples.

For the purposes of this article, figuring out all the specifics is not as critical as the general sweep of the information.  Whatever the exact correlations may end up being, it’s initially enough for me to understand that probable relationships exist without having to specifically define them. Intimated are interesting affiliations between such diverse things as: sound and vibration as universal building blocks; bonds between harmonics, sacred geometry and symbols; how our DNA resonates with 60 specific frequencies; spinning toroidal structures casting shadows that form an alphabet symbolic of the way DNA responds to syntax; letter sound combinations that promise to trigger the next stage of evolution locked within the human genome, etc… Sound engineers, musicians or those with discerning ears are invited and encouraged to continue the work that unlocks the door to understanding the correlations between the Ophanic letters and their correspondences with the tonal harmonics of DNA.

In closing, the best way I can describe the whole of my experience over the last three months is as a “spiral journey informed by intuition.”  The intuitive clues I chased moved me quickly across vast distances, progressing me ever closer and inward to experience minute glimpses of the Truth.  As I ponder the beauty of trusting the process, another Truth emerges.

Recognizing the Vital Role of the Ophanic Artist

I suddenly realize just how indispensable “the Artist” archetype actually is to our Ophanic work.  The Artist archetype embodies the passion to express a dimension of life that exists just beyond the five senses. Artists hold within themselves (or have access to) the unknown quotient capable of bridging two or more worlds. Through their artistic endeavors, spiritually attuned artists serve as “Openers of the Way” by supplying the creative spark that crosses the gap from one state of being to another. The role of the artist as a spiritual bridge also explains how and why art can be transcendent.

Artists born with the necessary inner resources to discern subtle energies need to be honored for cultivating their sixth sense.  Within the Ophanic context, painters, poets, and musicians easily portray “The Artist” archetype but this archetype can also extend to physicists, mathematicians, magicians, dowsers, architects, singers, shamans, linguists, dancers—or anyone especially sensitive to stimuli beyond the reach of linear thinking. People who think laterally/spatially are also more likely to possess the “unknown quotient” mentioned above.

How staggering it is to fully grasp the extent of the awesome power locked within each human being. The potential for self-healing as well as planetary healing is phenomenal. But even more phenomenal is that we’ve been given a direct means to communicate on a fractal level with the intelligence of our own DNA. And this is happening at a key moment in time, just as the Earth completes its 26,000 year cycle.

ophan27Judging from many ancient petroglyphs found within every corner of the world, it would seem that from very early on, humans have always held an unique relationship with this higher form of consciousness.

Perhaps this logos is the very one mentioned in the biblical text of John (1:1):

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.Slightly rephrased, we could say:

In the beginning was the Word. And with the Word came sound. And through Sound came form.&rdquo

Or to be more precise:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with DNA and the Word was DNA.

We have the means to affect our future in a positive way. All we need to do is to understand and communicate with the awesome God fractal contained within each of us.


Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition – No. 18, Vol. 2. Vernal Equinox 2010

(Note: This article is a chapter from the forthcoming The Ophanic Revelation, available in English from Aethyrea Books and Italian from NewLife Ediziona in May.)


Time To Grow

Time To Grow

time to grow

We are capable of so much more, is it not time for us to soar? New times ahead, we must look up high, and question ‘is our limit the sky?’

To stare at a glistening shimmer, refracting light like a mirror to turn our perceptions inner, and stop things getting dimmer. Look past the face to find a whole new space,  beyond vanity, shame or disgrace, a cosmic reflection of all that you are, the truth we are made by dust from stars. Not random and meaningless or without purpose, a frantic free-for-all, some chaotic circus, but serene and holy, divine and sacred, something special with intent un-wasted. As we progress to see a new dawn of time, self-loathing should become a crime, bowing a sin and judgement a taboo, if I had my way it’d be mandatory Kung Fu!

We are better than this, and that’s a fact, let’s let bygones be bygones and drop the act. We must evolve as nature intended, mayhaps we can become ascended?  Onwards with confidence we reach the heights of the spirit, to look back and see when we loved, that we meant it.
I think it’s time to put on a show, show how far humanity can go, back to the source we’ll never know, unless we decide it’s time to grow.

© Copyright Ash Grimshaw 2013. All Rights Reserved.

Gematria & Numerology Insights Part 2


If you take the square root of the fist 7 prime numbers :

2^2 + 3^2 + 5^2 + 7^2 + 11^2 + 13^2 + 17^2 = 666

Take the 6th power of the first 3 digits, and subtract the first from the second, and add that to the 3rd :

1^6 – 2^6 + 3^6 = 666

1+2+3+4+567+89 = 666
123+456+78+9 = 666

loose the + sign, and notice the sequence : 123456789

reversed :

9+87+6+543+21 = 666

sequence= 987654321

There are many other connections with 666, like for instance by calculating them as ‘degrees’ with sin and cos functions, but for the sake of simplicity, we will only mention this fact. Take a calculator and play with those functions, Mr. Anderson, to find them for yourself.

666^6 = 872 660 613 456 236 16

There are 6 6’s in the result. No 9 in the result.

6×6=36=9 -> the 3, the 6 and the 9

If you then take the other digits from the result, and reduce them, the result is 36, or 9.

-> the 3, the 6 and the 9.

123+876= 999
123+543= 666
123+210= 333

Notice the middle sequence is 876 543 210.
Vertically you also see the sequence 147258 once more. The sequence of life within the Matrix.
(see our previous post about parity where we explain this sequence in more depth)

The result is 999 666 333, and vertically it reads 369 throughout…

999-876= 123
876-333= 456
543-456= 78
210-111= 99

Again we see the sequence 147258 progressing within, with 369 RIGHT NEXT TO IT, but hidden from view because it is 1 level off the axis of sequence 147258. Here you see that with the 0, knocking the 369 sequence 1 level up.
The entire sequence occurs within the start and end of 9, and the result reads 123 456 789. Vertically in the result you see again 147258 369

Taking the last result of the previous sequence, 78 :

78 + 9 = 87

87 + 123 = 210
87 + 234 = 321
87 + 345 = 432
87 + 456 = 543
87 + 567 = 654
87 + 678 = 765
87 + 789 = 876
87 + 890 +10 = 987 -10

Again, perfect symmetry.

Middle sequence:
horizontal -> 123 234 345 456 567 789 890
vertical -> 12345678 23456789 34567890

horizontal -> reversed it is 987 876 765 654 543 432 321 210
vertical -> column 1 : 23456789 column 2: 12345678 column 3 : 01234567

Notice there are only 8 steps within the sequence. The same symmetry within a sequence only reaches up to 8 steps. Beyond it, other symmetries are formed, still containing the original symmetry, but additional symmetries are added to form a higher complexity.
8×8=64, is one unit of symmetry. In other words 7×9 digits is 63, and upon 64 additional complexity is added to the original symmetry by normalisation (the higher you go, the more difficult it gets to ‘see’ the symmetry.
(notice the +10 -10 in the last step of the sequence. That is the normalisation we talked about in earlier posts).

Another sequence reveals fibonacci numbers. We will not be showing the + and – normalisation happening because it would look to complicated to understand. Our goal here is only to reveal the numbers within :

[Image: iq2uHv5.png]

Do you see the fibonacci numbers, Mr. Anderson ?

There are many steps in between, repeating each number several times, and more times as you go up. We are showing only some, all having fibonacci numbers as the building block for the result.

The finonacci sequence is in the middle vertical column of the results.
Beyond 999 we go to 1332 (the next unit), which is 1 level up from 333 (1+332 -> 1332)

1875 is 1 level up from 876 (1+875 -> 1875)

2196 is 2 levels from 999 (1+998, 2+996 -> 2+1+96 -> 2196)

etc…you see Mr. Anderson, no matter how complicated it seems at first, when looking underneath, we ALWAYS find the same simplicity, AND the same symmetry.

Another nice one for the Neo that calls himself ‘BackFromTheFuture’ :

3.33×6.66×7.77×11.11×14.44 = 27645.263

Distance to the centre of the galaxy is roughly 27000 light years.
The exact distance is notoriously unknown to science, and they estimate it at 27-28000ly. It’s exact centre, the big loophole, should be very close to 27645.

Star system Sirius is estimated little over 27000 AU from the Sun.
The average temperature on Sirius B is about 27000K.
We would bet they are very close to 27645.

The problem with science is that it doesn’t accept such non-traditional methods for calculations…allthough they always work when used correctly.

Tonight we will reveal lots of hidden code within the number PI, the number of the ONE. More specifically translated into BASE-26, revealing the letters asigned to the numbers.
We will be looking more at the SCRAMBLED words deep within this undefinable matrix within the Matrix, and showing many connections in the between the words that go far beyond coincidence, as we will be showing it all from within a few thousand letters, so only a little snapshot…

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (02-28-2013 02:03 AM)

Considering the 147258 circuit, it is every digit except 3, 6 and 9.

Incorporating both to comprise the complete system of 9 digits, we find more clues to the symmetry portrayed within The Matrix :

So we have 3 pairs of 3, forming a 3×3 matrix :


Allready we are seeing something :
Notice the vertical symmetry (123 456 789)…

We can verify the symmetry over and over, in all directions :


[Image: UnEGpvq.png]

147+258 = 405
369-147 = 222

369+36 = 405
258-36 = 222

258-147 = 111
369-111 = 258

147-36 = 111
222+36 = 258

258+111 = 369
111+36 = 147

147+222 = 369
369-222 = 147

Vertically :

[Image: jU1ZwEX.png]

789-456 = 333
456-123 = 333
654-321 = 333
987-654 = 333

789-123 = 666
987-321 = 666

Also diagonally, the symmetry is still retained :

[Image: UOUU0Hr.png][Image: XCM4BX2.png]

357-159 = 198
456-258 = 198

951-753 = 198
852-654 = 198

357+159 = (0)516
456+258 = (0)714

(notice vertically in the result: leftside is 5+2->7; rightside is 6-2=4)

654+852 = 1506
753+951 = 1704

(notice vertically in the result: same symmetry, only 1 and 0 have switched places)

456×258 = 117648
357×159 = 56763 = 11 76 48 (56=11; 3=48)

Going even further, we verify the symmetry in other ways :

[Image: jF43Yxr.png][Image: SNem9BR.png]

248+268 = 516
359+157 = 516

248-157 = 91
359-268 = 91

[Image: AREv8WM.png]

987-963 = 24

[Image: PS6QHFe.png]

369-321 = 48

[Image: WXWAKre.png]

684+624 = 1308
957+351 = 1308

684-351 = 333
957-684 = 333

We are showing here how 1308 and 333 are connected. Remember the movie 1308, Mr. Anderson ? How they showed reality shifting upon that number ?

It is the 333 guardians working together with 666…

642×2 = 1284

1284 + 24 = 1308

If you split 1308 into 13 and 08, subtract, and we have 5.

5 is at the centre of our matrix :


13-8 = 5
13×8 = 104 = 5

104-5 = 99

13+8 = 21
13×99 = 1287

1287+21 = 1308

1308 / 666 = 1.963 963 963 963 963…

1308-963 = 345
1308-639 = 669
1308-396 = 939

1308+333 = 1641
1308-333 = 975

1308+666 = 1974
1308-666 = 642

1308-975 = 333
1641-975 = 666
1974-975 = 999

975-642 = 333

1308 is an interlock within the Matrix, defined by 3’s and 6’s working around a centre-point. Together they form other patterns in between a FIXED pattern of 369…


Quote:0 is the overlap. That happens twice per cycle.
The overlap of maximum volume (5.26) was reached on 12-21-12.

We will show you how it is connected.
And thanks to your 333 / 11.11 thread, Neo, we spotted something else :

Regarding 1776.
Not gonna spoil with too much words this time, Neo.

Very interesting correlations though. The year 2057 popped up, and we will briefly explain why…

111 +333 =
444 +333 =
777 + 333 =
1110 + 333 =
1443 + 333 =
(Vertically, 147 is repeated…)

5 x 333 = 1665

[Image: EVNZS6Y.png]

[Image: TuDtufj.png]

[Image: VrrSUs7.png]
(Vertically : doubling and halving…)

[Image: lJJeDfC.png]

(After the 8th step, the level always increases by 1 level: to the left, 0 becomes 1, then 1 becomes 2,etc… )

[Image: VQPwfCi.png]

[Image: MQhCu72.png]

(Vertical: Fibonacci…Only divison of 444 and 111 do not result in a Fibonacci number…)

[Image: I6j67pt.png]

Notice the symmetry in the divisions…
Again, after every 8th step, upon the 9th, complexity increases with 1 digit to the left.
4.111…, 41, and 444 are the only results that are not a Fibonacci integer.

Between 4.111… and 32.888… are also 8 steps.
Between first and second recurring 142857 are also 8 steps.

142857 occurs every last step before the level increases.
142857 occurs exactly 2 steps before and after 197.333…

1776 / 14400 = 1233.333…

About 1233, 12.21.12 and 11.11.11 :


[Image: N8rvHvW.png]

We can tell you for certain that 2057 will be an important date, Neo…

After a google search :

[Image: yesKJ1v.png]

The next double solar eclipse in the same year will be 01/12/2252 and 12/31/2252…rd_century

We will now show you that those dates are correct…

First thing to notice : 2252 = 11

01.12 an 12/31

14400 / 112 = 128.57142857142857… = 20.57 142857 142857 (12+8=20)

20 / 57 = 0.3508 77 19298 245 614 = 0.7 77 11 11 11 (3+5+0+8=7; 1+9+2+9+8=11; 2+4+5=11: 6+1+4=11)

11.11.11 represents the point of overlap. We are on the right track…

Now that we have determined the right sequence, we incorporate the correct year :

2252.7 77 111111 x 7 = 15769.439 777777 = 15769.7 777777 (4+3+9=16=7)

15769.439 777777 – 0.432 = 15769.00 7777777

15769.7 777777 / 112 = 140.801587 3008 92 857142 = 140.11 11 11 857142 = 140.12 (0)1 11 857142 (0=neutral)
15769.439 777777 / 112 = 140.798569 444 4375 = 140. 8 12 (0)[b]1[/b] (0=neutral)
15769.00 7777777 / 112 = 140.7947 12301 580357142857… = 140.9 1231 1 142857…

Also notice :
2252 x 7 = 15769
15769 – 14400 = 1369
15769 / 1369 = 11.29 5845272206303 724 92 83 667 621 78 = 11.11 11 4 11 11 7
4+7=11, and 4/7=0.57 142857 142857

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (03-02-2013 05:11 AM)

If we look again at the pattern of the doubling and halving sequence :

[Image: OeN9iZe.png]

We allready mentioned it is the symbol of infinity aswel. But there is much more, Mr. Anderson :

Look at the ancient symbol of the cross

[Image: rYht7V7.png]

If you still think they got this symbol only from the so-called “crucifiction”, then think again :

Follow the path from the “father” to the “son”, to the “holy spirit”, to “amen”, to the “father” again, etc…

[Image: x29bwWO.png]

You have now successfully “recreated” the pattern of the doubling sequence !

[Image: UuokBNQ.png]

But there still is more :

All digits are contained within the cross :

1 and 4 :

[Image: elsNQLG.png][Image: VLHjKPP.png]

3, 6 and 9 :

[Image: jRFyg9p.png][Image: Bvg7fKt.png][Image: w6jKmJ3.png]

2 and 5 :

[Image: Jugyzft.png][Image: xpGQnSg.png]

7 and 8 :

[Image: 6d2jNJU.png][Image: 0Unxap0.png]

[quote=’Back From The Future’ pid=’5165192′ dateline=’1360282149′]

All comes back to 9. Top is always sum of the base.

First let’s look at your drawing from a flat 2D perspective :

The top 9 is split into 5 and 4.
Sum of the base equals the top:

They form the top triangle :

[Image: JWnBqsr.png]

5 is split into 6 and 8.

4 is split into 3 and 1.

They form the two following triangles :

[Image: xBM7DVI.jpg]

Considering this becoming a 3D pyramid, and imagining an x, y and z coordinate, we see that the 8 and 1 actually coexist on the same perpendicular z line (so from this perspective they fall together on the same line).

The bigger triangle formed now still equals 9 :
The base of the bigger triangle is 6 and 3.

[Image: eNaYtjW.jpg]

But even by counting all numbers within it, we still get 9:


The sum of 8+1, still 9, is now also the TOP of the upside down triangle in the middle, with 5+4=9 as the bottom base :

[Image: us2L6dG.jpg]

6 splits further into 7+8=15=6
3 splits into 2+1=3

They form these triangles below :

[Image: nzLroGZ.png]

Now to get it right with all digits included :

[Image: jL3k2PP.png]

If we consider 9 as the projector, then the base of 4 and 5 defines the angle, or width, of projection.
The first triangle thus gets projected through this angle.

Below the first triangle the division complexifies along the sides, but at the same time the FIRST projection of the triangle is created again inside, but upside down and elongated.

Here you have your doplet upside down…I think…

So all triangles match up to 9.
Top triangle :

Base : 5+4=9
Sum : 4+5+9=9

Two triangles
5-> 6 + 8 = 5
3-> 1+2=3

Big triangle : 7+9+2=18=9, 7+6+5=18=9

These are the triangles formed :

[Image: 35bexIX.jpg]

The red small ones, the bigger blue ones, and the big green one.
All sides and bases add up to 9.

But this is a 2D representation of something projected into more then 2 dimensions, so that is why in this picture the bases and tops at the bottom seem to fall together.
There is actually an extra coordinate there, but we cannot distinuish it on this 2D pic.

Because of that, the relationships between the numbers may not be crystal clear in this manner.

So what about this in 3D then ? Well, then, it becomes ‘crystal’ clear !

Let’s try and do this with a 3D view, the only one we can truly understand :

We start with the same thing: a triangle.
But now we will go along a top-down view, so we can see 3 dimensions instead of 2 :

[Image: i4msdk.png]

The 9 is split into 5 and 4. The sum of all sides is 9.

But this is the 2D “side” view of a 3D object. What actually happens when the 9 splits, is it splits into 4 sides instead of 2. Why ? Simple, because otherwise there is no symmetry to hold the object together !

A side of 4 and one of 5 are assymetrical to each other, and without this symmetry, you simply cannot extrapolate one object into extra dimensions.

So nature comes up with this solution to provide symmetry :

[Image: Z1o2jAH.png][Image: lD23bCo.png][Image: DjOV36w.png]

Remember, this is the top view, and we are seeing it from the top. The extrapolation happens simultaneously.
We see a perfectly symmetrical pyramid, with each side symmetrical to it’s opposite. This is the only way to provide a continuus and orderly extrapolation of the same boundary.

ALL sides equal 9. Also the sum of the sides which form the entire base, equals 9. And the sum of both base and top also equal 9.

So the ENTIRE projection from source to here is still exactly the same as the initial source, only bigger and MORE detailed.

You can consider this to be a fractal in every sense or purpose: the pattern of 9 being projected according to a degree of magnification. The sum of the smaller parts is a BIGGER projection of the WHOLE, with more detailed complexity. This is God’s looking glass. It is how the creator looks upon his creation !

Still not convinced this is a fractal ? Still not convinced this is how matter “projects” it’s ‘centre’, it’s ‘source code’, into space ? Look at this animation for a moment :

This is our 9, the source, from which the projection expands outwards.
It is an infinitely small object in space. It is being projected downwards into a “bigger picture” of itself. Both are exactly the same, but only differ in scale, so as the projection grows bigger, more “details” of it’s boundaries become VISIBLE :

(appologies for the crappy animations…)

The pyramid is only a bigger projection of it’s absolute centre.

We extrapolate further :

The 5 splits further into 6 and 8 :

[Image: Catoj33.png]

We connect the sides again, and have now defined 4 more pyramids.
Notice they are ALL at a perfect 90 degree perpendicular angle to the previous pyramid at the centre… :

[Image: ZbZXSNf.png][Image: sA7NUSN.png]

If you look closely, you can see the swastika symbol here. Not referring to you know what, but the ancient meaning of the symbol. This is the true origin of the swastika. The meaning though, has been tainted.

The swastika is an equilateral cross with four arms bent at 90 degrees. The earliest archaeological evidence of swastika-shaped ornaments dates back to Ancient India, 3300 BC.
The word “swastika” comes from the Sanskrit svastika – “su” meaning “good”,” “asti” meaning “to be,” and “ka” as a suffix. The swastika literally means “to be good”, but a more accurate translation when knowing the ‘context’ of the meaning can be made: “swa” is “higher self”, “asti” meaning “being” or “existing”, and “ka” as a suffix, so the translation can be interpreted as “being/existing with higher self”.

So we have here a symbol formed from taking the most basic geometrical shape in existence, and extrapolating it with an added dimension at 90 degrees perpendicular, or in other words, by adding a higher complexity to the original boundary.
And 6000 years ago they knew that, because they knew this symbol AND it’s true meaning of “being/existing with HIGHER self”.

And also the infinity symbol is there, once again (the bow-ty in the middle).
We see this appearing in numerology as one of the basic iterations between digits.

To verify the unity of 9, we can see that the 4 newly formed pyramids are STILL equal to 9 :

[Image: 2sZHw8i.png]

If you add the bases with the tops you see that each one is still equal to the initial source of 9 :


Notice 18 and 27. They are multiples of 9.
They represent the degree of complexity, being 2 and 3 times the complexity of the initial source of 9…

And the entire thing is ALSO still equal to 9 :

[Image: G08WGsN.png]


Notice 63 here. VERY important, because 64 is the MAXIMUM possible iterations for ANY complexity we see in nature. After 64, you end up where you started, back at your initial source. In the next picture you can visualise this :

We still have to add the last two digits of 7 and 2 to complete our conduit.
We add the 7 and 2, again AT 90 DEGREES perpendicular to the previous projections :

[Image: wYni46W.png]

And what do we see ? We have again a bigger pyramid, but this one sits at the exact same angle as the starting point, and encompasses the entire whole this time :

[Image: 1ZrKzFt.png]

Remember the 63 just before…
We have now completed 64 iterations from the 4-5 pyramid to here, and the projection has completed one cycle.

Notice 9×7=63 -> 9 is the top, 7 the outer edge.

All it’s sides still equal 9, so does the sum of the entire thing. It still represents exactly the same as the initial source of 9, BUT much more detailed and magnified.

This bigger pyramid is not only a complete replicated projection of the source, but also sits at the exact same perpendicular angle, which means it sits back in the SAME DIMENSION as where it started ! Coincidentally we have now also completed a cycle of all 9 digits, and we are now back at the starting point regarding the numbers.

We can see in this last pic something else very peculiar when noticed, because it refers back to why we cannot see these other dimensions which we have partially plotted out here : All visible pyramids in our last picture sit noticably at the same perpendicular angle as the big one.

[Image: MTp9tt3.png]

So where are the other ones we plotted out ?? Suddenly they are gone…
No, but they are very obviously hidden from our view !

[Image: OYumh2D.png]

One last strange remark :

If you take the outer pyramid, and multiply the top with one of the base edges, you get exactly the number that is at the base in between :

[Image: l59KkJd.png]


…again referring back to the 64 iterations within ONE unity.

If we take a look at the ‘tree of life’, or what is known as the ‘Kathara grid’, it teaches us that matter is manifested in 4 different layers of existence, or densities (actually 5 if you count the state of the singularity itself), divided over a 15-dimensional time matrix, each density consisting of 3 spacial dimensions and one direction of time, and each density having it’s own amount of space- and time separation.

The lay-out is like this :

[Image: I1u4m8f.png]

If we consider the way matter expands and contracts in space and time, then the structure of this grid should contain the same principle of contraction and expansion into and from it’s source of origin.
This is actually already described as Partiki Phasing in the ancient Keylons. It is a single ‘Partiki Unit’, or unit of consciousness. It is a single unit of electro-tonal pulse emanating from the original source. It gets projected into a 15-dimensional structure, and when intercepted by each dimensional layer, it undergoes a process called fission, and seperates into two separate units, a particle and an anti-particle at the same time. One goes to our universe, and one goes to the parallel universe. Then they go back to the original Partiki unit through a process called fusion (reunion of particle and anti-particle), and create a backflow of energy that return to the original source. This “ON/OFF” process creates a pulsating rhythm that is very very fast. We see this rhythm everywhere in nature, also the stars and planets, but because of the scale we perceive the same thing as very very slow. The reality of the speed is however the same as the spinning atoms and such.

So can we see this “breath” when looking at the grid ?
If we consider the grid being a multi-dimensional pattern of a single unit, then yes indeed, we can conclude this movement from the image itself. It is a harmonica which replicates and fuses each unit upon itself :

[Image: ncB3sZq.png]

A closer look shows us the following process :
(Look at the first pic to compare where the densities separate and see how the units separate into the different densities !)

The 1 is replicated into the 3 and the 4.
3 in density 1 and 4 in density 2.
Both are opposites at a 90 degree angle perpendicular to the 1.
3 and 4 feed back unto each other and merge back into the 1.

[Image: Evt387B.png]

That’s the first replication and feedback of the singularity into density 1 and 2.

Second replication (from density 2 into density 3) :

The 3 and 4 both get replicated into the 2 and 5.
2 for density 1 and 5 for density 2 (see first pic).
They are the opposites of 3 and 4, and again at a 90 degree angular perpendicular to them and the one. All four are replications of the 1, and all feed back unto the 1.

[Image: 22xLI0J.png]

Now the 2, 3, 4 and 5 ALL get replicated again, making each 2 sides split into 4 sides.
For instance, the 5 gets replicated into 3, 4, 6 and 7.
(the three has now replicated into 4, from density 1 to density 2, and the 4 into 7, from density 2 into density 3).

[Image: T6UmqWe.png]

3, 4, 6 and 7 now also feed back unto the 5, and the 5, 2, 3 and 4 go back into the 1.

[Image: 1fsZ7mB.png]

The 3 gets replicated in the same manner, into 3, 4, 5 and 6, but doesn’t yet reach into density 3.

[Image: n2q3Qpy.png]

The 4 on the other side gets replicated into 3, 5, 6 and 7.

[Image: xtPaIOR.png]

(Also the 2 replicates like this on the backside…)

The entire picture, I think, is like this, but extrapolated ANOTHER 16 times, which is a bit too pecky to show in a 2D image. We would need a 3D rendering for this, and even that would be an incomplete view…

[Image: 3cFP7D3.png]

All of the above mentioned, ALL happens in one single breath, with all extrapolations of the one, feeding back unto each other throughout all densities of matter.

From the top down, it would look like this :

One point (black) repeating into 2 with 2 opposties each (blue), so 4 times in ONE density. Each replication then repeats further into the next density (red), and so on… :

[Image: PTrcQfk.png]

Right here and now, where the ONE point splits up into four, is when TIME becomes necessary. Why ? Because for the singularity to split into 4, a DIRECTION is needed, in other words, consiousness NEEDS to KNOW in which direction the one gets split. That direction is TIME.

[Image: jPmUl4y.png]

Envision this like a flat laserscan, one planck length thick, scanning a tetrahedron from the top one point down to the four points below, one planck length at a time, stacking all the layers on top of each other. Remember, ‘planck length’ is just a name for ‘one unit’, or in this case, one slice of the plane. Time is need to determine all the planck lengths at a time. A certain time dilation is needed to go from a to b to c.

Allthough a seems to move to b in four directions, the four arrows may be deceiving. The progression from a to b happens within a 3-dimensional space, but to “see” all 3 spacial directions at the same time (like we see our 3D), a direction of time is needed.

In other words, for matter to be able to replicate, we always need 3 spacial directions, and one of time.

All matter has 5 densities, each within a 3-dimensional space and all matter within that 3D space moving in one direction of time. All creating a 12-dimensional space within a 15-dimensional time matrix.

[Image: tbBcHyz.png]

Now a little bit more on the numbers themselves :

[Image: uCDVlQS.png]

When you compress the numbers like each unit is supposed to compress, we see interesting patterns. Compressing the numbers can be done by using number reduction. It reduces a number into one digit by adding a number’s digits each time untill only one digit remains.

Original layout:

[Image: oXF52n6.png]

When adding 9+6+3 (left), 10+7+4 (right), 2+1 (bottom), and 11+12 (top)…and reducing the numbers to it’s core digit…

Becomes :

[Image: ucJ6xaZ.png]

Further compressing them gives :

[Image: pN6NJGw.png]

The trinity of 3, 6 and 9, with 7 in the centre. Why is this special ?

1. The holy trinity of the Father, the Son and the Spirit

[Image: EIWgRKX.jpg]

It is also known in numerology as the trinity of 3, 6 and 9.
It is the 3 and the 6, the Father and the Son, governed by the 9, the Spirit :

[Image: ZuvwZWH.jpg]

And also as such hidden in the Yin Yang symbol :

[Image: FfSoOaE.png]

The number 7 is in the centre. the number 7 is special, and connected with sacred geometry : The rose pattern in sacred geometry is created by a series of concentric circles. The rose uses a geometry of SEVEN. 7 cannot be divided equally to create a lower number, nore multiplied equally to create a higher number under 10.
It is the Virgin number.

7 is what lies in the womb of the rose, and has always been connected with the womb of Mary Magdalene in Christianity. It’s meaning is fertility, and creation from the womb.

If we compress the numbers further this meaning for the number 7 is undeniably confirmed :

When we compress them further : 3+6+9+7 = 25 = 7 !!!
The virgin number, that what lies in the centre of the womb.

If we take the multiplication and division table of 8, we see the same rhythm, but counter clockwise :

[Image: 2IholTK.jpg]

1×8= 8 (8)
2×8=16 (7)
3×8=24 (6)
4×8=32 (5)
5×8=40 (4)
6×8=48 (3)
7×8=56 (2)
8×8=64 (1)
9×8=72 (9)

1:8=1 (8)
2:8=2 (7)
3:8=3 (6)
4:8=4 (5)
5:8=5 (4)
6:8=6 (3)
7:8=7 (2)
8:8=8 (1)
9:8=9 (9)

We say here that 8 is the receptacle of 8 when multiplying or dividing by it.
And again, this is also the case when adding or subtracting by 8.

So in this first rhythm, 1 and 8 are receptacles of themselves, which create these this pattern in opposite directions.

Another rhythm :

[Image: ob4HQMQ.jpg]

Here there are other receptacles for creating this rhythm in opposite directions.

Here we multiply by 2 and divide by 5 to create the clockwise rhythm.
2 is the receptacle of 5 and vice versa.

Clockwise :

1×2= 2 (2)
2×2= 4 (4)
3×2= 6 (6)
4×2= 8 (8)
5×2=10 (1)
6×2=12 (3)
7×2=14 (5)
8×2=16 (7)
9×2=18 (9)

1:5=0.2 (2)
2:5=0.4 (4)
3:5=0.6 (6)
4:5=0.8 (8)
5:5= 1 (1)
6:5=1.2 (3)
7:5=1.4 (5)
8:5=1.6 (7)
9:5=1.8 (9)

1+2= 3 (3)
2+2= 4 (4)
3+2= 5 (5)
4+2= 6 (6)
5+2= 7 (7)
6+2= 8 (8)
7+2= 9 (9)
8+2= 10 (1)
9+2= 11 (2)

We also multiply by 7 and divide by 4 to create the counter clockwise rhythm.
7 is the receptacle of 4 and vice versa.

Counter clockwise :

1:4=0.25 (7)
2:4=0.5 (5)
3:4=0.75 (3)
4:4=1 (1)
5:4=1.25 (8)
6:4=1.5 (6)
7:4=1.75 (4)
8:4=2 (2)
9:4=1.125 (9)

1×7= 7 (7)
2×7=14 (5)
3×7=21 (3)
4×7=28 (1)
5×7=35 (8)
6×7=42 (6)
7×7=49 (4)
8×7=56 (2)
9×7=63 (9)

We can again follow the pattern by adding or subtracting the receptacles, or 2 or 7 :

[Image: 7RrWe5U.jpg]

Going one further :

[Image: SP14Aow.jpg]

To create the clockwise pattern of this rhythm we multiply by 4 and divide by 7.

4 is the receptacle of 7, and vice versa.

Clockwise :

1×4= 4 (4)
2×4= 8 (8)
3×4=12 (3)
4×4=16 (7)
5×4=20 (2)
6×4=24 (6)
7×4=28 (1)
8×4=32 (5)
9×4=45 (9)

7:7=1 (1)

7 is special as it creates an infinite series in each outcome. The outcome is always 9, and you can add any number to 9, the outcome will always be the number without the 9. Same way in reverse you can multiply any number by 9, and the outcome will always be 9. More about this later one…

To create the counter clockwise rhythm, we now multiply by 5, and divide by 2.

5 is the receptacle of 2, and vice versa.

Counter clockwise :

1×5= 5 (5)
2×5=10 (1)
3×5=15 (6)
4×5=20 (2)
5×5=25 (7)
6×5=30 (3)
7×5=35 (8)
8×5=40 (4)
9×5=45 (9)

1:2=0.5 (5)
2:2=1 (1)
3:2=1.5 (6)
4:2=2 (2)
5:2=2.5 (7)
6:2=3 (3)
7:2=3.5 (8)
8:2=4 (4)
9:2=4.5 (9)

Again by adding or subtracting 4 or 5, we can follow the pattern in the figure above.

[Image: gPhfCQD.jpg]

NOTE: division by 7 is a special rhythm. It’s outcome is always an infinite series :


This division table shows another relationship :

[Image: NtyHEWi.jpg]

1:7 = 0.142857 142857 142857 142857 ….
2:7 = 0.285714 285714 285714 285714 ….

….each reiterating into infinity. Every series is once again defined within the circle. This can be backwards verified by reducing the repeating series (for instance 142857, or 285714). The sum is always the whole of the circle, being 9.

If you notice here, if you take what happens in between the numbers you get the 3,6 and 9.

[Image: SMPankS.jpg]

They form the archetype symbol of a sacred enclosure, the lateral triangle, since space cannot be bounded by fewer than three lines.
The triangle is thus the first closed figure to emerge from creation. In this aspect it is known as the root of all manifested nature, and is also known as the trinity of 3, 6 and 9.

The trinity : 3, 6 and 9

[Image: l37wVcf.jpg]

Something very special happens when applying this rhythm :

To create the clockwise rhythm, we multiply by 3, and divide by 6.
3 is the receptacle of 6.


1×3=3 (3)
2×3=6 (6)
3×3=9 (9)
4×3=12 (3)
5×3=15 (6)
6×3=18 (9)
7×3=21 (3)
8×3=24 (6)
9×3=27 (9)

1:6=0.16.. (3)
2:6=0.33.. (6)
3:6=0.49.. (9)
4:6=0.66.. (3)
5:6=0.83.. (6)
6:6=0.99.. (9)
7:6=1.16.. (3)
8:6=1.13.. (6)
9:6=1.49.. (9)

To create the counter clockwise rhythm, we multiply by 6 and divide by 3.
6 is the receptacle of 3.

Counter clockwise :

1×6= 6 (6)
2×6=12 (3)
3×6=18 (9)
4×6=24 (6)
5×6=30 (3)
6×6=36 (9)
7×6=42 (6)
8×6=48 (3)
9×6=54 (9)


The outcome is only 3,6 and 9. No other numbers appear.
With 9 being most special, because no matter whether you add, substract, divide or multiply by 9, the reduced outcome is always 9 when dividing or multiplying with it, and dissapears when adding or subtracting by it.
This makes 9 not only a receptacle of itself, but also a receptacle for all other digits, which explains the special behaviour of 9 at the top of the triangle (fig below), and as both beginning and end.

It is the divine number, and all subsequental patterns are governed by this number (as you can also see in all the previous mentioned relationships : they always begin and end with 9…and 9 becoming the beginning again).

Here you can see the three pattern groups once more, and the way they are formed :

[Image: DcHJ7Mb.png]

5 and 2 are each other’s receptacles, so are 7 and 4.
8 and 1 are receptacles of themselves, and so is 9, which is also a receptacle for all other digits at the top of all triangles.

The work of Marko Rodin shows something called “Vortex Based Mathematics”.

It is based on this source code alone :

[Image: W2c1mBN.jpg]

What we see here is a doubling sequence (again you can verify the numbers with the pattern created) :

1 (1)
2 (2)
4 (4)
8 (8)
16 (7)
32 (5)
64 (1)

Double 1, we get 2
Double 2, we get 4
Double 4, we get 8
Double 8, we get 16, which is 7
Double 16, we get 32, which is 5
Double 32, we get 64, which is 1 again

Also the other way around, as a halving sequence, we get the same thing in reversed order :

(1) 1
(5) 0.5
(7) 0.25
(8) 0.125
(4) 0.00625
(2) 0.003125
(1) 0.0015625

Both go on to infinity, and we can even ‘see’ the infinity symbol formed inside the circle.

Now a nice comparison to think about :

Computer language uses this exact doubling sequence (1-2-4-8-16-32-64-…). Computers are artificial, they are man made.

Nature uses cel division. It uses the exact OPPOSITE, the halving sequence, to divide cels into more cells. Nature is not artificial, not man made.

Ancient cultures always keep telling us to look inward for the truth, not outward. Inward we find the cell dividing halving sequence. The infinite divisions down towards the singularity. The creation of life.
Outward we find the expansion of space, the doubling sequence. The artificial computer language.
Science still looks outward for all answers, the radiating matter, the very destruction of life, and uses expansion and explosion tech in all of it’s ‘man made’ creations.

All these connections are no coincidence, and they show us a very simple truth which we blatently keep ignoring. Imo this is one of the strongest indications of our current wrong doings in science and technology. Implosion tech is the solution. It exists in forms like the energy from emitted sunlight, and other non poluting non explosive energy. Only reason why we don’t use it is because your govment wants the money and the power instead. By introducing implosive renewable energy they would loose everything they have in their control.

Going back to our picture, the dotted line is an iteration upon doubling from 3 :

[Image: W2c1mBN.jpg]

3 (3)
6 (6)
12 (3)
24 (6)
48 (3)
96 (6)
192 (3)

…and halving from 3 in reverse direction :

(6) 6
(3) 3
(6) 1.5
(3) 0.75
(6) 0.375
(3) 0.1875
(6) 0.09375

Again, both go on untill infinity, but they keep iterating from one to other through the 9.
Again, the 9 is very special, because it governs the iteration and also everything in between.
This iteration creates also an infinite rhythm: 396693

So whe have 3 rhythms here, going on at the same time : the doubling and halving between 1248751 forward and reverse, and the doubling and halving iteration between 396, with 9 governing the movement of all.

This figure shows the same rhythm, but here showing them in relation with their flow. Everything is governed by flow, angular momentum. This flow is a double torus vortex which is, as shown here, also apparent in the number rhythms themselves :

[Image: 6i2GE1Z.png]

These flows then, are actually all thin lines, or ‘threads’. They can be immensly long, and because of this “re-iterating” vortex flow they could go on forever (if necessary). Where do we see such threads which seem to go on forever ?

DNA. We know it forms in a spiral fashion, but the spiral flows according to patterns. These are the exact patterns that DNA builds upon, seemingly endless iterations upon iterations.
It is allmost inconceivable that a pattern this simple can get so complex when iterated again and again, but that is exactly what happens.

An example of a layout pattern for DNA structure :

+4 -2 +1 -5 +7 -8 +4 -2 +1
-3 +9 -6 +6 -9 +3 -3 +9 -6
+8 -7 +5 -1 +2 -4 +8 -7 +5
Halving (-) <——— +4 -2 +1 -5 +7 -8 +4 -2 +1
Special (0) <——— -3 +9 -6 +6 -9 +3 -3 +9 -6
Doubling (+) <———- +8 -7 +5 -1 +2 -4 +8 -7 +5
+4 -2 +1 -5 +7 -8 +4 -2 +1
-3 +9 -6 +6 -9 +3 -3 +9 -6
+8 -7 +5 -1 +2 -4 +8 -7 +5

Always grouped in a certain way. 4 and 7 always connect, so do 5 and 2, and the 1 with the 1, and the 8 with the 8 (remember the receptacles in the above rhythms !). They all have a positive (yin) value, or a negative (yang) value.

What is shown here is part of the actual skin of the apple.

If you look at each square, the cross-section follows another pattern, going on for as long as necessary to complete a full sequence of DNA.

[Image: SpH1tkT.png]

This represents the ‘life’ pulsing through the apple, and goes throughout the entire sequence :

[Image: 59vP42i.png]

This is about roughly the same thing we see when measuring our heart beat.

The middle, special 369 strand is not visible in our universe, it is the creating force in between that governs all yin and yang. Off course, energetically, it is not there (read: it is not being projected through energy in our dimension).

If you look closely, you can actually see where the third strand is supposed to run :

[Image: dneznAI.png]

Now, how much a lot may call BS, look at the way we know DNA is structured :

It has 4 different Basis : Guanine, Cytosine, Adenine or Thymine.

The 2 strands we see however form 3 times 4 combinations, or 4x4x4=64 combinations of those 4 basis between only 2 positions (respectively from position 1, and then two times from position 3 (????) ).
Off course, science has it’s ways of explaining the illogical, but the 4x4x4 coming from actual 3 positions seems (in this logically structured system !), a far more reasonable explanation.

64 is exactly the number we see in the doubling and halving rhythms:

64 upon each unit of 1.

The I-Ching for example, has 64 possible hexagrams:

[Image: AF2pu5Q.jpg]

A chess board is divided into 64 fields:

[Image: do0GfRe.jpg]

There are 64 combinations for DNA, and there are 20 amino acids formed from those 64 combinations :


We see here again the doubling sequence. The 20 amino acids are further doubled into molecules and such, untill 64 is reached again, which is another unity of 1, and doubles again from one untill 64, etc…

Hope this further solidifies the previous interpretations in this thread.

Everything is connected, from the smallest to the biggest, and all are connected through the simplest of numbers in an infinitely complex way…

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (03-04-2013 12:35 AM)

I only recently found out about the connection between 144, 432 and the speed of light.
Me and BFTF have been particularly busy finding what the connection actually is.

Various calculations kept pointing it out :

Speed of light : 299 792 458 m/s

3.33 / 11.11 = 0.2997 2997 2997 2997…


27 x 111 = 2997

9 x 333 = 2997

666 / 0.222… = 2997

9×9 = 81

81 – 14.4 = 66.6

9x9x9 = 729

729 x 4.111… = 2997

6x6x6 = 216

216 x 111 = 23976

This is the framerate standard for video.

216 + 144 = 360
2160 + 1440 = 3600

216 x 6.666… = 1440

81x81x81 = 531441

531441 / 369 = 1440.21951 21951

53144.1 / 123 = 432.065

1440 / 3.33 = 432.432 432 432…

4500 x 666 = 299 700

299.7 x (333)² = 33233433.3 -> 2 and 33+33+33 and 4+3 = 2 99 7

299.7 x (111)² = 3692603.7 -> 2 and 3+6+9 and 6+0+3 and 7 = 2 9 9 7

299.7 x 1.444 = 432.7668

299.7 x 432 = 693.75

299.7 x 33.3666… = 9999.989 999…

299.792458 (true speed of light) x 12 = 3597.509496 (=very close to a full circle and a full hour in seconds)

299.792458 x 12.008307427133473784720761721097 = 3600

We kept seeing 144, 432, 369, 360 and 299.7, but couldn’t understand the connection really…

I think I accidentally stumbled upon the connection :

A guy named Bruce Cathie figured it all out :…athie-grid

Quote:Light travels in a circular, three-dimensional wave, a wave that spirals to a certain height and a certain depth. You could graph this in two dimensions as a regular “sine wave,” with a horizontal line for its midsection.

[Image: xSbQNRc.png]

Quote: The wave spirals out to maximum height and “lowers” to the median again as it reaches the sphere’s equator, forming the first hemisphere. Then, the second hemisphere is formed the same way, as the wave “lowers” to its lowest point and again rises to the median. See the diagram for support in visualizing this.

The numbers at the bottom represent the harmonics that Cathie discovered as being associated with this movement.

-> 4116361
See one of my previous calc’s (729 x 4.111… = 2997 = speed of light)

It explains 411, and my continuus babbling about 3’s and 6’s. Seeing now for the first time this confirmation about the importance of those numbers is refreshing.

Now for the most interesting part of the article :

The HARMONIC speed of light

Quote: We have now determined that Cathie set up a basis for measuring time using a system of “grid seconds,” where the normal 86,400 seconds in a day based on a harmonic of 8 are expanded into 97,200 seconds, based on a harmonic of 9.

In so doing, one day of Earth’s rotation was split up into 27, or 9 x 3 “grid hours.” The number of “grid seconds” per day comes out to be the extremely harmonic number of 97,200. This is how Cathie achieved the first step towards putting the Speed of Light in grid terms; getting a time measurement based on grid seconds.

The Speed of Light as we now express it is measured in miles per second. We have already seen how Cathie converted the value of a second into its harmonic ideal, the Grid Second. We now also need to convert our regular system of miles into a grid-based measuring system.

As we remember from the discussion of the work of Aime Michel and the UFO tracklines that were symmetrically spaced apart from each other, Cathie used the system of “nautical miles” to determine where the “grid lines” were placed.

We also know that one nautical mile is equal to one minute of arc on the Earth’s surface, and that there is a “grid line” every 30 minutes. So, what we need to do is change the miles in the speed of light equation into nautical miles, or minutes of arc, as the two are interchangeable.

Therefore, the “grid speed” of Light would be expressed as (x) minutes of arc per grid second.

The incontrovertible truth of Cathie’s findings is that the “Grid Speed of Light” is EXACTLY 144,000 minutes of arc per grid second in free space.

Quote: As we look into this even further, we can see that the fundamental, harmonic [u]value of 144,000 for the speed of light is precisely the same as the fundamental harmonic values for many different things[/u], including:

– the Mayan Calendar’s baktun, at 144,000 Earth days;

– the Bible number of the 144,000 souls who will Ascend;

– the fundamental “building block” of all sound vibration frequencies, 144;

– the fundamental Gematrian “frequency number” for light, 144;

Meaning of 144 in gematria = LIGHT

144 really is light. I’ve babbled about 144 being ONE conciousness a lot. This is the connection: one conciousness, which is 144, is light.

Quote:There are 86,400 seconds in the Sun’s 360-degree arc, representing one day of time. So, to get the amount of relative movement between one second in the 360-degree clock face and one second in the Sun’s apparent 360-degree movement, we divide 86,400 by the number of seconds in one 360-degree circle, or one minute, which is 60 seconds.

The ratio that we are left with is 1440, which represents our current perception of time:

in other words, one second of our time is 1440 times faster in its movement through its arc than the movement of the Sun through the arc it traces in our sky.

This is the first time I truly understand WHY 144, 432 and the 360 cycle are connected…
369 pops up everywhere, and in numeric reduction, or paritising of numbers, the 9 is ALWAYS dicardable, or equal to 0. So 369 really is 360.

Quote:One of Cathie’s most impressive “harmonic” renderings of the Earth as a CU is the distance from the center of the earth to the average height of the atmosphere. This value is given as 4320 arc-minutes, which reduces down to 432, the number of “Consecration” and the fundamental vibration for the sixth node in the octave.

So, it would appear that the arc-minutes are indeed vital in demonstrating the Earth’s harmonic proportions. Now that we have solved for the speed of Light in harmonic time and arc-minutes, we can see why; it comes out to an exact harmonic of 144.

Tesla once said : “If you only knew the magnificence of 3 6 and 9, you would know the key to the universe”.

What if he meant the sound ? the vibrations ?

Because, when you take the Solfeggio frequencies :

01 = 174 Hz
02 = 285 Hz
Ut = 396 Hz
Re = 417 Hz
Mi = 528 Hz
Fa = 639 Hz
Sol = 741 Hz
La = 852 Hz
09 = 963 Hz

You can see the symmetric position of 3 6 and 9.
Also, there are 111Hz between every frequency.

Also, when going one step further DOWN in frequency, we have 63 (174-111=63).

The last frequency, 963, when adding 111, goes back to the lowest, 174 (963+111= 10 + 7 + 4)

But there is more to this :

If we reduce the numbers :


This also correlates perfectly with what I’ve shown before :

[Image: PmgTC1n.png][Image: GHiwBf7.png]

They are the patterns formed by sequences 124857 and 369, and 142857 and 369.
Notice how the used digits are the same as in the Solfeggio frequencies.
Combined :

[Image: ez12xko.png]

These sequences must be representing the frequencies, and the patterns are formed by the frequencies.

Now, we know sound, vibration, is pressure waves pressing DOWN in a certain frequency.

I’m beginning to see that gravity is sound. It is the downward pressure of vibration. But at the large scale of things, like the solar system, that for instance produces very long wavelengts, very low sounds well below the middle C-note. We cannot hear or feel such low vibrations, but they create the gentle but continuus pressure, and that pressure causes clumping together of certain patterns of energy, and at those very low frequencies sollidifies into matter. I think it’s how the formation and structure of planets arrises.

David Icke once mentioned this aswel I believe, but I can’t find the reference.

Matter is hold together by gravity, and as we can see in vids like this :

…matter is also hold together in patterns, by sound vibrating at certain frequencies.

I can only conclude the logical conclusion, that gravity is the pressure wave caused by vibration, holding matter together.

However, I can’t provide a more detailed explanation yet. Just pointing out the correlations.

Another peculiar thing :

[Image: LfbFuRM.jpg][Image: 23szn69.gif]

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (03-05-2013 09:29 PM)

Some more things I found regarding these numbers which are just very interesting :

The inner core of the earth measures 1440 miles in diameter.

But apparently there is also a core within the inner core, measuring 360 miles in diameter.

Quote:Engulfed in the inner core, like a pit in a peach, lies a 360-mile-wide inner inner core.

They found an obvious change in anisotropy, or wave speed with direction, in an area 360 miles in diameter surrounding the very bottom of the world.

This core within a core within a core makes up one 10,000th of the Earth’s volume.

In the innermost inner core waves travel most slowly at a 45 degree angle to Earth’s axis, as opposed to an east-west direction in the rest of the inner core

The solid iron sphere sits in the path of jets and currents roiling the outer core fluids like a big rock in a flowing stream. These patterns of flow might have been altered after the inner core reached a diameter of 360 miles.

So basically we have a core of 360, and around that a core of 1440 miles. The composition of the inner inner core changes at 360 miles. The normal inner core then, changes at 1440 miles.

If we look a bit closer at this, we see, once again, the same correlation between the 360 degrees in a full circle and the natural harmonics ratio of 144 and 432 :

360 x 4 = 1440
1440 / 432 = 3.33

As pointed out before, the frequency defines the pattern, and the correlation between this and the ratio’s of the natural frequencies are apparent:

Solfeggio ratio’s show us :
174Hz (3)
258Hz (6)
396Hz (9)
417Hz (3)
528Hz (6)
639Hz (9)
750Hz (3)
861Hz (6)
972Hz (9)

…with 111Hz between each, and they are a series of 369.
528Hz (the 5th frequency) is considered the divine frequency and has the surprising ability to heal DNA :…ncies.html

528Hz corresponds to the middle “C” note.

If we spread 432Hz with the same ratio :

987-111=876 (3)
876-111=765 (9)
765-111=654 (6)
654-111=543 (3)
543-111=432 (9)
432-111=321 (6)
321-111=210 (3)
210-111=099 (9)

Same series of 369, and 432Hz is the 5th frequency in the scale, as we would have expected. However the natural spread is not like this, that is why the Solfeggio scale is called a “pseudo-science”.

If we take a look at the way the frequencies are correctly spread in nature :

[Image: nU8gFiz.png]
[Image: BZLhXA2.png]

108,216,432,864 (= 9,9,9,9)

Simply look at the symmetry, and look at the 3′, 6’s and 9’s.
Same symmetry is portrayed in the patterns we see formed from those, and the numbers coded within the patterns…

108Hz = 9 x 12 = (3×3) x (3+3+3+3)
216Hz = 18 x 12 = 6x6x6 = 6³ = [(3×3)+(3×3)] x (3+3+3+3)
432Hz = 216 x 2 = (9+9+9+9) x (3+3+3+3) = [(3×3)+(3×3)+(3×3)+(3×3)] x (3+3+3+3)
864Hz = 432 x 2 = (3x3x3)+(3x3x3)+(3×3)+(3×3) x (3+3+3+3)

These are all A-notes, spread in perfect symmetry.
108 = divine source, the christed conciousness.
432 = a symmetrically shifted vibration of the divine source.

144Hz = 12 x 12 = (3+3+3+3) x (3+3+3+3)
288Hz = 24 x 12 = [(3+3+3+3) x (3+3+3+3)] + [(3+3+3+3) x (3+3+3+3)]
576Hz = 48 x 12 = [(3+3+3+3)x(3+3+3+3)]+[(3+3+3+3)x(3+3+3+3)]+[(3+3+3+3)x(3+3+3+3)]+[(3+3+3+3)x(3+3+3+3)]

These are D-notes, again perfect symmetry.

The other notes all convey the same similarity, all compressed 3’s, 6’s and 9’s.

Quote:Also, the diameter of Jupiter is 144,000 miles.

The Great pyramide of Gizah was originally encased with 144,000 cover stones.

Our Sun travels around the centre of the galaxy at a speed of 800,000 km per hour. One cycle takes about 1440 years (1400 and a bit).

Our galaxy travels around the central point of the local group at 144,000 km per hour.

The local group sears through the universe at 1,332,000 km per hour.

144,000 = 12 x 12 x 1,000
800,000 = 6.66.. x 12 x 10,000
1,332,000 = 111 x 12 x 1,000

144,000 = also 432 x 333.333…

(9)^9 = 387,420,489



We will go on to another part of the subject, showing some other peculiarities and strange correlations between 432, 111, fibonacci numbers and the Mayan counting system and how even their own method of counting has some hidden similarities with all of the above mentioned.

First notice :

432 x 60 = 144 x 180 = 25,920 years = The Great Year.


As opposed to our 10 base counting system, the Mayans counted with 5 different bases, and counted from right to left. It was written down from right to left as 5 coordinates.

The system comprises of five wheels operating within each other. The inner smallest wheel (the number to the right) was from 1-20, the one to the left of that from 1-17, the next from 1-19, then from 1-19 and the last outer wheel from 1-12.

The first coordinate to the right was a multiple of 1, second multiple of 20, then 360, then 7200, and finally the outer wheel, the biggest cycle, a multiple of 144,000.


11 x 144,000 = 1,584,000
5 x 7,200 = 36,000
17 x 360 = 6,120
4 x 20 = 80
8 x 1 = 8
————————– +
1,626,208 days

/365 = 4,455.36438 years

Now here are some peculiarities when counting like this, and then looking at the corresponding numbers converted into our year-count. Remember, in themselves the numeric patterns don’t mean much, but look at the big picture, and notice AGAIN that they emerge always in correlation with fixed numbers, dates, frequencies, celestial patterns, etc…here once more, this time in the counting system of the mayan calendar.

Remember, right to left…

11 x 360 = 3,960
11 x 20 = 220
11 x 1 = 11
—————– +
4,191 days

/365 = 11.482191 78082191… years.

11 x 144,000 = 1,584,000
11 x 7,200 = 79,200
11 x 360 = 3,960
11 x 20 = 220
11 x 1 = 11
————————- +
1,667,391 days

A few peculiar things about this date :

1,667,391 / 11 = 151,581
151,581 / 9 = 16842.333 333 333…

1,667,391 / 9 = 185,265.666 666 666…
1,667,391 / 99 = 1669.0600 600 600…

1,667,391 = 114 (6+6+7=1; 3+9+1=4)

1,667,391 – 151,581 = 1,515,810 = 1 11 9

1,667,391 + 151,581 = 1,818,972 = 9999

I don’t know what the hell it means, but this is beyond coincidence…it’s all way beyond chance imo…

6 x 360 = 2,160
6 x 20 = 120
6 x 1 = 6
—————- +
2,286 days

/365 = 6.26301369 86301369…

9 x 144,000 = 1,296,000
9 x 7,200 = 64,800
9 x 360 = 3,240
9 x 20 = 180
9 x 1 = 9
———————— +
1,364,229 days

/365 = 3737.61369 86301369 (= The 13th bak’tun) -> 12/21/12 allignment !

13 x 144,000 = 1,872,000 (1+8+7+2 = 9)

/365 = 5125.36 years (5+1+2+5.3+6 = 13.9 -> ?)

-> ? = 13 / 9 = 1.444 444 444…Jhikpghf

5125.36 x 13 = 66,629.68 (6+6+6+2+9.6+8 = 11.14)

If we now look at the first 12 fibonacci numbers :


This is a rotating spiral, circling within a perfect square : 12×12 = 144

1x1x2x3x5x8x13x21x34x55x89x144 = 1,570,247,078,400

1,570,247,078,400 / 299,792,458 (speed of light) = 5237.78

5237.78 years – 5125.36 years = 112.42 years = 111 + 1.11 + 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.01

Very bizar…

More correlations with 360 and 144,000 :

360 x 400 = 144,000

400 / 3 = 133.333 333…
400 / 6 = 66.666 666…
400 / 9 = 44.444 444…

-> 133.333+66.666+44.444 = 144.444…

400 x 1.11 = 444 (=3)
400 x 2.22 = 888 (=6)
400 x 3.33 = 1332 (=9)

-> Sum is 2664

400 x 4.44 = 1776 (=3)
400 x 5.55 = 2220 (=6)
400 x 6.66 = 2664 (=9)

-> Sum is 6660. There are also 3 sixes in these results…

400 x 7.77 = 3108 (=3)
400 x 8.88 = 3552 (=6) (3108+3552=6660)
400 x 9.99 = 3996 (=9)

-> Sum is 10656 (1+5=6)

There is one more oddity that I’d like to show you guys :

Quote:144,000 / 111 = 1297.297 297…

-> 144+297 = 441

Quote:144,000 / 222 = 648.648 648…

-> 648-144 = 504
-> 1440-504 = 936

Quote:144, 000 / 333 = 432.432 432…

-> 432-144 = 288 = 144×2

Quote:144,000 / 444 = 324.324 324…

-> 324-144 = 180

Quote:144,000 / 555 = 259.459 459

-> 1440 – 459 = 981 = 81 x 12.111 111…
-> 1440 – 59 = 1381 = 111 x 12.441 441…

Quote:144,000 / 666 = 216.216 216…

-> 216+144 = 360

Quote:144,000 / 777 = 185.328 185 328 185…

-> 185-144 = 41
-> 1440/185 = 7.783 783… (Shoemann…)
-> 185/111 = 1.666 666…

Quote:144,000 / 888 = 162.162 162…

-> 162-144 = 18

Quote:144,000 / 999 = 144.144 144…

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (03-07-2013 12:34 AM)

More fibonacci weirdness…

I found the same sequence of 3 6 9 in the fibonacci sequence.

The first 25 fibonacci numbers :

In fibonacci, every next number is the sum of the two previous ones…

Appart from that, no obvious correlations…or are there ?

Multiply every two following numbers, and keep reducing them. So multiply 1st with 2nd, 2nd with 3rd, 3rd with 4th, etc… :

[Image: RyAHCkV.png]

We see again the same thing we have been seeing all over the place, this must be the hundredth time over I stumble upon the same sequence : 124578 and 369. Always hidden in the numbers.

But, as usual, there is more :

From these results, add them upp two by two :

[Image: Yo3swol.png]

Add them up again and we see something strange again :

3+3 = 6
9+6 = 6
6+9 = 6

Now looking back at the first sequence :

[Image: tgSjxvQ.png]

Considering the 45 being at the centre of the spiral (fibonacci nubers produce a spiral), we can see once more the digits pair up as they spiral outward : 4+5, 6+3, 7+2, 8+1, and then just the 9 without a suitable ‘pair’ (9 pairs with itself before collapsing), which is when the full circle is reached, and is the end of the first rotation of the spiral. 3 and 6 always sit closest outside the centre of the spiral.

[Image: G6AIDRY.png]

You need to look at it like this : Everything expands and contracts from the centre like a sine wave, but in 3D (+time as a projection in the 4th to make progression of the spiral possible through 3D). 4 and 5 are where the centre bond is strongest. 4 and 5 are also the digit-pair closest to each other. The 3 and 6 form the first boundary beyond it. The pairs further from the centre have expanded further, resulting in a larger wave length, but weaker bond to the centre. As you go outward, you can also see the digit pairs becoming further from each other (6<->3, 7<->2, 8<->1, 9<-> ?)

I placed a “?” with the 9, because this point is significant. At the outer edge, where the 9 is, is where the spiral reaches a full circle (full 360 degree rotation), but it is also where the bond to the centre becomes so weak that the wave collapses back unto the centre by rolling over. The “?” is to point out that, as opposed to all other digits, the 9 has NOTHING to bond with (0 doesn’t exist as a digit, only as a marker of transition/normalization). So it bonds with itself (9<->9), and then collapses. 5 has 4 as digit-pair, 6 has 3, 7 has 2 and 8 has 1. As the wave expands, the bond to the centre becomes weaker and the digits grow further apart, until the 9 is reached, and there is nothing more to bond to. So the bond with the centre becomes ‘nill’ and the wave collapses back onto the centre point, and this process starts again.
The result of this is indeed the ‘double torus’ that drives all energy from ‘within’.

[Image: 2Wv7EGT.png]

The spiral then goes on to the second rotation, and the exact same pattern is repeated but with more complexity (higher numbers, but same root digits). At the same time, the underlying pattern becomes less obvious, but it’s still there. Where ever you look, you see the same thing in the numbers. Same design, same patterns. Combinations of 124578 and 369.
124578 can be seen as the visible energy (normal matter and energy), 369 as the ‘hidden’ part (anti-matter and anti-‘energy?’). 369 seems to be the driving force and the ‘glue’ that both drives and maintains the spiral, but is hidden from normal view.

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (03-09-2013 04:43 AM)

Another strange one :

Golden numbers are 1,1,2,3,5,8,….

The ratio between them is PHI : 1.61803399

When you do this :

1.61803399 / 1.12358 = 1.4400…

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (03-09-2013 04:50 AM)

The 142857 sequence Oddities :

142857×1 = 142857
142857×2 = 285714
142857×3 = 428571
142857×4 = 571428
142857×5 = 714285
142857×6 = 857142
142857×7 = 999999

Vertical and Horizontal result, same digits and same pattern.
x7 = 999999

142+857 = 999

Sqrt(142857) = 20408122449
20408+122449 = 142857

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (03-10-2013 02:01 AM)

(1.61803399)pwr144 = 1242282148003351441363799150992.3

(1.61803399)pwr11.2358 = 222.91

222.91 x 1.61803399 = 360.6759…

1.61803399)pwr11.17144 = 216.11896923954189097299909936372

216 + 144 = 360

(1.12358)pwr11 = 3.60283…

1.12358 x 99 = 111.2344

1.61803399 / 1.114 = 1.414365…

1.61803399 / 0.144024 = 11,234474740321057601510859301228

1.61803399 x 111.2344… = 179.98… (half a circle)

Quote:The Maya knew the exact length of the solar year (365.24 days) but retained 360 as the tun, a time period
embedded into the Long Count Calendar.

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (03-10-2013 07:51 PM)

3.14 isn’t exactly ‘the’ square root of 186,000. It is more like dividing by the 10th power of 3. But still, it is beyond coincidence.

186,000 / (3)pwr10 = 3.1499…

There are even more correlations when dividing 186000 by 3’s, like you described :

186,000 / (3)pwr2 = 20,666.666…

186,000 / (3)pwr3 = 6888.888… (like you mentioned)

186,000 / (3)pwr5 = 765.432…

186,000 / (3)pwr6 = 255.144…

186,000 / (3)pwr10 = 3.1499…

If we take the speed of light in km/sec, rounded to 300,000 :

So 300,000km/sec + 144,000 = 444,000

444,000 / 1414 = 3.14…

666 / 212 = 3.1415…

Some more brain candy :

If you look at dimensions simply from a spacial perspective, you also get cool things :

If we take a 3D 6-sided cube :

[Image: xYc4rZB.png]

It is 1 cube, 6 sides : 1 and 6

If we draw this cube out into 4D, we have to consider that each side of the cube is extrapolated into another cube, which would give us this :

[Image: V7n0aXO.png]

It is 7 cubes (1+6). This shape is 30-sided (5×6).

But if we then extrapolate this shape further into 5D, we have to exptrapolate each side again. By extrapolating 6 sides again, we get this :

[Image: fxSMzOh.png]

But the 4D shape, however, does not have 6 sides…it has 30 (5×6), so we have to extrapolate every 30 sides with the 4D shape :

[Image: fcGlDPJ.png]

This pic is not complete, I kinda lost track. Simply mental…

The full picture is 217 cubes (7×30 + the 7 cubes allready in the middle). It is 120-sided (30×4).

If we would extrapolate that further into 6D, we get another eary conclusion :

26257 cubes,…and 360 sides !

The relationship would be as follows :

cubes -> 1

sides -> 6

cubes -> 1×6 +1 = 7

sides -> 6 x 5 = 30

cubes -> 7 x 30 + 7 = 217

sides -> 30 x 4 = 120

cubes -> 217 x 120 + 217 = 26040

sides -> 120 x 3 = 360

(important thing also : 26040 / 360 = 72.333… -> one degree of arc)[/b]

In even more simple words :
Take the amount of cubes X the amount of sides + the amount of cubes (the one(s) allready in the middle), and you have the volume of cubes in the next dimension up.

for surface, the sides go by a multiplication of 5->4->3 as you go up…

A more visual way to see the correlations :

[Image: sWIdji7.png]

To get from 3D to 6D, for surface area, you need to do 3 extrapolations of 6 (=666 doomed)

Not really sure however to which extend it would add up in real time though…a skillfull algebra freak however could work out the correct formula, because the correlation is clearly identical throughout…
But weirdly enough, while you cannot create a mandelbrot fractal by ‘inputting’ pi into the equasion, pi can always be deduced from the number of iterations resulting from redefining X into a smaller value (1, 0.1, 0.01,…). The number of iterations (n) will show you ever increasing approximations of pi :

[Image: HAqWOCy.png][Image: GNYTMrx.png]

Also notice that both pi and the speed of light are approximations to a number, but cannot be reached in reality :

PI is an irrational number, and no matter how many decimals you define, you can never define the exact number. You can never reach the exact approximation. It tries to define a circle, or better yet, in 3D, a sphere, but a perfect sphere can never be reached. If you zoom in enough into the smaller parts of the circle, or the sphere, you would see that they are actually nothing but a bunch of straight lines. When zooming out, they form the curve.

The speed of light is a speed which is allmost 300,000,000 m/s, but not quite. It is 299,792,458 m/s. Weirdly enough, the actual speed of light can never be reached, because the mass of an object will become infinite while getting ever closer to the actual speed. You approximate the speed of light to 99.9 or 99.999999999…% but you can never reach 100%, because of the exponential increase in mass.

Light expands in all directions at once. In 3D, it expands in a sphere. But knowing pi, we know that a perfect sphere can never be reached. I think that is exactly why the speed of light is also an approximation, and the exact speed can never be reached. I think even phontons, allthough thought to be massless, can never reach the true speed of light, but they approximate indefinitely.

Pi  Wrote: (04-15-2013 02:17 AM)

You got how the dimensions work wrong.

Watch this and it will open up your theory even further.

This information gives rise to what most don’t see and tries into known quantum effects.
What we perceive as a total reality is just a fraction if infinite possibilities piled on top of each other.

Don’t get hung up on the numbers, you mind already interprets reality and all those mega long calculations and waveforms perfectly. The mind is ten dimensional.

Once you hit 5d the the law of association is no longer valid as you go up the dimensions the rules of mathematics all start to fail. At higher dimensions you cannot exclude any number than is not Zero also being Zero simultaneously. Using simple mathematic you will never be able to make Higher dimensional computations…but you don’t need to as your mind already does this as a part of it’s nature and existence.

Most of this kind of mathematics has put people on the lonney bin Godel for one. Trying to compare One infinity with another of different size has been seen to be necessary for mathematic but no-one has cracked it. Ask yourself why they need to be able to do that function……only a short jump form there to classified Military projects involving levitating objects.

I like Marco Rodin but he is only demonstrating Russel cubic waveforms in transition as the form of all Matter, Walter Russel had already thought of that.
Brucie Cathie at least understands the ancient mathematics of adding, subtracting and Multiplying waves but the Egyptians were doing that thousands of years ago using geometry and vectors.

Unless Marco makes some devices that do what J.Hutchinson can do and show the practical applications of his mathematic/philosophy then he will never be taken seriously by mainstream science.

Actually dimensions are not arrising from the numbers at all. The posts above try to show PATTERNS and SYMMETRY in the numbers and how they RELATE to dimensions, and what can be done using numbers…But when trying to show how dimensions themselves work, you have to look somewhere else. They arrise from sound. Study the chromatic scale and musical harmonics, number parity and it’s hidden symmetries, then study the works of haramein and Johan Oldenkamp, and then the work of melchizedek…then come back and we’ll discuss it…Cheer

Cathie mentions vibrational sine waves, but she actually doesn’t even incorporate more then 2 dimensions, cause then she would have represented them as vorteces…so she’s right regarding the number patterns, but her theory can’t even apply to explain multiple dimensions…

btw, forget the 5th, because you’ll have to learn how to move into and through the 4th first. If you allready did, you wouldn’t be here…

Wanna see something cool ?

My family was involved in the occult stuff, unknown to me until recently, after I had a remission from brain cancer.


I have this series of photos taken of me in a church, during a lunar eclipse 3 days after my birth, you can see the full moon through the oculus in the church roof.

[Image: MiovbuQ.jpg]

No coincidence that the radius of the moon is 1080 miles, and my full name = 1080

The moon is 27% the size of the Earth

Dividing 72 by 27 gives you the same number you get by dividing 144,000 by 540 ( The real number of the beast )

266.6666666666667 ( Only the decimal place changes )

My last name = 540

My middle name, ” Isaac ” meaning ” he will laugh ”

Isaac = 33

1080/33 = 32.272727272727273

Of course, the harmonic series itself is in my name as well

1080 = 1
540 = 1/2
Last name ( 3rd of name ) = 1/3

1, 1/2, 1/3

What was in the beginning ?

The word

Words are spoken with overtones

represented by

[Image: YfeRi7Y.jpg]

How did they pull that off ?

doomed anybody ?
Don’t ask me how I came up with these numbers…LOL

Area of Circle 186,282
487.012 = Diameter of Circle

487 Ht of Pyramid x PI = 1530
1530/2 = 765
765 x 4 = 3060
3060 Sum Sphere Math = 77.7
77.7 x 78.7 = 3058
Pretty darn close….don’t know if it’s relevant or not.
Seemed cool though.
777 = Light
Cotton Balls….your 1080 is the Base Diagonal number
I showed it as 540 x 2

[Image: WrBeCH1.jpg]
Want to know something you probably didn’t know ?
You have the secret of 369 embedded in you :

1080 = 1
540 = 1/2
Last name ( 3rd of name ) = 1/3

1080+540+360=1980 = 18 = 9

—– +




266.66×9.9= 2639.934 -> carry the 2 -> 639.936

33.333-2.666= 30.666…
33.333+2.666= 35.999…

30.666…+35.999…= 66.666…

266.666 + 99 = 365.666 (1 year + 666)

266.666 / 99 = 2,69359…

144/33 = 4.36

540/33 = 16.363636… (and 16 = 4×4)

1080/33 = 32.727272…(and 32 = (4×4)+(4×4) ; 72 = 36+36 )
->do you see the symmetry hidden there ?

In case anyone is interested.
Here are the Corresponding Sound Notes
B 4 = 487
G 5 = 765 Sound is 768
G 6 = 1530
G 7 = 3060
Sphere Sum 3060 = 77.7

G 5 = 777

A little story in those there numbers….LOL.

[quote=’CyberCyrus’ pid=’5323364′ dateline=’1362446597′]
Tesla once said : “If you only knew the magnificence of 3 6 and 9, you would know the key to the universe”.

What if he meant the sound ? the vibrations ?

Because, when you take the Solfeggio frequencies :

01 = 174 Hz
02 = 285 Hz
Ut = 396 Hz
Re = 417 Hz
Mi = 528 Hz
Fa = 639 Hz
Sol = 741 Hz
La = 852 Hz
09 = 963 Hz

You can see the symmetric position of 3 6 and 9.
Also, there are 111Hz between every frequency.

Also, when going one step further DOWN in frequency, we have 63 (174-111=63).

The last frequency, 963, when adding 111, goes back to the lowest, 174 (963+111= 10 + 7 + 4)

But there is more to this :

If we reduce the numbers :


This also correlates perfectly with what I’ve shown before :

[Image: PmgTC1n.png][Image: GHiwBf7.png]

They are the patterns formed by sequences 124857 and 369, and 142857 and 369.
Notice how the used digits are the same as in the Solfeggio frequencies.

1980 = 9
1/9 = 0.111…

sqrt(1980) = 44.4971… (representing 444->movement into higher reality)

my first name = 17
last name = 1246112 = 71 or 17

17/71=0.2394366…->carry the two= 0.396366

5+28=33 = 6
33×17=561 = 3
33×144 = 4752 = 9

Here ya Go Cyber Cyrus
I made this chart a while back
It’s The Sphere Sum Values
I almost never do any Math with cross referencing this to see if any of the numbers are significant.
There is so, so much to see in this.
Dates, Atomic weights, Frequencies, Units of Measurement, etc.
My Holy Grail to Numbers…LOL
[Image: m3Zedqy.jpg]

a little more on 72 and 27

The 72 disciples sent by Jesus. (Lk 10,1)

The 70 ancients accompanying Moses that received an outpouring of the spirit, plus the 2 absent ones which had remained in the camp, Eldad and Medad. (Nb 11,25-26)

The 72 races resulting from Noah. They are enumerated in chapter 10 of the Genesis. There are fifteen descendants by Japhet, thirty by Cham, twenty-seven by Sem. The list is arbitrary since the descendants of Peleg are not taken into account, and that the fathers are counted at the same time that their sons.

The 72 languages confused to the Tower of Babel.

In the Gospel according to Philip and in the Gospel of the childhood of Jesus, it is written that one day, while he was youth, Jesus entered in the dyeing of Levi. He took 72 colors and threw them in the cauldron. Then Levi was in anger, but Jesus “take out them all white and tells: ‘It is thus indeed that the Son of the Man is come as dyer'”.

Osiris was enclosed in a coffin by 72 disciples and accomplices of Thyphon.

The life duration of the ovule is 72 hours.

The mass of the Moon is the 72th of that the Earth.

The volume of Saturn is 72 times of that the Earth.

It is the average number of cardiac pulsations of the man per minute.

Percentage of water of which the human body is composed.

The number 72 is used 4 times in the Bible.

In the Bible, 72 numbers written in their cardinal form are multiple of twelve.

The word curse is used 72 times in the Bible: 66 times in the OT and 6 times in the NT

66+6 = 72

The above( and more ) from the website ” riding the beast ‘

and for 27

Number of generations from David to the Christ according to the Gospel of Matthew. (Mt 1,1-17)

The New Testament of the Bible of Jerusalem contains 27 books.

The 27th (3x3x3) book of the Protestant Bible edition contains 3x3x3x30 verses. The 3rd book contains 3x3x3 chapters and 3x3x3x3x3x3+130 verses. The 3 first books of the Bible have 3x3x13 chapters.

The last book of the New Testament, is the 27th, the feast of the John the Revelator is celebrated on December 27.

The number 27 is used 6 times in the Bible.

The book of the Acts of the Apostles in the NT uses on the whole 27 different numbers, which are numbers 1 to 12, 14, 15, 20, 40, 70, 75, 120, 200, 276, 400, 450, 3000, 4000, 5000 and 50000.

The number 500 is used 27 times in the Bible.

Among the 365 different numbers found in the Bible, 27 of them are prime numbers, counting the number one.

The above also from ” riding the beast ”


Just tossing it out for thought, there’s definitely some stories to the numbers.

I know offhand that 1080 ( number of the holy spirit derived by dividing 144,000 by 666 ), also radius of the moon in miles, aprox ) is a product of 27*40, and accordingly, the number 40 is used in the bible quite a few times.

see following

So, 15 times, the number 40 is used in the bible

lo and behold:

1080/72 = 15
1080/27 = 40

40/15 = 2.666666666666667 <–that’s a familiar number

Guess I’ll have to compile a list of the numbers and frequencies the numbers are used in the bible and play around with them for a few days

wisdom, 222 times
Elohim , 33 times
number 7, 137 times

etc, etc, etc

well have to look for series, infinite series, divergent series, etc.

Those are where physics constants will probably start to show up, I’m guessing.

The atomic number of the highest allowed element on the periodic table allowed by the Bohr Model and the Dirac equation….

…is 137 doomed the Golden Angle


Read More – [SOURCE : ]



They’re all pyramids! – Insights Into Gematria & Sacred Mathematics

They’re all pyramids

Original Post:

Some mind expansion for the pyramid lovers out there…

These structures are of a single global race, or even a single mind, and most are much older then the lies they always ‘make’ believe…

Semir connects them all, no matter where on the globe, and explains the hidden connections… Heartflowers

Back From The Future  Wrote: (04-14-2013 07:21 PM)

Cotton Balls  Wrote: (04-14-2013 07:00 PM)

And 144,000/432 = ?

That should be related to our calendar year vs Speed of Light.
Points to a date of 12,000 BC
Again Time is involved… a frequency of 432 was a good catch on your part.

I find it simply amazing that they knew so much about the Physics of Time, Light, Sound, Gravity, Electrostatic Energy, Spherical Inverse Propagation, etc..

Just mind melting…..therefore I put nothing past them as far as how advanced they could have been.
Time Travel Bio-Location portals included.

And to think, the entire World knew of this at one time…wow.

Let’s expand on it a bit

144,000/432 = 333.3333333333333

144 = F_12 ( The 12th number in the Fibonacci series )

This is interesting for several reasons

The 33rd prime in pi is 137

144-137 = 7

How many times is the number 7 used in the Book of Revelation ?

137 times.

137 is a number representing the Alpha Constant, among other things..

The Alpha Constant is a combination of : e – electron charge, h – Planck constant, c – speed of light.

e ” = ~ 2.71828….

What’s the first self-locating string in pi ?




32+79 = 111

111 = the constant in the Babylonian magic square with a total of 666

First 144 digits in pi = 666

144-33 = 111

etc, etc, ad infinitum

Like you, I have noticed some strange things chuckle


Here’s Gizah, top-down :

[Image: djF4Xll.jpg]

I drew two lines to show the angle like the three stars of Orion.
So from first to second is a straight line, then from second to third, there’s an angle.

[Image: UsnuY4d.jpg]

I’ve considered only two things :

1. the length from the tip of the 1st to the tip of the 2nd pyramid is 36mm from this height. The length from 2nd to 3rd is also 36mm. So the distance in between all three tips is the same.

2. The angle (from 2nd to 3rd) is 12°.

By doing this, I noticed something :

If you continue this trend, by going on to a 4th point following the same length and angle of 12°, and keep doing that over and over, you will end up with a full circle.

[Image: QPBvl3e.jpg][Image: WPm4aCX.jpg]

Moreover, with an angle of 12°, layed out exactly ! 30x over a length of 36mm from point to point, you get back to the same point, the tip of the 1st pyramid, with a full 360° circle made…

Notice that this isn’t the golden mean. It’s a relationship of PI. (The PHI spiral is supposed to originate somewhere near to Abu Gorab and Abusir, and crosses the 3 main pyramids and the red pyramid at Dahshur…)

I didn’t even bother with the underlying math right now, cause it’s obvious it’s a relationship of pi, and I wanted to show you this. Also, I’m having trouble getting a bigger image to extend it fully round.

Don’t know if this is what the builders also intended, but still, quite a nice property hidden in the structure, no ? Don’t think this has been discussed b4, and maybe deserves some deeper study ? ….


Another interesting bit, and I’m not trying to steer this into a religious discussion.

[Image: 4cNLQ7y.jpg]

[Image: gW7XzjD.jpg]

[Image: BICce64.jpg]

137 atoms in both Hemoglobin (carries O2 in Human blood ) and chlorophyll ( a molecule that captures light and extracts energy in reaction centers with and just happens to be shaped like a 5-pointed star, iow, a pentagram ) So, kinda neat that turning light into charge separation by way of something called ” Förster resonance energy transfer ” happens in little pentagram-shaped molecules.

They also differ by one ion ( hemoglobin/chlorophyll ) afaik.


I’ll just add this because it is a curiosity that seems related.

In the Babylonian magic square, each row adds up to 111, the whole square totals 666.

In the magic square associated with the moon, the constant is 369( Tesla’s favorite numbers, remember ? )

[Image: 4QCNve9.jpg]

9 rows that add up to 369

369*9 = 3321

33*21 = 693 ( The same 3 numbers used in the constant of the magic square )

The interesting thing here is that Thoth supposedly gambled with the moon to add 5 days to our year, by taking 1/72 of the light from each day, to make our year 365 days.

360*72 = 5

[Image: kVBccZ7.jpg]

The same way we make a pentacle/polygon inside a circle.

1080, the approximation of equatorial radius of the moon in miles.

666, the sum of the Babylonian magic square, also sum of the first 144 digits in pi.

1080/666 = ~ Phi ( The Golden Proportion )

Of course, those numbers are in the infamous Bible too,lol.

Where light is turned into charge separation in chlorophyll molecules:

Reaction center

[Image: lSDB2p4.png]

Hope you don’t mind Cyber Cyrus,
I’ll tackle the Mars question.
From what I understand Cairo means Mars.
So no the face is not an illusion, nor is the Larger Face of the Lion next to it either.
Both are in the same area.
The whole area looks like a battle zone…like something catastrophic happened there.

And if you overlay Orion with it, you get this (it’s not measured out, but it is proportionate, so forgive the slight inaccuracies. It was done quickly) :

[Image: 6e1Q907.jpg]

That’s Betlegeuse at the centre of the circle :

[Image: otPxMLK.jpg]

Some correlations :

[Image: HeDmJaX.jpg][Image: UVIKWRY.jpg]

See if you can place the diagram for deriving Euler’s number from a circle, just for fun, because it starts with 2.7.

[Image: Z95CVkv.jpg]


The moon is 27% of the size of the Earth

27 and 72 are both numbers that seem to have great importance, so I decided to divide them by each other, out of curiosity about mirroring and boustrophedonics.

72/27 = 2.666666666666667

So, knowing a little bit about things, how the moon is associated with many deities, but also this silly antichrist business, AKA Allister Crowley’s ” Moonchild “, etc, I looked up the word ” beast ” in Hebrew, which as it turns out has a value of 540, and not 666 like everybody spouts. ( I am aware there are many different methods of gematria leading do differing results, this is just one I found )

The thing that people don’t seem to grasp about the verse in the bible about ” number of the beast ” is that there would be no point to giving the riddle and the answer to the riddle at the same time.

It’s like the biggest puzzle of all time chuckle

So, if you divide 144,000 by 540 ( The real number associated with the Hebrew word ” beast “, which is ” Tanniyn ” spelled slightly differently sometimes ) you get ?

144,000/540 = 266.6666666666667

So, the skinny here is that these numbers are not by mistake.

144,000/666 = 216.2162162162162

216*5 = 1080

144,000/1080 = 133.3333333333333

133.3333333333333*5 = 666.6666666666667

Notice that 27 is given in the end of two numbers above, 1080 , the number associated in Greek with the Holy Spirit, and 666, the number associated with the devil, lol.

But the real number of the beast is started with 2, and ends with 7, plus it has all those little 6’s everybody is afraid of.

” Holy Spirit ” divided by the ” devil ” = God’s own fingerprint.

The bible even states many times that ” God made ” good and evil ” , but show most Christians these things and their brains short circuit. chuckle

1080/666 = ~ Phi

All about Phi

[Image: K2zF4Eg.jpg]

It has also been noted that the Tetragrammaton occurs 153 times in the Book of Genesis. ”

This is interesting because the alphanumeric relationships of the letters in the Tetragrammaton also seem to point to Phi again !

[Image: GbegKE9.jpg]

What after reading the Wikipedia page and seeing this:

[Image: ZY9cYCH.jpg]

Well, first, if you subtract the last number of the 4th factorial pyramid, which is 33, from the last number of the 5th factorial, which is 153, you get 120.

If you multiply 120 by 3, you 360 ( The number of degrees in a circle )

The square root of 153 (i.e. 12.369) is the amount of full moons in one year. (Sent by James Furia by email dt 16th June, 2009) ”

^^^ That’s interesting because of the constant of the magic square associated with the moon is 369 ^^

” The length of the grand gallery inside the Great Pyramid is 153 feet. (Sent by James Furia by email dt 16th June, 2009)

Binary presentation i.e. 10011001 and hexadecimal presentation i.e. 99 of 153 are palindromes. (Sent by by email dt 29th May, 2010)

Within the Great Pyramid, from the King’s Chamber floor up to the summit platform there are 153 courses of masonry (From the Pyramidology Book #1 by Adam Rutherford). (Sent by Joe Biddy by email dt 1st October, 2010)

(11 + 55 + 33) mod 1000 = 153 (Sent by M Sihabudin, from Indonesia)

If you add the highest and lowest number from these six
135 + 531
153 + 513
315 + 351

you will get 666 ”

There are some other fascinating properties of the number 153 here:

It was interesting, but it was hard to accept the presenter’s theories after ~ 16:30 when he describes a vehicle above an entrance of a pyramid in Honduras, I just don’t see it.

Lol, it’s this one :

[Image: qCkvVZN.png]

It’s the shape of a vehicle (rightside is front, leftside is back).
Notice the cabin in the middle, and the engine at the back.
In the cabin there is a Mayan (the mayan face).

The red swirl represents the solar system, the white swirl represents the galaxy. The entire pic represents them going from our solar system through the (centre of the) galaxy, by means of some kind of ‘vehicle’.

It reminds me of this one :

[Image: mayan.png]

[Image: pacallid.jpg?w=450]

Also with the cabin in the middle with the Mayan, and the engine at the back…


If you go into the numbers, then it’s all about the underlying symmetries :

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (02-16-2013 05:19 AM)

Do you see the fibonnacci sequence ?

[Image: 5hGKBqG.png]

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, ….sitting right in front of you at the beginning of each iteration.

But there is more, Mr. Anderson.

Count which series each number appears in :

[Image: SE8yBPK.png]

Iterations 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, … again showing the same golden series of numbers.
This is the structural plan that the matrix follows to replicate it’s code upon. It has, as you can see, a reverse ‘self-check’ inside it’s programming structure.
This is the wave to ride upon, Mr. Anderson…when the time comes.
Understand opposites, Mr. Anderson. This reversal inside the code will become important soon…when the time comes…

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (02-19-2013 05:24 AM)

In the bible, Mr. Anderson, there are also hidden matrices of both words and numbers, both in the Hebrew and English texts.
Some texts reveil the existence of source, in the words, but also in the numbers…

Exodus 13-12 :

That thou shalt set apart unto the LORD all that openeth the matrix, and every firstling that cometh of a beast which thou hast; the males shall be the LORD’S.

12 / 13 = 0.9230769230769230769230769…

reduce all numbers in between 69 :

0.369 369 369 369… (reduced = 9) -> SEQUENCE 1

Exodus 13-15 :

And it came to pass, when Pharaoh would hardly let us go, that the Lord slew all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both the firstborn of man, and the firstborn of beast: therefore I sacrifice to the Lord all that openeth the matrix, being males; but all the firstborn of my children I redeem.

15 / 13 = 1.153 846 153 846 153 846 153 846…

153 = 9
846 = 9

153 + 846 = 999
846 – 153 = 693

846 / 153 = 5.5294117647058823529411764705882…

reduce all numbers behind the truth (1) :

1.153 846 153 846 153 846 153 846…

reduced = 1.9 9 9 9 9…. -> SEQUENCE 2

Divide both sequences :

1.999999999999999999999… / 0.369369369369369369369 =

5,41463 41463 41463 41463 41463 41463… -> SEQUENCE 3

We also previously talked about the meaning of 144. It is truth, accompanied by the symmetry of 44. The emergence of the conciousness of ONE.

144 = 441 = 414

(= 441144 = 441441 = 414414)

This is the same symmetry of 4’s, guarding the truth at the centre. The conciousness of ONE, containing the truth within, diguised as coming from the source (414 = 9). That is why the matrix cannot directly distinguish the ONE inside the Matrix, Neo. It can only detect the changes in flow the ONE generates. Become the source, but realise that the source is not the Matrix, so “becoming the Matrix” is impossible, and a misinterpretation of the mind. The Matrix is the result of a program created by the source. The sum of replications coming from the source. When looking at your code, the source only sees you being part of it.

Sequence 3

5,41463 41463 41463 41463 41463 41463…

Reduce the numbers in between the 63 (63=9), and it becomes :

5.963 963 963 963 963 963

Which is 369 reversed, and also 9. Let us explain 369. 9 is the source, and is guarded by 3 and 6.
The 3 is the guardian of the first sub-level. Always between groundlevel and first sub-level. The 6 is guardian of ALL sub-levels, all the way down untill the 6 becomes the 9 again. The 6 provides the last connection with the source, and allows the source to start a new iteration…we can even derive the expansion and contraction of the source from this number alone…

It is locked inside the number 369 itself.

With 9 as source, 36 or 63 is one of the first replications of the source (36=9;63=9). As being among the first, they have a special purpose, to guard the main gateways to the source.

source – top levels = 9 – 3 = 6 (= guardian of the sub-levels below)

source – sub-levels = 9 – 6 = 3 (= guardian of the top levels)

The 3 connects the top levels with the sub-levels.
The 6 connects the top levels with the source.
In this manner, the 3 is also connected to the source.

[Image: gN11Uo8.png]

With 9 at the bottom of the vortex, as startingpoint, it goes : 9->6->3->36->369 (=expansion of the Matrix), then 369->63->3->6->9 (=contraction of the Matrix). Both guards always conceil the source. The 3’s for top levels, the 6’s for bottom levels…
The depiction of the vortex is not completely accurate, because actually the 363636 and 3693693693 intertwine on the same top-level. But the sequence is correct. In your mind, try to see it 360 degrees around the 9, and in a 3D confined space while within a confined direction of time. See the truth, Mr. Anderson…

Another way to see that 3 and 6 is always directly connected with 9, and 144 with 369 :

123 x 3 = 369

456 x 6 = 2736 = 936
679 x 9 = 6111 = 63 = 9 (639) -> (679=123+456 ; 9=3+6)

369 = 9 x 41 -> 41 are the digits of 144, without the projected symmetry

441 / 41 = 10.75609756097560975609…

reduced = 10.369 369 369 369

411 / 41 = 10.02439024390243902439…

reduced = 10.639 639 639 639 639…

414 / 41 = 10.09756097560975609756…

reduced = 10.936936936936936…

144 / 41 = 3.51 219512195121951219…

reduced = 3.639639639639

411 / 369 = 1.11382113821138211…

reduced = 1.11411411411411…

114 / 369 = 0.30894308943089430894…

reduced = 0.114114114114114… (11=2)

414 / 369 = 5.529411(=4) 764705(=11) 88235294(=41) 11764705(=4)…

reduced = 5.4 11 41 4

441 / 369 = 1.1 95121 95121 95121 95121…

reduced = 1.1 963 963 963 963… (1.1 = 11)

To see that 1 is truth, just divide 41 (= truth without the symmetry of 4’s) by 369 :

41 / 369 = 0.11111111111111111111111…..

Divide naked truth by 369 :

1 / 369 = 0.00271002710027100271…

…and truth will remain, but tainted by the Matrix Source of 9 :


However, didide source by 369 :

9 / 369 = 0.02439024390243902439

reduced = 0.0639 639 639 639… (= still ONLY source)

Source is also 666, as we allready know too well :

666 / 369 = 1.80487 80487 80487 80487…

reduced = 1.9 9 9 9… (= still ONLY source)

369 is also the magic constant in the 9×9 magic square of the moon, which reveals the Moon as a seal, locked down by the 369. These are seals put into place by the architect, Mr. anderson…but there are loopholes that lead outside of the Matrix…

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (02-19-2013 09:18 AM)

Once you understand the basic mechanics of wheels within wheels, Mr. Anderson, as shown in the previous post, you will start to see the meaning of 369.

369 is, also NOT coincidentally, the number of free possible Octomino’s.
An octomino is a polyomino of order 8.

8 signifies infinity, but as we allready pointed out, the Matrix creates the illusion of infinity, finite cycles working as wheels within wheels to simulate an infinite system. That is the meaning of 8, Mr. Anderson.

If you study octomino’s, Mr. Anderson, you will quickly notice something that defines the nature of the Matrix, and that which exists within it :

Within the 369 free octomino’s, you will see that :

316 of the free octominoes have NO SYMMETRY. Their symmetry group consists only of the identity mapping. This is a blueprint for the LIFELESS Matrix, Neo ! More accurately, the artificial conciousness and construct of the Matrix.

23 of the free octominoes have an axis of reflection symmetry aligned with the gridlines. Their symmetry group has two elements, the identity and the reflection in a line parallel to the sides of the squares.
(Do notice that all HUMANS have 23 active chromosome’s, Mr. Anderson…)

5 octominoes have an axis of reflection symmetry at 45° to the gridlines. Their symmetry group has two elements, the identity and a diagonal reflection.

18 octominoes have point symmetry, also known as rotational symmetry of order 2. Their symmetry group has two elements, the identity and the 180° rotation

1 octomino has rotational symmetry of order 4. Its symmetry group has four elements, the identity and the 90°, 180° and 270° rotations

4 octominoes have two axes of reflection symmetry, both aligned with the gridlines. Their symmetry group has four elements, the identity, two reflections and the 180° rotation.

1 octomino has two axes of reflection symmetry, both aligned with the diagonals. Its symmetry group is also the dihedral group of order 2 with four elements.

1 octomino has four axes of reflection symmetry, aligned with the gridlines and the diagonals, and rotational symmetry of order 4. Its symmetry group has eight elements.

Together, these 53 octomino’s form the sum of LIVING things inside the Matrix.
THIS is a blueprint for LIFE within the Matrix, Neo ! More accurately, the conciousness of true LIFE within the Matrix. It is only your mind living within it, Neo !

Together these 369 octomino’s form the basic construction of the Matrix and everything within it.
The set of octominoes is the lowest order of polyomino set in which all eight possible symmetries are realized.

The architect had to construct the Matrix from this set, for two reasons : 1. because he cannot gain the same control if the source existed at higher orders of construction. The source must be contained within the lowest set for maintaining control over it’s devellopment and progression. And 2. because the octomino is the lowest order that realises all 8 symmetries within. He needs those 8 symmetries to be able to maintain conciousness inside the Matrix, and simulate the real word artificially.

Still, Mr. Anderson, this is only from one viewpoint and actually only represents one part of the entire blueprint, and we could also include discussing the higher sets of polyomino’s. We will leave that to your own discovery, Neo, or discuss it at some later time.

We will leave you with this, Mr. Anderson, and let this sink in in your mind…

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (02-20-2013 03:42 AM)

Back From The Future  Wrote: (02-19-2013 08:14 PM)

Here is another number for you…for me too actually.
Where is it at within the Matrix?
If my theory is right, it should be everywhere within the Matrix.

196.966569 x 0.11 = 21.66632259

And it’s source is reveiled…but is it ?

Seem a little too apparant to us, the 666 is reveiled to quickly and it’s path too short. There is more going on, we suspect…

We allready discussed the disguised path of the ONE throughout the code of the Matrix, after it’s conciousness emerges, and the symmetry of 22 reveils this possibility in between the 369…

Reduce all but the 6 and 9 :

21.66632259 = 3.66699 (= 3, 6 and 9)

Still source, so we look backwards a little deeper yet :

If we divide this partially reveiled code (incl. 22) by 369 :

21.66632259 / 369 = 0.058716321382113821138211382…

We allready see the truth within (11 11 11).

Reduce in between the truth, and we see what it conceils deeper down :


The initial code is a result from ONE conciousness, Mr. Anderson, along the way disguising as if it originated from the Matrix source, and yes, by now it is everywhere within the Matrix. The true ONE is undefined, Mr. Anderson, and the Matrix cannot distinguish it from an artificially produced 1. Something that is undefined within the Matrix is discarded untill it reaches the source, because it cannot be defined anyway. Only when it reaches the source, can it’s various parts be assymilated and re-inserted in a new iteration…

And 2 usually conceils the perfect symmetry of 11, so even deeper it is also 0.11111411411411…

Symmetry when coming from the Matrix always results from asymmetry on a lower level, but coming from the ONE, the symmetry is true and is conceiled deep within the undefined core of the ONE. When trying to define it, Neo, it will keep reveiling symmetry no matter how deep you go.…pid5245645
CyberCyrus  Wrote: (02-20-2013 06:28 AM)

LoP Guest  Wrote: (02-20-2013 06:06 AM)

Where did you learn/find out all this information anyway??

It is hidden in the construction of the Matrix itself, Mr. Anderson.

LoP Guest  Wrote: (02-20-2013 06:11 AM)

I’ve been trying to follow this thread, but numbers are a constant source of vexation to me.

Aside from that, something has rubbed me wrong about this thread from the beginning.

I simply don’t believe it’s up to me or any other human being alive at this time to “save the world”.

Jesus said “It is finished”. I believe Him.

Look around you, Mr. Anderson. All the hate, violence, death and suffering you see in your ‘reality’, do you really think this is Jesus’ idea of it being ‘finished’ ?

You see love also and caring, and other good things within the Matrix, Mr. Anderson, and that is MOST definately the ONE at work within the Matrix, but the ONE is still not freed from it.

For the true Creator it is allready finished, as stated just a few posts before, but for YOU, Neo, it is NOT. Not as long as the Matrix has you living inside it. The final result is STILL a fluctuation, Mr. Anderson, and awaiting the outcome of your CHOICES.

If you take the 23.69, Mr. Anderson, and know the 2 is also 11 :

113.69 x π = 357.16766878662359328081792624505

357.16766878662359328081792624505 + π =


Which is very close to the 360 degrees of a full circle.
But the circle is still inside a square. Notice the 144 within…
Also notice the 1.69 in the top left of this very post (temporarily).
Convergence is key, Mr. Anderson…


Quote:Golden ratio :

1 1 2 3 5 8 …


11 113 58 …

(take the left (11), and shift it to the right : 58+11=69)

113 69


23 69

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (02-20-2013 10:17 AM)

If we take a subdivision of ONE conciousness in reverse : 0.441 (144 reverse)

and add a division of 196 to it :

0.441 + 0.0196 = 0.4606

multiply it with a subdivision of 369 :

0.4606 x 0.369 = 0.169 961 4

(= 169 and 961 which is 169 reverse. Mind the 4, and where it is coming from…)

0.1699614 + 196.966569 (YOUR NUMBER) = 197,136

197,136 is also the 444 square !

444 x 444 = 197,136

—- +
234 reduced

444 – 234 = 210

210 x 210 = 44100…pid5254084
CyberCyrus  Wrote: (02-21-2013 10:48 AM)

Wheels within wheels

Wheels within wheels…

THE Matrix is a perfect square (multi-dimensionally layered) which contains the circle, Mr. Anderson.
But the circle can never be perfectly defined within that square, and it’s true core remains undefined even in the eyes of the architect.
There will ALWAYS be a residual result from the equasion, no matter HOW SMALL (size is IRRELEVANT, Mr. Anderson), which ultimately will provide a way for the ONE out of the Matrix.
PI, Mr. Anderson. The circle squared…

To make you understand even more how the big thing works, we will try to make you understand more how the little things work.

Looking at a simple 2D Matrix of just a couple numbers :

025 195 908 475 657 893 494 027 183 240 048 398 571 429
282 126 204 032 027 777 137 836 043 662 020 707 595 556
264 018 525 880 784 406 918 290 641 249 515 082 189 298
559 149 176 184 502 808 489 120 072 844 992 687 392 807
287 776 735 971 418 347 270 261 896 375 014 971 824 691
165 077 613 379 859 095 700 097 330 459 748 808 428 401
797 429 100 642 458 691 817 195 118 746 121 515 172 654
632 282 216 869 987 549 182 422 433 637 259 085 141 865
462 043 576 798 423 387 184 774 447 920 739 934 236 584
823 824 281 198 163 815 010 674 810 451 660 377 306 056
201 619 676 256 133 844 143 603 833 904 414 952 634 432
190 114 657 544 454 178 424 020 924 616 515 723 350 778

This is a 504 digit number, but without looking at what the underlying code actually means, we will use this as an example for explaining the mechanics of the Matrix.

You have to realise first that the reality being processed in your mind comprises of countless of these matrices, from 2D to 4D (=time), with even the potential to simulate beyond 4D where necessary to keep the mind confined, but their final volume and surface area’s will eventually each time reach their maximums, because of the finite nature of the Matrix. More on that in a bit, Mr. Anderson.

All these matrices are locked upon each other, intertwined, and ROTATE UPON each other constantly, like the chain on a bicycle, but in this case a LOT of chains intertwined and interconnected shifting in various directions in very rapid succession.
Temporary interlocks created during the constant rotations define the data to be processed, and define the structure of the consecutively created matrices within THE Matrix.

We will now be looking at how just one of those chains operates.
So imagine these numbers to constantly being IN ROTATION.
It is a wheel of numbers, constantly spinning and certain rows and columns continuously change direction to predefine every interlock (in 2D: left/right, up/down, in 3D also back forth, etc…).

The interlocks are predefined by rotating the wheels of numbers in such a way that certain numbers, relating to each other and the matrices around it, are alligning in certain directions. The Matrix constantly shifts to find these interlocks and calculate the data in between. A process we will try to visualise for you now, Neo…

An interlock can be the allignment of a single digit, a number, numbers in some way related to each other or related to the matrices intertwined with it.

Here we will demonstrate these mechanics by using a simple allignment of the digit 7. We are each time rotating rows and columns, so that certain predefined patterns of the digit 7 allign :

Original matrix:

025 195 908 475 657 893 494 027 183 240 048 398 571 429
282 126 204 032 027 777 137 836 043 662 020 707 595 556
264 018 525 880 784 406 918 290 641 249 515 082 189 298
559 149 176 184 502 808 489 120 072 844 992 687 392 807
287 776 735 971 418 347 270 261 896 375 014 971 824 691
165 077 613 379 859 095 700 097 330 459 748 808 428 401
797 429 100 642 458 691 817 195 118 746 121 515 172 654
632 282 216 869 987 549 182 422 433 637 259 085 141 865
462 043 576 798 423 387 184 774 447 920 739 934 236 584
823 824 281 198 163 815 010 674 810 451 660 377 306 056
201 619 676 256 133 844 143 603 833 904 414 952 634 432
190 114 657 544 454 178 424 020 924 616 515 723 350 778

Various possible horizontal rotations :

025 195 908 475 657 893 494 027 183 240 048 398 571 429
126 204 032 027 777 137 836 043 662 020 707 595 556 282
264 018 525 880 784 406 918 290 641 249 515 082 189 298
392 807 559 149 176 184 502 808 489 120 072 844 992 687
776 735 971 418 347 270 261 896 375 014 971 824 691 287
077 613 379 859 095 700 097 330 459 748 808 428 401 165
195 118 746 121 515 172 654 797 429 100 642 458 691 817
987 549 182 422 433 637 259 085 141 865 632 282 216 869
462 043 576 798 423 387 184 774 447 920 739 934 236 584
010 674 810 451 660 377 306 056 823 824 281 198 163 815
952 634 432 201 619 676 256 133 844 143 603 833 904 414
190 114 657 544 454 178 424 020 924 616 515 723 350 778

183 240 048 398 571 429 025 195 908 475 657 893 494 027
137 836 043 662 020 707 595 556 282 126 204 032 027 777
406 918 290 641 249 515 082 189 298 264 018 525 880 784
844 992 687 392 807 559 149 176 184 502 808 489 120 072
418 347 270 261 896 375 014 971 824 691 287 776 735 971
613 379 859 095 700 097 330 459 748 808 428 401 165 077
654 797 429 100 642 458 691 817 195 118 746 121 515 172
549 182 422 433 637 259 085 141 865 632 282 216 869 987
184 774 447 920 739 934 236 584 462 043 576 798 423 387
810 451 660 377 306 056 823 824 281 198 163 815 010 674
256 133 844 143 603 833 904 414 952 634 432 201 619 676
424 020 924 616 515 723 350 778 190 114 657 544 454 178

[Image: vgfsKK9.png]

When an additional primer is located, like for instance the 80 and 20 in blue and red, they are also used as additional anker-points to define the allignments and the final results of data in between the allignments during that rotation.

Various possible horizontal + vertical rotations combined :

[Image: PbITcgV.png]

This type of data recognition happens on every level in both the original and inverses of each matrix within THE Matrix, and gets as complex as it is intended to be, with all possible patterns and relationships emerging that are burried deep within the code.

By creating such an allignment or ‘interlock’, the Matrix can accumulate the data around the allignment, and determine a certain identity for this data by defining the inverse of the matrix at the moment of every allignment.
So at the moment of an allignment, like the 7 above, by looking at what the values in between the allignments are, both when the 7’s are 7’s and when they are 1/7, this matrix can identify all it’s values, and the values that connect them to the surrounding matrices, by effectively determining all other possible relationships in between during this allignment and using them as ‘primers’ or anker-points for the necessary calculations.

However, a number can be reciprocated by dividing it, but an entire matrix cannot be ‘divided’, so the identity of every seperate value is determined by multiplying them by the inverse of every total picture of relationships (A x A^1 = I, with I being the identity matrix). To keep your mind as clear as possible, Mr. Anderson, we will avoid going to deep into the mathematics…

Some matrices cannot be fully identified in this manner alone, specifically the ones that are not squared but rectangular in structure, but the architect has put additional mechanisms in place to succesfully identify as much as possible of the residual data within the structure of THE Matrix. Some of those mechanisms have allready been discussed previously, others we have not yet.

By shifting all the matrices and looking at all possible relationships within the code, the Matrix can determine the next possible outcome of most of the data in between the relationships. With every rotation, THE Matrix will always accumulate the optimal amount of allignments possible within every matrix AND amongst them, derive it’s results from them, and from these results, keep constructing the simulation within the mind.
Patterns are recognized and results incorporated into the next rotations.

The residual data after every result, however, that which constitutes the undefined wholeness of the ONE, is what the architect cannot fully control, and is what holds the key for the mind of the ONE to go beyond this control.


Quote:11 is a Master Number, also in astrology, Mr. Anderson.

The other 2 Master Numbers arrise from 11 :

11 = 2 reduced -> 22

22+11 = 3 reduced -> 33

22 = 4 reduced -> 44 (=ONE conciousness in 4D)

Or reversed :

44 -> 22+22
22 -> 11+11

cross-addition : 11+22 or 22+11 -> 33 (in between 22 and 44)

11 is the original symmetry, and can’t be split into smaller parts without loosing the symmetry. Symmetry of 44 results from the original symmetry, and is usually accompanied by 1 or symmetry of 1
444 = also 4422 is also 441111, etc…

CyberCyrus  Wrote: (02-25-2013 04:59 AM)

Following the trend of our previous post :

There is a relationship between the 9 digits, which is exactly the same whether you add, subtract, divide or multiply.
We will show you how all digits are connected to the 9, and how the 9 rules everything within the Matrix. 3 and 6 are more special then the remaining digits, and have a more intricate relationship to the 9.

We first represent the 9 digits in a circle, and we will explain how decimal parity works :

[Image: vM9eoas.png]

It’s just the circomference of a circle divided into 9.
This is your most important tool to visualise the relationships between the numbers and their parity :

First we will attempt to explain decimal parity.

When counting from 1 to 9, we progress simply clockwise starting at one, untill we reach 9 :

[Image: RET4Ip0.png]

After 9 comes 10, but we see in the picture that we are back at one.

10=1 reduced, so this adds up to what we see in the pic.





[Image: baZxCtJ.png]

1, 10 and 19 have the same parity they share parity 1). So do 2, 11 and 20 (they share parity 2), and so on…
You can go as high as you want, with or without decimals, it will ALWAYS add up.

When going from 9 back to 1, a normalisation must occur by adding a 0 to the start of the next cycle.
When going from 18 to 19, it is still the same parity of 9 going to 1 again by adding a 0 (an important notion to factor in!). 27 to 28 is still 9 going to 1 by adding a zero. The 0 is of upmost importance for a new cycle to start, but yet it’s role is played out allmost completely unnoticed…in fact without this normalisation the entire system of parities would collapse.

Now for the relationships between the parities. The same parities will keep arrising whether you add, subtract, divide or multiply any digit. It even works just the same if you use decimals, but for the sake of simplicity we will work with the integers alone.

We will however show this in the most elaborate way, by summing them all up, one by one, showing the sequences of numbers formed and how they are connected with each other. After that we will show them again, but also showing the PATTERNS that arrise from the parities, and how the SAME connections between the parities can be derived from the patterns themselves.

If you read on, having understood the above, you will be amazed at the manner which in which this connects it all, Mr. Anderson…

First we add, going through the entire cycle from 1 to 9 :

[Image: RET4Ip0.png]

We always start at the position of 9, because 9 is at the centre of the entire system :


9 +2=11=2
2 +2=4
4 +2=6
6 +2=8
8 +2=1
1 +2=3
3 +2=5
5 +2=7
7 +2=9

9+3 =12=3

9+4 =13=4

9+5 =14=5

9+6 =15=6

9+7 =16=7 ______72+7= 79= 16 = 7
16+7=23=5 ______79+7= 86= 14 = 5
23+7=30=3 ______86+7= 93= 12 = 3
30+7=37=1 ______93+7= 100= 1 = 1
37+7=44=8 ______100+7= 107= 8 = 8
44+7=51=6 ______107+7= 114= 6 = 6
51+7=58=4 ______114+7= 121= 4 = 4
58+7=65=2 ______121+7= 128= 11 = 2
65+7=72=9 ______128+7= 135= 9 = 9

9+8 =17=8

9+9 =18=9

Lots of things are allready revealed.
First of, every sequence starts and ends with 9 (9 as starting point, and last result is also always 9).
The addition of 3 only results in 369 throughout, and the addition of 6 only results in 936 throughout, showing the special relationship between these three numbers. 3 and 6 are the left and right hand of 9, and the guardians of the various levels, or loopholes, within the Matrix.

By looking at the final results above, we see these sequences from additions of 1 through 9 :


Look CLOSER, Mr. Anderson !
The entire grid is perfectly symmetrical, ALL ENCAPSULATED by the 9’s.
If you think it is not ‘fully’ encapsulated by the 9’s, you are forgetting one thing, Neo…
Add the INVERSE symmetries and stick them to the grid, and you get this :

[Image: zLaZYnc.png]

If you notice both the perfect symmetry and the encapsulation, Mr. Anderson, then you are paying attention…

The entire grid is in perfect symmetry, AND all occurs WITHIN the 9.
This entire grid, including the symmetry is reveiled from ONLY adding from 1 to 9, following the numeric reduced parity of the numbers.
The 3’s and 6’s are what binds and maintains the symmetry within.

If you look closely you can see how they do this :

[Image: 2pyaywh.png]

And they ROTATE around the central 9, all the way throughout and within the structure :

[Image: ml1t7b.png]

They form the initial rotating Matrix, around which all other patterns are binded, and they also form the MAIN anker-points which interconnect the various matrices in multiple dimensions, connecting all matrices wihin THE Matrix, all in symmetrically inversed polarity AND parity.

In the initial calculation tables above, in BLUE, we have pointed out some parts of the underlying sequences within the calculations (and one example with the +7 how the same parity is retained even in the higher numbers) from which you can derrive the same portrayed symmetry, but by simply laying them in a grid you can instantly visualise the complete symmetry without any further calculations…

Simplicity, Mr. Anderson. Even the most complicated things are constructed from the same SIMPLICITY OF 9. Within the 9, ALL patterns within the Matrix occur, even for instance the doubling sequence that constructs cel division, DNA sequences, bits and bytes, etc…
(->1 2 4 8 16 32 64, which comes from 1 2 4 8 7 5 1 parity).

64 represents one replicative UNIT. Upon each consecutive 64 (parity 1), the complexity of replication increases 1 level.
Notice also that within this process, 63 (=parity 9 on level 7) is the FINAL word within each replicative unit, again showing the additional and special role of 3 and 6.

Let’s look at that doubling pattern (1248751) within this grid :

[Image: 2a4odqv.png]

We can immediately notice, Neo, if you haven’t before, that it is simply the entire grid without the 3 and 6, still all revolving around the 9.
This is the doubling sequence of 1-2-4-8-16-32-64, but this little grid only shows 9 replications within a unit. To see the entire unit of 64, you’ll have to add another 54 replications outward with the same symmetry.

This pattern represents ALL life within the Matrix, held together by the forces of the 9, 3 and 6. The 1’s and 4’s you see in this grid form the conciousness of the ONE.
The constructing force within THE Matrix is not visible. The 3’s, 6’s and 9’s are also not visible within this pattern. If you are aware, however, you can derrive the force of 9 above 6 and 3 within the real thing, like it is portrayed here, the force which defines the entire construction of the Matrix and the life locked away in it.

Now for another way to see exactly what kinds of patterns are actually formed within this little matrix, we will work with the circle again :

Here are all additions from 1 through 9, showing well defined geometric patterns by simply drawing the sequence, always starting at the position of 9 :

Addition of 1 (= 123456789) :

[Image: eg8lm8.jpg]

Addition of 2 (= 246813579) :

[Image: 3583nkz.jpg]

Addition of 3 (= 369369369) :

[Image: otoj5z.jpg]

Addition of 4 (= 483726159) :

[Image: j62wbb.png]

Addition of 5 (= 516273849) :

[Image: j62wbb.png]

Addition of 6 (= 639639639) :

[Image: otoj5z.jpg]

Addition of 7 (= 753186429) :

[Image: 3583nkz.jpg]

Addition of 8 (= 876543219) :

[Image: j62wbb.jpg]

Addition of 9 (= 999999999) :

[Image: ify4k5.png]

This actually simply forms the entire circle in which all other patterns exist. AGAIN showing you that all occurs within the 9.

If you look closely at all patterns formed by the additions from 1 to 9, you will notice the following :

1 and 8 share the same pattern (1 is forward, 8 is reverse)

-> 1+8 = 9

2 and 7 share the same pattern (2 is forward, 7 is reverse)

-> 2+7 = 9

3 and 6 share the same pattern (3 is forward, 6 is reverse)

-> 3+6 = 9

4 and 5 share the same pattern (4 is forward, 5 is reverse)

-> 4+5 = 9

The parities which share the same pattern, always add up to 9 when combined, which MEANS that both polarities of the pattern sum up to the whole construction of the pattern within the Matrix.
9 rules all others, with the parities and polarities of 3 and 6 directly by it’s side, holding the entire construction together.

Polarity can be reversed, in other words 4 can be forward and 5 reverse or vice versa, as long as the symmetry is there…
Same thing as +4 and -4 in the old-fashion math for instance, but old-fashion math is WAY, and we mean WAAAAAAY to complicated for the mass conciousness of the ONE to actually understand anything explained with it. Number parities however can visualise it all to even the most dorment minds, and the most complicated calculations become as simplified as they can get, Neo…

Subtracting, multiplying and division ALL result in similar sequences and patterns, showing the exact same intricate level of symmetry, AND still with 3 and 6 holding it all together within the 9.
If needed or wanted, we will post those results aswell.




All Inclusive Affidavit – Testify Your Truth With NUICOR

My Revised All Inclusive Affidavit – Notice of Understanding and Intent, and Claim of Right

Notice Of Understanding And Intent And Claim of Right

I, Ashley-Kieran: of the Grimshaw family, Sui Juris, a flesh and blood man and blessed living Soul serving God alone, do hereby state the following is My Statement of Truth.

Whereas it is my understanding that the United Kingdom is a common law jurisdiction, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that equality before the law is paramount and mandatory, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that a statute is defined as legislated rule of a society which has been given the force of law and,

Whereas it is my understanding that a society is defined as a number of people joined by mutual consent to deliberate, determine, and act for a common goal, and,

Whereas I am not a member of any society, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that for something to exist legally it must have a name, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that If you know not the names of things, the knowledge of things themselves perishes. And that this is expressed by the Roman law maxim “Nomina si nescis perit cognitio rerum. “ Co. Litt. 86.

Whereas it is my understanding that the only form of government recognized as lawful in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland is a representative one, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that representation requires mutual consent, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that consent makes the law and that this is expressed by the Roman law maxim “Consensus facit legem” and, a contract is a law between the parties, which can acquire force only by consent, (Bouvier’s 1856 Law Dictionary) and,

Whereas it is my understanding that in the absence of mutual consent neither representation nor governance can exist, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that all Acts are statutes restricted in scope and applicability by the Constitution and/or Bill of Rights, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that said scope and applicability is limited to members and employees of government, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that that those who have an NI number (National Insurance Number) are in fact employees of the UK government and thus are bound by the statutes created by the UK government, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that it is lawful to abandon one’s NI number, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that human beings in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland have a right to revoke or deny consent to be represented and thus governed, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that if anyone does revoke or deny consent they exist free of government control and statutory restraints, and,

Whereas a Freeman-on-the-Land has lawfully revoked consent and does exist free of statutory restrictions, obligations, and limitations, and,

Whereas I, Ashley-Kieran: of the Grimshaw family am a Freeman-on-the-Land, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that acting peacefully within community standards does not breach the peace, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that any action which ones can apply for and receive a license must itself be a fundamentally, lawful action, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that Arrest is defined as To stop; to seize; to deprive one of his liberty by virtue of legal authority.

Whereas I am not a child of the province or a ward of the state, and,

Whereas I am a peaceful human being, and,

Whereas I am an honourable human being, and,

Whereas I am a sovereign, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that a sovereign is defined as as a human being, body, or state vested with independent and supreme authority. and,

Whereas I am a Freeman-on-the-Land who operates with full responsibility, I do not see the need to ask permission to engage in lawful and peaceful activities, especially from those that claim limited liability, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that a by-law is defined as a rule of a corporation, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that corporations are legal fictions and require contracts in order to claim authority or control over other parties, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that legal fictions lack a soul and cannot exert any control over those who are thus blessed and operate with respect to that knowledge as only a fool would allow soulless fictions to dictate to ones actions, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that I have a right to use my property without having to pay for the use or enjoyment of it, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that natural law is the permanent underlying basis of all law, and theories of natural law have been an important part of jurisprudence throughout legal history. Natural law is distinguished from positive law, which is the body of law imposed by the state. Natural law is both anterior and superior to positive law. Oxford Dictionary Of Law 5th Edition ISBN0-19-860756-3 page 326.

Whereas it is my understanding that Common Law which applies to all living souls is:
We are free to do what we please, as long as we do not infringe on the life, liberty,
property, or rights of another.

Whereas it is my understanding the United Kingdom is a common law jurisdiction, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that Parliament which has no lawful authority ever to
breach, surrender, lend or transfer (even temporarily) sovereignty except when conquered in war, and,

Whereas I do firmly and truly believe the signing of European Union Lisbon Treaty is an overt act of treason, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that no one (neither Monarch, nor Prime Minister, nor any prelate, politician, judge or public servant) is above the Common Law of the United Kingdom that forms the British Constitution (including Magna Carta [1215], the Declaration and Bill of Rights [1688/89], Acts of Union, Succession and Settlement
[1701-07], the Coronation Oath Act [1689]).

Whereas it is my understanding that the law always gives a remedy, and that this is expressed by the Roman law maxim “Lex semper dabit remedium” 3 Bouv. Inst. n. 2411.

Whereas it is my understanding people in the United Kingdom have a right to revoke or
deny consent to be represented and thus governed, and,

Whereas it is my understanding if anyone does revoke or deny consent they exist free of government control and statutory restraints, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that a claim of right establishes a lawful excuse and that this factual truth is expressed by way of example in the Theft Act 1968 and the Criminal Damage Act 1971, where belief must be that the law creates and vests a specific right to act in that way. In English law, a limited form of statutory offence is termed “claim of right”. In Chamberlain v Lindon [1998] 1 WLR 1252 [1] Lindon demolished a wall to protect a right-of-way, Despite allowing nine months to pass before acting, Lindon honestly believed that it was immediately necessary to protect his legal rights without having to resort to civil litigation. For the purposes of s5(2): it is not necessary to decide whether Lindon’s action was justified as a matter of civil law. For the purpose of the criminal law, what matters is whether Lindon believed that his actions were reasonable, i.e. a subjective test.

Thus a “lawful excuse” may be acknowledged by a court to arise when a man or woman honestly, even if mistakenly, believes that the actions are necessary and
reasonable, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that if one has lawful excuse one may choose to not obey a court, tribunal, statute, Act or order, and that this factual truth is expressed by way of example in the Theft Act 1968 and the Criminal Damage Act 1971 and,

Whereas it is my understanding that government does not clearly express that one may be charged for failure to obey a de facto government or court, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that all existing courts and governments are de facto only and not de jure, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that agreements made on behalf of the United Kingdom by traitors to the United Kingdom do not bind the people of the United Kingdom, and,

Whereas I honourably refuse to be bound by agreements made by traitors, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that any police officer who co-operates with foreign
armed troops to govern or regulate the population is also committing treason, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that historically the purpose of a national armed force was to ensure that foreign powers never invaded and governed under a force of arms, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that the existence of armed foreign troops patrolling and policing our streets is evidence of a war fought unsuccessfully, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that agreeing or conspiring to agree to allow armed
foreign troops to patrol and police our streets is an act of treason, and,

Whereas a flesh and blood man and blessed living Soul serving God alone, has lawfully revoked consent and does exist free of statutory restrictions, obligations, and limitations, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that I can use a public notary, or any authorised officer of a court, to perform duties found under any act thus they have the power to hold court and hear evidence and issue binding lawful judgements, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that a public notary, or any authorised officer of a court, can also be used to bring criminal charges to bear against traitors, even if they hold the highest office, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that I have a right to use my property without having to pay for the use or enjoyment of it, and,

Whereas I claim the right to claim, collect, receive or be paid any pension if I have paid into it, or am otherwise entitled to, and claim that said right is not affected by anything I do, if I abandon my National Insurance Number  and,

Whereas it is my understanding that a summons is merely an invitation to attend and the ones issued by any court creates no obligation or dishonour if ignored, and,

Whereas it is my understanding police officers or peace officers who attempt to enforce statutes against Freeman-on-the-Land, a flesh and blood man and blessed living Soul serving God alone, are in fact breaking the law, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that I have the power to refuse intercourse or interaction with police officers or peace officers who have not observed me breach the peace, and,
Whereas it is my understanding that I was born with the unalienable right to own and be fully responsible for my own body, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that permanent estoppal by acquiescence barring any police officer or prosecutor from bringing charges against a Freeman-on–the Land, flesh and blood man and blessed living Soul serving God alone, under any Act is created if this claim is not responded to in the stated fashion and time, and

Whereas it is my understanding that the common law right to travel on the highways
without license provided we are not engaging in commerce thereupon is lawful and still exists although it does appear to have been deceptively hidden, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that if the police are not providing a service they have no reason to stop any one, and if proof of insurance and license is not valuable they have no need to ask for it, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that peace officers have a duty to distinguish between statute and law and those who attempt to enforce statutes against a freeman-on-the-land are in fact breaking the law, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that failure of a peace officer, to distinguish between law and statute is gross negligence, and equal to fraud under common law and that this is expressed by the Romanr law maxim “Lata culpa dolo aequiparatur”

Whereas it is my understanding that I have the power to refuse intercourse or interaction with peace officers that have not observed me breach the peace, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that I have the right to refuse to interact or co-operate with criminals, de facto government agents or grossly negligent police officers, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that if I have the power to appoint directly or by proxy I must have the power to fulfil those duties myself, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that the Police although having an illustrious history has had members recently acting in a grossly criminal manner which does tarnish the previous history and record, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that the Law provides remedy at all times, even against rogue or negligent police officers and de facto governments apparently hijacked by soulless corporate interests, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that an application is defined as A request; to entreat, petition or beg. Also the paper that such an act evidences. The assumption this creates is that he who begs knows exactly what they are begging for, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that submit is defined as To bend to the will of another, to leave to another’s discretion. and,

Whereas it is my understanding that nobody can be forced to beg or submit and these acts must be entirely voluntary and consentual, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that the act of registering the birth of a baby creates a legal entity called a “person” that exists in association with that baby and that the manner in which offspring are registered transfers superior guardianship rights over that offspring to the government, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that a person is such, not because he is human, but because rights and duties are ascribed to him. The person is the legal subject or substance of which the rights and duties are attributes. An individual human being considered as having such attributes is what lawyers call a “natural person.” Pollock, First Book of Jurispr. 110. Gray, Nature and Sources of Law, ch. II. Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition, p 1300

Whereas it is my understanding that this creation of a person and transfer of authority is not fully disclosed to the parents and if it was, all good parents would refuse to register their offspring, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that the person and the human being to which it is
associated are two very separate and different things and that the people playing roles in government only have the right to act upon the person, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that if I do not exist in association with a person I cannot be lawfully governed by the people playing roles in government, and,

Whereas I do not have a First Name or a Last Name, and,

Whereas I do have a Christiann Name and Family Name,

Whereas I do not accept or consent to any title, and I am not a Mr, nor Mrs, nor Sir, nor Lord, nor Baron. And,

Whereas any one attempting to address me in that manner by a title is clearly not addressing me, and,

Whereas my name is Ash (as commonly called) and am of the Grimshaw family, and this can be expressed in full only as “Ashley-Kieran: of the Grimshaw family”

Whereas it is my understanding that my name is no more than a sound one can make to get my attention and it does not define who or what I am, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that my person, defined as a corporate, legal fiction is represented by capitis diminutio maxima (all capitals) and so therefore all forms of letters, notices, and legal documentation addressed to a Mr. “ASHLEY KEIRAN GIMRHSAW” is addressed, and applies to my person, and not the flesh and blood man, blessed with a soul by God, commonly known as Ashley-Kieran: of the Grimshaw family, Freeman-On-The-Land.

Whereas it is my understanding that capitis diminutio (meaning the diminishing of status through capitalisation) in Roman law is a diminishing or abridgement of personality; a loss or curtailment of a man’s status or aggregate of legal attributes and qualifications.

Whereas it is my understanding that I Ashley-Kieran: Grimshaw, have since birth registration been used as surety for the legal fiction “ASHLEY KIERAN GRIMSHAW”

Whereas it is my understanding that I can and do now take charge of my legal fiction “ASHLEY KIERAN GRIMSHAW” and I Ashley-Kieran: Grimshaw, the natural flesh and blood human being with a soul, now act as the legal fiction “ASHLEY KIERAN GRIMSHAW” 3rd party agent, and administrator for the account, and

Whereas it is my understanding that He who is silent appears to consent, and that this is expressed by the Roman law maxim “Qui tacet consentire videtur” Jenk. Cent. 32.

Whereas it is my understanding that freedom is defined as The power or right to act, speak, or think freely. The state of being free, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that a slave is defined as A person who is the legal property of another and forced to obey them or a person who is excessively dependent on or controlled by something, and,

Whereas I am a free human being, a flesh and blood man and blessed living Soul serving God alone, and,

Whereas I am not a slave, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that I am not obliged to obey the orders of any one
claiming to be acting on behalf of Queen or King, as no one who does make claims that abandon and erode the concept of equality has any authority over me, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that the Bible warns all players and actors of de facto courts “judge not lest you be judged”, and it is my understanding that the people in the government are merely playing roles.

Whereas it is my understanding that clause 39 “No freeman shall be arrested or
imprisoned or disseised or outlawed or exiled or in any way victimised, neither will we
attack him or send anyone to attack him, except by the lawful judgement of his peers or by the law of the land”, and clause 40 “To no-one will we refuse or delay right or justice”, of the original Magna Carta 1215 are still in effect, and that the expression “law of the land” shall mean Common Law.

Whereas it is my understanding that the common law is made by impartial and unbiased juries of 12, after hearing evidence from both sides which must be based on first-hand knowledge, and using their Common Sense to try to put themselves in the same same situation, and to decide what they themselves, would do in those circumstances, and by unrebutted statements of truth based on first-hand knowledge and signed under penalty of perjury, and, unless a warrant or order stems from the above it is unconstitutional and void in law, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that items I have purchased privately and indirectly or gifts that are sent to me in parcels are instantaneously my private property and not defined as ‘GOODS’, and detention or seizure of any item under any act, statute, or corporate legislation, or for seeking of VAT or administration fees without my expressed, written and notarized consent is unlawful and constitutes theft of my private property.

I hereby consent to allow inspections of my parcels only under the terms and conditions that my item(s) are successfully delivered undamaged and not tampered with in any form.

Whereas it is my understanding that I have the right to refuse to interact or co-operate with criminals, de facto government agents or grossly negligent peace officers, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that The Holy Bible states ‘Blessed be the peace makers, for they shall be called The Sons of God, and,

Whereas I do truly see those words as an invitation and offer to be a peace maker otherwise known as peace officer, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that if I have the power to elect a representative and empower them to appoint peace officers then I also have the power to appoint directly, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that if I have the power to appoint directly or by proxy I must have the power to fulfil those duties my self, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that the British Police although having an illustrious history has had members recently acting in a grossly criminal manner which does tarnish the previous history and record, and,

Whereas I do desire to be blessed and called a Son of God, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that in order to be a peace maker and deal with rogue armed police officers who fail to act with respect to the peace and the common law, I will need access to firearms of equal or greater power then those people who act criminally have access to, and,

Whereas it states in The Holy Bible : Then God said “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that bares fruit“ and,

Whereas I am a soul vested with the spirit of God and have certain inalienable rights, and,

Whereas I understand that it appears that the governments in question have not  properly instructed their agents as to my right to without limit, possess and use  marijuana, and,

Whereas I desire to exercise my rights fully and completely in a lawful and  peaceful manner, without confrontational interaction with Peace Officers or other  government agents, and,

Whereas I desire to establish a lawful foundation to exercise my right to possess,
use, carry and otherwise enjoy marijuana, and,

Whereas I understand that with this Notice I do hereby establish that right,

Whereas I understand that by serving this instrument upon The Attorney General I
am serving it upon all Peace Officers under his authority, and,

Whereas I understand that by serving it upon any Peace Officer I am also serving
it upon the Attorney General, and,

Whereas I understand ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking the law, and,

Whereas the word ‘confiscate’ legally means ‘to remove without clear lawful authority’, and,

Whereas I understand that Peace Officers who ‘confiscate’ my marijuana are  trained to use deadly force and are in fact stealing and acting under the colour of  law, and,

Whereas I understand such actions are unlawful and against both the Common  Law and Commercial Law, and,

Whereas I understand that those Officers who steal my property can be sued for  gross negligence, theft, and other indictable offences, and,

Whereas I have no desire to enter into any legal conflict with good Peace Officers
and do desire peace,  and,

Whereas The United Kingdom is a nation founded upon the belief in the
principles of the supremacy of God and the rule of law, and,

Whereas the above sentence defines a hierarchy, with God at the
top, and,

Whereas the number two position in that hierarchy is not claimed
by anyone, and,

Whereas the governments of this nation seem to rely on deception
to gain the power to govern, and,

Whereas I am desirous of living my life as a ‘Child of God, and,

Whereas the only powers able to claim any authority over a ‘Child
of God’ is God, and,

Whereas neither the government, nor it’s agents nor it’s
representatives or employees are God, or above God, and,

Whereas by lawfully claiming the number two position in the above
mentioned hierarchy, I occupy a position above all governments
and their agents and employees and representatives.

Be it known to any and all, that  I, Ashley-Kieran: of the Grimshaw family, a free human being, do hereby lawfully claim the  status of a ‘Child of God’.  and,

Whereas any human being who wishes to claim any authority over me  must first prove they exist above God; they are God; they are  between me and God; or they have a document upon the face of
which can be found the verifiable signature of God., and,

Failure to first do one of the above mentioned things means all  claims to authority is abandoned or is unlawful.  Attempting to exercise any authority over me without first fulfilling  one of the four above mentioned things means all  claims to authority is abandoned or is unlawful, and,

Therefore, attempting to exercise any authority over me without first fulfilling  one of the four above mentioned requirements is an unlawful act  of fraud and/or extortion.

Whereas it is my understanding that there is an established hierarchy of law, and that hierarchy is thus: Divine law & Natural law (chemistry, physics, cosmic dynamics) which is superior and anterior to Common law (evolved through centuries of common sense and case law) which is applied by all courts de jure, and which is superior and anterior to Admiralty law (banking law, contract law, corporate policy such as statutes and acts of parliament) which is applied by courts de facto, and,

Whereas it is my understanding that Divine & Natural law is subject to all beings in the universe, and common law is subject to all beings who dwell on the land of planet Earth, and that admiralty law is corporate policy which can only bind land dwellers who knowingly consent to be bound by those policies and do so void of deception.

Whereas it is my understanding that the lawful hierarchy on planet earth is:
1)God, the Divine Creator
2)The planet itself, including the resources it provides to support all life forms
3)Sentient Life, which includes (3a) humans, (3b) all other animals, birds, fish, insects, and (3c) other living entities such as germs, viruses and bacteria
4)Legal fictions, non-sentient legal entities such as governments, or The Crown, which require human (3a) recognition to exist
5)Sub-fictional and ‘role playing’ entities such as (5a) corporations and (5b) judges, magistrates, solicitors, politicians, policy officers, bailiffs, etc. which require the recognition of legal fictions (4) to exist.
6)Members of staff (of corporations) which requires the recognition of corporations (5a) to exist.

Whereas it is my understanding that no one can stand between or before Myself and God.

Therefore be it now known to any and all interested, concerned or affected parties, that I, Ashley-Kieran: Grimshaw, am a freeman and do hereby serve notice and state clearly specifically and unequivocally my intent to peacefully and lawfully exist free of all statutory obligations, restrictions and that I maintain all rights at law to trade, exchange or barter and exist without deceptive governance and to do so without limitations, restrictions or regulations created by others and without my consent.

Furthermore, I claim the right to lawfully:

(1) Exercise my “common law right to travel”, unhindered, unencumbered, at my discretion in my private conveyance of the day, to wit, my private, unregistered, unlicensed automobile.
(2) Exercise my God given right to travel as stated in the Queen’s bible.
(3) Exercise my “common law right” to refuse to obtain by submission: any application for any government issued license, permit or seek permission to perform any fundamentally lawful action or, enter into any government contract under duress, threat and/or intimidation which would involve committing an act of fraud and/or theft, or any other crime, by the way of deception by “I” and/or any involved government principal, employee or agent.(in compliance with my Common Law Rights, the Magna Carta etc.)
(4) Exercise my right to possess, cultivate or use medicinally or spiritually any plants of the genus Cannabis, or Salvia.
(5) Exercise my right to possess unregistered, unlicensed blades, firearms and ammunition and to use the same for target practice at a range or hunting for food and further swear under oath never to use the aforementioned weaponry on another human being unless as a last resort to protect human life.
(6)Exercise my right to exist free of legislation regarding corporate taxations, detention or seizure of my imported private property.
(7)Exercise my right to publicly train in the disciplines of martial arts, including the use of all non-projectile weaponry providing I do not breach the peace of another.
(8)Exercise my right to at any time make a claim to a reasonable amount of god-given public land, held in trust by the Crown, de-facto sovereign Her Majesty The Queen, and to use such as a space to live and/or exercise any other of my god-given rights.
(9)Exercise my right during interaction with any government agent to hold them to their oath of office and have them act accordingly.
(10)Exercise my right to lawfully create and use legal tender promissory notes, recognised as a real species of money and made valuable by way of stamps and a human signature, and to use such for the payment of utility bills, or any necessity I need to survive, or for seeking of Justice (which is Truth in action) or as a good will gesture to any corporation, person, or legal fiction wrongfully seeking payment of a lawfully unconfirmed debt, or any fee, due, or fine created by any act, statute, or legislation.

I claim that pursuant to any action by any government and/or any principal, member, employee, agent, servant, person thereof in Right of Great Britain, a province, a municipality:
“I reserve my right not to be compelled to perform under any contract or commercial agreement that I did not enter knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally and I do not accept the liability of the compelled benefit of any contract or commercial agreement not revealed to myself, which are my rights pursuant to Common Law”

Furthermore, I claim the right to engage in these actions and further claim that all property held by me under common law being: any and all intellectual property, real estate, trade tools, private automobile(s) and content, firearms and ammunition, potted plants: contents at or in the process of delivering to the private posted residence known as “134 Norwich Drive, Brighton, BN24LL” are held under claim of right.

Furthermore, I claim that, the Crowns claim of “escheat to the Crown or the Duchy of Lancaster or the Duke of Cornwall or to a mesne lord for want of heirs” as reffered to in the Administration of Estates Act 1925, stands as a lawful claim and whereas the UK is an insolvency, an estate, where everything is owned by God and currently held in trust under the Crown until a competent heir(s) appears and lays a lawful claim of jurisdiction.

Furthermore, I claim that the international blurring of the lines with smoke and mirrors, deception, outright lies and too numerous to mention false claims as to the well settled division between the Crown created legal entity known as the “PERSON” and the flesh and blood creation of the Creator known as a “man” is nothing short of theft, fraud, breach of trust and forced slavery, a heinous criminal activity of the most odious form.

Furthermore, I claim that “all persons, acting as, governments, principals, employees, agents and justice system participants claiming, “retained legal counsel” have, by virtue of their own and/or their principals actions, claimed “total incompetence”, in handling any of their own affairs in law and have become an instant ward of the court, hence, they are imprisoned by their own actions in hand or lack thereof.

Furthermore, I claim that due to the self evident facts in truth at hand, that all persons, the Crown, governments, principals, employees, agents and justice system participants claiming limited liability or immunity are doing so under the pretence of being in fact deemed totally incompetent and under law made instant wards of the crown and/or court and therefore, cannot claim good faith or colour of right over anyone who is thus blessed as being a competent heir.

Furthermore, I claim that, “Ignorance of the law” is not a lawful or legal claim when used by the Crown, government principals, employees, agents and justice system participants at any and all levels to my harm or detriment, especially by those claiming limited liability.

Furthermore, I claim that these actions are not outside my communities’ standards and will in fact support said community in our desire for truth and maximum freedom.

Furthermore, I claim the right to engage in these actions and further claim that all property held by me or bought and paid for abroad is held under a claim of right.

Furthermore, I claim the right to use the force that I deem appropriate to protect my property, thus preventing any other person claiming the right to use force or violence in regard to my property.

Furthermore, I claim the right to use the force that I deem appropriate to protect my physical body in all circumstances, thus preventing any other person claiming the right to use force or violence in regard to my physical body.

Furthermore, I claim the right to refuse to supply an intimate or non-intimate sample of DNA and Fingerprints for any purpose, without my written and notarised consent.

Furthermore, I claim that the courts in the United Kingdom are de-facto and bound by the Law.

Furthermore, I claim that the de-facto courts are in fact in the profitable business of conducting, witnessing and facilitating the transactions of security interests and I further claim that they require the consent of both parties prior to providing any such services.

Furthermore, I claim that anyone who interferes with my lawful activities after having
been served notice of this claim and who fails to properly dispute or make lawful
counter-claim is breaking the law, cannot claim good faith or colour of right and that such transgressions will be dealt with in a properly convened court de jure in full public view.

Furthermore, I claim all transactions of security interests require the consent of both
parties and I do hereby deny consent to any transaction of a security interest issuing under an Act for as herein states as a Freeman-on-the-Land I am not subject to any Act.

Furthermore, I claim my FEE SCHEDULE for any transgressions by police officers,
government principals or agents or justice system participants is (GB £400.00) FOUR HUNDRED BRITISH POUNDS STERLING PER HOUR or portion thereof if being questioned, searched, interrogated or in any way detained, harassed or otherwise regulated and FOUR THOUSAND BRITISH POUNDS STERLING PER HOUR or portion thereof if I am handcuffed, transported, incarcerated, regulated or subjected to any adjudication process without my expressed written and notarised consent.

Furthermore I claim my FEE SCHEDULE for damages in my broken trust, namely any government agent who has been held to their oath and not acted accordingly and has proven my faith and trust misplaced is (GB £50) FIFTY BRITISH POUNDS STERLING.

Furthermore, I claim my FEE SCHEDULE for unnecessary and unwarranted delays in the delivery of my private property held under a claim of right is (GB £30.00) THIRTY BRITISH POUNDS STERLING, PER DAY if held in unlawful lien and for ransom by seeking payment of any kind and (GB £50) FIFTY BRITISH POUNDS STERLING for unlawful detention, and (GB £500) FIVE-HUNDRED BRITISH POUNDS STERLING for unlawful seizure and/or destruction of said property without my expressed, written, and notarised consent.

Furthermore, I claim the right to respond with any order made by a court, or person over or against my person against my wishes and without my expressed, written and notarised consent will generate a bill that will be submitted to the court for immediate payment.

Furthermore, I claim the right to use a declaratory judgement, or statutory declaration or warrant, or Notary Public, to secure payment of the aforementioned FEE SCHEDULE OR BILL FOR ORDER ISSUED IN COURT against any transgressors who by their actions or omissions harm me or my interests, directly or by proxy in any way.

Furthermore, I claim the right to convene a proper court de jure in order to address any potentially criminal actions of any peace officers, government officials, principals or agents or justice system participants who, having been served notice of this claim fail to dispute or discuss or make lawful counter-claim and then interfere by act or omission with the lawful exercise of properly claimed and established rights and freedoms.

Furthermore, I claim the law of agent and principal does indeed apply and that service upon one is service upon both.

Furthermore, I claim the right to deal with any counter-claims or disputes publicly and in an open forum using discussion and negotiation and to capture on video tape said discussion and negotiation for whatever lawful purpose as I see fit.

Furthermore, I do hereby state the following is also My Statement of Truth: I chose to live my life by the guiding principles of Love, Truth and Compassion. I have looked within my heart and I have found that Love is my law. Therefore I can only conclude that any body of words claiming authority over me that lacks this word is indeed NOT my law, and is not applicable.

Affected parties wishing to dispute the claims made herein, or make their own counter-claims must respond appropriately within FOURTEEN (14) days of service of notice of this action. Responses must be under Oath or attestation, upon full commercial liability and penalty of perjury and registered in the Notary Office herein provided, no later than FOURTEEN (14) days from the date of original service as attested to by way of certificate of service.

Failure to register a dispute against the claims made herein will result in an automatic default judgement and permanent and irrevocable estoppel by acquiescence barring the bringing of charges under any statute, act or regulation against myself, Freeman-on-the-Land, Ashley-Kieran: Grimshaw, for exercising these lawful and properly established rights, freedoms and duties.

It is imperative that although i will give you permission to use this as a template for your own, and to copy and edit as you please, you must understand that to operate under a written claim of understanding that is not ‘really’ your understanding is fraudulent. So please make sure you well and truly understand your affidavit to the fullest extent. To help you with this, i have provided a video from a fantastic Canadian speaker, Rob Menard. The video will help you to understand further, about the affidavit process, and how the document works. You could not ask for a better, more honest teacher when it comes to the Law. Please investigate his other material too, and support him in every way you can, because we all owe him a lot. Thanks

I.O.U – Backed By Blind Faith

Here is £125 (GBP) worth of pure 99.99 Silver. 5 (1 t.oz) ‘Britannia’ bullion coins.


Legal tender face value: £10 GBP.

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“…banks extend credit by simply increasing the borrowing customer’s current account which can be aid away to wherever the borrower ewants by the bank ‘writing a cheque on itself’. That is, banks extend credit by creating money” – From The First Quartely Bulletin, From The Bank of England, Page 103



“The modern banking system manufactures “money” out of nothing; and the process is, perhaps, the most, astounding piece of “sleight of hand” that was ever invented. In fact, it was not invented. It merely “grew”. … Banks in fact are able to create (and cancel) modern “deposit money”, just as much as they were originally able to create, or call in, their own original forms of private notes. They can, in fact, inflate and deflate, i.e., mint, and un-mint the modern “ledger-entry” currency.

Banking was conceived in inequity and born in sin . Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them but leave them the power to create money, and with a flick of a pen, they will create enough money to buy it back again . Take this great power away from them and all great fortunes like mine will disappear, for then this would be a better and happier world to live in . But if you want to continue to be the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let bankers continue to create money and control credit.” – Sir Josiah Stamp, president of the Bank of England and the second richest man in Britain in the 1920’s, speaking at the University of Texas in 1927.

“I am afraid the ordinary citizen will not like to be told that the banks can, and do, create and destroy money.” – Rt. Hon. Reginald McKenna, former Chancellor of the Exchequer and Chairman of the Midland Bank (now part of HSBC) in Great Britain, addressing a meeting of shareholders on 25th January 1924 (quoted in the 1964 edition of “Promise To Pay” by R. McNair Wilson).

“When a bank lends it creates money out of nothing.” – From “Trade, Depression and the Way Out” by R. G. Hawtrey, one time Assistant Under-Secretary to the Treasury (USA).

“The essence of the contemporary monetary system is the creation of money out of nothing, by private banks’ often foolish lending.” – Martin Wolf, Chief Economics Editor of the London Financial Times, dated 9th November 2010:

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Qi – The Scalar Wave Energy & Galactic Fractal Circuits

Qi – The Scalar Wave Energy & Galactic Fractal Circuits

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The Taoist Discovery of Qi – The Scalar Wave Energy of the Galaxy


arch-gfc02The ancient philosophers of China predicted 5,000 years ago the forces of Yin and Yang (Taijitu symbol) which represents the two main forces of nature create a vibratory energy called Qi.  These cosmic forces could have been discovered in 2010 when astronomers found massive gamma-ray clouds that are jetting outward from both ends of the super massive black hole (SMBH) at the center of our galaxy.

Dr. Ettore Caretti heads a team of scientists that have constructed a image based upon satellite data of the Fermi-Bubble of the Milky Way Galaxy that is a million times more powerful that any exploding star and fifty million light years in diameter.

According to the ancients Qi is the underling life force within the phenomenal world. Its makeup is polarized (yin and yang) and design structure is analogous to a electrical circuit where the positive (yang) current flows towards a negative (yin) ground (Heaven/Earth). However, when they are directly connected to each other they will short circuit or cancel each other out. A simple working electrical diagram will add an electrical component which allows these two forces to connect indirectly. For example, when a resistor is added, as seen in the picture below, the flow of electrons can take place.


Matter-Energy forms a similar function of a electronic component as a gateway for Qi to flow through in what I call the Galactic Fractal Circuit (GFC). Qi manifest as the four fundamental forces as a decaying form of the energy of the Tao-Neutrino (see previous blog) which is emitted by SMBH.

Modern science would reject the concept of Qi due to Einstein’s theory of E=MC2 which creates a circular argument between matter and energy. This allows science in not having to defined energy separately. Einstein believed in a static universe which is also supported by the law ofConservation of Energy.

“Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change form, for instance chemical energy can be converted to kinetic energy in the explosion of a stick of dynamite. A consequence of the law of conservation of energy is that a perpetual motion machine of the first kind cannot exist. That is to say, no system without an external energy supply can deliver an unlimited amount of energy to its surroundings.” –

However, one particular field of science that could give us insights into how Qi works within nature is called Condensed Matter physics and particularly those states of matter which are formed through BCS Theory such as, Bose-Einstein Condensates (BEC), superconductivity and superfluidity.

BCS Theory which was given the Nobel Prize in 1972 states,

“An electron moving through a conductor will attract nearby positive charges in the lattice. This deformation of the lattice causes another electron, with opposite spin, to move into the region of higher positive charge density. The two electrons then become correlated. Because there are a lot of such electron pairs in a superconductor, these pairs overlap very strongly and form a highly collective condensate.”


Nature uses this same type of superconducting lattice structure in transferring energy within plants through photosynthesis. In 2007, a paper was published in Nature that described the process of energy transfer within photosynthesis as quantum mechanical. This was a surprise to biologist and physicist due to the scientific view that biological systems contained high levels of entropy (heat) which didn’t allow quantum coherence to occur at long enough times periods to be effective.

(Note: For those who are interested in a more detail view of how photosynthesis incorporates quantum processes, see the video below by one of the leading researchers in the field of theoretical quantum computing, Dr. Seth Lloyd from MIT who gave a lecture on this subject in 2011).

As light is collected by photon receptors of the plant, a photoelectric effect is generated creating excitons.

a exciton is a bound state of an electron and an electron hole which are attracted to each other by the electrostatic Coulomb force. It is an electrically neutral quasiparticle that exists ininsulators, semiconductors and in some liquids. The exciton is regarded as an elementary excitation of condensed matter that can transport energy without transporting net electric charge” –

Physicist determined that quantum coherence occurs as these excitons interact with the crystal lattice structure of the plant as it finds its way to a reaction center where it converted into food. This interactions is due to the kinetic energy vibrating this lattice structure of the plant which is mainly generated through temperature. This quantum process allows the exciton to find the energy ground state of the reaction center of the plant 99% of the time. (see article for explanation – Research paper – Photosynthetic reaction center as a quantum heat engine, PNAS February 19, 2013 vol. 110 no. 8 2746-2751).


The reason that this process is so efficient is that the exciton can quantum tunnel through energy barriers to reach the reaction center without using any extra energy in the process as seen in the picture above.

The relationship between light and decoherence (kinetic energy) is similar to how a Taoist would view the relationship between Heaven (yang) and Earth (yin). In this case, Heaven (the Sun) which represents light (exciton) interacts with the vibrating lattice structure of matter (Earth) which induces a third state called quantum coherence. The ancient understood this polarized quality of the Taijitu as universal, however its oscillating or resonance quality of Qi have been misunderstood in the West.

A demonstration of Qi oscillating quality was recorded by the news reporter Bill Moyer of an famous Qigong master in China. When Mr. Moyer puts his hand over the Qigong practitioner’s hand as he is repelling a student, he is quoted  as saying he felt a “vibration” from the master’s hand. (Note: A good book on this subject is “Tai Chi Classics” written by Waysun Liao who published this in 1990 by Shambhala)

These master used techniques which allows them to manipulate this vibrational quality of Qi within the body and transform this energy into what the Chinese called “Jing”. According to ancient Chinese medicine, Qi is part of a group of energies called the “Three Treasures” which include “Jing” (Essence) and Shen (Spirit). The Chinese developed a system of energy medicine based upon this model such as Acupuncture and Qigong to heal this internal structure of the body when it is in disorder.  This also includes the Chinese martial arts where a technique called “Neidan” appeared which taught a internal Taoist technique to master the Three Treasures, as seen in the videos above.

To demonstrate how Qi energy enters and flows through the body, I will only focus on two pathways: eating foods and through our environment such as, light and kinetic energy (temperature). The first pathway uses our digestive organs which are mainly attached to our gut and the second pathway uses our skin cells which converts photon energy which is analogous to the way plants use photosynthesis.

In the first pathway, food which can be viewed as electrons enters our digestive tract which is a type of vibrating lattice (including its microorganisms – flora). While in the second pathway uses our skin cells as photon receptors collecting energy from the sun by generating Vitamin D which supports our digestion and bone structure. These two energy pathways not only fuels biochemical processes but feed into a main Quantum Electrodynamic (QED) circuit within the body which is connected to our digestive system, bone structure and the brain. (For further details, read the Body Electric by Dr. Robert O Becker).

(Note: For more detail review see Dr. Jack Kruse theory which views every cell in our body as a semiconductor (crystal lattice) at the quantum level!)


The ancient Chinese called this main QED circuit within the human body the “The Self Winding Wheel of the Law” or the “Microcosmic Orbit“. The Microcosmic Orbit uses not only energy from the two pathways but energy can be generated by using Qigong techniques through movement where these electrons gather naturally at the Dantien which the Chinese locate just below our belly button and where nutrients-electrons are absorbed into the body through the lower intestines. This flow of electrons gathers in a circuit that moves from the base of the spine, and eventually ending up at the brain, then returning back down to Dantien. This circuit is similar to photosynthesis where excitons starts at the photon receptor and ends at the reaction center of the plant.

Practitioners learns to drum or vibrate the Dantien through using two techniques based upon condensed breathing and Qigong. After a period of time, if done correctly, the student will begin to feel physical effects such as tinging in the Dantien, hands and feet and other phenomenon which indicate the flow of Jing is increasing its vibration.

Usually the student is taught the physical exercises first, then the internal technique. There are very few books on this subject and teachers which openly talk about the internal method in public are looked down upon by the small community of Qigong masters which teach this technique privately where approaches and philosophy vary. Its true form has been broken into pieces through the ages.

In the West, science started with investigating the physical world and discovered its hidden component later as quantum mechanics. But, how did these Taoist masters discovered the true nature of reality?

The ancient masters could have taken the duality concepts from the I Ching and concluded that the physical body (Yin) must have a Yang counterpart within the body that is hidden. Through there investigations these ancient scientists uncovered part of this mystery was connected to the energy “Jing” which fuels what I call the Human Fractal Circuit (HFC) and later discovered the connection with our holographic body which they called shen or spirit.

The Yin (electrical-matter) and Yang (magnetic-holographic) structure of the galaxy is similar to the design of a electrical  generator where an coil (matter-crystal lattice) moves through a magnetic (holographic) field it generates an electric current through the coil.


Science chooses to view this Tao-Neutrino energy as the uncertainty principle which explains why at the quantum level, position and momentum of a particle can not be measured at the same time. Thus, physicist predicts particles are always in a state of constant quantum fluctuations. This is what the ancients have described as Qi, an vibrational energy. As these particles move through the galactic magnetic field at a very high frequency rate it is creating electromagnetic energy which fuels the strong and weak nuclear forces which hold matter together.

At the quantum level, this magnetic galactic energy field is undetectable but at the level of the solar system it could be possible to measure it at the outer edges. The NASA IBEX satellite has detected such a magnetic field that runs perpendicular to the solar system. (see article).


The ancients used Qigong practices to control the vibrational flow of electrons through the Microcosmic Orbit circuit of the body which in turns interacts with its holographic-magnetic counterpart. This process naturally occurs when we sleep at night, which not only allows our physical bodies to heal itself through regeneration but transfers data-energy from our holographic body to our waking consciousness which appears to us as dreams.

This type of communication is made possible through quantum tunneling where by 3D matter-energy can be converted into 2D holographic information. This process occurs in both directions. The alchemist called this 2D holographic dimension the astral plane.

The ancients also discovered new abilities through these experiences of the astral plane especially insights to what is mind and consciousness. The HoloGrid is not based upon 3D space but an 2D information matrix, thus, the holographic-astral mind only has to think of a place and time and our astral body will appear instantly at this location. The ability to quantum tunnel between these dimensions works in either dimension. Thus, the astral plane but can be activated in 3D reality as well. When we use our holographic mind in 3D reality, the reverse occurs, information can be converted into energy! This is what the ancient discovered and was the bases for the internal technique in Qigong. This was practiced in both sleep and the waking state.

For example, there was a 9th century master called Chen Tuan who lived in the famous Wudang Mountains in China which was the center of Taoist practice. He was known as the “Sleeping Immortal” who was adept in the inner alchemy of sleep (astral) meditation and who at times was known be in this state for weeks at a time.

The ancient masters discovered the alchemy of Qi was to balance the world of Jing – Electrons (matter) with the world of Shen – Astral (Holographic) which is the natural state of our consciousness.




The Diagram of Ultimate Power – Galactic Fractal Circuit


The inner meaning of the Taijitu (the yin and yang symbol) was so elegantly described in the “Tao Te Ching” by the mysterious Lao Tzu who characterized it’s “nameless” essence as the Tao. It’s origins are unknown and mysterious. Even though this image has been associated with ancient China it has also appeared within other cultures such as the Celts and Romans.

Taoist interpret the symbols of Yin and Yang as universal polar opposites which is the driving force of change in the cosmos. While others have reviewed its philosophy as a hidden science described within the pages of the I Ching. (note:  see blog – The Science of Chaos Theory and I Ching).

My first exposure to this possibility was through Dr. Katya Walter’s, book, “The Tao of Chaos” which uncovered a fractal mathematics within the I Ching which was similar to Chaos Theory and the structure of DNA. Years later, I began to study Tesla’s Radiant energy and the electrical theories of Dr. Konstanin Meyl which also coincided with these same concepts.


The Taijitu symbol translates into English as the “Diagram of Ultimate Power” which the ancients described as the supreme principle of energy. Modern science called this energy QED or Quantum Electrodynamics which is the framework of the cosmos.


According to Dr. Konstantin Meyl theories, a possible energy source of which fuels our galaxy are streams of faster light neutrinos being emitted from its Black Hole, however, classical physics would debunk this this theory because neutrinos have little effect upon matter.

Neutrino particles are defined as,

“… an electrically neutral, weakly interacting elementary subatomic particle with half-integer spin. The neutrino (meaning “small neutral one” in Italian) is denoted by the Greek letter ν (nu). All evidence suggests that neutrinos have mass but that their mass is tiny even by the standards of subatomic particles. Their mass has never been measured accurately.   …. in the late 1960s, several experiments found that the number of electron neutrinos arriving from the Sun was between one third and one half the number predicted by the Standard Solar Model. This discrepancy, which became known as the solar neutrino problem, remained unresolved for some thirty years. It was resolved by discovery of neutrino oscillation and mass. (The Standard Model of particle physics had assumed that neutrinos are massless and cannot change flavor). However, if neutrinos had mass, they could change flavor, or oscillate between flavors).

While science has agreed that high energy cosmic rays do enter our solar system as gamma rays come from large energy events such as supernovas while Dr. Meyl cosmic rays are predicted to emanate from the super massive black hole (SMBH) at the center of our galaxy. The ability of these faster than light electromagnetic waves is explained by Dr. Meyl is due to quantum tunneling effect.

“Quantum tunnelling refers to the quantum mechanical phenomenon where a particle tunnels through a barrier that it classically could not surmount. This plays an essential role in several physical phenomena, such as the nuclear fusion that occurs in main sequence stars like the sun. It has important applications to modern devices such as the tunnel diode and the scanning tunneling microscope. The effect was predicted in the early 20th century and its acceptance, as a general physical phenomenon, came mid-century.”

“….It is possible for spin zero particles to travel faster than the speed of light when tunnelling. This apparently violates the principle of causality, since there will be a frame of reference in which it arrives before it has left. However, careful analysis of the transmission of the wave packet shows that there is actually no violation of relativity theory. In 1998, Francis E. Low reviewed briefly the phenomenon of zero time tunneling. More recently experimental tunneling time data of phonons, photons, and electrons are published by Günter Nimtz.” –

Dr. Meyl predicts that these electromagnetic waves which I call Tao-Neutrinos decay as they quantum tunnel and change into other particles. A way for these particles to disburse into the other particles could be explained by the Neutrino Oscillation theory. This ability of the neutrino to change into other subatomic particles was,

“… predicted by Bruno Pontecorvo whereby a neutrino created with a specific lepton flavor (electron, muon or tau) can later be measured to have a different flavor. The probability of measuring a particular flavor for a neutrino varies periodically as it propagates. Neutrino oscillation is of theoretical and experimental interest since observation of the phenomenon implies that the neutrino has a non-zero mass, which is not part of the original Standard Model of particle physics. –

The video below explains an experiment designed to observe this effect.

This ability of the neutrino to change its particle type through oscillation is crucial in Dr. Meyl theoretical model because at each stage of the GFC these neutrinos are recreating themselves into lower frequency scalar waves which have only been detected as neutrinos whose source is emanating from our sun within the last fifty years.Before we can review the details of how the GFC works there are two general concepts we need to review; resonance and quantum oscillation. The ability of these particles to access energy from it previous state is made possible by resonance. At the quantum level the Tao-Neutrino is creating a resonance that is using quantum tunneling to fuel all matter in the universe. Each particle is vibrating at a harmonic of this cosmic resonance.

In the case of our sun, these particles are re-emitted as neutrinos which is interacting with h20 (water), the core of our planet and at the quantum level creating a resonance that is fueling the subatomic particles within matter in our solar system.



This process of resonance is simply a small periodic force which enhances a oscillation over time, for example, when a parent pushes a child on a swing, he/she waits until the child reaches its backward apex and adds a little push which increases the child’s forward momentum. Over time this repetitive small force can greatly increase the frequency of the previous oscillations.


From a electrical engineering perspective, the diagram above is a classic electronic resonance schematic which is called a LC circuit; L = Inductor (Coil), C = Capacitor, i = direction of current)

“Resonance of a circuit involving capacitors and inductors occurs because the collapsing magnetic field of the inductor generates an electric current in its windings that charges the capacitor, and then the discharging capacitor provides an electric current that builds the magnetic field in the inductor. This process is repeated continually. An analogy is a mechanical pendulum.” –

This is what is happening at the major junctions within the GFC. Within our solar system, the Sun is acting as a capacitor which is coverting a scalar field of charged particles from the SMBH. Capacitors such as the Sun are being charged and discharged which accessing the the scalar electromagnetic energy field that surrounds the galaxy.

(Note: in the video above, it first discusses the magnetic field shift of the sun will occur between August and December 2013. Including how the sun generates a field of charged particles within the solar system).

Physicist view the resonance principle as a periodic waveform which is similar to the concept of an Quantum Harmonic Oscillator. An example of this would be an mechanical pendulum where an equilibrium point is reached creating equal amounts of force in the opposite directions. For example, in the picture below a ball is connected to a spring which can be used to illustrate many types of wave forms.



These classic quantum oscillations were eventually converted into Freyman diagrams at the quantum level using mathematical models such as the Schrodinger equation which allowed physicists to predict the probability of how electromagnetic wave forms such as the path of an electron would interact within matter (QED – Quantum Electrodynamics) which is used in the science of electrical engineering.

The wavelength and the frequency (oscillations) of electromagnetic energy are divided into the following categories,


Since we don’t have semiconductors with clock speeds running close to speed of light or even at petahertz which is a million times faster than the highest cpu chip we are currently available on the market today. Thus, creating a solid state circuit to generate neutrino energy directly is out of the question, according to Dr. Meyl.

Thus, Dr. Meyl has built a small scale demonstration model using analog technology of this GFC circuit that uses harmonics frequencies such as “short waves” (3 mhz – 30 mhz) and combines solid state components to mimic a design taken from Tesla experiments to show how these concept is possible.

The experimental kit uses coils at resonance frequencies in the range of 4.5 – 7 mhz which transferred between 2 – 4 watts of power without wires between the transmitter and the receiver circuit.


The basic schematic of the transmitter board as seen in the above picture contains a large coil and two LED lights that are wired with different polarity on each broad. Meaning, when the coil on the transmitting board reaches resonance and the Tesla Waves are emitted, the LED lights will turn off and the receiving board will shows the red LED turns on without no external power connected  to it except the grounding wire. This experiment shows that Tesla’s waves transfer energy wirelessly.

The explanation that this energy moves faster than the light is observed by reviewing the effects of two resonating frequencies of the coils which are around 7 and  4.7 mhz.  The second resonance frequency turns the red light on the receiving board around half lit which Dr. Meyl determined the receiving coil was only collecting half of the electrical wave of the transmitting coil was in resonance at 4.7 mhz.

“The self-resonance of the Tesla coils, according to the frequency counter, lies at 7 MHz. Now the frequency is ran down and see there, at approx. 4.7 MHz the receiver again glows, but less bright, easily shieldable and without discernible effect back on the transmitter. Now we unambiguously are dealing with the transmission of the Hertzian part and that goes with the speed of light. Since the wavelength was not changed, does the proportion of the frequencies determine the proportion of the velocities of propagation. The scalar wave according to that goes with (7/4.7=) 1.5 times the speed of light!” – Dr. Meyl  – Scalar Waves – Advance Concepts for Wireless Energy Transfer – 2001

Another approach to understanding the effect of these Tesla waves moving through matter is to examine the phenomenon when larger objects such as a jet fighter moves faster than the speed of sound.


When an object passes through the air it creates a series of pressure waves in front of it and behind it, similar to the bow and stern waves created by a boat. These waves travel at the speed of sound, and as the speed of the object increases, the waves are forced together, or compressed, because they cannot get out of the way of each other. Eventually they merge together into a single shock wave, which travels at the speed of sound, a critical speed known as Mach 1, and is approximately 1,225 km/h (761 mph) at sea level and 20 °C (68 °F).

In smooth flight, the shock wave starts at the nose of the aircraft and ends at the tail. Because the different radial directions around the aircraft’s direction of travel are equivalent (given the “smooth flight” condition), the shock wave forms a Mach cone, similar to a vapor cone, with the aircraft at its tip.” –


This same principle could be applied to neutrino particles (Tesla waves) as they move through a medium such as air or water traveling faster than the speed of light which could be affecting the electrons within the water to emit a bluish photon in the near field. This resonance effect is similar to how “Cherenkov Light” is formed,

“… is produced when a charged particle moves faster than the speed of light in that medium (although of course slower than the speed of light in a vacuum). This creates shock waves of light that emanate out in a cone shape, similar to how an object traveling faster than the speed of sound can produce a sonic boom.” Duke University Website

The video below gives you more a visual explanation,

The electromagnetic radiation the researchers are measuring could actually be decaying Tesla waves in the near field of the reactor. The standard model would disagree with this explanation because science believes neutrinos rarely interact with matter. (note: This is based upon research which uses heavy water in building neutrino detectors in deep caverns below the surface of the earth).

Tesla also observed this same bluish light when Edison was building DC (direct current) transmission lines. Just as the generators were turned on, strange bluish light were observed emanating from the transmission lines. When, direct current flowed through these lines the effect disappeared. This was a clue to Tesla that this wasn’t due to electricity.


(Note: The ancient could have discovered that when Tesla waves travel within matter such as air and rock they create shock waves which follow this pyramid pattern. This is why they built this structure in a pyramid shape to maximize it’s ability to act like a capacitor) where a neutrino source of energy was used to power the pyramid.

phanotron tube

Other researchers such as Royal Rife developed another way of producing Tesla waves by using a plasma device.

“…is one of the four fundamental states of matter (the others being solid, liquid, and gas). Heating a gas may ionize its molecules or atoms (reducing or increasing the number of electrons in them), thus turning it into a plasma, which contains charged particles: positive ions and negative electrons or ions. Ionization can be induced by other means, such as strong electromagnetic field applied with a laser or microwave generator, and is accompanied by the dissociation of molecular bonds, if present.”

Rife used a vacuum tube (phanotron) filled with gas which he ignited into a plasma reaction. By experimenting with this device he discovered he could destroyed microorganism within the body by using modulated electrical radio frequencies through the plasma tube which he exposed to his patients at a close distance. This was more effective than other radiation treatments because it could target specific types of viruses and bacteria while not damaging healthy cells. His plasma device used a specific carrier frequency (3.1 mhz) to power the phanotron tube and then blended additional frequencies to target specific bacteria and viruses within the body (see Anthony Holland work).

Currently, new plasma antenna’s are being developed.

“In an ionized gas plasma antenna, a gas is ionized to create a plasma. Unlike gases, plasmas have very high electrical conductivity so it is possible for radio frequency signals to travel through them so that they act as a driven element (such as a dipole antenna) to radiate radio waves, or to receive them. Alternatively the plasma can be used as a reflector or a lens to guide and focus radio waves from another source.”

What modern science is only discovering now, Rife understood this in the 1930’s. The modulated radio signal created by the Rife device radiates a high frequency RF field which could directly target specific cells as though there cell structure acted as if they were type of inductor or coil.

These early pioneers and the ancients discovered the GFC and its relationship to the sun. Rife understood that a modulated high frequency RF field created specific interference patterns (the hologrid) is the underlining energy structure for all matter in the cosmos.


This is why the ancients described the GFC as “the diagram of ultimate power”. For example, the Greek symbol of the caduceus which came from a older mythology from Egypt uses the analogy of dual snakes to replicate the UFC basic structure of polar induction coils (the snakes wind in opposite directions) which resonate Tesla waves create an electrical vortex field between them which generates all electrical energy. The winged disk configuration on the top represents the sun, which is the source of this neutrino energy. They use this technology for energy, healing and communication where modern science is only beginning to understand.


There has been anecdotal evidence within our ancient past that neutrino energy was generated, understood and used for healing, transportation and communication. Some of these examples however, will be interpreted  within a mixture of current scientific discoveries and what some would call fringe science.


The ancients understood that the Galactic Fractal Circuit (GFC) is constructed from a pair of polarized inductors which they symbolized as snakes(coils) that resonates high frequency Tesla waves through a central magnetic vortex. They discovered the source of this energy was from the sun.

The GFC process was described by the ancients as “a union of opposites” or the joining of the male and female duality.


To convert these heavenly energies of the sun into the material world, the GFC uses basic electronic transformer technology to transfer energy and information.


Transformers use a common iron core between two electrical wire windings which holds the magnetic field that is generated when an electrical current flows through the primary winding on the left side of the transformer, as pictured above. When the magnetic flow moves through the secondary windings it generates an electromagnetic current. Transformers are able to control the output voltage of the secondary part of the circuit by adjusting the number of turns between the primary and secondary windings.

The magnetic core of the transformer could be viewed as the magnetic field generated by the sun which is the solar system’s Hologrid. The primary windings for our local GFC is powered by neutrinos emanating from our sun. The secondary windings represents all the matter contained within the scalar field of our solar system. This magnetic space is powered by charged particles at a low level of current.


This solar magnetic field acts like a information storage system which interconnects all matter within its field. For example, the magnetosphere of the Earth interacts with the solar magnetic field through a “Flux Transfer Event” where by a portal opens up and charged particles from the sun enter the Earth’s atmosphere. NASA has a group of satellites called THEMELIS which has been monitoring these events.

“Researchers have long known that the Earth and sun must be connected. Earth’s magnetosphere (the magnetic bubble that surrounds our planet) is filled with particles from the sun that arrive via the solar wind and penetrate the planet’s magnetic defenses. They enter by following magnetic field lines that can be traced from terra firma all the way back to the sun’s atmosphere.” – Nasa News 2008 Magnetic Portals Connect Earth with Sun


As the Earth is connected to the Sun, the Black Hole at the center of our galaxy is serving this same purpose with our Sun. According to Dr. Konstanin Meyl. faster than light neutrinos are emanating from the Black Hole and fueling our Sun. This stream of neutrinos generates a magnetic field which appears as a Event Horizon described within physics as the Holographic Principle.


Many believe this Event Horizon extends outward through out the galaxy creating a Galactic Plane (2D Hologrid) where all information within the galaxy is stored just like the magnetic surface of your disk drive in your computer.


In the picture above, NASA has discovered a magnetic field in which our solar system is moving through the galaxy.

The Hologrid also contains holographic information which generates high levels of coherence at the quantum level of the material world which is due to this transformer effect where energy and information moves between the Hologrid and the material world.

An example of this quantum process can be seen in the biological systems on earth. Since, the beginning of the natural sciences the view of nature was solely an biological/chemical process but a new finding by a group of Toronto scientists published a paper that theorizes that the efficiency of photosynthesis can only be explained by quantum mechanics.

“There’s been a lot of excitement and speculation that nature may be using quantum mechanical practices,” says chemistry professor Greg Scholes, lead author of a new study published this week in Nature. “Our latest experiments show that normally functioning biological systems have the capacity to use quantum mechanics in order to optimize a process as essential to their survival as photosynthesis.” – See Article

Others like Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp who’s researched has been characterized as fringe science have suggested that these quantum mechanical processes within the cells use a form of electromagnetic energy called “biophotons” to assist in this process where energy and information is transferred.

“In the 1970s the then assistant professor Fritz-Albert Popp and his research group at the University of Marburg (Germany) showed that the spectral distribution of the emission fell over a wide range of wavelengths, from 200 to 800 nm. Popp proposed that the radiation might be both semi-periodic and coherent.

Russian, German, and other biophotonics experts, often adopting the term “biophotons” from Popp, have theorized, like Gurwitsch, that they may be involved in cell functions, such as mitosis, or even that they may be produced and detected by the DNA in the cell nucleus. In 1974 Dr. V.P. Kaznacheyev announced that his research team in Novosibirsk had detected intercellular communication by means of these rays.” –

“A biophoton (from the Greek βίος meaning “life” and φῶς meaning “light”) is a photon of non-thermal origin in the visible and ultraviolet spectrum emitted from a biological system. Emission of biophotons is technically a type of bioluminescence, but the latter term is generally reserved for higher luminance luciferin/luciferase systems. The term biophoton used in this narrow sense should not be confused with the broader field of biophotonics, which studies the general interaction of light with biological systems.
The typical observed radiant emittance of biological tissues in the visible and ultraviolet frequencies ranges from 10−19 to 10−16 W/cm2 (approx 1-1000 photons/cm2/second). This light intensity is much weaker than that seen in the perceptually visible and well-researched phenomenon of normal bioluminescence but is detectable above the background of thermal radiation emitted by tissues at their normal temperature.

While detection of biophotons have been reported by several groups, hypotheses that such biophotons indicate the state of biological tissues and facilitate a form of cellular communication are controversial.” –

The key to Dr. Popp work has been his observations of how these electromagnetic biophotons energize and assist in the chemical processes within the cell at a high level of coherence that is even beyond any quantum mathematical model. For example, the efficiency of maintaining a coherent stream of photons from a laser is a tenth of second, while biological system have electromagnetic coherence that is measured within days and weeks.

One explanation of this coherence phenomenon could be explained by a higher frequency energy field around life which is connected to a 2D holographic information grid which helps guides these biophotons to be so efficient.


The ancient chinese discovered these energetic pathways or what they called meridians where a energy called ‘qi’ which travels through specific points on the skin that connect to the organs within our body. When these points are out of balance they can cause illness. Acupuncture was designed to return these points back into there natural state of homostatis.


While philosophers such as the Theosophist of the late 19th century described this phenomenon as,

“… the etheric body inhabits an etheric plane which corresponds to the four higher subplanes of the physical plane. The intended reference is therefore to some extremely rarefied matter, analogous in usage to the word “spirit” (originally “breath”).” – Wikipedia. org

Dr. Popp would call this light bioluminescence or Theosophist’s would call the Aura radiates in the ultraviolet range which is not visible to human sight. In the video above, he takes living plant material and inserts it into a chamber where a highly sensitive photomultiplier is installed to detect these biophotons.

As we have discussed in part one, Tesla waves radiate outward from its source faster than the speed of light and if they encounter a medium such as water (75 % human body) they interacts with its hydrogen electrons to emit high frequency light. Dr. Popp estimates that there are about 100,000 biophoton interactions within each cell in our body per second. DNA could be the source of these Tesla waves and If this is true, this high level of coherence of electromagnetic energy within biological life is beyond our current understanding of quantum mechanics.

If this discovery is valid it will shatter the accepted theory that the universe changes over time solely through the quantum mechanical physics of energy and matter. The source for this order could be another level of reality that contains a third state beyond energy and matter which is stored as 2D Holographic Information.

From a physicist perspective, all information within the cosmos is generated by entropy which,

“…is the amount of additional information needed to specify the exact physical state of a system, given its thermodynamic specification. The role of thermodynamic entropy in various thermodynamic processes can thus be understood by understanding how and why that information changes as the system evolves from its initial condition. It is often said that entropy is an expression of the disorder, or randomness of a system, or of our lack of information about it (which on some views of probability, amounts to the same thing as randomness).”


In other words, entropy is the quantum interactions of matter and energy where the overall probability of these changes over time will move towards increased states of disorder or randomness. The classic example is ice melting in a glass of water at room temperature.

“The entire miniature ‘universe’, i.e. this thermodynamic system, has increased in entropy. Energy has spontaneously become more dispersed and spread out in that ‘universe’ than when the glass of ice + water was introduced and became a ‘system’ within it.” –

This theory seems to contradict the advent of life on planet earth, where living systems have thrived instead of moving towards increased states of disorder. Nobel physicist Erwin Schrodinger calls this aberration negative entropy which was later labeled as, “Negentropy”.

“…to express it in a more “positive” way: a living system imports negentropy and stores it” – Erwin Schrodinger

This might imply that since life formed within our Galaxy, it is some type of negentropic system that is surrounded by a sea of entropy (empty space) which is another way of describing the symbolic polarized meaning of the Taijutu.


Thus, the GFC not only generates information but stores and replicates it by using a specific form of galactic scalar energy which is encoded with the information to replicate and support life.

Schrodinger implied this about negentropy when he wrote.

“…if I had been catering for them [physicists] alone I should have let the discussion turn on free energy instead. It is the more familiar notion in this context.” –

Free Energy (i.e. the Sun) is not only a source of negentropy within in the solar system but would also includes an informational qualities which allows it to be stored and replicated. Thus, the mechanism which supports this negentropic quality on Earth is DNA.


In his book called “DNA And Cell Resonance” Dr. Meyl describes DNA’s electromagnetic structure when he  writes,

“Hydrogen bonds, from our modest knowledge in biology class hold together through Coulomb forces electrically polarized with base pairs in the DNA Strand. To gain access to this polarization, the hydrogen bonds must be separated, and this requires even higher, radial outward electric field lines. I speak in this case a vortex field.

Since the magnetic field is perpendicular to the electrical vertical field, this has an axial direction to the DNA strand. The motion of the vortex field is in the direction of the magnetic field so a longitudinal wave results in a so-called magnetic scalar wave.” – Dr. Konstantin Meyl – DNA And Cell Resonance

Even DNA researcher determine the viability of stable DNA around 260 – 280 nano meters in length. This is because DNA’s ability to maintain its informational structure is largely due to how closely the spiral structure (inductors) are compacted. According to Glenn Elert if you were to stretch all the DNA in your body it would reach the Sun and back seventy times.“Length of a Human DNA Molecule,” The Physics Factbook, Edited by Glenn Elert).

An example, of this internal coil structure within DNA can be seen in the nucleotides which serve as the building blocks of DNA and carry energy within the cell. According to Dr. Meyl,

“Valuable information can be observed by the tendency of the helix to form a coil with two turns of globular proteins called histones. This corresponds to two turns of a half period. Thus , the transition from one histone to the next always occurs in a wave node, corresponding to half of the wavelength. If a coil produces the positive half-wave of the wavelenght, the neighboring coils is responsible for the negative half wave and vice versa.” – Konstanin Meyl – DNA and Cell Resonance: Magnetic Waves Enable Cell Communication 2012


This configuration is a classic Tesla/Transformer design where each winding are in polarity with each other creating a Tesla coil resonance circuit within each neighboring nucleotide pairs.

This type of resonance  connection is described by Dr. Meyl as the magnetic version of the Tesla waves called Meyl waves. This is where information is being transferred between cells. In the video below, Dr. Meyl summarizes a presentation he gave at a Chinese University in 2011 where he reviewed his work on this process where he demonstrates killing cancers cells. He uses his Tesla coil kit and where he takes cancers cells and adds a chemotherapy poison in one container which he places on one coil and another container with unaltered cancer cells on the receiver Tesla coil. After, a 24 hr period all the unaltered cancers cells in the receiver coil were killed. This would revolutionize medicine by not having to take drugs within our bodies eliminating all side effects.

If the ancients had discovered the source of this negentropic energy was from the sun, this could have merged into their religious belief systems. In the Egyptian case, I believe it was due to a discovery made by the egyptian priesthood of Atlantean artifacts. Plato wrote in Timeaus at around 360 B.C of Atlantis which he said was told to him by an egyptian priest. (See Blog,Freeing Ourselves with Radiant Energy).


There is great debate as to the age of the Giza complex and how the Egyptians built such a precise structures with only copper and bronze made tools.


Researcher such as Robert Schoch, a Yale trained Ph.d in geology and a BA in anthropology from George Washington University first studied the Sphinx complex in Egypt in the early 1990’s.

“I came to the conclusion that the oldest portions of the Great Sphinx, what I refer to as the core-body, must date back to an earlier period (at least 5000 B.C., and maybe as early as 7000 or 9000 B.C.), a time when the climate was very different and included more rain.” –Robert Schoch Website

If we use the extreme date between 11,000 to 12,000 years ago, we find that the Great Pyramid was aligned to the polestar Vega which is in the Lyra constellation.

“The importance of the pole star is not merely its indication of true north and south, thus pointing out the variations of the compass needle, but it also serves another purpose, namely, that of obtaining the latitude at any time of the night by an inconsiderable amount of figuring – something which cannot be accomplished by any other star.

If the pole star were situated exactly at the pole, the latitude could be obtained by the simple measurement of its altitude.” Science and Industry, Volume 4 by Anonymous

The pyramid could have been used as a reference point within a navigation system similar to how we use Greenwhich, England as the prime median.

“A prime meridian is a meridian, i.e. a line of longitude, at which longitude is defined to be 0°. A prime meridian and its opposite in a 360°-system, the 180th meridian (at 180° longitude), form a great circle.

This great circle divides the sphere, e.g. the Earth, into two hemispheres. If one uses directions of East and West from a defined prime meridian, then they can be called Eastern Hemisphere and Western Hemisphere.” –

Again those who built the Giza pyramids were highly technical engineers, navigators and scientist. They understood the GFC design and used the Giza pyramid as a capacitor to resonate the quartz crystal within the limestone and granite material. Others, such as Christopher Dunnhas pioneered this idea that the great pyramid was a power plant since 1998.

The Giza complex not only was used as a resonance generator where receiving inductors (Tesla coils) could wirelessly network to transfer energy and information but also used to resonate water. The Atlantean’s could have discovered a way to use Tesla waves to interact with water at a high frequency where it increased cell communication and immune qualities within biological systems.

In the work of John Cadmanhe proposed that the Great Pyramid was also designed as a water pumping station that was feed by a underground aqueduct system from a ancient lake above the Giza plateau. The Giza complex could have been used to pump water into a large aquifer below the pyramids that feed into a well system on the plateau.


“…within the bedrock of the plateau, the limestone strata tilts down towards the river, which forms the edge of the Nile Valley aquifer.” – The History, Technology and Philosopy of Civilization X – Edward F Malikoski


The Giza complex is filled with tunnels and wells shafts which were used during and after the Atlantean’s times. The Egyptian were only able to use these wells when the rainfall in this region was still stable. These structures are a mixture of Egyptian and Atlantean on the Giza plateau which accessed this large aquifer.

This energized water could have been used to grow foods through agriculture and provided a water purification system to create a healthy environment where DNA mutation didn’t led to illness due to the elimination of parasites, viruses and bacteria within the human body. These microbes naturally occur within nature and are used to breakdown biological systems. (see work of Royal Rife and Hulda Clark in using Electromagnetic Therapy on killing parasites and bacteria within the body).

This environmental system could have led to the myths of a “Garden of Eden” since this site is close to the cradle of civilization located in Sumeria.


Other technologies which were documented in the egyptian hieroglyphs show some type of electrical devices used within the temples.

Modern science is at the cusp of rewriting history and turning some spiritual practices into practical knowledge. Especially the work in developing technology to transfer and store information/energy. If the phenomenon of Negentropy within the solar system is correct then a highly efficient form of information storage is taking place within the Hologrid . One way you might understand how this might occur in nature is to review a discovery by Dr. Dan Schectman who was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 2011 for his work on Quasicrystals.

“..quasicrystals is a structure that is ordered but not periodic. A quasicrystalline pattern can continuously fill all available space, but it lacks translational symmetry. While crystals, according to the classical crystallographic restriction theorem, can possess only two, three, four, and six-fold rotational symmetries, the Bragg diffraction pattern of quasicrystals shows sharp peaks with other symmetry orders, for instance five-fold.”-


While the above picture uses a 3D perspective from a 6D electron diffraction pattern.

“A hexeract (6-cube) pattern using 6D orthographic projection to a 3D Perspective (visual) object (the Rhombic triacontahedron) using the Golden ratio in the basis vectors. This is used to understand the aperiodic Icosahedral structure of Quasicrystals.” –


(In the picture above, is a electron diffraction patterns of the atomic structure of an Ho-Mg-Zn quasicrystal. Superimposed is a 5D orthographic projection onto its 2D image).

While science can’t wait to explore the possibilities in developing future technologies of quasicrystals, we also should pay close attention to how negentropic information could be stored in a aperiodic format where complex 3D holographic information could be transferred into a 2D configuration.

“In 1944, Schrödinger sought to explain how hereditary information is stored: molecules were deemed too small, amorphous solids were plainly chaotic, so it had to be a kind of crystal; as a periodic structure could not encode information, it had to be aperiodic. DNA was later discovered, and, although not crystalline, it possesses properties predicted by Schrödinger—it is a regular but aperiodic molecule.” –


The Hologrid structure suggest a fractal information system of micro networks such as DNA to larger networks similar to a wireless cloud storage memory system. The Milkyway Galaxy could be part of a larger Hologrid cloud network which is part of the Virgo SuperCluster, Our extended galactic neighbors,

“..consists of two components: an appreciably flattened disk containing two-thirds of the supercluster’s luminous galaxies, and a roughly spherical halo containing the remaining one-third.


Our solar system could be a unique living library for our specific type of life and a intergalactic access point into other Hologrids which could be due to the maturity our Sun and its location within the Virgo Supercluster.


Back to the Future, The Black Hole Paradox and the Tao

In the classic 1985 film “Back to the Future”, Steven Spielberg tells the story of Marty McFly who goes back in time and mistakenly meets his mother who falls for him. This creates the possibility that his father and mother will not get together, thus, wiping out his existence because he would never be born. This is a classical time travel paradox leading many to believe that traveling into the past is impossible.

But for some scientists who do believe time travel into the past is possible have proposed that Black Holes might be using a process where quantum information is being teleportated  from the future to create a physical event in the past.

The concept of a Black Hole was predicted by General Relativity and through the work of Karl Schwarzschild who developed a model called the Schwarzschild Radius, proposed a new type of object in the universe where its mass becomes so dense its gravitational field would create a boundary where matter or light could not escape. This boundary later became known as the “Event Horizon”.

Inside a Black Hole exist what is called a gravitational singularity which is described as,

” the quantities that are used to measure the gravitational field become infinite in a way that does not depend on the coordinate system. These quantities are the scalar invariant curvatures of spacetime, which includes a measure of the density of matter.” –

However, there are some parts of a Black Hole that don’t follow our current understandings of physics. For example, what happens to the quantum information of matter when it enters the singularity.

In the 1970’s Steven Hawking answered this question when he discovered that Black Holes emitted heat which later became known as  “Hawking Radiation”. Hawking created a controversy when he stated in his paper that this radiation didn’t preserved the physical information of the mass within the Black Hole. If Hawking was right and this quantum information was forever lost within the singularity then this violated a quantum principle that information is always preserved within its wave function.

Others physicists such as Leonard Susskind argued this fact with Hawking and continued the controversy for twenty years because they believed,

” if the material entering the black hole were a pure quantum state, the transformation of that state into a mixed state of Hawking radiation would destroy information about the original quantum state. This violates Liouville’s theorem and presents a physical paradox. –

In 1982, Jacob Bekenstein proposed a new theory where the quantum information of the mass within the Black Hole was proportional to the surface area of the event horizon. This new theory led to the Holographic Principle developed by Gerald ‘Hooft and latter refined by Dr. Leonard Susskind where the physical information of the mass of the Black Hole was equivalent to the information contained within its two dimensional surface area of the event horizon. (for further information see the blog – “The World as a Hologram”).

Another way to look at this holographic theorem is to view processes that are happening on the event horizon and the state of matter in the Black Hole are complementarity or just two ways of observing the same quantum information.

“The idea is as follows; a quantum gravity theory in the interior of an anti-de-sitter spacetime is completely equivalent to an ordinary quantum particle theory living on the boundary. If true, this equivalence means that we can use quantum particle theory (which is relatively well understood) to define quantum gravity theory (which is not).” – Juan Maldacena – Illusion of Gravity 2005

(Note: If you want to understand how string theory, Ads/CFT correspondence and the Holographic Principle is applied to our universe read the November 2005 article in Scientific American called “The Illusion of Gravity” by Dr. Juan Maldacena).

Leonard Susskind and Gerard ‘Hooft applied the Holographic Principle to the Black Hole Information Paradox by describing this as a complementarity process because it allows a set of quantum information to exist in two different forms even if one exists in another place in time. This is consistent with quantum mechanics because  time is viewed as a continuum where future and past behavior of particles are all held within its wave function. This complementarity analogy is similar to how we understand the wave/particle phenomenon of light where it can be viewed within either of these two states but never both simultaneously.

This wasn’t a complete solution to the paradox because we still needed a way to avoid the loss of quantum information due to the Black Hole’s singularity. A solution to this problem was proposed by Gary Horowitz and Juan Maldacena called the The Black Hole Final State” .

“We propose that at the black hole singularity one needs to impose a unique final state boundary condition. More precisely, we have a unique final wave function for the interior of the black hole. … This final boundary condition makes sure that no information is “absorbed” by the singularity. … The final state boundary condition at the black hole singularity acts like a measurement that collapses the state into one associated with the infalling matter. This transfer the information to the outgoing Hawking radiation in a process similar to “quantum teleporation”. – Horowitz and Maldacena 2005.

Dr. Seth Lloyd of MIT who specializes in Mechanical Engineering and Quantum Computing explained this process of Black Hole evaporation similar to the process of a quantum computer.

“If information escapes as black holes evaporate, then black holes could function as quantum computers. Recently, Horowitz and Maldacena proposed a model of black-hole evaporation that imposes a final-state boundary condition at the black-hole singularity. The resulting projection onto a final state gives rise to a nonlinear time evolution for the quantum states in and outside of the black-hole, which permits quantum information to escape form the black hole by a process akin to teleportation.” – Almost Certain Escape from Black Hole in Final State Projection – Seth Lloyd 2006

(Reference – see – quantum teleportation)

Dr. Lloyd uses this quantum teleportation model within the Black Hole evaporation process to explain as these particles reach this boundary their wave function collapses which teleports its current quantum information into the past through emerging particles or singlets at the event horizon which produces Hawking Radiation. This ability to project quantum information backwards in time is explained by Seth Lloyd theory called Projective Closed Time-like Curves. –Almost Certain Escape from Black Hole in Final State Projection – Seth Lloyd 2006

The physics is made through the possibility of using Closed Time-Like Curves within our universe in a lecture he gave in November 2004. Kurt Godel first came up with this concept through working with Albert Einstein at Princeton. And later in 1991 physicist David Deutsch used this concept to propose using Closed Time-like Curves to travel into the past, where according to his theory would create a new alternate version of the past which agreed with the concepts of the “many worlds” hypothesis of time travel developed by Hugh Everett. (Note: Dr. Lloyd’s theory differs from David Duetsch proposal by not creating alternate time lines).

According to modern physics the creation of Closed Time-like Curves are possible in rotating closed spheres. The classic way of visualizing these closed time-like curves is to picture the universe like a cup and the handle would represent the closed time-like curve which is the pathway from the future into the past.

In the bottom picture, Lloyd proposes a Projective Closed Time-like Curves similar to Quantum Teleportation which he proposed is taking place within Black Holes. He describes this process as a quantum channel where information is teleported between two qubits. This type of post selection quantum channel prevents time travel paradoxes because the quantum teleportation process between the two qubits disallows a mixed quantum state to occur, such as, starting out alive in the future and dead in the past.

Below is a video where Dr. Lloyd gave a lecture on this subject matter. (Note, this video is not for novices for he is talking to mostly Quantum Computing graduates students).


(Note: the following are my own personal views on the nature of reality)

For a moment, lets assume our universe doesn’t contain Dark Matter and we live in anti-de-sitter space which has the characteristics of a Singularity. Then what is the Singularity? Physics defines it as a infinitely curved space.

However, if gravity is a illusion as Dr. Maldacena proposes then understanding how the Singularity functions is the key to understanding our reality. An example of this type of space is depicted in M.C.Escher print called Circle Limit III. Escher created a visual representation of a type of mathematics called  Hyperbolic Geometry where a negative curvature expands infinitely at the edges of a sphere.

In the picture below, Daina Tamina used crocheting to create geometric hyperbolic planes that are very similar to coral reefs.

Another mathematical concept that nature uses is the science of fractals which can form into simple or complex objects due to their ability to repeat self-similar patterns continuously into smaller and smaller scales like Escher Circle Limit III.

Another clue of the singularity is the observation that have perplexed scientist, is the negligible effect of gravity at the quantum scale.

To maintain this astronomical model, scientist have speculated that our galaxy is surrounded by dark matter which explains how gravity can hold all the matter together over million of light years, especially in its outer spiral arms. Astrophysicist call this the Dark Matter Halo (simulated picture above) which the theory explains why the rotational curve of the galaxy doesn’t decrease from the galactic center.

If this dark matter isn’t confirmed, at some point, astrophysics will need to stop coming up with exotic matter/forces to keep there standard model intact and come up with a more reasonable theory. Thus, lets try another approach and assume Einstein’s view of gravity as a curvature of space-time in the present of mass is a good observational model but isn’t the source for gravity.

Then, what is the gravitic force which holds galaxies and solar systems together?

Before General Relativity, science explained gravity through Issac Newton theory which states,

Every point mass attracts every single other point mass by a force pointing along the line intersecting both points. The force is proportional to the product of the two masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.” –

When you examine this formula, it is very close to “Columb Law” which states, that “The force of attraction or repulsion between two point charges is directly proportional to the product of magnitude of each charge and inversely proportional to the square of distance between them.”

If we assume these two theories are connected then gravity could be explained as aelectrogravitic effect. Newton’s theory was in the ballpark of earthbound objects but when it came to explaining very large objects in the universe such as Black Holes or neutron stars, General Relativity explained these objects more fully. However, recently, a Professor named Konstanin Meyl explains how gravity is an electrogravitic effect. Meyl proposes the effects of gravity follow an universal theorem called the Inverse Square Law with says:

is any physical law stating that a specified physical quantity or intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source of that physical quantity.” –

Meyl applies this law to both a gravitational or electromagnetic field which radiates from a source using the inverse-square law.


“The inverse-square law generally applies when some force, energy, or other conserved quantity is radiated outward radially in three-dimensional space from a point source. Since the surface area of a sphere (which is 4πr2 ) is proportional to the square of the radius, as the emitted radiation gets farther from the source, it is spread out over an area that is increasing in proportion to the square of the distance from the source. Hence, the intensity of radiation passing through any unit area (directly facing the point source) is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the point source. –

If the earth and the sun have a electromagnetic relationship, then what appears to be gravity is the earth movement is propelled through a positive and negative electromagnetic interaction as it rotates around the sun. According to Dr. Meyl this electromagnetic force creates a type of contraction and expansion of the earth due to one side the earth is always facing away from the sun which creates a type of breathing effect.

However, this effect can not be detected because all the instruments on earth are also expanding and contracting, this is why the famous Michelson-Morely experiment was unsuccessful in discovering this electromagnetic connection with the sun. The only way this scalar field could be detected would be take a measurement outside of our solar system, which James Bradley proposed in 1727.

Dr. Konstantin Meyl Universal Theory predicts that instead of a nuclear reaction process powering the sun, there is a electromagnetic process occurring. Nikola Tesla in the early 1900’s, discovered this electromagnetic relationship between the earth and the sun. He found cosmic rays emanating from the sun and experimented with this energy which he called Radiant Energy (see Freeing Ourselves with Radiant Energy). Meyl proposed these particles were neutrinos who source originates from the Black Holes at the center of our galaxy.

Dr. Meyl used Tesla work to develop a Galactic Model where these high frequency energy particles traveled faster than the speed of light through out the galaxy in a fractal manner where resonant receivers such as Suns absorbed these particles within there cores which in turn are re-transmitted into a slower neutrino particles. At each stage these neutrino’s are absorbed and converted into matter (gas/elements) at the center of suns and planets.


At the center of the earth are heavy neutrons particles which interact with these cosmic neutrinos which create beta decay creating hydrogen gas. The gas uses the radiation generated by the beta decay to returned back into a neutron due to the high pressure. This creates a equilibrium of forces which create a Bose-Einstein condensate at absolute zero which creates superconductive high pressure gas/plasma which is creating the electromagnetic field which surrounds the earth and not due to some hot rotating metal ball. All the elements of the earth are created due to this process at the center of the earth (except carbon).

If gravity is electromagnetic and if we could prove that the neutrino interaction causes the strong nuclear  force within matter then we live in a electromagnetic universe (the weak nuclear force is already attributed to neutrino interaction – radioactive decay. This would mean the processes within Black Holes, White Dwarfs and Neutron stars are not due to gravitational collapse but in someway are affected through a change in the flow of these high frequency neutrino’s being absorbed within its core. These are examples of how this neutrino energy is able to effect the ratio of mass within matter over large periods of time.

In the Standard Model, physics defines the neutrino as a massless particle that does not interact with the Higgs Bosons which creates mass. In Dr Meyl model, there is only one force which is structured like a vortex ring of electrical potential which creates all the elementary particles.

The model for these electrical ring vortexes are explained by Dr. Meyl by using an simple example of electromagnetic waves being transmitted and received through an antenna. In the picture below, an RF electromagnetic wave is spreading out from a antenna. In the near field they appear like vortexes but as they approached the far field they begin to expand and stretch out creating standard  electromagnetic waves.

dipole fields


In the bottom picture, these ring vortexes rotate at the speed of light while the electrical wave moves perpendicular to these vortexes. These electrical vortexes travel like a longitudinal wave which can adjust the frequency of individual waves due to its oscillation structure. Its most common form appear as electromagnetic waves which moves at the speed of light.

This oscillating property is due to the Lorentz contraction effect. As the electrical potential of these vortexes are increased they boost the frequency of the wave. Meyl proposes that this property allows these scalar waves to be a frequency converter in forming all the elementary particles.

This oscillating process is analogous to those two strings hand toys with a paper disk in the middle. The string represents the wave and the disk represents the electrical vortexes. As the string is winding up and gets shorter which is done by twirling the disk, the potential of the wave is increased (higher wave frequency) and the electrical vortex potential grows larger. And when you pulling the string apart the energy within the string is released which is the same as the electrical vortex potential is being discharged and vortex ring becomes smaller and their wavelength gets longer.


These faster than light particles propagate similar to a sound wave moving through different types of mediums within the near field. When they move at the speed of light they are unstable so some of these waves discharge in the near field and are transformed into heat which is called antenna noise. In the far field  the rest of the scalar waves are converted to electromagnetic waves, however, if you could oscillate them at a higher frequency they would become stable and they can propagate faster than the speed of light in the far field. (Note: This was reported at Cern in 2011  but was retracted later).

Dr. Meyl also discovered a magnetic version of this neutrino energy which runs perpendicular to the Radiant Energy which he calls the Meyl wave. This wave carries the holographic information. This wave encodes information like the hard drive in your computer.

If this is true, then Dr. Lloyd was correct in describing Black Holes as a quantum channel. Our sun also physically interacts with this flow of neutrinos particles from the Black Hole every 13,000 as our solar system completes a full cycle every 26,000 years (precession) through the galactic plane. (See Blog Helio Physics)

As these neutrinos travel faster than the speed of light, they decay and are absorbed within the cores of suns which are then re-emitted at lower frequencies within planetary bodies of the solar system. Thus, the galaxy appears to be a structure of resonating energy points (Black Holes, Suns and Planets) which creates a electromagnetic circuit where each connection fits in within one another just like the Russian Dolls in the picture below.


Nicola Tesla discovered this phenomenon in the early 1900’s and called it Radiant Energy (See Freeing Ourselves with Radiant Energy) which he described as cosmic particles (neutrinos) emanating from the Sun. Tesla developed a prototype where he was able to transfer Radiant Energy wirelessly when he built the Wardenclyffe Tower between 1901 – 1917. The facility was never completed due to Tesla not be able to fully fund the project.


Tesla was quoted as saying,

“It is not a dream, it is a simple feat of scientific electrical engineering, only expensive – blind, faint-hearted, doubting world! […] Humanity is not yet sufficiently advanced to be willingly led by the discoverer’s keen searching sense. But who knows? Perhaps it is better in this present world of ours that a revolutionary idea or invention instead of being helped and patted, be hampered and ill-treated in its adolescence – by want of means, by selfish interest, pedantry, stupidity and ignorance; that it be attacked and stifled; that it pass through bitter trials and tribulations, through the strife of commercial existence. So do we get our light. So all that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combatted, suppressed – only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle.” – “The Transmission of Electrical Energy Without Wires as a Means for Furthering Peace,” Electrical World and Engineer, January 7, 1905.

During this early period of the discovery of electricity, the government wasn’t funding much research, so these early pioneers were subject to venture capitalist like J.P Morgan who were only interested in the bottom line rather than pure research. Tesla discoveries were put aside and this line of researched was forgotten. However, if Tesla had a more academic background he could have published his finding and experiments and we might have started a whole new line of research that could have eventually trumped the invention of wireless communication by decades.

The  modern era should have been dominated by Tesla but instead Albert Einstein’s research on General Relativity and his famous equation E=MC2 took the scientific community by storm which eventually led to nuclear technology and expanded the field of astrophysics. However, Einstein equation for matter and energy was self referential and did not explain what is energy.

The famous physicist Richard Feynman said,

“It is important to realize that in physics today, we have no knowledge what energy is. We do not have a picture that energy comes in little blobs of a definite amount.” – Richard Feynman Lectures 1964.

According to science, energy-matter expanded at the beginning of the Big Bang and will continue until the end of time. In this model the universe is solely dependence on mass and gravity while Dr. Meyl theory is dominated by a single source of energy, electricity.

Einstein made the analogy if you could take a ride on a photon of light, the world would appear to stand still. Thus, if energy is transferred faster than the speed of light it also has no time component from our perspective within the galaxy which is why it appears to come out of nowhere.

This creates a very intimate connection to our creator because the energy we experience that fuels our body and within the environment is occurring in real time and not in some distant point in the past when creation first began. We live in a holographic-energy grid where each resonating point, like the cells within our body are connected to a universal circuit. This circuit not only carries energy but information as Dr. Meyl proposed.

Quantum Mechanics defines this information as a wave function which describes how a particle will behaves over time. The method is used to predict the probability of quantum interactions of particles such as the physics of electromagnetism. In the modern era, QED (Quantum Electrodynamics) is the most successful and verified theorem in physics today, without this theorem solid state electronics, lasers, etc.. wouldn’t exist which is the foundation of our modern technology.

One aspect that both Einstein (Special Relativity) and Quantum Mechanics agreed upon is that time exists as a continuum where the past, present and future events exist simultaneously. Quantum information exist in two forms as holographic information within a 2D dimension (wave function) and as a 3D object within the space-time.

Similar to the teleporation process of quantum information that occurs within Black Holes, a type of retro-causation process could also be occurring on a larger scale where by events from the past and the future are effecting each other. (note: The science is explained in my article, Retro-Casuation and the Symmetry of Time)


In Terence Mckenna Timewave Zero Theory, he describes historical time as a novelty wave which is a measurement of change over time (a quality of newest and originality). The chart above shows how change can have similar historical ramifications when novelty rates are in resonance. Mckenna developed this algorithm by studying the mathematical changes within the sixty-four hexagrams of the I Ching.

“McKenna expressed “novelty” in a computer program which purportedly produces a waveform known as “timewave zero” or the “timewave”. “Timewave zero” is a numerological formula that purports to calculate the ebb and flow of “novelty”, defined as increase over time in the universe’s interconnectedness, or organized complexity.Based on McKenna’s interpretation of the King Wen sequence of the I Ching, the graph appears to show great periods of novelty corresponding with major shifts in humanity’s biological and sociocultural evolution. He believed that the events of any given time are recursively related to the events of other times …”. –

This is the hidden concept folded within the I Ching. In my blog, “The Science of the I Ching” describes a system based upon a mathematical fractal algorithm which Mckenna uncovered. Much of this science is explained within Chaos Theory which is used to develop mathematical models called attractors to predict changes in dynamic systems such as weather systems. These attractors are able to map these novelty patterns over time which meteorologist use to predict future weather patterns.

According to the ancients, quantum interactions which are depicted as a oscillations between opposites (Yin/Yang – Hot/Cold) within these dynamic systems create cyclical novelty waves over time (attractors) which generate harmonic connections between past and future events.

For example, this retro-causation model is very similar to the process of a Black Hole when it is used as a quantum channel to teleport quantum information from the past into future emerging particles creating Hawking Radiation.  This example shows the wave function of particles not only interact on a linear bases within small distance and time but also have a retro-causation component as well.

According to the ancients our reality emerging from Wu-Chi which is symbolized by a empty circle which represents the infinite probabilities within our space-time which is a type of universal wave function for the cosmos. Most of us think of the circle as a boundary but as in Escher’s Circle Limit III drawing shows, the boundary is fractal thus representing a curve that expands into infinity.

From Wu-Chi emerges our 3D space-time reality through a novelty wave that is generated through a oscillation between opposites called yin and yang.


Maybe the ancients were describing a philosophical system that was based upon knowledge of Quantum Electrodynamics. I will be exploring this subject in connection to how biology mimics these quantum process in my next blog.

[ ]

John Chang, Nei Kung & The Mo Pai – The Story of the Magus of Java

John Chang, Nei Kung & The Mo Pai – The Story of the Magus of Java

Posted on 6 August, 2015  in Articles, Asia, Ebooks, Internal Arts, Martial Arts, Meditation, Metaphysics, Nei Gong, Philosophy, Qigong

In 1988 the documentary Ring of Fire was released to great acclaim. The most startling sequence in the film is that of a Chinese-Javanese acupuncturist who demonstrates his full mastery of the phenomenon of chi, or bio-energy, by generating an electrical current within his body, which he uses first to heal the filmmaker of an eye infection and then to set a newspaper on fire with his hand. Ring of Fire caused thousands to seek out this individual, John Chang, in pursuit of instruction. Of the many Westerners who have approached him, John Chang has accepted five as apprentices. Kosta Danaos is the second of those five. In his years of study with John Chang, Danaos has witnessed and experienced pyrokinesis, telekinesis, levitation, telepathy, and much more exotic phenomena. He has spoken with spirits and learned the secrets of reincarnation. Most important, he has learned John Chang’s story. John Chang is the direct heir to the lineage of the sixth-century b.c. sage Mo-Tzu, who was Confucius’s greatest rival. His discipline, called the Mo-Pai, is little-known in the West and has never before been the subject of a book. Now, John Chang has decided to bridge the gap between East and West by allowing a book to be published revealing the story of his life, his teachings, and his powers. It will surely expedite what may well become the greatest revolution of the twenty-first century–the verification and study of bio-energy.


Abilities he has demonstrated include:

  • Pyrokinesis
  • Telekinesis
  • Ability to Heal people western medicine can’t
  • Rudimentary Levitation
  • Communicating with a Kris (a type of dagger imbued with a person’s spirit)
  • Communicating with Spirits
  • Electrogenesis
  • Astral Travelling


Lawrence Blair returns to the legendary Magus of Java to shoot even more mind blowing footage.


The authoritative text on Mo Pai is considered to be the book Magus of Java written by one of his western students ( ) Kosta Danaos.

You can listen to the audiobook:

Or DOWNLOAD and read the PDF  here:



Nei Kung is fundamentally different than Chi Kung, in that Chi Kung only uses yang (masculine) energy. Nei Kung utilizes both yin and yang (feminine & masculine combined) thus making it infinitely more powerful. The yin energy is also known as Kundalini in the Sanskrit tradition. It is surprising how very few traditional subtle energy systems actually utilize yin (feminine) energy let a lone make a distinction between yang and yin,  just calling the two different forms ambiguously “chi”, “prana”, “ki” or “energy”. If a system doesn’t make a distinction it almost always only utilizes the masculine yang energy. A serious limitation. The ultimate goal of Nei Kung is two merge Yin and Yang, this is also known as spiritual alchemy or Neidan.

Yin and Yang have a remarkable similarity to Dielectricity and Magnetism. In fact it appears they are one and the same thing. I believe Eric Dollard’s work is the scientific basis for explaining how Yin and Yang Chi work. What John Chang can do with his body, Eric Dollard can do with technology. The theoretical basis of this knowledge appears to stem originally from India and the aspects of Pranayama, Kundalini & Tantra. The Mo Pai technique involves a series of levels each one with specific mediation & isometric muscle contraciton techniques. In total there are 72 levels in this system. Rudimentary descriptions of what happens energetically in the first four levels is given in The Magus of Java Book but no technique. It appears the techniques are kept secret and the students swear an oath to keep it that way.

John Chang appears to have been psychically aware of about 10 other people in china that are at a similar level to him. Although he appears to have not met them or seriously sought them out.

John Chang had accepted five western students. He currently does not teach anymore and a new person has taken over the Mo Pai school who appears to have no desire to teach any westerners. Thus the Mo Pai tradition is kept extremely exclusive. And maybe this is a good thing.

The 5 students are as follows:

  1. Jim McMillan
  2. Kosta Danaos
  3. Andreas
  4. and 5. unknown


1. Jim McMillan (American)

Of the five students Jim McMillan is supposed to have attained the highest level (level 3) of all of John Chang’s Mo Pai students including even his ethnic Asian students. He has recently published a book Seeking the Master of Mo Pai: Adventures with John Chang. Having personally read it, I don’t recommend it. The book is poorly written and contains very, very little information on Mo Pai. It reads almost entirely like a travel journal. Of the 262 pages there are maybe 3 that contain some interesting information.

Some other resources about Jim are:

Jim claims that he has found other schools that teach Mo Pai in China. (Lead to follow up on.)


2. Kosta Danaos (Greek)
Kosta is famous for bringing the story of John Chang into mass media in book form. His book book The Magus of Java: Teachings of an Authentic Taoist Immortal is an incredible tale and provides much knowledge. However he can be a bit over zealous at times and appears to have a bit of an ego and is wrapped up in some serious nationalistic Greek pride. Jim disputes some of the claims Kosta makes in his book about John Chang, but it appears there are is no major disagreements. Kosta published a second book Nei Kung: The Secret Teaching of the Warrior Sages.


From what I can tell Kosta Danaos is a pseudonym for Kostas Dervenis.(according to his website :Pammmachon.) It also appears Kosta is disenchanted by Mo Pai….or something happened because it doesn’t appear he is pursuing it anymore. It is rumored on the internet he got kicked out of Mo Pai a while back and I wouldn’t be surprised.


3. Andreas (Australian)


has a website? ?
Calls John Chang: Sher-fu.
“Sher-fu doesnt heal anymore either.”
“The Mo-Pai and schools like it are the originators of accupunture because they could feel the flow of chi through their bodies.”
“general misconception in the Western martial arts world. There are 2 types of practices, Qi-kong & Nei-Kong. Qi-kong involves breathing, meditation & specialized excercise. Once the yin & yang have been joined ie Level 4, then Nei-kong training begins. “


Other Notes:
  • Chang San Fung reached level 72
  • There is a “Shifu Lin” who has very recently published 3 books on Mo Pai on amazon….don’t know if this is authentic or not…is this Andreas? Publisher is called Lung Hu Shan
  • Tummo Yoga – from Tibetan Buddhism ……similarities to Mo Pai

Lama Dondrup Dorje – Tai Chi

This guy appears to have abilities equally as impressive as John Chang. At least the videos are impressive. I don’t know much about his system but I endeavor to find out more. I’m curious if he is capable of pyrokinesis and if he makes a formal distinction between yang chi and yin chi. Also if he is willing to teach how he accomplishes his energetic feats.

David Verdesi

Trained under immortal masters via Thunder and Lightning Path (Lei Shan Dao) and Vajra in the mountains of China. Successfully merged Yang and Yin equivalent to level 4 in Mo Pai. Anthropologist by training, synthesizes powerful shamanic practices from across the world. David appears to be very well connected with most people in China that are relatively advanced.


Mo Pai Lineage Chart
Mo Tzu

Zhang Sanfeng

May Yung Chen
Pa Lok Nen
Liao Tsu Tong
John Chang
There are also different ways of looking at it… Mo Pai was started by Mo Tzu, but neither him nor his desciples achieved the fusion of Yin and Yang. Perhaps centuries later, with the addition of Bodhidharma’s teaching, and combining it with Mo Tzu’s teaching, a proper method was developed. This wouldn’t make Bodhidharma a direct part of the lineage, but more of a “contributor” to it.There is a story about Bodhidharma. Supposedly, he came to the Shaolin temple, and was shocked to see the monks there were falling asleep during mediations, were old, ill, and were very unlively. Inspired by his wish to help these people, he moved to a nearby cave. After a few years, he returned and taught the monks the first “official set” of Qi Gong exercises called the “18 Arhat Fists”. This later developed into what we know today as Shaolin Gong Fu. Bodhidharma was also said to have developed a more internal exercise called the “Classics of Sinew Metamorphosis”. He was also a teacher of meditation and was highly regarded by the Chinese royal court. He is said to be the originator of Ch’an or Zen Buddhism and “Dhyana or Zen Meditation” in China, a similar type of “One-Pointed” focus in meditation to what we use.

Photos Released After Jim’s Passing

John Chang & Jim McMillan At Chang’s Daughter’s Wedding

Representation of May Yung Chen

Photo of Chang

“There are no thoughts and there is no sense of time. If you are
thinking, you are not in meditation. If you are aware of yourself, you
are also not in meditation. You must become like a baby in the womb,
there and yet not there. Meditation is like the borderline between
sleep and waking, between consciousness and unconsciousness. You stayed in meditation for long periods when you were an embryo and a baby, and you pass through it
now each time you drift off to sleep. You just have to remember how. ”

Collection of Mo Pai quotes: [ ]


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Filming Vega, & Krystic History

The 12 Primary Star Gates of our Universal Templar Complex are:

12D Lyra Aramatena
11D Lyra Aveyon
10D Lyra Vega
9D Andromeda Mirach
8D Orion Mintaka
7D Arcturus Bootes
6D Sirius B
5D Pleiades Alcyone
4D Sol (our Sun)
3D Planet Earth
2D Epsilon Eridanus
1D Theta Orion


By combining their genetic templates, the Anuhazi Elohei Elohim Cerez and Aethien Seraphei Seraphim and Inyu and Pegasai Brahararama Christos Founders races together created a new genetic line called the Azurite Eieyani. The Azurties are a blue skinned, sometimes winged and feathered, feline land and water mammal avian hominid race carrying the most advanced genetic code in our time matrix.

The Eieyani master council is composed of the density five emerald order Elohei Elohim Breneau, whose members incarnate through the Sirius B Azurite Lineage. Following the creation of the Oraphim Angelic human lineage 568 million years ago, members of the Eieyani master council also incarnated into density through the Oraphim Angelic human lineage. The Eieyani Master Council is sometimes called the Sirian Council or the Azurite Council.

(If you would like to learn the complete story in great detail, I highly recommend reading Ashayanna Deane’s Voyagers 1 and 2.)

The original Oraphim Braharama Cetacean Race was the original race line who created the dolphins and whales of our old planet in order for us to remember them and to help create the frequency portal back to them. The Eiyani incarnated into density through the Oraphims.

After the destruction of Stargate 12, by the Annunaki, 250 billion years ago, the Grand Yanas of the pre sound and pre light densities appointed the Emerald Order Breneau and the Elohei-Elohim feline- hominid Christos Founders Races as the Universal Security Teams of our Time Matrix. Later, the Density 5 Emerald Order Breneau, the Gold Order Seraphei – Seraphim Breneau and the Amethyst Order Braharama Breneau organized the Christos Founders Races and formed the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds.

The Elohei Elohim Feline hominid Anuhazi, the Seraphei Seraphim Avion hominid Cerez and Mantis Aethien and the Braharama Cetacean Inyu and Pegasai Christos Founders Races assembled the IAFW organization under the tenets of the Emerald Covenant, creating a unified collective of intergalactic guardian angelic races from within our fifteen dimensional time matrix.

The Azurites were created by the Founders races 250 billion years ago, to allow the Eieyani collective from the energy matrix and the density 5 Breneau orders to incarnate directly into our density system for crisis intervention. The density five (Cosmic) administrative council of the Azurite templar security team, a specialized collective of the emerald order Elohei Elohim Breneau founders races is called the Eieyani master council. This is the templar team who handed me the tools of creation – crystal light, crystal dust, crystal gel and crystal liquid light. They bowed before me and handed these spheres of magical star dust to me to create the music of the spheres that heals, transmutes and realigns us into a new reality.

The Eieyani master council is composed of the density five emerald order Elohei Elohim Breneau, whose members incarnate through the Sirius B Azurite Lineage. Following creation of the Oraphim Angelic human lineage 568 million years ago, members of the Eieyani master council also incarnated into density through the Oraphim Angelic human lineage. The MC Eieyani Master Council is sometimes called the Sirian Council or the Azurite Council.

The security teams were created 250 billion years ago after a series of universally cataclysmic events that almost destroyed our time matrix.

The Lyran-Elohim Wars in Density 4 (Universal) and the Gold Order Seraphim reptillian Omicron Dracos from D10 Lyra Vega (fourth sphere-Universal) began to digress and set forth dominion conquest to become known as the fallen Seraphim. They were the fore fathers of D10 Orion Drakonians Fallen Angelic Legion.

At the same time, the Emerald Order- Amethyst Order hybrid Feline Aquatic Ape Anyu Race from Lyra Aveyon suffered digression and petitioned the Elohi Elohim Founders Race to destroy the Fallen Seraphim Omicron Race. When The Founders Races opted for rehabilitation of the Fallen Seraphim, the Anyu race of D11 Aveyon attacked and destroyed Star Gate 12 Lyra-Aramatena.

The Anyus destruction of Star gate 12 was what was called the original SIN because it caused all races to be locked into the time matrix until Aramatena could be reconstructed. The original Sin meant Consciousness could incarnate into this Time Matrix, but could never ascend back out of it.

The Anyu adopted the name of the Annu. They were the race line of density 4 D11. The Annu’s destruction of stargate 12 and power conquest through stargate 11 is what caused the stargate 12 to become known as Nibiru, where the Annu Race created the Death Star. That was the story covering the real event of the destruction of our Christos Stargate 12 Aramatena.

“Vega, also designated Alpha Lyrae (α Lyrae, abbreviated Alpha Lyr, α Lyr), is the brightest star in the constellation of Lyra, the fifth-brightest star in the night sky and the second-brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere, after Arcturus. It is relatively close at only 25 light-years from the Sun, and, together with Arcturus and Sirius, one of the most luminous stars in the Sun’s neighborhood.

Vega has been extensively studied by astronomers, leading it to be termed “arguably the next most important star in the sky after the Sun.” Vega was the northern pole star around 12,000 BC and will be so again around the year 13,727 when the declination will be +86°14′. Vega was the first star other than the Sun to be photographed and the first to have its spectrum recorded.” – Wiki

I present to you some shaky amateur footage of the star Vega, shot by yours truly, without a tripod. –