The Big Question


If you want to silence your arrogant PHD physics professor and watch them shit their pants and drool over themselves in confundity and bewilderment, ask them this:

“What’s the difference between the convergent counter-spatial centripetal charge of dielectricity and the divergent spatial polarization and centrifugal discharge of magnetic radiation, and how does that inter-correlate with dielectric voidance and dielectric counter-voidance; AKA magnetic vectorization?

Moreover, in regards to this how does one define a ‘Field’ necessitativly? And by that i mean, can you give me the absolute scientific denotation of the quantification of a field in principle?

Furthermore, can you explain what a bloch wall is without merely describing it’s attributes, and tell me why it has no locus and thus there is no spatial flux at the center of any magnet?”


100% guaranteed they will not give you any legitimate answers, the honest will tell you they don’t know and the arrogant will use linguistics to try and overwhelm your logical faculty, bypass the critical factor and convince you that they know what they are talking about, when they simply don’t. They’ll talk about maxwellian field equations and vectors but these are temporal expressions over a given period of time and of influence. No different from a Gauss meter where it measures X-amount of flux density over TIME and its an expression of that effect, not a definition or denotation of what a field actually is.

No book exists in contemporary academia that adequately addresses this and you will have to look elsewhere for legitimate explanations. Of course, make sure you know the answers yourself before you go quizzing the profs, or the joke will end up on you.

mag unified field
uni field modalities final final one 0
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