Filming a Black Hole – Magnetism Bends Light

“Unfortunately, the path light takes is not affected by the presence of a magnetic field. Light itself is composed of an oscillating electric and magnetic field, and one very important property of electric and magnetic fields is what we call “linearity.” … So there is no way that a magnetic field can bend light.” – Google & Dpt. of Physics Illinois

My refutation:

Best Evidence Yet That Black Holes Exist. A team of astronomers has found indirect evidence of a supermassive black hole’s event horizon, providing further proof that these wacky objects actually exist in nature. An artist’s conception of a supermassive black hole.” –

“Do black holes really exist?

No Black Holes Exist, Says Stephen Hawking—At Least Not Like We Think. Black holes do not have “event horizons” beyond which there is no return, according to renowned physicist. This artist’s concept illustrates a supermassive black hole, which are enormously dense objects buried at the hearts of galaxies.” – Google
My rebuttal:
Black holes are intrinsic to nature they are the function of counter-space (inertia).

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