John Chang, Nei Kung & The Mo Pai – The Story of the Magus of Java

John Chang, Nei Kung & The Mo Pai – The Story of the Magus of Java

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In 1988 the documentary Ring of Fire was released to great acclaim. The most startling sequence in the film is that of a Chinese-Javanese acupuncturist who demonstrates his full mastery of the phenomenon of chi, or bio-energy, by generating an electrical current within his body, which he uses first to heal the filmmaker of an eye infection and then to set a newspaper on fire with his hand. Ring of Fire caused thousands to seek out this individual, John Chang, in pursuit of instruction. Of the many Westerners who have approached him, John Chang has accepted five as apprentices. Kosta Danaos is the second of those five. In his years of study with John Chang, Danaos has witnessed and experienced pyrokinesis, telekinesis, levitation, telepathy, and much more exotic phenomena. He has spoken with spirits and learned the secrets of reincarnation. Most important, he has learned John Chang’s story. John Chang is the direct heir to the lineage of the sixth-century b.c. sage Mo-Tzu, who was Confucius’s greatest rival. His discipline, called the Mo-Pai, is little-known in the West and has never before been the subject of a book. Now, John Chang has decided to bridge the gap between East and West by allowing a book to be published revealing the story of his life, his teachings, and his powers. It will surely expedite what may well become the greatest revolution of the twenty-first century–the verification and study of bio-energy.


Abilities he has demonstrated include:

  • Pyrokinesis
  • Telekinesis
  • Ability to Heal people western medicine can’t
  • Rudimentary Levitation
  • Communicating with a Kris (a type of dagger imbued with a person’s spirit)
  • Communicating with Spirits
  • Electrogenesis
  • Astral Travelling


Lawrence Blair returns to the legendary Magus of Java to shoot even more mind blowing footage.


The authoritative text on Mo Pai is considered to be the book Magus of Java written by one of his western students ( ) Kosta Danaos.

You can listen to the audiobook:

Or DOWNLOAD and read the PDF  here:



Nei Kung is fundamentally different than Chi Kung, in that Chi Kung only uses yang (masculine) energy. Nei Kung utilizes both yin and yang (feminine & masculine combined) thus making it infinitely more powerful. The yin energy is also known as Kundalini in the Sanskrit tradition. It is surprising how very few traditional subtle energy systems actually utilize yin (feminine) energy let a lone make a distinction between yang and yin,  just calling the two different forms ambiguously “chi”, “prana”, “ki” or “energy”. If a system doesn’t make a distinction it almost always only utilizes the masculine yang energy. A serious limitation. The ultimate goal of Nei Kung is two merge Yin and Yang, this is also known as spiritual alchemy or Neidan.

Yin and Yang have a remarkable similarity to Dielectricity and Magnetism. In fact it appears they are one and the same thing. I believe Eric Dollard’s work is the scientific basis for explaining how Yin and Yang Chi work. What John Chang can do with his body, Eric Dollard can do with technology. The theoretical basis of this knowledge appears to stem originally from India and the aspects of Pranayama, Kundalini & Tantra. The Mo Pai technique involves a series of levels each one with specific mediation & isometric muscle contraciton techniques. In total there are 72 levels in this system. Rudimentary descriptions of what happens energetically in the first four levels is given in The Magus of Java Book but no technique. It appears the techniques are kept secret and the students swear an oath to keep it that way.

John Chang appears to have been psychically aware of about 10 other people in china that are at a similar level to him. Although he appears to have not met them or seriously sought them out.

John Chang had accepted five western students. He currently does not teach anymore and a new person has taken over the Mo Pai school who appears to have no desire to teach any westerners. Thus the Mo Pai tradition is kept extremely exclusive. And maybe this is a good thing.

The 5 students are as follows:

  1. Jim McMillan
  2. Kosta Danaos
  3. Andreas
  4. and 5. unknown


1. Jim McMillan (American)

Of the five students Jim McMillan is supposed to have attained the highest level (level 3) of all of John Chang’s Mo Pai students including even his ethnic Asian students. He has recently published a book Seeking the Master of Mo Pai: Adventures with John Chang. Having personally read it, I don’t recommend it. The book is poorly written and contains very, very little information on Mo Pai. It reads almost entirely like a travel journal. Of the 262 pages there are maybe 3 that contain some interesting information.

Some other resources about Jim are:

Jim claims that he has found other schools that teach Mo Pai in China. (Lead to follow up on.)


2. Kosta Danaos (Greek)
Kosta is famous for bringing the story of John Chang into mass media in book form. His book book The Magus of Java: Teachings of an Authentic Taoist Immortal is an incredible tale and provides much knowledge. However he can be a bit over zealous at times and appears to have a bit of an ego and is wrapped up in some serious nationalistic Greek pride. Jim disputes some of the claims Kosta makes in his book about John Chang, but it appears there are is no major disagreements. Kosta published a second book Nei Kung: The Secret Teaching of the Warrior Sages.


From what I can tell Kosta Danaos is a pseudonym for Kostas Dervenis.(according to his website :Pammmachon.) It also appears Kosta is disenchanted by Mo Pai….or something happened because it doesn’t appear he is pursuing it anymore. It is rumored on the internet he got kicked out of Mo Pai a while back and I wouldn’t be surprised.


3. Andreas (Australian)


has a website? ?
Calls John Chang: Sher-fu.
“Sher-fu doesnt heal anymore either.”
“The Mo-Pai and schools like it are the originators of accupunture because they could feel the flow of chi through their bodies.”
“general misconception in the Western martial arts world. There are 2 types of practices, Qi-kong & Nei-Kong. Qi-kong involves breathing, meditation & specialized excercise. Once the yin & yang have been joined ie Level 4, then Nei-kong training begins. “


Other Notes:
  • Chang San Fung reached level 72
  • There is a “Shifu Lin” who has very recently published 3 books on Mo Pai on amazon….don’t know if this is authentic or not…is this Andreas? Publisher is called Lung Hu Shan
  • Tummo Yoga – from Tibetan Buddhism ……similarities to Mo Pai

Lama Dondrup Dorje – Tai Chi

This guy appears to have abilities equally as impressive as John Chang. At least the videos are impressive. I don’t know much about his system but I endeavor to find out more. I’m curious if he is capable of pyrokinesis and if he makes a formal distinction between yang chi and yin chi. Also if he is willing to teach how he accomplishes his energetic feats.

David Verdesi

Trained under immortal masters via Thunder and Lightning Path (Lei Shan Dao) and Vajra in the mountains of China. Successfully merged Yang and Yin equivalent to level 4 in Mo Pai. Anthropologist by training, synthesizes powerful shamanic practices from across the world. David appears to be very well connected with most people in China that are relatively advanced.


Mo Pai Lineage Chart
Mo Tzu

Zhang Sanfeng

May Yung Chen
Pa Lok Nen
Liao Tsu Tong
John Chang
There are also different ways of looking at it… Mo Pai was started by Mo Tzu, but neither him nor his desciples achieved the fusion of Yin and Yang. Perhaps centuries later, with the addition of Bodhidharma’s teaching, and combining it with Mo Tzu’s teaching, a proper method was developed. This wouldn’t make Bodhidharma a direct part of the lineage, but more of a “contributor” to it.There is a story about Bodhidharma. Supposedly, he came to the Shaolin temple, and was shocked to see the monks there were falling asleep during mediations, were old, ill, and were very unlively. Inspired by his wish to help these people, he moved to a nearby cave. After a few years, he returned and taught the monks the first “official set” of Qi Gong exercises called the “18 Arhat Fists”. This later developed into what we know today as Shaolin Gong Fu. Bodhidharma was also said to have developed a more internal exercise called the “Classics of Sinew Metamorphosis”. He was also a teacher of meditation and was highly regarded by the Chinese royal court. He is said to be the originator of Ch’an or Zen Buddhism and “Dhyana or Zen Meditation” in China, a similar type of “One-Pointed” focus in meditation to what we use.

Photos Released After Jim’s Passing

John Chang & Jim McMillan At Chang’s Daughter’s Wedding

Representation of May Yung Chen

Photo of Chang

“There are no thoughts and there is no sense of time. If you are
thinking, you are not in meditation. If you are aware of yourself, you
are also not in meditation. You must become like a baby in the womb,
there and yet not there. Meditation is like the borderline between
sleep and waking, between consciousness and unconsciousness. You stayed in meditation for long periods when you were an embryo and a baby, and you pass through it
now each time you drift off to sleep. You just have to remember how. ”

Collection of Mo Pai quotes: [ ]


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One thought on “John Chang, Nei Kung & The Mo Pai – The Story of the Magus of Java

  1. I am a christian (with a background of Javanese philosophy), I see them skeptical, but it is good. It is true this is the world, there is always opposition. Skeptical when viewed with orthodoxy. when opening the discourse then cultural awareness will arise. the more orthodox the better, the more open also not good. there is anchor life is better. application to the best society, as a universal mission (the anchor spirit will not be separated in a very liberal world and added chaotic-kolot is a fence-the only balance in world-trials in the other world-> later). The personal point about nie gong is the uniqueness of its distribution to help and the more wispy it is in the turmoil of suppressing the passions and emotions. Splitting under the sun waiting for the time of the final call – on a mission to fill my spare time and spare no time without work and dementia. Processing back to personal – the more anchors hook in – the live fence will issue warnings-which junction path is chosen-peace greetings – by google translate


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