You Are Dead & Lost At Sea

Maritime admiralty law is also known as the law of the high seas, or law of water. It is contrary to the law of the land or common law. The earth has only land and water, consequently those are the two major types of law.

Think of an aspect of your life that dictates the limits of your freedom. Government and law enforcement, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, taxes, building permits, drivers licenses, and more. There are hundreds if not thousands of stipulations, regulations, and boundaries on our freedom. And out of the ones that were just mentioned how many have you researched to find out whether they apply to you or not?


Many maritime words are commonly used today in everyday conversation. Maritime words relate to nautical, sea/ocean, shipping, and navigation. Maritime law regulates business, banking and commerce. It is the law of money. The law which governs vessels / ships (known for carrying commercial produce/money). Whereas the common law comes from the customs of those who live on the land, it is derived from common sense and natural law. The powers that be who control the governments and courts have attempted to subvert our natural rights and override the common law jurisdiction by treating us all as corporations, which are subject to maritime admiralty law, instead of natural/sovereign human beings with inalienable rights under the common law of the land.

Common law or the law of the land, is what is lawful; Statue Law or Maritime Law, the law of the ocean; is what we call legal. The Law of the Sea/Ocean is banking law. It is international by nature. Legal and lawful are antonyms. Statute law is not actually ‘law’ is the truest sense, it is corporate policy given the ‘force of law’, which is different from actual law. In law, a statute is defined as a legislated rule of a society, given the force of law (by the consent of the governed parties). Acts and statutes are corporate policies of the state, or whatever legal/corporate framework/society has issued them, but typically this refers to government.

For a statute to be applicable, the subject must be a member of that specific society for which the statute was created, and must have given their consent to be a member of that society. Citizenship and birth registration ‘is’ that consent. Without this prerequisite, there can be no state authority or legal jurisdiction over an individual.

A common misconception among people is that any rule or regulation that governs them falls under one category, “Law”. But there are many other forms of law that people abide by without realizing that they simply do not apply to them.

Maritime admiralty law was never meant to be applied to land dwellers, the people and tribes of the land have a natural right to dictate their own customs within the common law. Common law in it simplicity, covers almost every possible eventuality. Harm, theft and fraud. Those are essentially the big 3 crimes that break the law. It’s the ONLY way to break the law. Anything else would just be a breach of policy. Those are not true crimes.

Under the common law a sovereign human being is allowed to do whatever they please, so long as they do not infringe upon the life, rights, or liberty of another. This is what it means to act lawfully.

A simple perversion of language has it made it possible to convince people around the world that these maritime laws apply to them. One of the predominate beliefs in modern culture is that licenses, permits, registrations, and other forms of documentation are required to operate motor vehicles, use public roads build structures and establishments and engage in free-enterprise and much more. Sadly, these beliefs are based on little to no investigation whatsoever and are false.

It is a type of subtle and passive aggressive fascism which i like to call; Tyranny By The Books & Slavery By Consent. More on this later, in other articles.

Let’s look at the nautical connections to business and finance.

Ships are always referred to as female, because they carry a product, like a woman who gives birth is seen by the state as creating a product (human resources).

When a ship parks into a harbour, this is known as berthing, the ship berths into it’s dock. Then it receives a certificate of manifest, because it has manifest on the land. When a mother’s water breaks, she births a child, which comes out through the birth ‘canal’ (A canal is a waterway channel) and manifests into the world, or onto the land. Then it receives a birth certificate, which must be signed by the doctor (DOCK-tor). The child is then given citizen-SHIP and become chattel (cattle) property of the state, which can be traded on the stock market. (More on that in later articles)

Think of why it is supposedly required to have a certificate of life birth in the first place.
The Barran’s dictionary of Banking Terms defines a certificate as a paper establishing an ownership claim. So right there, we notice that everyone with a birth certificate is define as being owned. Owned by Whom?

People are used as collateral with other nations because the U.S is bankrupt. The United States declared bankruptcy on March 9th of 1933, at this point, the U.S began taking out loans from a private non government affiliated corporation called “The Federal Reserve”. A private banking cartel which is neither federal nor has reserves. With no money to pay back the loans, The United States began using the citizens as collateral. After all, a human being has value, they have the potential work, to consume, to be taxed etc. So why not assign a monetary value to them?

All birth and married certificates are literally warehouse receipts. Just look at the similarity of warehouse receipts and birth certificates. Both document the date of issue, a serial number, registration number or receipt number, a description of the product, and an authorized informant to notify the appropriate government agency.

Money is water. When you subtract the expenses from an income you have what’s called the cash ‘flow’. When you turn an asset into cash it’s called liquidation, you liquidate an asset.


What do you find on either side of a river? Banks. Just like how river banks control the flow of the water current into the sea. Banks control the cash-flow of the currency. (current-sea). When the river banks rupture they can no longer contain the flow of the current to the sea, similarly when your own cash-flow goes into negative and you no longer have any currency you are considered bank-rupt.

When your pay your due, you pay your ‘dew’ (Dew is water in the form of droplets that appears on thin, exposed objects in the morning or evening due to condensation). To catch the wind and move a boat or ship you put up the sail, when you place something you own on the market you put it up for sale.

MER; from Old French “mer”, from Latin “mare”, from Proto-Italic “mari”, meaning sea (large body of water). Therefore the prefix “mer” refers to water as well, such as mer-maid, a maiden of the water, a mythical being (also synonymous with sirens) which was said to lure weary sailors with their songs and then drag them to their deaths in the ocean. These songs or chants can be considered mer-chants. Not unlike how a mer-chant banker will lure you into their admiralty jurisdiction and drain you of your wealth and steal your life away. Also note the mer in comMERce.

According to Black’s Law Dictionary a Hospital is considered a bank. Like a ship, a woman also delivers a product when she goes into labor in the hospital delivery room. She is a vessel or a ship who gives birth to a child. When products are delivered by a ship, they need a Certificate of Manifest (AKA Certificate of Berth).

When a child is delivered, he or she is granted a birth Certificate and is given citizen-ship. Men impregnate women with semen (sea-men). Women are a vessel or a ship. Men and women mar-ry. People will say “Is she of good stock” or “is she bad company?”

Maybe it’s none of our ‘business‘? You need a licence to mar-ry because mar-riage is a business exchange. A spouse is a mar-riage partner (partner-ship). Typical legal marriage is actually a 3-way contract between husband, wife, and the state.  Arguably four-way, if you include The Vatican.

Your body is legally considered a corporation, corporations plural is sometimes referred to as Corps. – That’s why when your body dies, you are a corpse. Sometimes if a person is a bad influence we say “Don’t hang out with them, they are bad company” or if someone is poking their nose into your private life you might say “That is not your business, that’s my business”. Because your body is a corporate business. Everything we do is considered business, it’s always been about money.

We also have the expression, to come from a good stock. Which means to come from a good family or background, especially if that family/background is wealthy. A stock is also what we call a share in a company, corporation or business, like the stock market. Incidentally, it’s also the name for a physical bondage device, like in the old days if you committed a lesser crime, you might be locked into the stocks (short for stockade), which bound your hands and head.


We see the same motif again with the word, Bond. A bond is a financial instrument and fixed income instrument that represents a loan made by an investor to a borrower (typically corporate or governmental). Bonds are used by companies, municipalities, states, and sovereign governments to finance projects and operations. Owners of bonds are debtholders, or creditors, of the issuer. A bond is also a instrument of bond-age, something which binds you, like a rope tie, chains or a stockade. So perhaps it is some sick satanic perversion behind why we call the emotional/spiritual ties (again, tie, another bondage word) with the people we care about, bonds.

I suppose to the satanic elite who control and dictate this world, Love and emotional connections are considered things which make you weak and hold you back, dead weights, they would most likely consider them like a ball and chain. Incidentally, a dead weight (AKA dead load) is what we call the maximum cargo carry weight of a ship. And, in economics, a dead weight means losses incurred because of the inefficient allocation of resources, especially through taxation or restriction. E.g, a dead-weight burden / a debt not covered by assets.

Moreover, you can see the reference of the term compan-y in the word compan-ion. No surprise then that a companionway is a raised and windowed hatchway in a ship’s deck, with a ladder leading below and the hooded entrance-hatch to the main cabins.

Also in line with this pattern is the term ‘mate’, which you may call some of these people you have bonds with. Mate is a nautical terms which refers to your crew, or crew-mates.

In the financial world bonds can be “floated”, another maritime term, floating loans etc. – of course things atop of water are considered to be floating, so that one is obvious. If you don’t pay your debts your account might become ‘frozen’, like water becoming ice. Maybe you got these loans from a loan ‘shark‘, and created a financial document upon which you placed a seal. A seal is an embossed emblem, figure, symbol, word, letter, etc., used as attestation or evidence of authenticity, but it is also an amphibious mammal synonymous with the ocean.

When you enter a court you have the fence and a gate. The gate is the flood gate. So when you’re sitting outside, you’re on the land. These defacto courts are treated as a vessel, stepping onto a court is considered the same as stepping onto a ship. When a land dweller steps onto a ship, they are completely under the control and authority of the captain of that ship, the captain makes the rules because it is his ship. He can make you take shoes off, or scrubs the decks, and you have no right to refuse, if you don’t like the rules you can simply get off the ship and back onto the land and the law of land where your common law rights are intact, and you’re longer under the jurisdiction of the captain and his ship. Captain comes from capital, where capital refers to money, specifically investment funds. A large warship is also called a capital ship.

Same with the courts, once you step onto their court, onto their metaphorical ship, you’re now in maritime admiralty jurisdiction, or at least that is the default assumption unless you claim otherwise. This always puts you at a disadvantage right away. They don’t have jurisdiction on the people sitting outside of the court because it’s outside the gate, but once you step inside, you have gone through the flood gate and into the canal, now you’re in “hot water” and subject to maritime admiralty jurisdiction.

On top of the gate is a piece of wood known as the bar, as you’re not licensed to pass the bar. In law, “The Bar” is the legal profession as an institution. The term is a metonym for the line that separates the parts of a courtroom reserved for spectators and those reserved for participants in a trial such as lawyers. If you open the flood and walk pass the bar, you of your own volition have left the law of the land and waivered those rights by willingly entering maritime admiralty jurisdiction.

In nautical terminology, a Bar is any large mass of sand or earth formed and raised above the water surface by the surge of the sea. Bars are mostly found at the entrances of great rivers or havens, and often render navigation extremely dangerous, but confer tranquility in the inshore waters by acting as a barrier against strong waves.

In a courtroom setting, the dock is an enclosed space where the defendant stands or sits in a court of law. In nautical terms a dock is a structure extending alongshore or out from the shore into a body of water, to which boats may be moored.

When you go to court; your case is placed in a Docket. A Docket is an abridged entry of a judgment or proceeding in an action, or register of such entries; a book of original, kept by clerks of courts, containing a formal list of the names of parties, and minutes of the proceedings, in each case in court. Nautical terminology defines a docket as to present a rate proposal to a conference meeting for adoption as a conference group rate.

If someone owes you money for a service, you might give them a bill. A bill is also the extremity of the arm of an anchor.

In business, a cartel is group of independent market participants who collude with each other in order to improve their profits and dominate the market. E.G, banking cartels.

In nautical terminology a cartel is a ship employed on humanitarian voyages, in particular to carry communications or prisoners between belligerents during wartime. A cartel flies distinctive flags, including a flag of truce, traditionally is unarmed except for a lone signaling gun, and under international law is not subject to seizure or capture during her outbound and return voyages as long as she engages in no warlike acts.

When something is spotted in front of a ship’s path they say it is “dead” ahead. If a vessel is immobilized but not anchored it is called dead in the water. A dead wake is the term used to denote the trail of a fading disturbance in the water. A wake is also the ceremony we hold for the dead. A snag in the water is called a deadhead. A strong shutter fitted over a porthole or other opening on a ship that can be closed in bad weather is called a deadlight. A deadeye is wooden block with three holes (but no pulleys) spliced to a shroud. It adjusts the tension in the standing rigging of large sailing vessels, by lacing through the holes with a lanyard to the deck.

Dead reckoning is a method of navigation that estimates a ship’s position from the distance run measured by the log and the course steered. A deadrise is the design angle of the hull at the keel relative to horizontal when viewing the cross-section, or the distance of rise from the keel to a defined point on the hull. In a traditional wooden hull, blocks of timber on the top of the keel that form the shape of the hull where its section is too narrow for the method of construction employed elsewhere are called deadwood. In a keel boat (kill boat?), the act of broaching to windward, putting the spinnaker pole into the water and causing a crash-gybe of the boom and mainsail, which sweep across the deck and plunge down into the water, is called a death roll.

In law, a “drop dead date” is a provision in a contract or a court order which sets the last date an event must take place (such as payment) or otherwise certain consequences will automatically follow, such as cancelling the contract, taking property or entering a judgment.

Flank refers to the maximum speed of a ship, but it’s also a militaristic term which refers to the side (vulnerable position) of a large group of people, like an army or football team. A leader of an army would often give his men a pep talk, an inspirational rant intended to encourage his men and instill zeal or fervor. You could call it a war rant. In law they can issue war-rants (eg, for arrest). In business a product is given a war-ranty.

Time and time again, we see through language that money, law/legality, commerce, shipping, banking, slavery, bondage, death, war, sailing and water are all connected. But did you also know they all have their roots in black magick and occultism?

Notice how the magistrates of courts (not all the time, but often) would all be dressed in black robes, the same type of garbs worn by sorcerers and satanists during their rites and rituals. They wear them because they are in mourning for justice, and mourning for the dead (i.e, you).

1280px-Supreme_Court_US_2009robessatanic 1satanic 2

When you go overboard a ship and you’re trapped in the water and someone throws you a rope to rescue you, they are bailing you out. To bail you out of the water is the same as when someone bails you out of prison. This is known as paying bail or paying “Bael” (an alternative spelling of Ba’al) the Canaanite deity, whom you are paying tribute to in return for freedom. Bael is first and chief among the demons in the Solomonic medieval grimoire of Ars Goetia.

Once you pass the flood gates and pass the bar into a court, you’re now technically considered dead / lost-at-sea. (Or lost / dead-at-sea). You went into deep water and you drowned. Or at least, this is the assumption when they interact with your ‘person’, your legal name, your corporate strawman. Essentially, this is the default assumption of all citizens, whether you’re in a court or not, but passing the flood gates onto their court is certainly confirmation of this. To the architects of control, you are dead, you have no rights.

This is similar to but slightly different to when a child is delivered through the mother’s birth canal, in this case they are lost-at-sea but then rescued by the doctor as maritime salvage. And we all know the rules for salvage; finders keepers. You salvage something from the waters, it now belongs to you. The doctor salvages your child from the waters and registers it with the government, signing it away – in partner-ship and with consent of the parents too, of course.

A dead man is unable to speak, and if you’re lost/dead at sea then you can never be present. This is why an attorney has to speak for you, as your re-present-atative. This is why you are “summonsed” to court, by the men in black robes. You are a dead person being summoned by the rites (rights) of magick by the magickians in black robes. The magi-strates are “Magii” or magickians summoning dead names into their court, where they play games with you. The bailiffs are Bael-iffs. Their court, their ship, their rules, their jurisdiction, and now you must obey their commands, like how a summoned spirit must obey the commands of the magickian/summoner. It’s essentially mock necromancy and conjuration.

Your corporate/legal name, (AKA your strawman) is expressed in all capital letters and is known as a nom de guerre,  meaning a war name, AKA dead name. It’s the way a name is expressed for a dead person, the way names are written on grave stones. Corporations are not living beings. Your name is always written this way on any formal or legal documentation, such as letters from the state or courts, anything to do with finances like your credit/debit card etc. MR. JOHN SMITH, for example, as opposed to how a friend may address you on the land, as simply John, or John of the Smith family. There is a huge difference.

You are not MR. JOHN SMITH, this is a corporate entity (fictional, not living) attached to you (the sovereign living being), created when you were registered at birth. It exists in a 2D world, on paper only, not in 3D with flesh and blood and a spirit created and blessed by The Creator (God) and endowed with natural rights.

In roman times, this way of expressing a name was known as capitus diminutio maxima, meaning maximum loss of status, it was how the names of slaves were written to show they were property and not considered technically living beings with the same rights as others.

When i spoke earlier about statutes only being applicable to consensual members of that society, well your strawman and corporate name is very much like your membership card, it is proof and evidence of your membership to that society, and thus implies that you are bound by the statutes of that society. Of course this has a literal and physical counterpart by way of a state issued ID card or passport. This is why police, ones who are following legal due process at least, will always ask for your ID, because without it they have no evidence of a ‘person’ and can not get jurisdiction over you. They have other ways of getting your consent through tricky language though.

Even the English language itself has the same occult roots.

We languish in our languid language. We write (cast rites) and spell words (cast spells). Words are as deadly as swords if misunderstood. We write in cursive (spelling curses). When we profane we are speaking “curse words”. We write sentences, and receive prison sentences. We use terms, and serve prison terms.

Syllables come from Sybils, also called Sibylla, a prophetess in Greek legend and literature. Tradition represented her as a woman of prodigious old age uttering predictions in ecstatic frenzy, but she was always a figure of the mythical past, and her prophecies, in Greek hexameters, were handed down in writing.

The term synonymous with magic that everyone will have heard at least once, “Abracadabra” (sometimes punned as abra-cadaver, whereas a cadaver is a corpse) literally means to create/manifest as you speak, or of what you speak.

Doctor Lenon Orwell stated in his work on DNA: “one third of the sensory-motor-cortex of the brain is devoted to the tongue, oral cavity, the lips, and speech.” It is what separates us from the animals, it is a divine blessing and uniquely human characteristic.

In other words, oral frequency emissions spoken, or sung, exert powerful control over life, vibrating genes that influence total well-being and even evolution of the species. A degradation of language in this case is shown to affect biology. If something as basic and important as language can be degraded and devalued to such a degree, yet never questioned, what else might we be missing?

Language carries cymatic frequencies and new studies are starting to show the effect they have, not just on matter itself but biology also. This concept itself embodies the notion of “magic words” in witchcraft and sorcery.

Occultists understand the power of language and ‘word magic’. Language is a powerful tool, it can be used to create or destroy, to liberate or enslave, to enlighten or deceive.

Why are we worked to bone, is it that our mundane weekdays keep us in a perpetually weak daze, so that we may never figure out what is going on? We become so weakened we can barely make it to the weekend. So each day we routinely (mundanely) awake in the morning… or is it the Monday mourning ritual at a wake, for the dead?

These homophones are exactly that, homo phones from the phony Phoenician phonetics of phonics. Not coincidences but rather the true esoteric meanings of the words hidden in their sounds and etymological roots. These roots commonly traced back to the trade routes of Phoenician commerce.

There are at least 950 words in the English language that end with the suffix “ship”. Court-ship, friend-ship, Wor-ship (war-ship), hard-ship, devil-ship, judge-ship, knave-ship, owner-ship, citizen-ship, voter-ship, censor-ship, client-ship, fellow-ship, father-ship, mother-ship, medium-ship, member-ship, author-ship, dealer-ship, lord-ship, ruler-ship, scholar-ship, apprentice-ship, the list goes on… i’m sure you can think of many others.

Not to mention all the different kinds of literal ship (air-ship, gun-ship, rocket-ship etc.) – I infer that our language is showing us just how many aspects of our lives are esoterically defined as ships and vessels, to be governed by maritime policy.

Incidentally, even the concept of heliocentrism and modern cosmology (which you ought to know, if you’ve spent any time on my blog before, is a complete fabrication, fiction and hoax) attempts to turn the world, the earth itself into a ship, a space-ship floating through the sea of space. In this sense they could argue the entire earth is a vessel with which they can govern under maritime jurisdiction.

The origins of these systems go way back to Phoenicia, with the ancient Canaanites. These people invented banking and UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) and became exceedingly wealthy by these deceptive practices. They were also heretical pagans who worshiped deities such as Ba’al, Astarte, Ishtar, Moloch etc. Gods which demanded the sacrifice of children. Children were thrown into fires, or into the hands of a large bronze statute of Moloch, where his hands would be over the top of a fire and would heat up and burn the child alive.

moloch 1moloch 2

Interestingly that these are the same or similar religious practices inherited and continued today by the world power elite, and banking dynasties, at places like Bohemian grove for example. Not a lot has changed, sadly. It makes sense these people would continue the traditions of the Canaanites, seeing as they owe so much of their wealth and power to the banking and legal systems they created.

The entire legal system is essentially the modern day Priests of Ba’al (Bael). Did you know a young attorney in training is refereed to as a devil, who is practicing deviling? Deviling is the period of training, pupillage or junior work undertaken by a person wishing to become an advocate in one of the legal systems of the United Kingdom or Ireland.

The synonymous nature between law/legality and The Devil or demonic practices are apparent to the point of being cultural clichés. The Devil is a character well known for being depicted as a shrewd businessman or lawyer, one who always screws you in a contract with fine print or deceptive language, or loopholes.


In occultism, specifically Satanism, deals with the devil and pacts with demons are a very real practice, and for all intents and purposes they are considered spiritual contracts. The_Devils_Contract

No joke, it’s pretty much right in your face. For those with ears let them hear and for those who have eyes let them see all this lunacy, or lunar-sea. As a side note, it’s interesting how the moon (an obsessively profound occult object and symbol) has long been thought to have an effect on the mental states of humans and animals. People tend to be more emotionally charged on a full moon. The folklore surrounding werewolves involve the full moon. The moon is said to effect the tides of the seas, as well as a woman’s monthly (moon-thly) biological prerogative. Is it no coincidence then that in astronomy, the moon has lunar seas, such as the sea of tranquility for example?


In nautical terminology you have the “Devil Seam”. The devil was possibly a slang term for the garboard seam, hence “between the devil and the deep blue sea” being an allusion to keel hauling, but a more popular version seems to be the seam between the waterway and the stanchions, which would be difficult to get at, requiring a cranked caulking iron, and a restricted swing of the caulking mallet.

Also devil to pay, and no pitch hot.

“Paying” the devil is sealing the devil seam. It is a difficult and unpleasant job (with no resources) because of the shape of the seam (up against the stanchions) or if the devil refers to the garboard seam, it must be done with the ship slipped or careened.

In regards to language, a draft is a preliminary piece of writing, but in financial terms it’s a written order to pay a specified sum. In nautical terms it’s also the depth of a ship’s keel below the waterline. And, not to mention the act of mandatory recruitment into the military, which creates dead persons (both metaphorically/esoterically and literally). 

With etymology, just because two words sound similar or are spelled similarly, does not necessarily mean they share a linguistic root, historically speaking, at least with academic exoteric etymology. Conversely when you analyze the esoteric etymology, this is almost always the case and there is little to no coincidence.

Now, just for some supplementary context, a short entry about the legal deception.

As i’ve previously said, your body is considered a corporation, but it wasn’t originally, not when you were born. All people are born free and equal with inalienable human rights as a sovereign being, flesh and blood, alive and blessed with consciousness. This is completely contrary to how the state and courts define and perceive you as and when the interact with you.

I highly recommend picking up a legal dictionary and learning some legalese, as this will shine so much light on the topics discussed in this article. It serves as the perfect example of ‘word magic’ and how the tool of language can be used to bind and deceive others. Legalese is intentionally deceptive. Any society (in this case, the legal society) has the right to create their own terms and language for use within their societal framework. So, cunningly, they have created their own lexicon of terms which mimic standard English, but have completely different definitions. This means when you use certain words in a court, they don’t mean what you think they mean.

It is so blatantly malicious. Imagine being called to court for some infraction, and all the judges and lawyers are speaking to you in Chinese, and you live in a western society and don’t speak Chinese, you live in a place where 99% of people speak modern English. All you can gather is that they are very angry and trying to fine you and arrest you or punish you in some way. How would you defend yourself? Let’s assume you know these people speak perfect English, but for some reason they’re all now speaking Chinese, a foreign language in their legal proceedings. You’d feel isolated and vulnerable, right? You’d probably say that it wasn’t fair, reasonable or just to try, judge or penalize someone without communicating to them in a language they understood.

Well that is what they are technically doing, speaking  a foreign language to isolate you and put you at a disadvantage, however it’s so much more deceptive than that because they modeled their own language on standard English, so it sounds like a language your familiar with, but it’s actually not. This intentionally leads you to believe you’re communicating with them when you’re not, they are communicating amongst themselves, and you’re just speaking babble and gobbeldy-gook, another reason why a lawyer is there to speak for you, like an interpreter.

In law a “Summons” is defined as an invitation, and the word “Must” is connotatively defined to be synonymous with the word “May”. So when you receive a summons you see a scary piece paper and official looking document which summons you and demands you MUST attend court. Is this really the case? Perhaps in plain English it might be, but in legalese it’s more akin to an invitation to their place of business where you ‘may’ attend. You can always respectfully decline their invitation.

When a judge gives you an order and says “Do you understand?” – you may disagree with the order, but you say “Yes” in response, to acknowledge that you comprehend what you have been told, but what you’ve actually just said is you “stand under”, as in stand under their authority. This is a very common tactic in court they use to get your consent and apply their jurisdiction over you.

In many cases, the term “include” is used contrary to it’s standard English definition, and can actually be restrictive, meaning to exclude. So where a statute may say something like “Use of narcotics such as cocaine or heroin are prohibited. This includes tobacco and alcohol.” What it might actually be saying is cocaine and heroin are against policy, but tobacco and alcohol are excluded from this rule.

In court, they may also refer to you as a person. You think a person is a human being, but on the contrary, when they say the word person, in legalese a person is defined as a corporation. I highly recommend getting a few law dictionaries and learning some of these words, you will find countless examples of standard English words where they have changed the definitions and meanings to intentionally deceive and/or assert control/jurisdiction over a person who assumes they are communicating in standard English.

Legalese is nothing but a linguistic tool to assert control over others. Why else would they make it so complex and complicated that you have to study it for 7+ years to practice law? It’s a deterrent to the layman. It’s elitism. Keeping power and control within small selected groups.

In nautical terms a Driver is the large sail flown from the mizzen gaff. In legalese a driver is a person (corporation) who is engaging in commerce on public roads. In business when someone haggles well we say they “drive” a hard bargain. Again, drawing connections between money, law and water.

It’s interesting to note that a sovereign being moving between two points in their own private conveyance is not a driver, they are not driving in a vehicle with passengers, they are travelling in a private conveyance with guests. Driving is about money, which is why you must get a license to drive. If you are not making money on public roads or routes then you are not driving, you are travelling, and you don’t need a license to travel.

Remember that anything the state issues a license for must be a fundamentally lawful activity first and foremost anyway, otherwise they’d be licensing unlawful activities. (James Bond jokes aside, you can’t get a license to kill, for example)

In legalese, to ‘apply’ means to beg. The implications of this word are a beggar knows exactly what they are begging for, they are begging entirely voluntarily (as nobody can be bound to beg) and they must be accepting the power/authority of whomever they are begging to.

Any time you have applied for a license or permit, you have begged for permission. A sovereign being under the common law has every right to go and catch a fish, but a citizen/slave is prohibited by policy to do that in some in countries, and they would be told to apply for a fishing license.

Catching a fish harms no human and does not infringe upon the rights or anyone else, it is a fundamentally lawful action. My question is then, why would any sane, sovereign and free individual beg the corporate nanny state for permission to engage in a fundamentally lawful activity? That would be a pathetic, infantile, immature thing to do, completely in alignment with a slave mentality.

To submit means to bend to the authority/will of another. To register means to sign away ownership of something. Therefore NEVER under any circumstances should a free and sovereign individual ever “submit an application for registration” or they are essentially acknowledging an authority over them and begging that authority to take ownership of their lawful property. (More on this in later articles)

These connections between law, commerce and water are truly endless, as are the example of deceptive legalese and i’m sure there are many i have not mentioned, waiting to be found. That’s your opportunity to do due diligence. If you find something i missed, please leave it in the comments below.

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I would like to touch more on the deception of the legal system and legalese, but this topic is too big for a single humble blog post. I think i’ve planted enough seeds to inspire intrigue, it’s up to you if you want to continue down this rabbit hole. I highly recommend it, because it is immensely empowering, and quite honestly a fundamental facet of freedom that many in the truther community have overlooked. It really doesn’t matter how much you have researched conspiracies, if you don’t fundamentally and spiritually embody the concept of self-sovereignty. To do this, you must know your rights in order to defend them and lead by example by exercising them and speaking the truth.

zombies 1

“The sea gave up its dead, and death and the grave gave up their dead. And all were judged according to their deeds.” —Revelation 20:13

“Your dead will live; Their corpses will rise. You who lie in the dust, awake and shout for joy, For your dew is as the dew of the dawn, And the earth will give birth to the departed spirits.” —Isaiah 26:19

And thus the bible speaks that the dead shall walk the earth. Perhaps they already are, without even knowing it?

zombies 2

Take back your life, take back your power, be present and speak the truth, for the truth shall set you free.

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